New to silver and new to the sub, here’s my first haul. 10 eagles and 30 maples.

New to silver and new to the sub, here’s my first haul. 10 eagles and 30 maples.


I miss the good old days of $2.50 per oz. premiums. :(


They’ll be back eventually. The US Mint sells to dealers at Spot +$2, and other mints are even cheaper, so prices will always approach those values over time.


Agreed! Buy the ASE’s and Maples. You will come out ahead in the future. Could be a 100% profit in the future.


I'm in this camp. I stack four different sovereign coins. I might buy a pretty single here or there but the stacking is focused. I'm hopeful this makes it easier to liquidate. Time will tell.


I wasn't 100% accurate. I do stack Phoenixes from KOMSCO. To be Fair it's a government owned mint. They are not sovereigns though. Still there's a reason. I'm a white guy in a Korean family.


Thinking of selling my three 1 oz bars to go all in on ASEs, Maples, Britannias, 90%, basically all government silver I can. I just enjoy it more.


They will hold a higher value, and more buyers are more trustworthy in buying your ASE’ and Maples if it becomes necessary to sell them. Smart move! Also, purchasing older US coins of silver and even copper pennies tend to hold their values.


That and I just noticed that buying bars felt like an obligation, and I never had any interest in owning generic rounds either. The only round I own is the COVID round because I thought it was neat. Other than that all I seem to buy are government coins, hell even the Star Wars coins they sell on APMEX are technically Niue $2 coins, recently got the Empire one. Also just got my first Australian Kangaroo. I just really like government bullion and coins more.


I like mostly 90% constitutional silver, I’ve always felt it was more easily recognizable as currency, and thus easier to liquidate down the road in an emergency.


What exactly are Maples?


A 5 dollar sovereign coin minted in Canada.


see example at https://www.jmbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/canadian-silver-coins/silver-maple-leafs/


Wow, that's pretty!


Welcome and two great choices! One common mistake I see newer people make is buying these obscure/designer rounds that are cool but high premium that they will likely never get back. It looks like you avoided this pitfall and stuck with two classics. It’s a great hobby, enjoy!


Some designer rounds can get numismatic resale value. There is a T-Rex skull round that’s already doubled in resale value from this year. The 1oz glow in the dark UFO coin is ridiculous resale price. It’s not really in the spirit of silver stacking, more like baseball cards at that point, but not necessarily a loss for resale.


Very true there are some exceptions but I would go on record and say a solid 9 times out of 10 people fall for marketing and will lose out. So many next bit thing series have fizzled away. Edit: I will say it is like buying a piece of art and if someone loves it, go for it. Definitely a different area of stacking. I love seeing it, just wouldn’t buy it personally.


Yes, if you want a numismatic round you need to understand the minting volume, and the market.


I think your forgetting the other most common mistake that newbies make. And that is buying fakes. I'd rather pay a little more for a nice looking round than get scammed buying a tube of scuffed up fake eagles. Which is why I started with rounds from apmex, money metals, and a few other reputable dealers.


U get fakes once, u never make that mistake again. Always on high alert when buying


Well Done 👏👏👏


Congrats and welcome to a shiny new future!


Really nice! I wish we could see more than the silver silhouette through the plastic, but just knowing that they are in there.. ờ mây zing gút chóp


I posted a picture of them out of the tubes


Hmmmm, oddly, ASEs come in tubes of 20 and Maples are 25. You sure this is 10 and 30? If so, some of the Maples are in the ASE tube, which causes my head to hurt.


5 maples are with the eagles yeah lol


Glad you bought morre of the better one.


Them Maples are pretty if you only look at the reverse.


Solid choice. Buy rounds you like because you like them. Stack coins. So much easier to resell if you need to.


Ah the feeling when you first get real money in your hands…priceless!


This sub is amazing so many new stacker's welcome ,your gonna enjoy your new hobby / life savings / investment strategy .


Bravo 👏


awesome, keep on staking


Awesome 👍👍👍👍


You went super balls deep.


Welcome Ape. Great community here.


Welcome fellow ape!!


That’s a great first haul. Welcome to the jungle! the apes here are very friendly and wise. Feel free to ask any questions