Have you installed the cc correctly? That hair and dress usually turn up when there is cc missing


Usually that hair and dress show up on sims when you're missing the custom hair or clothing. If you have the hair but it's a different retexture, that would also mess it up. You could also be missing custom sliders and it looks like the original sim has a nosemask or a different skin. Like the original creator could have different default skins and eyes installed than you do. I feel like she still looks super cute, regardless. There is definitely custom content showing up, like her makeup and facial structure. So, I think just the hair, clothing, and possibly default skin or nosemask and eyes that are missing. Also, the sim could be wearing contacts that you don't have installed. And a lot of people are right that most simmers pose and edit their pictures, so sims in your game likely won't look the same. Hell, sims don't even look the same b/w cas and live mode. This creator in particular, brightened and saturated the picture, which is why her sim looks lighter than yours.


It's important to note that many times, sims creators tend to edit the display photos of sims or of clothes


The Sims Model Industry is setting unrealistic standards for my sims


You need more sliders, different skins, cc hair.


That photo looks edited though🤔. Like a lot.


Maybe it's your graphic settings?


Have you install cc before or are you still newer to it? Have you downloaded other clothes/hairs and they turned up? Im looking at your sim and she doesnt have ANY of the cc, the hair, the outfit, the eyebrows, the blush. Im wondering if you just put the cc in the wrong folder or didnt extract it properly


I'm postive I put all the cc in, the only thing I didn't put in was the hair, because it got deleted, but I just wanted to see if it was generally working, Do you need all the cc in order for the sim to work? I'm kind of new to cc for sims 3


No you should just be able to download the parts you want. Like another comment said, the hair and dress that your sim is wearing are weird defaults that end up on a sim if you dont download either the outfit or hair respectively. Hmm, well I would remove the items you downloaded and redownload them. If .package files, put them in your Mods -> Packages folder. If pack files, youll need to extract them using winrar to your Sims 3 -> Downloads folder. Otherwise I cant think of why it wouldnt work but a lot can go wrong haha


Also you need to click install button on launcher, otherwise the items won’t be installed.


I was able to download the hair, it's at the link, the "Rogue chop" (I think)


I would recommend watching a YouTube video about how to install sims 3 cc. There are a lot of recent videos showing how to them. Also, make sure you unzip all the packages as well (that’s messed me up a few times).


Looks like none of the CC was installed properly/isn't working because the eyes/hair/clothes/skin is all different.


This is a Maxis Match sim, so I don’t think the picture is that heavily edited, it looks like her skin is lighter so probably all they did was brighten the exposure and up the saturation, bc a lotta MM players tend to prefer a simple more cartoony look. So if you installed all their cc correctly ( sliders/makeup/genetics ), they should look almost exactly as pictured, the only difference being that sims will tend to look vastly different in CAS sometimes vs in game. Did you install the sim through the launcher, or did you add their .sim to your saved sims folder?


So I once had an issue where I had all my CC in my mods folder and stuff but it wasn’t showing up, and it turns out that I accidentally deleted the resource.cfg file that the game needs in order to detect the CC. Idk if that’s the case, but if you look in your mods folder and there’s not a file named resource.cfg then you can [find another one here](http://simpedia.sims2cri.com/index.php?title=Resource.cfg_eng&redirect=no/)


Yeah, only thing I can think of is you’ve managed to install your cc wrong Essentially, that hair and outfit means it can’t find the cc, and you need to solve that issue. Either by going back and figuring out where you went wrong Also… I know in ts2 and ts4 you have to enable cc, is that the case in the Sims 3? That might be your issue


Maybe it’s the sliders for the sim? If someone uses NRAS mods they probably have different sliders than you which causes a sim to be different. Or even if they downloaded different sliders that can also happen.


I actually have a lot of sims made by this creator and mine almost always look just like the picture, because I have the same skin that she does, and I have a lot of the same hair as well. Like everyone else is saying, it looks like your CC didn’t install correctly. When any sims I’ve downloaded show up like yours has, its because I decided not to or couldn’t get the same CC the creator had.


I would recommend watching a tutorial on YouTube because installing mods and cc in the sims 3 is a little different and slightly more complicated than in the sims 4.


I had this issue once (same hair and dress would show up!) and all I had to do was change the skin - like in the drop down menu pick a different one. Not sure why and I don’t remember how I fixed it but hopefully that works for you!


1) make sure the cc is correctly installed 2) make sure you actually have all the cc the mod creator is using, if you want your sims to look like theirs. One piece of cc is not going to magically transform them into those exact sims. 3) recognise that some of it comes down to skill, and many hours of effort in cas 4) recognise that some modders absolutely edit their pictures. Is that effect even possible in game, or did they fake it? That’s all I can think of. EDIT: also note that your sim might just look different because they’re a different sim. The facial features and skin look pretty similar to me, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking for that you don’t have? Are you sure you didn’t misinterpret what the mod was actually giving you?


Thank you guys for all the help and support! I'll try some of your suggestions right away.


Were you able to make this work?


I wouldn’t download sims from old tumblr creators because most CC links (especially sliders) are either broken or can no longer be found. Why is why I’m so hesitant to go back to TS3 because I don’t want to redo my mods folder :/


With that being said. The sim in your game still looks a lot like the sim in the download picture. The only reason why the nose looks different is because you’re missing and nose mask but other than that the features are still very similar


Looks like she has a cc skin on. Plus cc blush and other makeup. Need to use cc hair and maybe eyes if you want.


It's likely a Reshade setting that is taking away the skin shine, or some other occluder or reflection editor.


It appears that the sim used a lot of CC, that hasn't installed properly. They appear appear be using a custom skin, and the hair and dress are also CC. The fact some of the facial features changed could indicate that they used custom sliders, which you'll also need to download. The links to the CC they used should be in the original post, and if it isn't then this is on them. Edit: nvm j think the lips look different because they require the listed overlay.


I thought you only had to get the sliders if you wanted to change the features (use the sliders yourself)? Admittedly I don't like downloading sims with sliders or too much CC that much 😂 I'm a bit stunted on the skin, it's CC *for sure*, but it's not indicated that you'd have to download it? Can you bundle CC with sims? Ok now this is bothering me


Okay, I've looked a bit more closely at the OG post and I there is a list of items they used, but there is no indication at all that these are CC download links, which would be confusing to anyone who didn't know that. You can download CC along side sims I think, but personally I prefer making my own so I don't download individual sims that often. I think the lips might actually be an overlay, not custom sliders.


I took a peek, and - check out the creator's tumblr (desktop site), there's a [resources](http://poisonfireleafs.tumblr.com/resources) tab which links some default replacements (skin, eyes, idk), could it be that they used some of those and didn't indicate it? - all of the extra CC except Blush 1 are .package files, so those go in Mods / Packages - Blush 1 you just double click and let TS3 launcher open it - Blush 2 link doesn't work (but you can access all the creator's CC by clicking "Sims 3" in the header, and I guess you could download all the likely candidates under "Blushes"?) - .sim file goes in SavedSims - this is waaaaay too complicated for me omg 😴


I'm confused. Is the one with her in the yellow dress the one you think looks bad? I personally think the one where she's in overalls looks weird and the one in the dress looks nice with the exception of her eyes being a little off center.


Try getting some alpha hair. :3 (oh, and Gimp2 or photoshp doesn't hurt to have either for photos.)


You need a good default skin. Try out anything by BrntWaffles on Tumblr. She also really good nose masks that I think if you download them are found in the blush section of makeup