China Bans Minors From Economically Support Celebrities in Efforts to Tighten Fandom Rules

China Bans Minors From Economically Support Celebrities in Efforts to Tighten Fandom Rules


You mean to prevent things like this from happening? https://www.businessinsider.com/kylie-jenner-gofundme-fans-crowdfunding-billionaire-2018-7 >People are donating money to Kylie Jenner to help her become the world's youngest billionaire Will nobody think of the billionaires?!?!!!?


The worse thing is, they say just shy of 100 million like its a small sum of money, what the frag lol


Yeah fuck that idol fandom shit like south Korea, that shit is toxic. China should also regulate and make sure entertainment industry is not corrupt and exploit children and young adults from rich powerful industry players. Whole entertainment industry is ripe for corruption everywhere. I'm liking this new tougher china cracking down on all the loopholes they left out/overlooked for sake of fast development. Tech companies, privacy, billionaires, celebs, etc. They all need to be reined in, no one should have too much power and be able to build cult of personality. Including gov of course, which is why there are no statues of leaders n shit and I doubt there will be anytime soon.


My mans Xi finally pressed the button


>make sure entertainment industry is not corrupt and exploit children and young adults from rich powerful industry players. Japan's idol industry is pretty bad for this too. I like a lot of the music actually, but what goes on behind the scenes is pretty bad. One of my favorite male idols was discovered to have been sexually assaulted and raped by a head industry executive who worked closely with the group he was a part of. It hurt to hear I was financially supporting that man and I felt like I, was somewhat, contributing to his abuse, even though I realistically couldn't know what was going on. He seems happier now, releasing his own merch and being on a different group now, but still. The idol industry needs a lot of fixes. Though it can be argued all industries have this issue, and there's no obvious solution, I feel.


It's like any other industries involving entertainment with young and beautiful people; there are always predators and fiends hiding in the mist to abuse and misuse their power. I'm glad the CCP has the foresight to look at Japan and Korea and take a hard stance on this.


A long time ago, in the early days of r/sino, someone linked to an article about the start of the Japanese idol industry, and it was set up by the CIA with the help of a Japanese pedophile who used the idol system to recruit, groom, and rape boys. I would say that while all entertainment industries are exploitative, there's something especially sinister about this.


Chinese fans is always known as rich fans in kpop world. So actually it's the chinese fans that support those kpop groups. That's why these days post hallyu ban in china, some korean groups are struggling to get into the chinese market.


This reform is badly needed in south Korea and Japan.


Good. Let the youth be interested in something valuable instead of wasting money on idols or e-celebs. China isn't skipping a beat


this makes me so genuinely happy


I don't think there is anything wrong with fandom but I agree with this ban.


>Fandom communities formed in China in recent years demand fans to buy commodities endorsed by their idols or even pay the websites and platforms to move the stars higher up in the rankings, so that they can earn more money and win better advertising contracts. ugh. glad this is going away, then.


I don't even understand why these practices have so much appeal. It's nothing but brainwashing and forming useless cults.


China being based as usual


I'm hoping this also extends to Kpop groups/music labels fans in China. It's insane what the fans buy for their rich idols.


all western nations have a problem with cult of personality over worthless celebrities and they export their brain worms globally


Hollywood is the worst in terms of this. The mainstream media in the West and Anglosphere puts so much focus and coverage on entertainment/other celebrities and even the British monarchy, and ignoring people who actually contribute to society and mankind and local, national, global issues get ignored. It's disgusting that modern society is like this and it does nothing but create cults, brainwashing, psychological stress, and distracts people from real world problems and makes them eat up propaganda. Also most celebrities are not good role models, they engage in bad behaviour, abuse their health and wellbeing, divorce a lot, hold conservative or right wing views, and some are racist or prejudiced, etc. There are also the likes of piers Morgan, bill Maher, Jeremy Clarkson to name a few. Why do I even care about celebrities' lives? Though I get attracted to beautiful people, I don't obsess over their lives and lifestyles and all that crap. It's unhealthy. The media should stop forcing celebrity news onto people's throats for all I care.


this will lessen toxic culture


This is definitely something I can agree on. When I was a kid, television talent and idol shows that use call-in voting had been criticized for allowing minors to rack up extremely high phone bills through repetitive call-in votes.


**THIS** *This is what the world needs now*




They should go even further to reduce the influence of celebrities. I feel like there are few places with such a culture of adoring famous people. Even the most mundane products in China have some celebrity endorsement and I can see how it can have a negative impact on the development of children and teenagers.


These are the bumps on the road to developing a socialist consumer economy. In the course of developing a consumer base, the ruthless capital will inevitably target the low hanging fruits: the young and impressionable to keep the cash flowing. To build a healthy consumer economy, China must lay down some ground rules to protect the vulnerable groups. Otherwise, such celebrity-based profit-driven businesses could ruin a whole generation with the young growing up thinking vacuous fame is all one needs to succeed in life. Here one can also see how these businesses even with all their accumulated wealth could not "buy" enough influence in the government to save their dodgy business models. The timing of all this backlash against the entertainment and tech industries is also interesting. One can see that the CPC is leveraging the public approval of its handling of the pandemic to combat the celebrity/profit/capitalist "virus" that has long been infecting and sickening the society for the past decades.


We need shit like this in the states for pop culture geek fandoms as well. Recently, adult geek fans sent death threats to the director of a reboot of a 80s cartoon just because they didn't like said reboot. Worst part is that the people who did this were ADULTS. When they aren't sending death threats , these geek fan bases engage in all sorts of bigoted behavior towards minority groups. Fandoms of any media are objectively horrible and should be regulated at every given chance.


Western entertainment industry has always been a mistake..why did china ever introduce that shit? Which entertainment industry with western influence has any morality left? Dealing and using drugs. Glorified Violence. Drunk driving. Tax evasion. Underage sex and rape. Casting couch. But if china cracks down on that shit, people started screaming redguard! Cultural revolution! and shit. I have already seen people criticise china and defend actual rapists drug dealers. Hk riot also started with a murderer killing his GF and it got blown up...


CIA is neck deep in it too.


I say fuck it, cultural revolution 2 lets go! Good luck to any fellow red guards fighting decadence and cultural exploitation.


Well tbf those people are using to worshipping rapists and drug dealers because of their society so ofc they view it as a bad thing.


from a point of view it is a easy question---many fandom groups are support by the capital and some of fandom have to do with children sex for example---WuYinFan with arrested for have sex with children . they instigate the children to call the gays on the show(no offense) husband and even prostitution to bought something for the capital. I can't agree more the action ccp had done.good job


Considering how many kids in the west use their parents' credit cards to buy "gifts" for their favorite streamers, I don't see this as a bad thing.


WTF minors today are so spoiled that they have enough money to donate to celebrities? In my youth days I never had allowance, had to earn every penny through working. Based CPC, putting these spoiled brats in their place.


And also the gacha mechanism in games too.