negative numbers are technically not smaller than positive numbers they’re just the opposite of positive

negative numbers are technically not smaller than positive numbers they’re just the opposite of positive


Well look who thinks he’s a mathematician


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Let’s pose this: if you suddenly had -1 Lamborghinis when you originally owned 1, would you have a smaller number of Lamborghinis or just the opposite of a Lamborghini (AKA a decifit from your base value)?


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Negatives aren't "smaller" they are "less".


That's true. "small" is a way to describe the size of something, not the quantity.


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This isn’t a shower thought this is a mathematical fact that has been discovered long before you were born son.


Vectors are better than scalars any day of the year


Well despite what some here are saying, in **some** ways you're correct (at least if the reference point is going to be 0). I know if I was going to come in contact with an electrical source I'd want it as close to 0 as possible. 1000 volts, no thanks. -1000V nope that's gonna hurt too. It's a bit of a cheat though but at least it kind of fits what you're getting at and that plus or minus numbers are just numbers that are further away than the starting point of 0. This is the only way I could think of fitting what you mean. I suppose altitude referenced to sea level works too come to think of it.


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We call the "largeness" of a number it's magnitude, and denote it with pipes like this |x|. Sometimes it's called the absolute value. The magnitude describes the distance from the origin, in this case zero. -7 is larger than 6 because |-7| > |6|. But 6 is still the greater value, because larger and greater mean different things. You're thinking in the right direction, good job.