From what I've heard, it's more reliable than the 5.3: no AFM lifter failure issues, since it doesn't have AFM. Like the others have said it's effectively the same engine, just shorter stroke. I've driven both, own the 5.3, and would probably have bought the 4.8 if I could have chosen.


AFAIK it is the 5.3, just with a shorter stroke. Like, the same block and pistons and everything. Maybe someone can correct me if that's wrong.


pretty much correct, the 4.8 has shorter stroke and flat top pistons, vs the 5.3 dished pistons, for higher compression. if you look on any gen III block that's a 5.3 or 4.8 there will be a "5.3/4.8" stamped in to the casting


Yep. Just put a 5.3 in my Silverado and the engine had 5.3/4.8 stamped on it


Basically same motor with the same reliability and such. Different stroke and pistons really is about it.


Basically the same engine, just like other have said just different bore and stroke. Still a very reliable engine


No AFM , super reliable


I remember the older gens were great. You could put 5.3-6.2 manifold and heads on them from what I remember. I’ve seen some with well north of 300k on them and still going strong.


I had/still have in the family, a 2007 silverado with the 4.8L. Yeah it's a little sluggish for a V8, but it did and still does everything it's asked to. It has \~150,000 miles on it last I checked. We've had 0 issues related to the engine or transmission. It has honestly been rock solid. So with that, I would personally have no problem buying a used truck with the 4.8L, assuming the previous owner(s) kept up with normal maintenance.