Robyn shamelessly prompting a kid -- a little one like that would never know to say 'have dates' on their own.


It’s funny how Robyn was like “my kids aren’t mad , they’re the victims in all of this “ lmfao like girl , last time I checked truly was the one with divorcing parents . And her kids were mad , they didn’t say a word


and if looks could kill Christine would be deader than dead


And she's teaching her children this victim mentality that she lives.


I don't know how Robyn can come up with such irrational, illogical ideas. When she asked Christine if she would have relationships with people she wasn't close to (meaning her and her older girls, I'm assuming), what answer was she expecting? How are her daughters victims if they aren't even close to Christine? What would they be missing in their lives? Makes absolutely no sense. Christine is not angry with Robyn's kids - she just doesn't seem to have a close relationship with them since she wasn't allowed to participate in their upbringing. Robyn hired nannies for that. Plus, Kody is going ape-shit crazy accusing Christine of talking to the adult kids about him and turning them against him. It seems like he and Robyn are the ones doing this with Robyn's kids. Breanna and Aurora were so angry at the goodbye. Why did they even bother being there?


Robyn's kids suffer no victimhood except the smothering Robyn does to them all, the not allowing them to spread their wings, and guilting them into staying close by "Mommy Dearest". Noone else in the family victimizes Robyn's kids, they know better. You either worship Robyn and her spawn or you get the stink-eye from Kody. I haven't watched the episode yet, but I imagine when i do, I will probably be recommending Christine for sainthood for not slapping the little snot. I'm sorry, but Robyn does not raise very likable kids and she's doing them a disservice. Are any of them functioning members of society or do they all just stay home waiting on the next virus to allow them to remain homebound, living off of mother Janelle and mother Meri's income, waiting on the next reason for a panic attack to come on??


I can’t wait till one of them breaks free and starts exposing Robyn and kody


I’m betting on Sol. The quiet ones are usually plotting.


I’m voting for Dayton. No where to be seen. Hear via these chats he is living with bio dad. I feel a tell all book in the future


Someone asked Gwen about this directly via a Patreon DM. She said that Dayton lives with Robyn and is really busy with school.


Exactly. Like any normal parent would have quieted their child and told them that wasn't an appropriate question to ask an adult. Plus, how weird is it that daddy is married to multiple women and she knows enough to say "go on dates." That child already seems to have boundary issues and clearly, no one is going to stop it.


I guess they let her in the hope Christine's answer would give them another reason to bash her or "how would Christine talk her out of it." But Christine remains classy from beginning to the end. They should have known by now.


Yes!!! I love how you summed that up.


I can’t believe Sobyn believes her kids are victims. How, exactly? How are her kids victims??? I’m dumbfounded I mean yes I can believe she holds this belief because…Sobyn… but how tone deaf, out of touch, self righteous can one be???


Of course Snobyn’s kids are the victims in all this, so perfectly on brand for her. Does anything in this world happen that isn’t 💯% about her and/or her kids?? She is the most self absorbed person on the planet. 🤬🤬🤬


Her kids are the victims because that TLC paycheck is about to be dust. In Robyn’s eyes.


This exactly. Robyn and Kody might squeeze a couple more seasons out of this, but the two of them are not enjoyable to watch, and the end is nigh. The potential loss of income and ensuing financial instability is probably terrifying them. It’s likely part of the reason why Kody keeps saying that he “doesn’t know” why he’s so angry. It’s because even he knows that publicly saying that he’s worried about the loss of money and fame is extremely gauche.


Which already pisses me off for so many reasons but the children should have their emotions acknowledged and validated. Robyn denying them that too (after Kody and/or Robyn fostered that anger) is so annoying. She's probably trying to get them to keep sweet which is so damaging. For all we know, they were angry at their parents and production for being forced to film it. 🤷‍♀️


Never would a 5 year old child come up with that on her own. I think Kody and Robyn are highly inappropriate with the things they say in front of her kids. And yet Kody is accusing Christine of doing that with all the other kids. Can we say projection?!


I agree. Ari must have heard K&R talking about the divorce and airing their opinions about Christine. That's something you just don't do around little kids.


She probably sees Robyn and Kody going on dates all the time while she’s at home with the nanny


Wow the way y’all think


I wanted so bad for her to say, "Well, Ari, what did your mom tell you?"


I wanted her to say “I will Ari, in Utah!”




But the "have dates" comment. That was very telling for me. Somebody has been saying that for that little girl to say that. Maybe Robyn has been telling Kody that 🤔 hmmm. Very interesting comment for little Ari to make.


That was an interesting for her to say. But she definitely seemed to think that was the solution. We also don’t know what Aurora and Breanna were saying either and the conversations going on with them and their parents. Another poster commented that at first she thought Ari said, “Have Sex” and that exactly what I heard the first time because I wasn’t looking at the screen!


Very true she could be hearing her siblings talk as well!


maybe she heard thats what kody and meri tried


Welp that didn't work lol. Meri just hanging on lol


I wonder if Mr and Mrs Frown were annoyed at the answer lol did they get back in the car with Ari and say "well it's actually because *Christine* is mean and doesn't want our family anymore, it's not daddy's fault."


Kody n Robyn Frown. Excellent!


Sobyn Frown! I need this flair!!!


Do it!


Frown I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣 ☠️☠️☠️


Haha @ Mr & Mrs Frown. Sobyn Frown 💀


Christine even phrased it as “We fell out of love” which doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love each other, if you were talking to a 5-year-old and giving everybody the benefit of the doubt. And I think “You’ll have to ask Christine” is a little too generous for Robyn. I think she probably said something like “Christine doesn’t want to try to be a part of our family anymore” and when Ari asked her how adults fix problems like that, Robyn said “Go on dates” or something. Because, where else would Ari get the idea to shout that angrily at Christine?




I'm going to say it. I shouldn't say it. But I'm going to say it. That kid is an annoying brat. Not her fault but God she would be awful to be around. She is her father's daughter for sure. Yes I am a horrible person. As a mother I should be more compassionate towards the kid but ugh. Hopefully she outgrows this stage and Kroblyn stop treating her behavior as if it's cute. It's not.


There are kids that are brats. It's almost always parenting but I think it's okay to acknowledge that she's acting like her mother. I agree you with you wholeheartedly. What's sad is that Robyn and Kody are teaching her how to be someone that people are not going to like and Ari is the one who has to live with that.


And we already know she lacks all the social skills! She scared a little girl to tears on THE FIRST DAY of school!


Yes and everyone's just laughing it off like it's so cute. I was appalled.


Which just encourages her to do it more.


I think she's potentially Autistic or has some other developmental issues. It would explain the sleep problems, late pacifier use and social awkwardness. That being said, Kody and Robyn don't model appropriate behavior or correct her when she's being inappropriate or rude. I remember one instance where Christine was visiting for Ari's birthday and was sweating and blushing due to a hot flash. Ari repeatedly asked why Christine was red, even after getting a response, and neither Robyn or Kody corrected her. They all sat and laughed, but Christine was clearly embarrassed.


Oh, I remember that. I was mortified


Yeah, my teacher antennas were tweaking over Ari. Something is up for sure.


I feel like all those things could just be lazy / absent parenting. Coming from someone who has never slept well (although I think I slept ok as a baby/ toddler), is socially awkward and sucked my thumb until I was about 9. I don't think I'm on the spectrum though.definitely had emotionally negligent and absent parents though.


She could be, I’m not educated enough to make that decision. But I’ve known some spoiled undisciplined wild children whose parents thought everything little annoying obnoxious thing they did was charming, and would even say oh she’s the greatest she’s so smart and friendly. That’s exactly who she reminds me off. I also have a brother with hypoxia induced intellectual and social delays and a cousin that is autistic and they were both much more shy and backwards (I know that’s not the best term) acting than her. Like I said not educated, just enjoy wildly speculating on the train wrecks I see on tv and my diagnosis is that child is a product of her environment


Dayton may have autism per Sobyn. And it tends to run in families.


I hope she outgrows this. If not she will have a really hard time in school and that is not fair to her.


Totally agree


Yes, then They can blame everyone else for not being nice to her instead of correcting her behavior and making her a socially acceptable girl. They should be slapped.


I Blame the parenting, ahem Robyn and Kody. The daughter needed to be stopped in this moment. Christine doesnt need to be answering to a 5 year old and it's an inappropriate and disrespectful line of questioning from Ari to Christine. A simple tap on the shoulder and whisper in Ari's ear that that that topic is for adults to discuss, not children. Tell Ari, don't talk to adults like that. Tell her to be a good girl and say goodbye to Truely and Christine..That would have have been sufficient and taken all of 30 seconds to correct Ari.


I feel it is because she is around older siblings/adults and they, probably, don't censor their talk around her especially Kody and Robyn🤔


I agree and I think they (parents and siblings) think it's cute and encourage her. She is parroting them, U know she isn't to blame.


I was going to say that. She reminds me of my golden child little sister who could do no wrong and was encouraged to be "outspoken" and "precocious". Our church/school also doted on her, and it was our only social life, so she never developed a normal consideration for anyone. Everything to her is just one-liners and "telling it like it is", which is code for rude, insensitive, and obnoxious. Which she is now as an adult, and has no friends. It's a shame. She is 100% enmeshed with our abusive narcissist mother. I don't know what she's going to do when our mother dies. I hope Ari's fate isn't the same.


I love people that are blunt and to the point. But there is a limit between being blunt and being cruel. Some people just don't get it.


The friend who will tell you truth isn't the same as someone pops off but doesn't know who they're talking to or the context of what that person is talking about. I get what you mean, and I value the truth from a friend, but someone I don't know who just butts in and pops off? They think way too highly of their own opinion and they don't know enough about the situation to butt in with an opinion about it. My sister is the later, and she doesn't even realize when she's offended someone. She's too wrapped up in herself and trying to be clever. And that's because my parents taught her that she's the most important person in any room. I hope that isn't what happens to Ari.


God I was tempted to make this post!!! Props to you for having the balls to say it!! Cannot STAND that kid


She is the result of having Kody as a full time dad & Robyn’s submissive personality.


She 1000% has the youngest child vibe, but exacerbated worse than I’ve ever seen. She’s her mothers youngest child, who she seems to want to keep a baby forever, and she’s her fathers youngest child, and seemingly one of the few he’s actually had a hand in parenting. They think everything she does is hilarious and witty and amazing, but it’s actually just typical behavior for an undisciplined child.




Hopefully she’ll outgrow it. I remember being a brat because my parents were/are outspoken insensitive jerks. But yeah I did laugh hard when she said go on dates. Like okay, unwanted relationship advice. Haha


You’re not a horrible person. You are an honest person.


Why are people allowed to say this about her but not about Truly? Because of her mother? Sorry I really feel like Truly was this bad or worse at this age and you would get your head chopped off for mentioning a kid back then.


I wasn't an avid watcher then so honestly I can't attest to that. Just stating my opinion from the last couple episodes. I know she isn't at fault. I blame her family and probably TLC is giving a bad edit. Just the way she yelled at Christine so obnoxiously was so out of line. I'm not a huge advocate of kids always respecting elders but there are certain boundaries that should be taught and yelling at an adult for attention is just...wow.


As a parent though, do you think the "why are you breaking up" thing was coached? Lol


Yeah. Definitely. Just the way she dumped it out. But then again kids are random so she could have just been curious and no one explained to her and it could have been frustration that made her blurt it out?


Lol thank you. Yeah .. I can just see Kody praising her afterwards either way.


I think in the ride over the child asked the question of her father and his reply was "You'll have to ask Christine that" and so she did.


I think she was genuinely curious. Idk I’ve been around kids like that


Thanks! I don't have kids and I was kinda like.. what just happened


I think she probably had heard adults talking about it in the home, for sure. I’m sure she heard someone (gee I wonder who) suggesting that going on dates was the solution. But I think she decided to ask that all on her own


That wasn't at you. Sorry that came out like that. It wasn't. Lol. I'm grumpy at the community for not allowing it before. I AGREE WITH YOU.


Oh it's fine! I figured the down votes would be raining upon me lol so I am actually surprised no one has lit into me yet.


Because it's true and nobody else wanted to be the one to say it lol.


Don't worry about down votes. We like when peeps speak their minds. Not everyone is going to agree about everything you say. Say it and let it go. Don't think twice about any down votes. 😀😁


I didn't think truly ever ask an adult a personal question like that or yell at an adult what they should be doing except with her own dad about respecting her choice on her body when he was forcing her to ride a bike- which was adorable because kody was being an impatient ass.


I thought it was weird for her to ask just because she has never really seen Kody with any of the other wives. Seems like she would just view the other wives as “aunts” and not even know that they’re married to her dad. Also, the looks on Aurora and Breanna’s faces is proof imo that there has been a TON of shit-talking about Christine going on in their house. They didn’t even say a word.


Based on those looks, I’m 1000% convinced that Robyn is telling those girls “Christine left the family BECAUSE OF ME,” “Christine turned the whole family against ME,” etc. That kind of stink eye is reserved for people who talk shit about your mother.


Is no one surprised that Ari even knew who Christine was or her relationship with Kody? Didn’t Robyn say last season that Ari can’t remember her siblings names but this relationship is very aware of. I think this adds that she was either coached or overhead her parents talking


Ask your mom?


Robyn loves to micro manager the words that come out of Kody's mouth but apparently when her 5 yr old is rude to another wife, Robyn suddenly loses that ability? I would have intervened and calmly told my daughter to be quiet and quickly have told Christine that she doesn't need to answer to my 5 yr old.


I thought Christine handled this particular scene with a lot of grace and kindness.


If they planned to show up and just stand 20 feet away and glare at Christine they should not have brought the kids! That was a shameful display of punishment and gaslighting. Robyn is willfully destroying her children's sense of safety because of her own hatred for Christine. I'm unreasonably angry about this.


Kody and Robyn are pussies and knew that they’d be outnumbered at Christine’s. They also knew Gabe was there and I think both of them are afraid of his honesty. So they drag their kids along so they’d have more people in their “gang”.


She should’ve kept her binkie in and kept her mouth shut. Shame on her helicopter parents for not jumping in to get her to stfu


Generally parents would discuss stuff after their kids go to bed, but we all know Ari stays up all night and sleeps in their bed, so I’m sure she hears more than she should!


She heard Robyn, Kody and probably even Meri blaming Christine. We know the “dates” comment didn’t come from her imagination. I usually think that Ari is cute but she was acting like a heathen towards Christine, who was sweet but you could hear the strain in her voice.


They need to teach that little girl manners. She pesters kids at school and blurts out things repeatedly.


I have no doubt Kody and Robyn talk shit about them all the time.


They really should have just had a family get together where people could ask questions and get it out of their system. Like "here's what's happening, let's talk about how it may affect you later on"


Right at that moment I wanted Christine to just turn around and go back in her home... what an awful "goodbye" from people who absolutely blame and despise you... who needs that bad energy as their send-off. It was so unnecessary. Like we're here to throw daggers' at you with our eyes before you leave the hell we caused your life. What a shit show, literally!


When Christine started to cry, they panned over to the Krobyn gang, Sobyn looked down at Ari and in my mind I imaged her wanting to say, "See honey, this is what happens when a wife isn't obedient to her husband and abandons her family"


What were Kody and Robyn to say in that moment? Nothing when Ari asked the question - it was acceptable for her to ask and she asked nicely. When she turned mean and bratty and aggressively scolded Christine to “Have dates!” several times…Robyn or Kody should have knelt down to Ari’s level and ensured she made eye contact with them. Then they should have said calmly and firmly, “That was not a nice thing to say and you are not using your nice voice, Ari. Christine is an adult and you need to respect her and treat her kindly. We will talk more about this later. For now, I want you to apologize to Christine.” Then they should have ensured she politely apologized. They did nothing. Nothing. They stood silently and let it happen, then Kody cracked a dismissive joke.


But we know as soon as they got in the car they probably told her how adorable she was and laughed proudly at her behavior.




Someone else here suggested that they were afraid if they corrected her she’d say something like “but that’s what you said!” 😂So they kept quiet.


Funny and very possible. But given they can’t get the pacifier away from her and could not establish any sort of bedtime for 6 years, I think Ari runs the show in that house. They didn’t say anything because she is in charge and they are stupid enough to think this behavior is special, smart and cute. It is not. Poor little girl. Rough road ahead of her.


That was me 🙋‍♀️ (or at least I was one of them; there may be a few of us that think the same thing LOL) I actually suggested that prior to even watching the episode just based on the commentary in this sub. I didn't get to watch it till it aired at 10pm here and after SEEING it... YUP. Watched Robyn's face and reaction. She didn't make eye contact with Ari. She was probably holding her breath, praying to Old Joe Smith to make the kid shut it 🤣


And as Kody said, "That's a daughter I'm proud of!" Yikes.


I heard him but didn’t realize he said THAT. He’s disgusting.


Sure… but do you have kids? Lol this is a LOT. If my own kids act up (although they never reach the level of Ari here), a simple “that’s enough” will suffice and then we can talk about it later. No need to drag out a whole scene in front of everyone. But that assumes the kid has any sense of discipline or regard for a parent’s guidance to begin with I guess, which Ari clearly lacks.


Yes. And simple would work for my kids, although I’d be shocked if any of them got to this level. And if Kody and Robyn parented routinely, a simple “That’s enough” might suffice. They clearly have set few if any boundaries for her. And they did nothing.


I'm an auntie and maybe it's a cultural thing cuz I'm hispanic and we give looks lol.... but this whole thing could have been nipped in the bud in 30 seconds with a stern look and a "Thats enough, don't talk to adults like that. Now go say Goodbye to your sister Truley." in the ear.


Hahaha i was thinking the same thing. The extent of my intervention and redirection would be a firm "Knock.It.Off" with a *try me* glare LOL


Ha! That was all my parents had to do in our home, too. 😂 But I don’t think Ari would even recognize that glare….she has never seen it. That little girl is allowed to be in charge.


The crap that comes out of Robyn's kids mouths....GIVE ME A BREAK! ... they wouldn't know what they were talking about if they hadn't heard Robyn and Kody talk about it!!!!😡


The most compelling thing Gwen said in her Patreon is that her dad is “healing” after having realized he was forced into a lifestyle he didn’t want. If this is in fact the case, this changes the entire trajectory of their story moving forward. If it’s true, one could reasonably assume that he (and Robyn) had made peace with Christine’s decision to leave and likely he no longer considers himself married to Janelle and Meri. It would even be fair to deduce that he’s no longer promoting the lifestyle to his kids. It’s also the only conceivable redemption arc for he and Robyn if they wish to mend fences. We shall see!


That what I don’t understand. How was he “forced” into it? He wasn’t raised in it. He came home from his Mormon mission and I guess his parents had gotten into it? But he was a grown adult. And for someone who was “forced into it he sure loved and lapped up all the media attention and TLC money to show off this forced lifestyle. What he came to realize was that polygamy doesn’t really work for most people.


Am I alone in thinking Ari was mimicking what K&R say? When she said, "go on dates!", her cadence and mannerisms looked like angry Kody.


Christine should've told her..Because Daddy is an asshole, and your mommy is a shitty person and an unfit mother..I hope you and your Paci have a nice life..little Kody.




Ari is a child, this is not acceptable for her to discuss outside of her home........ Her parents obviously instigated this ....... so shameful


I saw the VICTIM (TRUEILY) being IGNORED UNTIL the end when Snobyn is being FORCED to say by honey we love you, her kids didn’t have the RESPECT TO SAY A DAMN WORD to TRUELY LIKE: call me and we will talk I will miss you F ALL THESE PEOPLE


Was Ari even around her enough to know that was her daddys other wife? they been monogamous so long it would be almost weird for her to comprehend she is a plyglet.They dont live plural marriage and she was 5 yrs old.what does she say to people at school about her family? does she say daddys going to his other wifes house today to help her with her fifth will and they have a dog bath.


That was a moment...lol


They are teaching these kid's love is conditional. And that giving or receiving it is a transactiob based on line feelings of the giver. Very hard for young children or teens to understand. And even more so in the family unit of Kody and Robyn.


When i was about Ari’s age my cool hip young uncle broke up with the girlfriend of his we all loved. She was a teacher and really good with kids so we cared about her as an individual too. When my dad told me the news he was very careful to explain that this was a serious, personal matter of great sadness, so it wasnt something to tease my uncle about. I knew it was an “adult” thing and that it wouldnt be appropriate to be mad that i wasnt going to see her anymore, because this was his sad thing, not mine. My dad explained it really well and kody probably didnt even try lmfao


Robyn is a scapegoat and her kids are victims. Lady, you came into an established plural family with 3 children and expected EVERYONE to move, make concessions, put up with your food shaming and strict religious beliefs thinking somehow everyone must bow down and kiss your ass. Sure, Jan


that was scripted. no 5 yr old just pops out with that. and WHY are kody and robyn talking to those kids about this? so wrong. she has infantalized her kids so they never leave her, and i think makes them live a scripted life with kody to puymp his ego. at the same time she has parentified them by making them her confidants, probably from early on. christine and janelle both raised independent, successful adults. they should be proud. robyns kids, my opinion only, have been forced to play a role. they seem to be emotional cripples.


I totally applaud everyone for being open about it. And Ari has every right to speak her mind. Although, if this was back in the day and I was Ari my mother would’ve slapped the back of my head when I said it and told me to shut up and go play lol.


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Christine has been so graceful through this process and it really highlights how much of an ass that kody is being. Good for her getting away from him