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I make a club and there’s an activity thing called taking care of farm animals, I also have them clean and garden. Invite them over in morning and they help get stuff done!


This is so smart. Thank you for this.


I have a lot of clubs to help with my sims tasks, jobs etc!!


Yes!! Utilizing clubs really made the Goth’s and Landgrabb’s happier about becoming painting goblins in my game.


Start an art studio and have people pay to join, and then sell their art, fucking brilliant


wait you can make people pay to join a club?


I think they mean make an art activity club and people come over and paint. When they finish a painting sell it!


What pack is clubs a part of again?


Get Together


Is Get Together a worthwhile pack?


Get Together is stealthily one of the best packs. The world is honestly amazing, the CAS is cool and the B&B is super useful and versatile. The ability to make clubs is also very useful and the vibes of the pack are honestly immaculate. But I must repeat, the world is so good!! Windenburg is one of my personal favorite worlds in the game for its many aesthetic possibilities and the super cool architecture. 100000/10 will always recommend!


All of this^ , It's honestly wildly underrated. It didn't even need any of that for it to be worth cuz clubs make your sims' life so much easier if you utilize it well like this farm club for example. It's also so helpful if you have a big family to maintain as well.


I really don't like the building styles in windenburg otherwise I'd probably go there more often just because there's so much more to do nearby.


one of my favorite packs so far, (been slowly getting packs) (won't be getting the stuff packs I don't think)


At the very least you should get Paranormal Stuff. Best B/B mode items in the whole game!!


Get Together is one of my favorite packs! I like the world and the CAS options a lot! Lots of good lots.


Can you delete them tho? Because I've got like 20 that I don't use and they're bothering me lol


So if you click your clubs and go into it, if you click the gears next to the club name when you can see all the members, a screen will pop up to edit it. In the bottom left hand corner of it you can click and it says “disband Club”


Thank you so much!! Didn't know that


I’m sure you can but reply to this and when I’m done putting my baby to sleep I will check


I delete my clubs all the time, don't think it's a mod permitting it, think it's just base


Oh yeah, clubs are a great cheat for cleaning, gardening (harvest first!), and other tasks like that. Easily filled social meter, too. Robots are good, too, and I kept a vampire ancestor on one of my legacy saves and had her hibernate in the basement until it was time to come out, do chores, then go back into the box.


"Ha! Descendant of mine, unable to take care of themselves. Granddad/grandma to the rescue. Then it's sleep."


Haha this is a fabulous idea.


Always always harvest your crops before you invite them over or else they steal all your crops.


Are you sure? Whenever someone harvests mine they just end up in my sims household inventory.


The harvestables in the household inventory aren't from people harvesting them on your lot. There's a glitch that's been happening for a while where when you load into the lot, all the harvestables "fall off" the plants and get stored in the inventory. [bug here](https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/OPEN-Harvestables-from-plants-in-HH-Inventory-on-loading/td-p/10541255)


I’ve been wondering how they kept ending up there!


Is that at all related to the bug that resets all your crops to planted when you reload? They stay at their evolution level, but revert back to the beginning growth stage. I also stopped using Patchy the very first time I got his friendship high enough to work on my plants. That bitch harvested them all and they disappeared, not in the household inventory.


So that's why my sims grape vine and bell pepper bushes keep looking like seeds/sticks if I don't get to them right away everyday! I figured that I was just doing something wrong even though she is level 7 gardening and was able to get her grape vine, I think, to excellent quality.


S'what happened to me 🤷


Huh thats so weird! Now I need to test this out.


At one point my sim did have a retail lot that I used as a farm (it doesn't work, don't bother) so it mighttt have been there where it happened. On a home lot it might actually work when other Sims harvest for you.


You are a genius I hope your game never crashes again


Came to say this. Highly reccomend clubs for this!!


First thing I did when cottage living came out was make a club for my farmer sim’s kids so they could take care of the animals for them. Builds their creative and mental skills too I think


Responsibility too


I'm going to be stealing this! Speaking of stealing, do they milk the cows and/or collect the eggs? I know they'll probably harvest your crops but no clue about these


I think they collect the eggs, but then keep them. Gather your eggs before you invite over the club!


Yup. I do the same. I also include “repair” as an activity since I usually do an off the grid farm and the windmills and stuff break frequently.




Don’t forget to lock them out of the house and locked in the fence so they have no choice🤣


I have tried this but when they garden It seems they pick the product for themselves! Do you pick the product first and then let them help?


That’s probably the best method, yeah! I’ve done this and had every three days a “gardening” day for the club, and a “harvest day” for the household sims in between. I also make sure that the eggs are collected before “farm hand” day comes around!


is this available in the base game??


Get Together introduced the club mechanic, so you'll need that pack to be able to do this.


Thank you. Stealing this


I didn’t know this! That’s a good idea!!


If only you used your powers for good!


You're brilliant.


Wait. What’s that? I that when you click actions or whatever and it says groups and stuff?


this is genius! totally doing this in my next game!


Huge brain! Thank you!!


That’s what I did last time lol. Free labor


I also did this!


Holy shit. Thats brilliant!! TYSM!


You’re a genius 🥹🥹🥹


Genius!!! What the hell, and here I’ve been making my sims have more kids so the animals and crops can be taken care of, not realizing the toddlers and babies are just as time consuming lol.


This is such a smart idea! I will just cheat to deduct from my sims' household money whenever I do this.


How do you do this??




Doesn't the club take the veggies, though?




I made a club of people who like gardening, taking care of farm animals, and various other outdoor activities and they have the max positive mood perk so they can work for longer. Three cheers for sweet unpaid labor!


helena (so long and good work) thank you for the gardening i’m not okay (my garden died)


If you liked these songs, make sure to check out My Manipulation Infatuation's albums: - I Spoke To You Once, You Now Slave Over My Cowplants (2002) - Three Woohoos For Child Labor (2004) - The Simoleon Parade (2006) - Unpaid Labor: The Totally OSHA Approved Farming Conditions (2010) - Unconventional Friendships (2012)


you can hire a gardener, tho. and if you have seasons, patchy helps you too. also, i'm pretty sure they did it so you utilise help from animals - birds, rabbits and chickens. and if you again have seasons, then also bees.


How do you get patchy to garden? He's just sitting there on his hay bale like his head is stuffed with straw


You just have to make your sim talk to him enough to build a friendship. If you see the "Ask for Gardening Tips" interaction, you have successfully befriended him. He will "come to life" randomly after that.


He goes into my sim’s house and paints after he’s tended to the plants.


Yeah, he will be alive for 5 in game hours. If finishes tending plants and there's still time left he will find other activities to do. His AI can be very strange at times. Sad thing is that he can be hit by lightning while he is on his tree and permanently die. You'll have to buy another patchy and start building friendship with him all over again. He can also decide not to return to his little tree and leave your lot forever or just stay in your house permanently.


Didn’t know he could die/leave/live in the house, interesting. I knew he was only active for so many in game hours though :)


In one of my saves he tried fixing a broken fridge which electrocuted him and he died. It was weird because then his little post he mounts up on was just vacant haha.


You can disable lightning in the environment tab on the settings menu. I spend a lot of time setting up the landscaping and outdoor decorations in my builds and I got tired of constantly finding random piles of ashes all over the place so I turned it off. Also the adverse weather in Seasons is a bit much just in general like do my Sims live in Portland or something? Why is it always raining?


well taht's terrifying


thank you!


✨ Children ✨


My first cottage living playthrough was basically having as many children as possible so they can take care of everything instead of their parents. We love child labour in the sims xD


If you also have the parenting pack, it's an easy way to fill the responsibility bar to get the responsibility trait. Also child can fill the washer but they can't put it on but it raises their responsibility. Edit not sure what, but that was a butchered sentence


Middle ages be like:


Ahhh the good ole days🌅 Edit: finally a reason to use the sunset emoji


I guess it's realistic to what life was like for many farming families, especially before modern technology


this is exactly how I got through my cottage living playthrough, even thought about using mccc to cheat more household slots to have more kids lol


Who said our love of child labour is exclusive to the Sims? /jk /s


Just like real life!


i really wish they would’ve included this feature, but if you play on pc, i use a farmhand mod. you hire them (like you would a maid) they tend to all animals and crops :))


Link please? :)




Thank you!


Does this still work with the newest patch though? It hasn't been updated in a year


According to comments on mod the sims, after the wedding update if you have the mod installed you can’t hire a maid, etc. Only a farm hand


I honestly didn’t think to look for a mod for it. I’ll have to add this to my list.


I wouldn't even play Cottage Living without it- you spend all of your time doing nothing but chores. Which isn't that unrealistic, but not as much fun as having someone else do it :-)


I was about to suggest! I love this mod!


Yes! I stopped playing a very small farm and haven't gone back because the chickens alone required a lot of affection and play, let alone feeding them and cleaning their coop, plus tending to the other animals and the vegetable garden.


I rarely ever get affectionate with the chickens. The cows get love so they'll let me milk them, but the chickens I usually keep distant.


Oh hi Dad




we need a r/ShitRimworldSays but for this sub lmao


I just cheat the relationship to max. I ain’t got time for that 🤣🤣


Do you know why the chickens require that? I never really have time to do much socializing with them but I haven’t noticed my negative impacts


If they’re not happy they sometimes end up leaving! Also the happier they are the better quality eggs (possibly fun eggs also like gold but I’m not sure)they’ll have but that’s about it as far as I know!!


Oh that’s good to know! I’ve never had one leave so maybe I’m doing something right lol. My cow was a different story but we worked through it 😂


If you have a sim with the animal lover trait, they’ll socialize with the chickens automatically without you doing anything so the chickens don’t get too lonely


But they are sad. They are sad chickens. There can't be sad chickens.


I definitely don’t want sad chickens lol. I think because I was giving them friendly treats, maybe that’s why they never complained 😂


I just give them toddlers. Toddlers get social skill, are out of the way and turn chickens happy. Toddlers grow up to take care of larger animals, more toddlers need to be made to keep the chickens happy. It's very much a quiverfull situation on my farms.


I feel like chickens are toddlers’ spirit animal. Toddlers are so cute with farm animals but they’re so perfect with the chickens


If I can't be bothered dealing with the animals I turn on testingcheats and then debug them, it resets their moods. I discovered it when my bees kept being enraged every 5 seconds and had the idea to try it and it made them happy, I've used it on chickens too.


I NEVER interact with the chickens beyond cleaning/feeding/eggs they’re totally assholes and not worth it.


Side note: that lot is beautiful


It’s built by Melanie_Drake, I just added the extra fencing, water features (ducks, frogs ect) ; and the barns.


One of my households has one cow and one full coop. They also have maybe 12 garden patches, all on the lot in Sulani closest to the volcano. It’s simple living and off grid. It’s a pretty fun challenge when you put all of it together. One would go to work and the other would work exclusively on the farm and home.


Cottage living in sulani is my favorite right now! I just let the chickens roam free


On an unrelated I wish you could have more than 1 animal per barn. I'd like to be able to have a couple cows and a couple llamas but my property is on the smaller side. :(


Or at least more flexible options for housing them. Like just building a barn with several stalls like we could for horses in TS3.


I saw where someone used the bracket to make their animal sheds almost to small to see and it looked like their animals were all just living outside.


That's why my farm families have a ton of kids. It's the classic broke way!


that's literally why farm people have a bunch of kids irl too lmao 😭😭


Facts. My dad is one of seven, I’m one of four girls only because my parents gave up tying for a boy.


Enabling help from the rabbits and birds has been a huge help! My garden is enclosed with the rabbits, birds and chickens, and between them and my gardener (Free Services, baby!), it frees up a lot of time. They more or less take care of the garden so my Sim can focus on the other animals.


For stuff like this I love to add another player to the household, maybe make a little bedroom for them (or even a cottage, just assign the bed in the cottage to them and if you don’t want them going in the main house you can specifically lock the main house door for them) and then using them as the hired help! I never play them, I only queue up tasks for them to accomplish around the farm. For more realistic gameplay you can cheat away $50 a day or x amount per week (or purchase something for around that price if you don’t use cheats and just keep in the farmers inventory, since he’s apart of the household it will deduct from the households funds)


I did this too! I built a cottage on an estate's lot and created a wealthy family to live in the estate, and a groundskeeper+family to live in the cottage.


Helps if you don’t have Get Together but even if you do doing it this way you don’t have to worry about your crops, eggs, or milk ending up in a townies inventory instead of your own. Depends on your gameplay style!


I use a mod for [farmhands](https://modthesims.info/d/659418/hire-a-farmhand-mod.html).


I was wondering, if I hire a butler, will they do the stuff?


I think they do but if you also hire a gardener they’ll take care of the garden. You still have to harvest it yourself tho but super sell or harvest all usually works


They'll take care of the garden but not the animals... The butler really needs an update to be able to handle more chores as well


Children. Lots of children. Alternatively, a cult is also a great way to run a large farm.


(Based on a true story)


I might or might not have turned an entire neighbourhood into an FLDS style harem once.


Someone already mentioned the farmhand mod but there are a couple different modders who have mods that make farm animals easier to tend to! One of them deals with attention and I love it. I only have to talk to them once a day. I can't remember the name but there's also one that makes all the animals in a nearby area get the social boost. For example, if you tell a joke to your cow and there's a couple chickens nearby, it's like you told the joke to the chickens too. Saves so much time. Sorry I can't remember the names but I know littlemssam makes some and then I think maybe the other ones are on Sims4me?


> all day for one sim Jim Pickens enters the room..


You can get the scarecrow to take care of your crops and he’ll also clean your house when necessary


That’s why farmers had a ton of kids. They all had to help on the farm. I wish homeschooling was possible


I’d love more livestock options like geese, ducks, goats, horses, etc


I feel like a Quail Hutch would be cool you could have something that is more compact for smaller lots. They could make the yields and recipe conversions really funny too like to make a party size quail egg omelet you need 24 eggs or something.


Cottage living was the perfect pack to introduce fairies! (In lack of supernatural expansion pack)


Oh yes for sure


I legit just found this. Littlemssam I’m tumblr has scripted mods where you can hire a live in gardener, maid, caretaker, etc. you should check it out.


Agreed. My cow has threatened to leave a few times already


Just after this only one of my animals would come out of the barn on their own. The rest threatened to leave because they wouldn’t come out their barn for several in game days on their own so I could take care of them. I had to call them out myself.


That's why farmers had so many children The foxes annoy me, they are way too frequent. Foxes dont wander into your hen house in the middle of the day when a human is RIGHT THERE.


If you enclose your chicken coop in a fence with a gate and then lock that gate to everyone, but members of your household it prevents the foxes from getting access to the chickens. I feel like it visually detracts from the lot because your chickens are all penned into a little area rather than free ranging around your lot, but it's a practical solution. I guess removing the wild foxes challenge from the lot is also an option, but it sort of detracts from the charm of Henford on Bagley lots.


Ohh you just gave me an idea for a playthrough, idk why but I love playing games where I have a family and then a servant or two that have to do all the housework and childcare, haven't played one since the pack came out and you've inspired me to add ranch work to that list, maybe I have a teen boy who has to sleep outside in the barn who catches the eye of the ranch owners daughter... or son.


This is why my vampire sim's vampire grandson lives with him. With the option to describe your sim's job if they don't have a career, I put that the grandson is a farm hand on his grandfather's farm. Plus, since they're both vampires and have superspeed, it helps them get through the chores more quickly.


I just want horses and sheep. And why can you only have 1 animal per stable? That's just weird... 5 sheep or 2 cows would fit perfectly if they have anough space during the day.


I found cleaning the barn and coops takes too long, so I just hold shift, left click and the option for Clean coop/barn should be there if it needs cleaning.


I don't have the Cottage one, but Patchy the Scarecrow doesn't help with any of that?


Patchy helps with the garden so do the birds and rabbits if you befriend them. You can upgrade the chicken coop and animal shed so that they automatically feed your animals (I have noticed a minor issue where if you travel and then return to your home lot the cows and llamas sometimes reset and so then they have the starving status, but if you feed them once then it get realigned with the autofeeder management of the hunger attribute and you should be fine).


You gotta befriend the rabbits and birds


Don't forget that your sim will refused to go take care of them if its storming.


Horses. I demand horses. They had them in Pets for PC in Sims 3. I'm sick of the excuses. Give us gd horses on console


Cos it's based on english farms, and farms here tend to be family-run. Most farms have core workers being related with maybe a few others, but it's not a big a thing. Plus, they would prolly be as dodgy as the retail workers.


I’ve lived on three different farms in England as my dad was a farmer and absolutely none of them were family run


Maybe it’s just where I live, then, all the farms here are run by the same families since yonks.


That’s the point though, is it not? For your sim to raise a farm of their own


It gets too much tho, if you have a large farm it's impossible to manage. A small farm with some chickens is fine any more than that is too much. My sim can get up at 3am and still not be done by 10pm.bi have to use needs cheats to keep up so they basically don't eat or sleep. Decide to sleep? The cow is unhappy you haven't pet it in a few hours and wants to leave


Hahaha have you ever tried running a full sized farm by yourself? Farmhands are an essential to farming. Especially when you start making growth and profit. I think ti would be cool if they added a daily farm help like how they have a gardener you can hire.


I use the vintage glamour pack to hire butlers and tell them just to garden, and then I made them little apartments in the top of my barn.


The Werewolf pack came with some really good wallpaper and roof tile options for making kind of rundown dilapidated looking buildings so my butler lives in bleak looking tin roof shack on the edge of the property sleeping on a bed made from old palettes haha.


Also, LittleMsSam has a Hire More Butlers and a Better Buttlers mod that help!


Tbf, if there was a farmhand feature they probably would just eat all the food in your fridge and watch tv all day


You can hire a gardener but that is only one sim


Gardeners will still take care of the crops at least


I started using the robot that comes with university.


How much do you have to force it to take care of it's needs? I remember the last time I played a household with a Servo it would just do random stuff rather than recharge or repair itself when it needed to.


If you have seasons, Patchy will help you garden. University also comes with Gardner bots you can build. Birds and rabbits also help.


Thissss ughhh. It became so tedious that i actually gave up trying to get my sims to run a farm to earn their livings. It just made it impossible for them to have lives outside of it 😪


The scarecrow can help with gardening if you interact with it multiple times, it can also help fix things around the house. But i think its a part of the seasons pack


I made a farm hand and added him to my family to do the cleaning and gardening so my main sim could have some help. Also makes for a good love story :)


Cottage Living is one of the packs least in need of updating. There are so many higher priorities...


I just made a ‘chicken farm’…. Definitely not free range chickens lol using cheats, I have 30 coops with 7 hens and 1 rooster each, it still takes my guy all day to keep them clean, fed and collect eggs.


I would love an accessorypack with different kinds of hired help: Farmhands Pet walkers (to care for my pets) Handyman (to help upgrade stuff) What more?


If you’re on PC, there’s a mod that allows you to hire farmhands. Works pretty well. Also upgrading the coop and barn with auto feeders is very helpful. I also cheat to get the upgrade parts but you can get them from doing chores for Henford residents.


You could get a butler who’s only set to garden but I don’t think you can make them care for the animals so it only partially solves the problem 😢


You have to be careful that they don't harvest your crops though.


My sims became friends with the grocer boy (the mayors son) from cottage living. When I invited him over he would just go out there and get to work.


They’ll never update this pack. My werewolf sim still doesn’t show up in-game with any texture or color. They don’t care anymore.


I think it would be nice if the barn could hold more than one cow. Aesthetically, I don't want ten different barns on my lot.


Omgggg agreed! I had a single sim once that I wanted her story to be the basic “she inherited the farm from her parents after a tragedy” and moved from the city back to the country. And basically I thought she would be able to tend to the farm and still have time and energy for other things. Nope, very wrong. But I see the comment mentioning making a club based on taking care of farm animals and that’s a solid idea!


>If they do an update for the pack laughts in tears...


I'd like more interactions at the fairs, like,,, i submit my chicken and then sit on a bench for 5 hours


have a big family, its how its done IRL :)


I didn't even think about using the clubs. I just went and found a mod that lets me hire farm hands 😂


butler ?


I had a. Ery successful farm in one of my saves. My sim adopted a bunch of kids and made them help. I typically play with needs decay turned off so the kids would take care of animals before school and teens helped in the "fields".


This is why farmers have families. Make your sim have some babies or at least a partner to farm with 👌🏻 I usually just add a roommate so they can do my chores while I do the stuff I actually want with my main sim


Side note - we have the same laptop :)


That’s what the kids are for.


Side note: I love your build, is it in the store?


Side note, how did you make the bridge it’s so cool!


God a ranch hand would be awesome or if you have the farm animals the gardener comes and helps too that’s be so easy (idk I’m not a coder I’m assuming here since it seems so easy for them to break stuff) to implement a couple extra actions.


How did you plant your plants 3x3?


The oversized crops grow in a 3x3 pattern initially before they grow into their larger forms so maybe it's that. I tried shrinking the crops just now and seeing if you could fit more than 4 in a plot, but it didn't work so I think it's juts oversized crops.


Maybe if butlers are able to care for animals. Maybe another service altogether, like you said "Farmhand"


Horses and piggies! 🐎🐖


There’s a mod for a live in gardener and a live in chef I think. I don’t remember who made it though