Breaking point sounds promising.


This must be where we get the scene from the mid-season trailer where Janelle walks away from the other 3 at an outdoor meeting, while Kody tells her she probably doesn't want to be doing that, in so many words. It came off as threatening, and I'm very interested to see it in context.


Argh - I just want Janelle to ask him point blank what he thinks she gets out of this marriage to him. Someone needs to pop that ego balloon of his as he sits there and makes demands and criticizes and lays down the law of what he requires.


There is no room for ego in plural marriage.--Kody Brown in that book he helped write.


I hope she's still not there!! That she left and is doing new beginnings with her children & Christines family.


I’m thinking 1114 or the one after it is where Janelle officially leaves. I think we’re getting to that point


I. Can’t. Fucking. Wait.


I wonder what we'll find out once the season is done and dusted. Like, did Janelle decide to leave sooner than later, etc.


I wonder where the tender aged children are. Or, are they okay exposing them to COVID since it is KR and not the other moms? He didn't take care of Janelle when she got COVID. I believe it was Gabe who called it. He said they would be taking care of their mom if she got it, not Kody.


With the nanny, that's what she does


I love Janelle. She's the "zen until you really piss me off" type and I've been waiting for the boiling point. Kody better watch his crap with her, she's the family real estate broker and CFO. She'll get lawyers involved a second. I hope she takes his ass to the cleaners.


I just hope & pray Janelle has an ace up her sleeve that we don’t know about so she’s not left financially destroyed. She’s not legally Kidney’s wife so she could be left with absolutely nothing & no way to force him into paying her what is rightfully hers. Any chance she could sue him for back child support for all of their kids?


You can sue anyone for anything about anything, but really, it isn't realistic. She and the kids were being supported by them both their whole minority. I hope she can make a case for recouping her $$ from the real estate since they moved to AZ. But if they don't have a contract that says improvements will be made within in a certain time, I don't know how she could prove she got screwed. Honestly if I were her, I'd just walk away with whatever she has now and accept the losses. I did when I left my first partner, just let him have everything but my clothes and books and took off. She has her real estate license and no little kids at home so she's not in a bad place to start over.


Oh I agree I’m telling y’all when she’s done she’s gonna be done. Kody will think satan has done blown up his heavenly life. It’s gonna be …. Satisfying


I hope she makes HELLLLL, and get her money, and s piece of CP… Christine let him go very easily


Christine was downright charitable.


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Well TLC is not mincing words with these episode titles! Which wife is next? All signs point to Janelle.