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It's certainly not something said by anyone I've known in my life but I knew what he meant when he said it. Holy hell was it cringy, though.


Did you ever go to junior high school? That’s usually where that phrase is used. And it shows Kody’s level of maturity.


Most of his humor is Jr high bodily function humor with an occasional big word thrown in that he thinks makes him look smart. Reading Robyn’s Pinterest we can thank her for Kody’s word of the day collection.


I had never heard that term before either. It's so gross to talk about your kid's sex life.


So….I have said to some of my other sbows…he just wants to get his [email protected]@k wet. Because so many are like we are in loooove. But i am quite immature often!


Omg earlier tonight I had to explain to my 70 year old mom what it meant. She was horrified. 😂


He is so disgusting to say something like that about his son. On TV.


Never heard it, but it seemed pretty clear.


I knew right away and my jaw dropped.


I turned to my husband and said did he really just say that?!?! The impact of what he said didn't even hit me for a bit. I was just hung up on how a grown man could speak like a middle-schooler on national television and think he is effective at communication.


Exaaaaactly! He said it for shock value and trying to make himself seem relevant like the "cool kids", but came off looking idiotic, foolish and immature. And might I add disgusting to all parents that he'd ever reference something vulgar like that about his own children. His vocabulary must not be that broad.


I've heard "Get your d\*ck wet", but never "get their pencil wet" before. Leave it to Kody to take a fairly well-known saying, totally F it up and make it even worse.


Everyone else knew, it’s just you that didn’t know


As a Brit I know people who would say it


He’s so crass.


It was something I’ve never heard before but when I did, it shut down my reproductive organs for an hour. Kinda like the time when my dad was so angry in traffic, he rolled down the window and called some idiot driver a “touch hole”. We still use that vile zinger in our family.


What a disrespectful thing to say! So he thinks women are just "wet things" to stick his pencil into4? He might as well call all women "sperm receptacles". He is a woman-hating prick.


But even then; I felt like calling his sons bathing suit area a pencil was insulting. No one likes to be compared to a pencil.


Kody was projecting I'm sure.


I've also heard 'dip your wick'


I have heard this and wet your wick, but not wet a pencil. I think this is just another example of Kody screwing up a saying because he is a moron.


Agreed, he's not smart enough to know he's stupid!


Took me a minute i have heard “dip your wick” more lol


I feel like this is something men would say to each other in, like, 1942.


He is vile.


I’ve heard noodle used more than pencil!