But that is with the second plot of land attached. Not just the house, they also bought the lot next to it.




There is a tiktok with a lawyer who got that wrong. She claims in the video that the house and the lot were both, each $890K. Might have to keep correcting it.


can you imagine the taxes on a 1.4M home? In Flagstaff


$5283 last year




[https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/9508-W-Hashknife-Trl-Flagstaff-AZ-86001/90145576\_zpid/](https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/9508-W-Hashknife-Trl-Flagstaff-AZ-86001/90145576_zpid/) [https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/9508-W-Hashknife-Trl\_Flagstaff\_AZ\_86001\_M23229-00642](https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/9508-W-Hashknife-Trl_Flagstaff_AZ_86001_M23229-00642) Kody and Robyn bought it for 890k and it is now worth around 1.4 - 1.9 mil if they put it on the market


I’m sure they trashed the hell out of it, plus always take Zillow with a grain of salt.


So messed up that those two dimwits made a million dollars off that property in 3 years! And then whats their excuse for not selling it to pay off CP? I hope janelle forces them to sell it to get her money back!


They only make a million if they sell it. The estimates vary nearly $500k. Market has cooled, they’d be hard pressed to get $1.9 mil now.


Yes people forget Zillow is damn near going bankrupt over the inaccuracy of their estimates


Plus, no one really knows what the condition of that house is now. For all we know, it could have actually lost value due to repairs needed.


I think they're angling to chase everyone off first so that no one has any legal claim or name on any CP property. If they sold and put those proceeds on the property now I'm sure Meri and Janelle have some legal claim to the lots. Chase everyone off, have them sign any rights to Plague Pond away, then pay it off and parcel it out the way they want, and build a house for Day-Un, Aurora and Brianna so they can all live codependently next door to them. I'm sure that's the plan, but given Kody's ineptitude as a financial wiz and Robyn having champagne tastes on a beer budget, I doubt they'll even be able to get to that point and he'll end up selling it off as a fire sale at the absolute bottom of the market.


I hope she takes 1/4 of the value of their house and the land!! I don’t think Janelle wants to leave flagstaff not because of Grody, she likes the area and wants a farm.


It’s valued at an amount but the market is going to tank next year but and that McMansion will be due for lots of repairs soon. Builders grade interiors fall apart fast.


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Can we find kody and Robyn's phone number?