We trust banks with our money but they don’t even trust us with their cheap pens

We trust banks with our money but they don’t even trust us with their cheap pens


"Trust" is such a strong word...


I trust FDIC insurance more than I trust my bank


That and other banking regulations, and a paper trail. I don't really worry about whether my bank or the people who work there are trustworthy. I worry about whether the FBI will arrest them if they turn out not to be. (Pretty sure they will.)


Banker here and yes the Feds don't fak around. So much so that we can be canned for almost any $ errors with cash transactions or with digital transactions. Our record will get jacked up too and we'll never be able to get a bank job because it can come up in the Feds files as a NO HIRE!


It isn't the ten cent pen. It's the person who is sick and tired that "replace the pens" is part of their existence.


It's not that the bank doesn't trust you, but many people unintentionally pocket pens too after writing


TD, like Commerce before them, just makes millions of logo pens and gives them away for free. I have one right here on my desk in front of me. It's free distribution for their marketing material. Win/win.


I was about to mention that my bank does this. They used to use logo pens, but I guess those disappear faster; they just stick a bunch of pens in a container.


Exactly. Mostly only old people go directly to the bank for their everyday transactions. These motherfuckers will not only forget it isn't theirs but will fight you to keep it.


And also, “oh the pen is gone again and I have a ten customers that will have to wait while I find another god damned pen.” And the customers in line think “this bank can’t even figure out pens? Why am I banking here? Time to switch banks”. You could lose thousands of dollars in business because of a god damned pen that some dingbat walked off with. Tie down the pens.


If our money disappeared like their pens do, we wouldn't trust them either


Looking at you Mt. Gox!


[Obligatory South Park](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DT7bX-B1Mg)


This is not to prevent theft it is to prevent misplaced pens. Have you ever been in the situation of “where did I put my pen?”. Now imagine a hundred different people using the same pen.


Also every online store you pay before getting the product, I trust the bank to hold my money safely better than I trust a random pedestrian, so what you say makes a lot of sense.


Depending on which country you live in there might be laws protecting people's money and regulating the banking sector. In Germany for example every Person is safe for up to 100 000€. If you have more money in a single bank account you'll have to pray otherwise your money is safe.


Yeah, in the US the FDIC insures up to $250,000 in a bank account. If you have millions or billions of dollars you need to put in the bank, you probably just buy Treasury bonds.


They only insure up to $250,000 but it is separate for your IRA and your regular account, and your business account. In real life, they have been able to take care of the toxic assets, and then sell the deposits and good loans to another bank; people don't lose. It's not a great place to keep loads of money, but it is safe.


You don't really trust them, you just don't have a coice


There it is


You do. It's Bitcoin


Not really if you want to have a stable amount of money. Bitcoin is way to volatile.


Agreed… yet. This is about to change with rising market cap.


It isn't stop deluding yourself. As long as people look at Bitcoin as an investment and not actually currency it will remain volatile.


We‘ll see


Except we are seeing in real time. The consensus isn't changing, however good or bad that is. More people game it as an alternative to stock than actually use it as a form of tender.


I have no money in any bank. (I’m rich, btw, I just don’t see any reason to give my money to banks.)


good for you


It is, but my point is, the OC is a big fat liar.


My crazy ex mother in law had a safe with 400,000 in it next to her bed after her parents died and she sold their house.... because she did not trust banks.


Cash is far riskier and somewhat more expensive than a bank.


Risker, maybe. More expensive? How so? Its not as if most banks around here pay interest on savings anymore... in fact not having account fees and paying the bank nothing to hold your money is a selling point most banks use these days. I tried to het her to open an investment account and put it into some safe(ish) stuff like muni bonds, but she wouldn't.


To be fair we do steal those a lot.


Reasonable banks have offered dirt-cheap branded disposable pens for the taking for the last 30 years...


Mine does, and I have never seen the pen cup empty.


Mine does this. They're decent pens, too; I regularly take a couple because people keep "borrowing" the ones I do have. I'm sure my bank appreciates the cheap advertising.


There are some people who will take pens without a second thought. I would get tired of asking for a pen because the last person took it.


It looks like I'm going to go back to work in the Middle East. The first time my paychecks were direct deposited in my US bank account in US dollars. I would transfer whatever I needed for normal living expenses into a local branch of my bank in the local currency. This time my paycheck is going to be deposited into my local account in the local currency. Because I don't trust the local government when it comes to the rights of expat workers, I'll be sweeping all of my paycheck, except for enough for monthly expenses, into my US account.


Aside from not trusting the local government, if this is just a short term thing and you don't expect your expenses in the long term to be in that local currency, then you definitely wouldn't want your savings in that local currency either. That is nothing but FX risk.


In regard to the local government, you have to request permission to leave the country each and every time you leave whether it's for a weekend trip to Europe or for your annual 30 day leave back to the US. Your employer or any of your creditors or your landlord or the government itself can deny you permission to leave the country. US State Department won't do anything about it because you (along with any other expat from any other country that chooses to work there) agree to that as part of the Resident Visa program. If I had all of my money there it would give them that many more reasons to deny me permission to leave. Because I look for deals and don't have to be in a downtown high-rise apartment like some expats, my monthly expenses will be well under $2,500 US equivalent whereas my take home pay will be more than $15,000 US equivalent monthly. I would have that extra $12,500 US equivalent whisked away to my US account each month for safe keeping. In terms of timeline, I came home for a three month break halfway through the sixth year of my two year contract but ended up not going back due to unforeseen family obligations. If I had gone back I might still be there on that original two year contract (a total of 15 years now). I'm being asked to come back to work on the future expansion portion of my original project but in a slightly different role. This contract is for 5-1/2 years but I think it will end up being at least 10 years. The currency exchange rate is fixed to the US dollar so there isn't any worries with fluctuation of the US dollar like there would be with some currencies.


To be fair, at any given opportunity I will take as many of those mofo’s as I can. Also includes Ikea, and the hardware store that gives those free pencils


Call the feds, this guy's a bank robber


im not gonna steal it i already gave collat for it


Bankers are the government


Flashbacks to 10th grade government


You mean you didn't get the class "Government according to YouTube"?


No that was math. History was actually good at our school somehow


You trust banks?!


Would you trust us with a cheap pen?


You want them to manage your money well but can't stop yourselves from bankrupting them by stealing their cheap pens.


Well if they're that stingy with a 5 cent pen then....maybe good at doing money?


When I worked at Walmart back in 2006 between college semesters, I was always wasting time hunting down a pen because someone needed to write a check and my last one got swiped. I had to keep a stash to try and avoid the time suck. Ironically, I usually didn’t have to buy them because customers were always forgetting their own pens too and I could usually find a bunch hunting through different cashier stations. But it’s a waste of time and annoying. No one cares about the pen.


Ill doers are ill deemers.


Can we bland them though


People rob those pens all the time when have banks ever taken our...nevermind


Would you rather they charge you for the pens?


Are they wrong?


As an ex-teller it used to piss me off royally that when I had a cup of pens on my counter that customers would feel entitled to take 3 of them and blatantly pocket them in front of me. Then we'd stop having pens at the counter, which customers would then complain about.


Not my experience. My bank's lobby has been closed for a year and a half, all business is at the drive through. They put a pen in the pneumatic cylinder every time they send it out. They're not chained down and nothing prevents customers from keeping them (except that they are super cheap and hardly worth stealing).


My bank has stacks of branded Bic click stick pens everywhere. Feel free to take a pen, it costs us next to nothing.


it's a transaction, mate - this has absolutely nothing to do with trust - you accept the risk of putting your money with them lol


no i don't really trust them


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Those small blue (and sometimes black) pens with chains to keep them attached to desks? I used to steal those all the time and bring them to class. I'd twirl the pen around on it's chain end. No one ever noticed that I had a bunch of them.