Kody can’t be away from Sol and Ari for two days for a surgery, but if Robyn has COVID he’s ready to fake sick to check into the COVID ward. WTF Also Robyn’s kids def have trauma from her saying goodbye I’m going to the hospital to die. Jesus


And sitting in his van for hours…?! Go home dude.


He doesn’t have to. He has a nanny


WHAT DOES THE NANNY DO?! sorry, I couldn’t help myself.


![gif](giphy|l0HlBO7eyXzSZkJri) I'm still waiting for Christine to start selling these shirts lmao


I’d buy one so fast


Somebody please tell her!!


I think they may already exist, one of the older kids (can’t remember which one now) posted a Tik Tok wearing a “what does the nanny do” t shirt.


Was that Payton? Or Paedon? I didn’t know he was selling them!


I don’t actually know if he’s selling them just that he had one - so it’s entirely possible he just had it made and it’s the only tshirt that exists. So now that I think of it, not my most helpful comment ever…




I’m guessing he’s waiting in his truck because they’ve already told him she’ll likely be discharged shortly. It’s not like they would let him in the hospital if things took a turn for the worse for Robyn.


Oh god yeah, I get it. I would be tempted to do the same but she said she was in there for hours… I’d call it after 2 probably!


Yep, I did just that when I took my husband to the hospital during the height of the pandemic. I waited in the car to make sure he was taken back and admitted into a room and stable and then went home.


Right? If I had to take my spouse to the ER and I couldn't stay, my ass would haul back home to let my kids know "dad is in the hospital, and he was ok when I saw him last. He's in the best place to be right now."


Their brains don’t work that way! He/they think if ya go to the hospital you will die!


And that shit about her making her kids say goodbye is the real tragedy and trauma that will reverberate through the generations. Not Christine leaving. The only lasting damage that is being done to her children are of her own making.


It’s no wonder that Aurora and Ari are so high strung and emotional.


Like did this seem very..... 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩to anyone else. Like yeah it sucks to not be able to be with your spouse when they're in the ER. BUT TO WANT TO TAKE SICK TO TRY AND BE IN THE SAME ROOM MAYBE. like what are you afraid she's gon a say Kody.


Especially when a few months before you didn’t even bother to be on the same side of the country as your daughter having major surgery.


Also how many times do you think he checked in on Janelle when she got it


He was in no rush to get to the hospital when Christine was in labor with Truely, either.


And take resources from actual sick people. Asshole.


I've always thought Robyn has a pill problem. It's possible that's another reason he was itching to go in. Damage control.


Regardless you could tell how much anxiety he has being away from her and loss of control in the situation. It just sent chills down my spine.




"I'm going to the hospital to die" wtf


Are they going to berate whichever family member gave them all Covid, like they did to Garrison?


No because you know it was Kody with all his maskless travel to everywhere *except* when Ysabel needed him


Maybe it was the nAnNy


They actually said it was the nanny 🤣🤣 well they said she had it first then they all got it


She tells Kody, "I'm just sitting here wasting away.".... This is the crux of the Robyn issue. Exaggerations. Victimhood. Always doom and gloom. She has her kids and husband worried to death while she's taking up valuable space in the hospital. Robyn was painting a picture for her family that she was freaking dying instead of calming their fears. She really is the worst.




I work in the emergency room. If she had that much energy to talk and film, she likely wasn’t desaturating. And if she was triaged and then still waiting 7-8 hrs later, it’s not that serious. An EKG, chest X-ray and labs is standard for anyone with SOB complaints. I bet they gave her an inhaler and Tylenol and sent her on her way.


My dad was hospitalized last year with COVID. He was actually on death’s doorstep. And he did die. He was so tired. He couldn’t talk on the phone. He could sometimes text. The last thing he was able to text me was just, “love.” Not “Love you,” just “love.” The last thing he texted my mom was “hurry” when he knew he was about to be put on the vent. He wanted to see her one more time before they sedated him. He could never have filmed himself or talked that much. It legitimately makes me so angry and sad to see. I think I might have to skip this episode. We are coming up on the anniversary of his death and it may be too much.


Oh my god, I am so sorry.


I am so sorry 😢


Oh my goodness sending hugs ❤️


Sending you love.. I'm so sorry. My heart breaks for you




>SOB complaints This stuff writes itself...


I didn’t even notice 😆


Thank you for your work!


Bless you my sibling is an RN in the ER, you all are the real hero’s.


I agree. My adopted daughter is a nurse in a very busy hospital in upstate NY & I was worried all the time. Thank you to all nurses who but their lives on the line , I'm just sorry you had to deal with drama queens like this while having to deal with Real tragedies!


I’m just a UA but yeah those RNs get straight up abused daily.


It takes every job there working together to make it all happen. not too many people out there willing to work ER especially during a global pandemic.


Thanks! I have an amazing crew!


My daughter's 19 year old roommate died of Covid, passing out from respiratory arrest while walking to the kitchen to get some water. She was told by her doctor to try and manage her symptoms at home, as the hospitals were overwhelmed. Her sats were 30% upon arrival, and by then her lungs were too damaged because she was 19, totally medically ignorant, and didn't realize that sleeping 20 hours a day was an ominous sign. I will never forget my daughter's screams asking me what to do until the ambulance got there!!! Yeah, Kodick! Sign yourself in with your idiot wife!!!


I'm so very sorry you & your daughter had to go through that & all because of all the drama queens like Robyn & Kody taking up room in the ER !


Thank you! And agreed!


They need need to be admitted but a different floor


Bless you u/allthatryry


I have a hard time with getting the kids worried she is going to die. That’s traumatic. She isn’t on a ventilator and is healthy enough to talk on the phone, record herself and wait 7 hours without medical care. There is no reason to scare the kids into saying “final goodbyes”. It is late 2021 and they are unvaccinated, the kids are in school, kody is doing weddings and gun shows, o and this is the time they were seen out massless at the mall. They were only following protocols when abusing their family. Covid is and was scary and I have compassion for being concerned but their actions don’t match their words


She is not even on oxygen….


right? If her levels were that low they would have her on oxygen.


Why is she even there then. They didn’t admit me and sent me home with O2 when I had it.


Also I found very cinematographic the videos of the car pulling up to the emergency room. If she was in that much distress I bet Kody would have time to record the car pulling up


Exactly. I would see full justification of this if it were March 2020. When we did not fully understand the virus, its impact and death rate. Yeah tears should be cried. But the fall of 2021?! 🙄 No. Nope.


And they are obviously antivaxxers at that time vaccines were out there and free to all, so cut the drama. The drama is in your stupid beliefs.


It’s all this. I don’t understand how Robyn/Kody apologists don’t understand why everyone is so furious with them. It’s because they say with their mouths they are distancing, not allowed to hug family and the like in order to prevent covid. But then they refuse to follow the actual proven solutions like vaccination and masks. You can’t have it both ways. They are being straight up abusive to the rest of the family.


What's really sad is the supposed doctor approved plan Kody followed that he would go to one house every week but no one else was allowed to visit. Any doctor who approved that plan deserves to have their license revoked. He would carry the germs of that family, to the next and so on. It would be exactly the same as if they were all together anyways. In fact they would have been better off if they all would have gotten together once or twice a week with masks on and windows cracked versus him living in the house for a week then moving to the next.


I’d put money on that “doctor” being some dude on Reddit or a distant cousin lol


Or Robyn.


O fuck probably. Lord help anyone stupid enough to listen to “y for Wyoming” Robyn


An essential oils salesperson from their church


I struggle to find a lot of sympathy for people that had plenty of opportunities to get vaccinated for free and chose not to


and have access to medical care - they ain’t livin in the ghetto


This exactly. People who can't get the jab ( like Cancer patients) I feel terrible for. I did a funeral during the panini for a young lady with disabilities, she had been adopted by this family and they were vaccinated but they didn't get the adult disabled children vaccinated. And then they sent her to a disabled camp and she got COVID and due to her disabilities died. I felt bad for her bc she couldn't make her own health choices. These able minded assholes can't see past their propaganda. Shits sad really. Always vote for education tax increases 😂


I guess this is too sad a story for me to laugh about “a funeral during the panini…”


In the funeral industry we call this a coping mechanism 😅 it's all dark humor to cope


Maybe that's why I was very good that year I worked as a biographer in the funeral industry, dark humor is my jam 🤣


That is just awful. What a horribly sad story.


Why wouldn't they get her vaccinated? That's so horrible


They said something to the effect that they weren't sure of it yet. Like they were testing it on themselves or something. They might have been concerned bc the condition she had was associated with heart issues? My hangup is, then don't send them to camp during a massive outbreak. I love themed funerals but this one was unicorns and now they make me sad 😂


I just don't get it. It's not like it's a rare thing so she may not get it. I feel like the only person left that hasn't gotten covid (not really) bc it was basically guaranteed everyone would get it.


The Midwest man, it sucks eggs here. People are dumb because they don't fund education so then their kids are dumb and they grow up to vote dumb and thus the cycle continues 🥲. The first time I had it I lost several days of time ( pre vaccine) when I finally did get better all I smelled was burning toast for 6 months. Couldn't recommend the vaccine more, when I got it after the vaccine it was like a Lil bronchitis. The third time was even easier than that. I've been in and out all the hospitals working so my exposure was high ( I wore masks and washed hands and everything) so tell the universe I got your covid and you don't need to take a turn 😅


Thank you so much for taking one for me I'm sorry it was so bad the first time but I'm glad it's been less scary after. And thank you for your hard work in hospitals


I've never had it. But I am disabled (spine problems) so not out and about among big crowds a lot and am vaxxed and boosted. Whenever I was in a public place, I wore masks.


I've been pretty isolated and vaxxed and boosted too. Watching something like a crowded event on TV gives me so much anxiety. I just can't imagine being ok surrounded by people like that again


I have a hard time believing that she scared them into thinking that she won’t make it! I just think they all have an agenda for us to stop talking about Christine leaving them so they planned this together with the older kids too.


I don't think she specifically said she was going to go die, but I do think they probably had zero chill about it and more than likely worked them up on the way out the door.


I’m sure she really was scared but what a bad way to handle it with the kids. How about you smile and tell them how much you love them, in case that does turn out to be the last memory?


Bingo, totally agree.


They’re both really dramatic and warped. I’m sure it felt uncomfortable, but she’s able to carry on a conversation without oxygen. Get some rest and eat some soup…unbelievable.


I thought you said "Eat some soap" lol I wish she would eat some soap! That no good, dog kicking, taking up hospital space, vile human.


Giving some Nurse Diesel vibes there in bed at home with the sour face and pallor Why is Kody under the impression you go to a hospital to die? Maybe that’s why he didn’t go with Ysabel 😂


Because Robyn told her kids she had to go to the hospital to die.


Because that’s what all the conspiracists were saying at the time. The same ones sucking on tubes of ivermectin while claiming healthcare workers were murdering people by putting them on vents and giving the remdesivir.


Followed all the protaculls: didn’t vaccinate, didn’t mask, went to weddings, avoided their children, wiped down the mail. HOW did this HAPPEN?!


That really annoyed me that she flat out said they “followed all protocols and somehow still managed to get Covid”. We have eyes. Be honest and at least say you let your guard down, Robyn.


Kidney was mad he couldn't be by Robyn's side in a hospital full of sick people during Delta, but yet he couldn't go to the hospital for Ysabel. And Robyn calling Kidney while he sat in the car and told him, "I'm wAsTiNg AwAy!" Makes ME sick!! My mom is the strongest person I know, she never complains and would never say something like that, and having that as my guide so to speak of what a mother should be, Robyn's constant need to be the victim makes me even angrier! Just STFU already!


Unpopular opinion: I feel nothing for her. TLC really plucking those violin strings seems like a desperate bid to drum up some sympathy based affection for Sobyn. Covid or no, she's an awful human being. I'll be skipping over all the scenes she's in as per usual. If the whole episide ends up being about her I'll take a pass.


I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. Many of not most of us feel that way about her.


She isn't on any oxygen. She is using up space meant for people who are actually sick. Pathetic way to sell for a reality tv show.


Anything to get Christine from being the center of attention


I’m guessing her doctor finally said “if you feel you’re having SOB you should probably go to the ER” and they took it as “our doctor said it’s her time to die.” They probably all formed a prayer circle, sobbed, and said their final goodbyes. You can see in her little cell phone recording she’s annoyed she’s not as sick as she thought she was. She needed the attention of “I’m in a hospital bed, look at me, poor me.” And they probably sent her ass home with Tylenol and an inhaler. They’re disgusting humans. Meanwhile I watched a friend who worked the frontline go from healthy, to sick, to his wife posting he was in the hospital to gone. So fast. I can’t stand these people.


Anti-vaxxed because they don’t trust drs opinions… yet run to the Drs when they catch Covid. I have no freakin pitty for people like Robyn and Kody.


Exactly!!! Don't trust Science? Stay home and don't ask doctors for help only to clog up the ER. She wasted that bed for 7 hours only to be sent home because she was not dying.


We have to treat patients like this in the hospital. It's so enraging, but we still treat them as we would anyone else. The anti-vaxxers who end up with long haul covid and end up needing a lung transplant. Those lungs could have gone to someone who didn't need one because of bad life choices. I will never get over that. One even had their family member running around the hospital with one of those "net" masks that look real, but is really mesh. I almost lost it a few times.


Sounds like these covidiots went out of their ways to defy the rules. Way easier to just wear a damn mask, even if you don’t believe in it, than to go out of way to find dumb alternatives… the irony.


Yeah, you notice that too....


……..she told her children she was dying with ZERO evidence that was happening. She thinks it’s appropriate to traumatize them in this way, because she’s documented it on camera. They’re emotionally abusing these kids. In what other ways have these kids been traumatized that we haven’t seen/know about? It really makes me have more sympathy for the older kids. Adults or not, they’ve grown up with this. They’ve probably been continually traumatized, and had this shit as their only model. The oldest three may behave shitty sometimes, but I understand it better now. This kind of shit takes years to unpack, and I can’t see any of the young adults having had enough time or therapy to get there yet. Ari and Sol don’t have a chance either. (I’m not excusing the bad behavior of the older kids, but I understand it better now, and have empathy for them.)


I think the original three been traumatized from the time they had to renounce their dad and immediately accept Kody as their “real,” while adjusting to a shitload of stepmoms and stepsibs. In the public eye. I have nothing but sympathy for those kids.


I think they were probably traumatized before that. This kind of shit has probably been happening their whole lives.


I'm assuming Robyn voluntarily showed up to the ER because (as we heard Kidney say in the preview), "she wasn't getting better" (yeah, viruses (especially COVID) can last for awhile, duh) but that doesn't mean she was anywhere near death! I'm willing to bet she wasn't even admitted and was managing her symptoms just fine at home, but since she didn't get better as quickly as she wanted to, she went to the ER and took up time and resources that could have been better spent on a patient in actual need. I am so fucking over them being so ridiculously overdramatic about Covid! Kody is an absolute idiot on all topics, yet he thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.


My parents got Omicron when it first was going around, both vaccinated. My dad is a CHF patient, and a walking list of “underlying conditions”. he has trouble breathing/oxygenating on a good day. He would’ve been admitted if he hadn’t had an oxygen concentrator at home, and about needed admitted despite it. It was basically “go home. if your O2 hits x% on supplemental oxygen, call 911.” Hearing him trying to breathe was extra scary, and his breathing scares me on a regular basis. Robyn sounded perfectly healthy compared to him (she does sound sick and like she feels miserable, I’ll give her that much.)


I'm waiting for them to somehow blame this on Christine. "Kody hugged Truely and now our entire family is suffering the consequences for generations. I don't fill healthy any more!"


This is an outrage when you consider that thousands of families now know what dying from COVID looks like. It's the lowest pull for views of all. That bitch should have gone home. No oxygen, no admittance. Gtfo


If only he cared that much when Truely nearly died from his neglect.




OMG play sick to get admitted. Aka wasting medical time & attention from doctors who should be treating other patients & racking up another huge medical bill. Also my parents had huge health issues not C-19 related in 2020-21. They did not die. They yes were very serious. Hospital=death is a stretch.


Was she admitted? I take offense to this. I was admitted to icu for 5 days and was thisclose to being ventilated. They are using the show to over dramatize their own nonsense health issues. Kody admitting to almost lying to be with his precious Robyn. Should be ashamed of themselves. TLC IS NO BETTER!!


As someone who has been an RN waaaayyy too long. I’m certain Kody called the ER and said, “Listen, you’ve got a VIP coming in.” “You may need to clear a hall so that she isn’t hounded by fans.” 🥴


Hey - if she was really THAT concerned with her, and her families, well being, they’d all be vaccinated. They’re not. They should deal with Covid at home with prayers. If they don’t trust the science, then don’t rely on it when your prayers aren’t working. Also, clean your house Edit : typo


👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼


I'm officially begging anyone who's gotten a pic of her out and about during covid to start posting that shit everywhere.


There was one of them at her favorite store, Victoria's Secret, right? And they were maskless! The audacity!


Good point they obviously did not learn anything Christine moved to Utah in September 2021, the douche bag twins were spotted December 2021. So not long after Robyn was dying due to covid they were out in public maskless.


Were they just trolling us? Because I mean, come on!


People go to the hospital to die?! What a fucking idiot thing to say!! Did she even get admitted or just go to the ER? I can't breathe sounds like a panic attack!! I see she still had enough breath to cry! She wasn't even on oxygen. Maybe Kodick brought Covid back from the wedding! This pissed me off so bad I am rambling.


My Dad died of COVID Christmas Day 2021. He actually couldn’t breathe. Granted, he was a cancer survivor and chemotherapy had absolutely *destroyed* his lungs, but still. Hearing, “I can’t breathe,” from a person who obviously can makes me livid now.




Ramble away because I’m adopting your nickname of “Kodick”. Very clever!! And yes idiotic thing to say, even worse than the “they’re not here for thanksgiving because they don’t want to be with you” 😳 If we tracked all the “Idiotic Things said by Snobbyn and Kodick”?? It’d be voluminous!! ![gif](giphy|hTP9udZMpbQiFaYWDs|downsized)


This scene is probably going to be super triggering to those who actually lost loved ones to COVID. These two are over here using COVID & hospitals as a toy in their twisted game for attention & sympathy. The only thing Robyn & Kody are suffering from is Manchausen Syndrome.


Please, she wasn’t even in oxygen.


My husband and I both have family members die from Covid, I find her actions disrespectful to people who were really wasting away in a hospital from Covid. I would like to know how did they get Covid. Who is to blame?


Spoiler alert- She lives. 🙄


I lost all sympathy for her in any manner after seeing her kick that poor dog. 👿 Kick rocks, Frown Brown 👿


How is she filming in the hospital deathbed? And kody is just “settin there”


If only he had half as much concern for his other wives


Or ALL of his children!


She is a complete attention grabbing phsyco. Simple as that.


Vaccines began in late 2020, my family in Wisconsin fully vaccinated and boosted by end-of-year 2020. I was fully vaccinated/boosted by May 21, and I procrastinated. This was red state Texas. I'll save my sympathy for someone who makes good choices and doesn't kick family dogs.


Arizona* And hi fellow Wisconsinite! Damn it's cold today! Lots more cold days to look forward to too!


I want to see the tests. This Lady would stoop tp nothing to get sympathy. Sorry as I am a compassionate person. But Robin is a good example of not what to be.


Oh no. What will Kody do? Christine is out, Janelle on her way out, Robyn dead..... He would have to get back with Meri


All part of the collateral damage that will be felt for generations to come......🙄


She's so dramatic about sickness that I'd honestly think that a positive result got her into a full blown panic attack. The hypochondria is real as hell from what I've seen people act like over the years who /think/ they're sick and dying. Praying for those hospital workers who had to deal with this awful woman and her dimwitted awful husband. They're the real victims here.


Sounds like a panic attack to me.


It’s hard to kill a cockroach. You’ll be just fine Robin.


All I keep thinking is Robyn saying this to herself..... This season has been all about Christine & now Janelle , now that I have Covid maybe I can get some air time!! Let me play the poor poor pitiful me card!! Meanwhile when everyone at Janelles house had Covid they took care of themselves!!!! Maybe if Kody would've followed the rules & NOT attended the wedding, or if they didn't have the Nanny over!!!!


Or you know, maybe get vaxxed.


That too




SPOILER!! She survived.




Give me a MF break!


Nah, the devil takes care of his own. She's good.


Gee I wonder why her older kids have such anxiety…


If she can talk on the phone she’s not close to death. When I had Covid I couldn’t even talk. I just laid around trying to be as still as I could.


He didn’t give two flying fucks when Janelle had Covid 🙄


Hard to be sympathetic when we know they likely chose to be unvaccinated


If you care that much about COVID then get vaccinated. I’m so tired of these hypocrites.




Robyn is so full of shit, it’s unreal. There isn’t *anything* this woman wouldn’t do to make herself a victim. What is it called when someone thrives off victimhood?


Victim mentality? And manipulative. She’s not setting a good example for her kids that’s for sure. At least some of them will adopt this behavior as well. It seems Aurora has to some degree unfortunately.


Did any of the other sister wives get Covid? Did Kody respond the same way?


Jenelle did. And of course Kidney made sure to stay far away and let her deal with it herself.


And I think the timeline on Janelle’s household getting sick was either pre-vaccine, or early into vaccine rollout, so they may not have had the opportunity to be vaccinated.


Did you expect otherwise? I mean come on... it's Robyn. I would be surprised is she WASN'T in the hospital.


Is it just me or was the memo at the house “Make sure you keep repeating how you were worried and didn’t know if Robyn/Mom wouldn’t make it” That’ll get people from talking about how Christine has left us and appreciate that Robyn made it. Also, let’s have the Robyn kids more, to replace Christine.


![gif](giphy|VdWnBa31M6BeY1Iv11|downsized) Kody considering “playing sick so \[he\] can be with her”


Seriously though, what’s wrong with Kody? He takes Robyn to the hospital, and the thing he wants to speak about is the fact that he should have been admitted, too?! Oh, well, he didn’t want to play sick… Everything is about Kody. It’s so glaring and sad. If my husband filmed himself for a TV show, and didn’t even say how scared he was, or he hoped I was okay, or, something like, I’m sure she’s ok this is just a precaution and they’ll figure it out there…then I’m sorry, packing your bags mister!


OMG that pic of her in the mask with her natural eyebrows!! Why does she draw the thick hatchet eyebrows on?? 🪓


But K and she can walk around the mall go in all the stores, travel, attend weddings without masks?! Getdafukouttahere. I'm calling manipulative bullshyte!


This is emotional abuse at its worst. You do say that to your kids.


That's the best her eyebrows have ever looked 😅


I had it before vaccines were officially available. It's still the closest I've felt to death as an otherwise healthy 22yo I was at the time. It's truly horrible I was barely able to move my fingers I was one day away from going to the hospital because I felt like my body was made of gelatin every day and the other symptoms were almost unbearable. As much as I hate her of course I don't want her to die! Buy it's very easy to see she's blowing the situation out of proportion. Janelle looked worse when she had it but we didn't see her (who's older than Robyn) claiming she feels at deaths door. I woulve been totally supportive if we saw she was actually in severe danger but she was not! Many medical professionals are saying if she was seriously bad they woulve acted completely differently at the hospital


Has this episode come out?!! How y’all knowing she said this and how do I find what the overly dramatic droopy, mopey, let the goiter loiter, curls that cause hurls, whiney, briney - everything is miney, desperate diva of delusion Sobyn Robyn SAID during this episode??!!!


Did you watch the clip in the link above? This episode comes out Sunday, I've just seen previews.


Could it be tlc scripted and filmed in a Dr's office or urgent care? Just filmed them driving up to the ER? She might have had covid...or not. Reality TV is not necessarily real. But, kody and Robyn are maskholes just the same... 😷


Robyn is a narcissist. She's an entitled spoiled brat.


I think Robyn is full of shit here but I think it’s so telling how she’s in the hospital and he just makes it about him. How he has Covid and should get an X-ray.


“Going to the hospital to die” is straight from Fox News and News Max. My FIL had Covid but waited until the last possible moment to go to the hospital. Bc he waited so long he did pass away quite quickly. Had he gone sooner he may have survived.


I guess we now know the scene where Kody wants compassion from Janelle and she walks off is about.


We couldn't be so fortunate


The irony of things…


Wt actually hell??? No oxygen tube? If they thought Covid almost killed them are they going to finally vaccinate when their immunity is up?


I won’t type what I’m thinking….


Are they vaccinated?


Nope. Anti vax. Cody is Q




Ooh rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain stem


We would had known by now if things was that bad. This was taped many months ago


That’s the last straw. These dimwits don’t deserve any more money from any show. So many people died horrible death via covid and they are using this as clickbate/sympathy grab? Nah. I’m so done. The emotional and financial abuse of the OG wives was already making watching this show questionable, this preview is the straw that broke the camels back. Shame on TLC and shame on these two Qanon dip 💩s to make light or this for their amusement/financial gain.


Can these twats eat a donut without emotionally breaking down? 🙄😂


Where is the oxygen?! If her case was acute it means her oxygen concentration has dipped. She would have been put immediately on oxygen and honestly been too weak to talk or film. The fact she is waiting 7 hours also speaks to the non-emergency nature. Kody talking about checking himself in pisses me off! Healthcare workers do not need to be further exposed because you want a dramatic story. For someone so “protective” of his family being exposed, his willingness to walk in expose others continues his theme of hypocrisy! I hope they both have made a full recovery but this is not painting them in a positive or sympathetic light.


Probably a panic attack. She has no oxygen on, still wearing a mask, if her sats were low they would take off the mask and put on O2. She is full of it. Ran out of Xanax.


If she was wasting away ,she be on oxygen. She also wouldn't be talking or making a video. I knew people who had covid. I am not saying she didn't have covid, but if serious she be on oxygen, and wouldn't be talking on the telephone


God they’re so dramatic. I had covid and ended up in the ER when I had an episode of struggling to breathe. My stats were all out of whack, but they treated me, gave me a steroid and sent me home. Even if Robyn experienced something similar…she wasn’t dying.


Wouldn't they have put her on oxygen if she needed help breathing, instead of the mask? EDIT: I know Janelle is pretty stoic. But I imagine that, if she watches Kody's emotions over Robyn having contracted COVID, after Janelle had COVID, that must be difficult. Janelle would be justified in feeling, "he was worried about Robyn dying, but not me." And then, does it dawn on Janelle that she's just as isolated from Kody as Meri?


So much for all their grandstanding on COVID and staying away from everyone yet it was Grody traveling all over after bitching about Meri and Christine traveling all time


No oxygen, interesting.


And yet, she’s able to video herself while clinging to life.


Omggggg I can't take these two anymore. They are in their own self absorbed worlds....gahhhh


It does strike me as shitty that that's her concern. My biggest fear was and still is that my carelessness could cost someone their lives. I still mask because even though we like to pretend it's over, we're still losing a 9/11 worth of Americans every week.


Thank you for saying this! I still mask, too. The complacency about COVID is stunning to me.