I finally got rid of Facebook and boy I'll tell you that was a huge relief. Though Reddit can be fairly toxic and volatile at the same time. Every day I'm more tempted to just get a flip phone instead of a smart phone.


For me, Reddit doesn't feel the same as Facebook in terms of the dynamics. I don't know any of you on this thread. On Facebook, I knew almost all of the people I saw and learned things about them that I sometimes didn't want to know.


Honestly with the big subs it feels to me like all the toxicity of Facebook, just with strangers instead of people you know. There are still smaller subs that are a lot more positive, but it feels like that's slowly dying as the years go on.


I agree, I find Reddit far more toxic than Facebook now. I deleted Reddit a few months back because it just got to be too much. But here I am again because I got bored, but man does it ever bring me down.


I think you're underestimating Facebook.


Just my experience, not everyone's.


I have an iphone 4s that i use for music and I absolutely love it, its a shame that the deffault messaging app here is whatsapp, which is no longer compatible with it, so I have tof still use another phone.


Reddit is so much more different than other social media's, since your Reddit feed consists of posts from subs you join, with the occasional "here's a top post from a subreddit you might like!". Other social medias might give you posts based on topics you subscribed to, but it isn't nearly as specific as Reddit. I mean, just last year, Reddit claimed to have over 2.8 million active subreddits


i did it you won't miss it after a month some things will be a little more inconvenient you will be on your laptop a lot more if you have one.


It has definitely evolved into something that does not seem particularly beneficial to the mental wellness of your average human being.


I beg to differ. I've never been so free and sated about social media. Some people may interact with you on subreddits, and the few who do don't matter or care enough to rock your boat. And it's entirely dependent on the communities you join. And I am loving my communities XD


I did say the average human being. Maybe you're weird in some way. Perhaps you have the right mutant genetics to will allow you and your descendants to survive the social media apocalypse. You could be the next step in human evolution.


Wow. Okay


Nonstick banjo. Our savior.


It does nothing good for my brain. Truly


The initial idea was fine. The results so much down the line has been a hot mess of glam, scam, spam, smut, pervs, and grift. To say nothing of trolls malevolent and meanspirited and those genuinely merely joking around. With pockets that are perfectly fine, but most are... really not.


The sad thing is it doesn't have to be this way. Facebook could eliminate most of the political bullshit, they could eliminate the microtargeting and shit they do to intentionally enrage people for ad views. The net result is they'd probably make like 20% less. So rather than 20b in profit every fucking year, maybe it'd all be 10b in profit. So the downfall of humanity for an extra chunk of cash where they still would be filthy rich without it. Thats us as a species.


Not very long ago (just before your time), this was catalogs, travel blogs, a chatroom or two. Then, it did all the things they designed it to do.


Don't forget all that sweet sweet propoganda.


I was just thinking this


For real.... it's like we're in an alternate reality and none of this should have happened.


You say while using social media


I’m aware. I also smoke cigarettes and consume way too much alcohol. Knowing every time, I’m making a mistake.


Seems like a barrage of poor decisions, friend


Such is my life. Driving while responding to this


That’s just reckless


Yeah. That’s a rule I don’t usually break, but I’m drunk. So…


Please stop being so self-aware and sincerely self-deprecating and allow some satisfaction to this nice young man who's trying so hard to land an insult.


Agreed, Done. Say less. And thank you for the great advice.


Great sequence - so well done some may say it was scripted. Bravo.


Why thank you!


Smart. What are the chances of there being TWO reckless drivers on the same road. Probably pretty small. Edit: this is a joke, people. Do not drink and drive


Or text and drive.


Or drink and text


Wait you're driving drunk?


You seem like a buzz kill at party’s


Cigarettes and alcohol aren't beneficial. social media is if you're not addicted or smth




Totally. If you haven't already watch The Social Dilemma and The Great Hack.


Sometimes I feel we're all about to dail back the social media, obviously not completely, but I think everyone is getting sick of all the fake, bots, ads, bragging and fighting. I'm ready, although I never had fb IG or any of that to begin with. I'm thinking in 4 to 6 yrs


I feel the same way, I hope within the next 10 years Facebook, Instagram and tic tic will be things we will look back on with embarrassment


We can unite!... Our hatred of things...




It was like opening Pandora’s Box and we can never go back. I don’t think humanity was ready for social media.




Have you ever thought about adding a comment that actually adds something to the conversation?


All the time


The correct name for it should be "antisocial" media.


True statement


Just take it as seriously as any other work of fiction and it's okay.


And so am I


Not for those who own them


Yes, and now we're all addicted and doomed! 🤣


It has a lot of echo chambers for mentally ill people, which makes mental health worse. For example it contributes to high suicide rates. There were groups like this pre internet and IIRC the first one was the Sturm und Drang movement which is where we get “Werther effect” from, and the reason it started in the 1700s was because urbanization and high population made subcultures in general possible, and also the amount of people surviving suicide attempts skyrocketed thanks to better medical technology. However it’s worse online because of the size of the echo chambers. Those forums have thousands of users and they can be on it 24/7, as opposed to a group of 10-20 acquaintances you meet up with every day or so. The proportion of people who have attempted suicide is small, around 5-6%, and we are discouraged from those thoughts by the 95% overwhelming majority. However with 5 billion internet users it’s an echo chamber of 200-300 million people. And we see more of those kids end up dead or hospitalized. Adult suicide and hospitalizations increased at the turn of the millennium and then teen suicide increased in 2007 when they also got unsupervised internet access through cell phones. In the 90s only 7-10 percent of people who have attempted suicide would try again, now it’s over a third.


I like the irony of posting this on Reddit. Iwould be fine to keep reddit and erase twitter, fb, Instagram, tiktok, Snapchat, LinkedIn from the face of the earth.


It’s just a tool, it’s not inherently good or bad. Learn how to use it to your benefit and it’s an amazing tool that can enrich your life and the lives of others. But if you constantly let it make you angry because an idiot 12 year old on the other side of the world said a mean thing based on ignorance and hate…well…time to grow the hell up.


You're a tool. Just kidding. You are pretty much spot on. If you stay away from the toxic parts of social media it's not bad. You just have to be careful that you aren't forming a bubble around you that can turn toxic. Like our old buddy the boiling frog.


The same risk is also true of IRL social groups. Nothing unique to social media. Learning to form and maintain healthy social relationships is a life skill that applies equally online and IRL.


This is just how things work. Given enough time the worst people will find a way to ruin anything. Nothing is inherently good or bad we have to make it that way. So it's not that social media was a mistake just that it's been around long enough to become a shitshow.


Depends on how you make use of it.


showerthought how


🤷‍♂️. I was in the shower when I thought it


It's not literal


Teach me


Any thought that comes to your head while in the shower is not a showerthought. An example of a showerthought is "The word social construct is a social construct" (Not technically as that breaks rule 6 but yknow). Basically, if it's something you would just post on twitter as a statement, it's probably not a showerthought, like "The recent controversy has shown \[thing\] is really bad!" is not a showerthought either. You can also sort by top of all time, or just top of this year/month for examples.


Wow thank you Reddit police we all needed you here to correct our friend on what a true shower thought is


Do you want the subreddit to be a knockoff twitter or what. I mean it often already is, that's literally the reason 90% of these posts get taken down after a day or two. There's a reason subreddits have specific purposes. He asked what a true showerthought is, i explained.


To be fair, even the best showerthoughts get taken down for one misspelling, but an unoriginal, crass anti-wisdom gets *showered* in karma.


No offense but is spelling really that hard?


That's not my point, I'm simply remarking on the inconsisten.....nevermind. 💀🤷🏽‍♂️


Are you this desperate to be a Reddit mod because I can tell you it’s probably not as cool as you think


No? I'm literally just tired of seeing subreddits not used for their intended purpose but instead a knockoff twitter. You even see this in LPT and such.


Why do you care so much lol just move on


Life is full of things losing their meaning. Reddit was always gonna be one of those things.


You know that using all your energy to explain all this will make you far more tired than any subreddit could ever make you 💀


Get ratioed


Tell me you're a virgin without saying you're a virgin






Says while posting onto Reddit


You say while posting on to reddit


Na, I like it


Have you watched the social network?


I have


How is this not auto deleted by mods lol


Why do you care lol


Because all my posts here are deleted and then I see another comment like this, which isn’t novel and is a common thought, which violates the rules of the subreddit.


Still don’t really see why you should care. A lot of mine get deleted too. Still might happen with this one. It’s early.


Than rip you not sure why you’re mad disliking my comment


I’m not. I’m mad explaining to you since you cared enough to comment.


Wow your downvotes hurt


Thank you


i wish we could delete people like you


It's turned into antisocial media since it's decreased actual social interaction not including a screen




Clearly :)


In theory, it's great.


I don’t think so. Lots of good has come of it. Yes lots of bad has come too, but the world is more connected and ideas flow more freely than ever before. If someone genuinely *wants* to understand other people, other cultures, or other perspectives then there is no better time for that than today and it’s largely because of how pervasive social media has become all around the world.


It started off, as most things do, to be very helpful and useful; to turning into some monstrosity that it is now. At least on Reddit you can follow things that you find interesting and don't have to know who any of the people are.


I don't think SM was a mistake per se I think the "Like" features and such are a mistake. If there was no record of how many people had seen or liked a post, SM would lose so much of its power. How many times have you heard about people ranking their success by the number or followers they have or if a post of there's has gone viral or not?


Pressing a stylus into a clay was a mistake


feet pics


Ideas are impossible to suppress because they spontaneously appear as obvious solutions to problems.


It certainly has done more harm than good. You can thank the platforms and their need to constantly keep people engaged. And the users for being gullible about everything they see online.


So they say, on a social media website.


fakebook works for me