People sentenced to house arrest last year really lucked out timing wise

People sentenced to house arrest last year really lucked out timing wise


I fractured my foot two days before lockdown began. The doctor told me to stay at home for one and a half month. I did luck out.


"One and a half months? Those are rookie numbers, we gotta pump those numbers up!" *Stays home for 2 years.*


For your amusement, this is the exact conversation between me and my doctor-- Doctor: Look, your foot bone is fractured, you will have to stay at home for six ^weeks. Me (with my shitty hearing): I can't stay at home for SIX DAYS!! I have so much stuff to do!! I can't miss out on college for so long.. Doctor: It's six WEEKS. And you have to do it if you ever wish to walk in a normal way again. Me: ok :( *Stays home for two years*


Stop saying 2 years guys. I'm freaking out. It's only been 13 days past 1 year.


When they say back to normal every 2 weeks people get jaded


At this point what even is "normal" anymore?


Staying inside, not socializing and attending your grandparents funeral from your couch, no underwear on.


Ok. So really back to normal then. Aside from the funeral part, because that's just disrespectful. Obviously you wear underwear, but just forego the pants. You can't go freeballing a funeral dude.


Meant to write no pants, just underwear but somehow ended up with that 🤷‍♂️ grandpa would've respected the casualness


It was just to make sure you walk in a normal way again, right?


Joke's on him, I couldn't walk normally even before the fracture. Nothing developmental, I'm just a mess (which is why I fell and broke my foot in the first place).


My friends say they can recognize me by my walk. They say I have a casual-cool way about it, like I own the place, which is infinitely cooler than saying I walk like I have flat feet and lower back problems.




Just to be safe, you should stay out of that place.


That place being *outside*


[L O S T sound]


Thought he meant the Doctors office for a moment


Hey me too! I walk with my feet pointing outwards like Donald Duck or something. I can't understand how people walk with their feet facing even relatively forward without feeling uncomfortable


Your [IT bands](https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2015/08/understanding-the-it-band/) might be too tight. I've always defaulted to walking with my toes pointed out, even in marching band. A couple years ago, I went to a massage therapist who really knows his stuff and he explained how the two things are connected.


Thank you! This sounds like it's worth looking into especially since I've started walking more with the swimming pools being closed. Also it's kinda conserning how I've noticed this but never really thought to look into it.


I'm a life long athlete and manual laborer. I found out two months ago I've been using my abs and back wrong for 33 years, and that I'm only using about half my ass muscles. Physical therapy is a really great move if you can swing it.


Go see a physical therapist if you're concerned. It might be your tfl over compensating for weak glutes.


Thanks to you I now looked at myself walking. My left foot is not straight ahead while my right foot is. I think I'm dying.


It's probably just a brain cancer.


"huh, turns out I didn't have anything that I actually *had* to do..."


If six weeks led to being able to walk normally, then will a year or two make you be able to super-walk?


Just going to point out, if a doctor called it a foot bone i would be very concerned about their diagnosis of everything


Just like being on SSDI. Too broke to do anything but sit at home eating expired pantry food.


Truly, we are living the American dream.


I think the actual American dream is making too much to be considered low-income and reaping benefits, but also not enough to face the heavy weight of having *options* in life. Gotta live *here*, gotta drive *this* car, gotta go to *this* Mexican beach on vacation, gotta eat *this*brand of whatever.


Hey, I'm not even american and am living the american dream. Hell yeah, go me.


I myself Stay Home at least 4 times a week. Twice before Wednesday and twice after Wednesday. I don't want to...I do it because I neeeeed to.


It would have really sucked if you were injured two months before lockdown. Once you're finally able to be out and about again, nope!


Tell me about it. I broke my ankle on November 15, 2019 needed surgery, 11 screws & a plate. My first night out was March 10th.


I'm sorry :( I hope your ankle is super healed now so you can really enjoy it to the max once you are able to.


Did you? You get to work from home when you could have enjoyed a month and a half off work (assuming you get paid sick leave.) Right now if I break my leg I would be expected to work from home.


That was my final year of college, so I wasn't working just yet. And my school took way too long to figure out online studies. So I basically had nothing to do other than stay high on the sweet pain meds. Good times.


Not as comparable but man, after I got my wisdom teeth out, they sent me home with like 10 Lora tabs and I spent the next 3 days totally zonked out on the couch watching Planet Earth. It was awesome.


🎶 Those were the best days of my life 🎶


Right now if I broke my leg we would lose the family house :)


You are on sick leave, it shouldn't matter if you actually can work from home. You need to rest god damn. And then there is pain if there is an injury, such as in this case.


This is actually a bloody good point that I totally overlooked in my support for home working. Management will just expect you to carry on working when ill now, or at least the barrier will be significantly raised.


Yep. Although I haven't been sick with an infectious disease since COVID started thanks to all the mask wearing and social distancing, I still get sinus headaches and migraines occasionally. But with WFH, it's more expected that you'll stay logged in and continue to work. That said, the flip side of that is even though I'm logged in, I'm not accomplishing much anyway so it's like getting half of a sick day without using any sick leave.


We've already started to see stuff like this with schools- here locally we have had two weeks with a day of severe weather threats. The schools cancelled *in-person learning* and had students do virtual unless they needed to shelter during a Tornado warning. This appears to be the new norm, and I for one would be pissed if I were a kid didn't get snow days anymore.


If I broke my leg , well, I can't blast people with radiation at home and look at their insides.


You could still do those things, they'd just have to be separate activities. I assume you have a microwave and at least one kitchen knife?


How to tell a European. Things like paid sick leave for a month and a half exists. When I tore my ACL and had reconstructive surgery I got like three sick days and a week off my own PTO. Then I had to WFH and return to office once I started semi walking.


I get 3 sick days a year. My work is pretty laid back, but they'd never let me take 6 weeks of sick time.


A similar thing happened to my mom. She broke her tibia sometime in February last year, and couldn't go anywhere. Her partner had just underwent a total knee replacement around the same time. I gladly delivered their groceries to them.


I had surgery in early February 2020 to resolve chronic pain that had affected my ability to do many things for months. I was just getting my strength back and ready to do stuff again in early March. That was a letdown. I’m glad to see others who had better timing though!


I was feeling well enough from my broken ankle to leave the house the DAY they announced lockdown (I got to work at 9 and at 10:30 there was an all hands meeting). The month head start to the isolation feels less and less meaningful as we enter month 14🤪.


Hey, have you tried physical therapy for your foot?


As a matter of fact, I got special permission from the government to go to the physical therapy center even during the lockdown. I had them weekly for two months. My foot is fine now, thanks for asking.


Same here. I had foot surgery on February 28, 2020. Had to stay inside for months. I was in quarantine before it was cool.


I know a guy who got off house arrest like a month before lockdown. Worst timing ever.


That's what I was thinking, the people *released* from house arrest must feel like their sentence isn't over.


Eh, probably helped a lot of people stay on the right track even if they might not have liked it. A lot of people get out and go right back to their druggie/ criminal friends who of course get them in trouble again. Having a year to lay low on the outside probably helped a lot to stay on the straight and narrow.


On the flip side, people were bored and alcohol consumption went up so alcoholics suffered. I saw a headline yesterday that despite the pandemic, there were more laser pointers at planes incidents last year which I chalk up to people being bored.


suicide rates have drastically risen too. as someone struggling with that already ive definitely felt the pressure. the brief reprieve in august probably saved a lot of lives.


What happened in August?


gap between the end of the first lockdown and the beginning of the second . july/august we got a few weeks in the summer to hang out with friends again.


The province I live in went from 630 in 2018 to 601 in 2019 to 468 in 2020, so overall a 22% decline in over 3 years with the biggest drop in 2020. It might be larger or increasing for certain demographics but in Canada overall it seems to have dropped quite a bit.


I didn't realize there were so many incidents or any at all of laser beams being pointed at aircraft.. time to go down the rabbit hole


It was a MASSIVE deal in the 90s. Like we didn't even own one on the off chance I'd fuck up.


Yeah, my parents wouldn’t let me own a plane either :(


That's true, drug habits become some people's career. All day, everyday, out looking for cash or getting a hold of a dealer.


the problem with that is all the people who get out and have nowhere else they can go except to their druggie/criminal friends (either because they have no family to support them or because that \*is\* their family) and have spent the last 2 years completely unable to escape that environment.


If I had known it would last this long I would have gotten Braces at the beginning, I've been WFH for a year now. Edit: Alright, 1500 Redditors have convinced me. Just booked a consultation with a dental office 👍 Even if I am insecure about having braces for a while, better than being insecure about my smile forever, right?


Hey man, if you're insecure about your teeth to the point that you want braces, but you're also insecure about being seen with braces, let me tell you this: I had braces when I was 16, which was 13 years ago. I've appreciated my smile every day since removing them and I don't talk to anyone who has seen me with braces besides my family and best friends, who have literally not brought up my braces since they were removed. No one will remember or even care you ever had braces, and it will change your life for the better. WFH or not, if it's what you want, get it done! It's only embarrassing if you tell yourself that it is


Agreed, my wife had braces as an adult a couple years ago and I vaguely remember a lot of errant rubber bands and fewer bjs, but that's about it. She's much happier with her teeth now.


Same. GF got braces off a few months ago, and I forget she even had em. I don’t even remember her teeth being gnarly unless I see old pictures.


Few bjs? Sounds like an excuse to me lol. Never stopped anyone in high school


I went to the wrong high school.


I’ve told stories I have from high school, and I get that a lot. We had a lot of fun. Didn’t peak there, but I wouldn’t mind going back to experience it again. Shit was wild. A quick one, when project x came out my friend had the idea to throw the party like that. Ones of the girl’s dad always let us throw smaller parties at his place, he was an alcoholic and looking back he should’ve been in jail for all this lol. He “had to go to Indiana to see family” one weekend so we did it there. It was off in the country a little with a huge yard that backed up to a farm. When the cops showed up we had about 400 people there. 3-4 kids passed out on a couple mattresses we had in the front yard. Everyone but two people there were still in high school, not only our school had people there. They caught about 40ish people which was incredible. Most of the cars were parked elsewhere because we knew it would happen. We even had a guy we paid to shuttle people in his moms minivan back and forth all night. In-fucking-sane night. I still have a scar on my hand from the barbed wire I hopped while running.


Tell us you peaked in high school without telling us you peaked in high school. Go! ETA—I’m not a hater, you just made it easy lol. Sincerely, a nerdy girl who was not invited to high school parties and hopefully hasn’t peaked yet


If it makes you feel better everyone was invited to our big parties like this. We definitely had the cliche cliques, but everyone got along for the most part, aside from the few assholes. Our school district was top 5% public school district in the US, so the “popular jock” clique really had a bunch of people who took honors and ap classes, but also played sports. So it’s not like we weren’t nerds too! We just happened to play sports after school. Also fuck those kids from your high school who didn’t invite you to parties.


I read it as not being a complete bar, more like if maybe she was having a painful day because of an adjustment it would be off the table.


For me, there's always something i have to do that year where lots of pictures will be taken and I don't wanna appear in braces in those. Graduation, lots of weddings of people close to me etc. Also dentist said they'll have to extract 4 perfectly fine teeth because I have crowding issue. I am bit apprehensive about that as well.


I had four teeth extracted when I was 16/17 due to overcrowding before getting braces. At first I was concerned about how it would look and it felt felt weird at first having 4 gaps in my mouth where teeth used to be, but years later, it was definitely worth it. I'd say just go for it now, because the more you wait, a bigger part of your life will include you with less-than-stellar teeth. Besides, I'd say it's probably more acceptable to have braces the younger you are. Also, for the most part, when I got my teeth extracted, the gaps weren't really visible to others unless I went out of my way to show them the inside of my mouth.


Well I am about to get married this year. So biggest part of my life will include me with less-than-stellar teeth. I'll consult dentist and see if Invisalign is an option. Money used to be an issue to. My parents didn't make much, but I do well for myself.


Definitely check out invisalign! One of the best and easiest decisions I've made. I just completed my entire run with them and I'm on to the retainers but the hassle (taking them out when you eat, cleaning them, constantly brushing your teeth) was totally worth it. To be honest, I'm not sure why I wasn't doing that as often before. Live and learn.


> For me, there's always something i have to do that year where lots of pictures will be taken and I don't wanna appear in braces in those. This has been my line of reasoning too. I have to be in a couple of weddings in the coming year, so I decided to finally pull the trigger and pay for invisalign while I’m still young. Been at it for a few weeks now. It’s been a hindrance to my snacking ability but otherwise not too bad.


Just never smile. 2020 helped with that


I want braces but man they’re so expensive :/


that they are, I was young enough that my parents paid for them and only realized years later how much they invested in me, forever grateful for it


Not sure your age but as an adult most people don’t laugh at you for improving yourself and if they do fuck em cause they are a miserable piece of shit. If you’re a teenager just think of a good comeback and it’ll only happen a few times. My favorite response to any agro dude asking insulting question is to just say “why? you want to suck my dick?” Most of those people are pathetic and insecure so it usually embarrasses them enough to fuck off




You still got 4-6 months of WFH plus masks are going to stay for another year+; I'd say go ahead.


I'm a 36 year old male that likes to smile and had braces when I was 16 - my teeth shifted and my bite is way off, so I started Invisalign this year - nobody even notices/cares. And honestly, who gives a flying fuck. Get braces if you want to


Try something like invisalign. Nobody even noticed I had them on, and they worked extremely well. Only took 16 months and my teeth look perfect.


I'm six months into braces! It really is the best time. I figure we may wear masks in public places for another year, so I'll be almost done by then.


I started yesterday 👍 never too late. Admittedly I’m on Invisalign so nobody will notice anyway


Yeah, I was saying the same thing in like December. Pulled the trigger on some aligners in Jan and now I’m only a month and a half away from being finished. While I will be vaccinated by then, I won’t be in the office at any point with them on.


If you want braces, go for it! I got mine in December, a time when I thought the lockdown/WFH was near the end. And right now it doesn't look like we'll be back to the old normal for another year or so. So now's a better time than ever. I'm 23 and it's a 2 year treatment for me. I already see a couple of improvements and it's really beautiful to see and feel your teeth get into place.


You might be a candidate for Invisalign. I'm not sure how the cost compares to traditional orthodontics, but they are much less noticeable than braces. I just finished my Invisalign and love the results.


I think as an adult it totally seems weird to have braces but I will tell you if you think an improved smile will help you feel better about yourself- go for it!! The hubs is on his second round of braces. The first set as a trenager- second set now in his mid thirties. He's a dentist and just wasn't quite happy with his smile. So there's nothing to feel ashamed about!


Braces are absolutely worth the pain and suffering for like 3 years


Judge: "I sentence you to watch TV with internet and streaming services during a time when video calls and online meetings will be the only way people communicate. I hope you've learned your lesson, ya rascal."


Imagine if on house arrest they don't take away internet but only give you like 150 kb/s down. You *can* go watch things but it's gunna be torture.


If I keep my current PC, I simply patiently download all the shit I want to watch. That’s what I did back when I had to torrent stuff.


I remember back in the day, I had to leave my PC on overnight with a dial-up 5kb down speeds. Just to torrent one movie per night




At least the dinosaur was already there for you. In my day, my father would send us out to find a dinosaur egg, I would have to sit on it for 40 hours in the first day, then hatch and raise the dinosaur just so we could kill it and eat it.


You guys had dinosaurs?! In my day we only had primordial soup


I remember doing this and also staying on a website (something like how long can you push this button?) with a weight on my mouse to keep my computer from going to sleep. Only to wake up in the morning to find out my internet disconnected at some point and only 5% downloaded. I'd be lucky to finish torrenting a whole movie in one night


There's nothing worse than that feeling when your shitty internet goes out overnight while you're downloading a big file. Several years ago I had a 2mbps DSL connection with an unreliable ISP, and it took me several full days to download a game onto my PS4, I experienced that feeling many times. Currently have a 100mbps fibre line, thinking about this reminds me of how much I take for granted with my internet nowadays.


I remember it took me like a week to download GTA5. I would only resume at night so as not to disturb everyone in the house (including my regular surfing), and we had shit bandwidth.


Yeah, and then in the final few %, someone picks up the phone and kills your connection. Back when I still lived at home, it was either that, or someone coming into my room, saw the computer left on, and yanking the plug out of the wall.


The smallest videos were usually for real media player, but man did the quality suck.


I'm pretty sure that qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment


I'd choose prison.


or just dick around on reddit, which is quite usable on 150KB/s. Alternately, you can download a 30GB game in around 2.5 days, which would provide you with you with tens of hours of entertainment.


That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was all the time I wanted...! That's not fair!


Reminds me as a kid hearing my mom tell me go to my room. I'd start to walk and she knew I'd just play games. My mom didn't know much of PC gaming like my dad did. So then it was "Learn to..." time. Learn to clean, learn to mow, learn to shampoo the carpets. In all fairness, at least my punishments actually gave me a good life lesson as an adult now. Imagine being house arrested and then they sit you in front of your computer and go "Okay. Time to learn C++". I mean, isn't there a huge surge in need of Cyber Security? "Ah, Jake. Sure he set the local courthouse on fire but he kept the Chinese from phishing the Social Security administration!"


>he kept the Chinese from phishing the Social Security administration 2 hours later, wanting to use C++ Resharper addon, he download the crack from a Chinese shady phishing site


I'm no computer expert. (I'm a shade tree mechanic that's just been surrounded by IT one way or another.) I know how do to things like deal with Linux a bit, do any major windows troubleshooting, but I have no idea what is why. I prefer to think if a graphics card is dying that it just needs percussive maintenance. They tell me graphic cards can show problems with interpolation?! WHAT IS THAT? Let me get my hammer.


Some times the fan gets stuck because of dust buildup, which is why percussive maintenance can help


House arrest actually sucks. You get charged like $100+ a week, you have to call in at odd hours of the day to see if you have to drop everything and go pee in a cup, and have to plan every movement you might make a week at a time.


Wait, people have access to TV, internet, etc when doing their sentence at home? Where I'm from they dont allow internet and cellphones. Not sure about TV and offline videogames.


People who had just gotten off house arrest, however, not so much.


Perfectly balanced, as all things should be


Also anyone having a baby. Both during late pregnancy and the first few months where you really can't go out and do things. Now nobody else can, either! No FOMO!


I had twins just before it started.


Yes me too! It’s been helpful because my husband and I never knew how we would afford childcare! 2600 dollars a month for 3 days a week for both kids! Now instead I work full time and watch the kids full time and I am the housekeeper. So instead of paying money we are just paying with my sanity and a weekly mental breakdown.


If it's only weekly you're doing great! Seriously, we have twin infants and a 3 year old and it's nuts. Getting the 3 year old potty trained was huge, because 3 in diapers is not fun.




No thanks. We had our 2nd in August. As the father I didn't get to go to a single appointment (I went to every single one for my first). I had constant anxiety because my wife worked in a doctor's office and we didn't really know how this virus would impact pregnant women or newborn babies. Once he was born he needed a week in the NICU, but because of covid we couldn't just pop in and out. We still had a toddler that also wasn't allowed in to see him until he went home. Then we got home. You can't just ask your friends and family to come help, can't hire a babysitter for a few hours so you and your partner can just get 3-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Having a baby during the pandemic is not something I would ever recommend. Not only that, but 0 social interaction for young children. No play dates, no playing with random kids at the children museum or parks. Nothing.


My son was born a month or so before lockdown. I got to spend his entire first year at home with him instead of going to the office or field every day.


Tell me you live in the US without telling me you live in the US. But I am happy for you that it worked out and you got that experience!


I legally bought a shotgun before I was allowed rent a car (too young)


Blame insurance companies. They're ridiculous.


I blame them for tons of stuff tbh


I did this and it sucked. No one could come help. Having parents or friends come over to do dishes or watch my kid for an hour so I could shower or nap would have been very welcome. But instead it's just the two of us and it's not as easy as your comment might suggest. Either I'm on duty or she is. Add in a complicated birth and now I'm the *only* mobile one in our house for a few weeks... Sure, no FOMO, but that's not everything.


Yep, I have friends who gave birth during or just before lockdown, it was not a good experience for any of them.


Same. Also, we've now developed a very real issue with our comfort zone being very constrained. We have no experience with traveling or taking her anywhere.


I sympathize. My wife and I have a newborn, as well as 2 older kids. It’s extremely hard without outside help. This is much harder than our previous 2 newborns.


My girlfriend's best friend was in her pregnant when it started, and while lock down was a good timing, the time at the hospital was a nightmare. Especially since her kid was born prematurely and needed medical attention right away. Also she was an essential worker, so she would've kept working during these trying times


I have hyperemesis gravidarum from my pregnancy, yet because of WFH I’m still able to telework most days. I can’t drive because of it, deeeefinitely can’t take public transportation, so this is much better timing for me.


Not really. Aren’t pregnant women more at risk? Not to mention they have to go into hospital for scans and other check ups during a global pandemic.


jep, am currently in early stages of pregnancy and I think it's probably not even bad timing, I'm not missing out on any parties/festivals and by the time I'm able to go out again I'd hope the worst of this pandemic is over.


Genuinely one of the reasons me and my partner decided to get pregnant last year. We were financially and emotionally stable, both want kids, and the only things we really wanted to do before getting to that stage were get married (since his mum is Christian), enjoy hanging out with friends, and go on holiday to the Carribbean. Well, last year has drastically changed all these plans, and we didn't want to put our lives on hold any longer so we decided to go for it. Due in 10 weeks and can't wait. The world in our parts is due to open up again about the same time, so pretty great timing. Edit. plus, while I have a year's maternity leave, my partner will have 3 weeks paternity, then will probably still be working from home for months after. What a win!


I became sick and depressed in December before the pandemic. To be honest, a year of not working and trying out new medications for a newly diagnosed illness, it's been good timing. The kids doing remote school has been a nightmare though. 2/3 of mine will be repeating the grade because it was such a cluster fuck.


Yeah but unfortunately everyone who was sentenced to house arrest got their sentence changed to outside arrest, meaning they have to go where many people are to increase their risk of covid and therefore also their punishment


Judge: "I sentence you to life in a post-apocalyptic, diseased society."


I mean if u could die quickly since it's a life sentence, that's a pretty easy way out


Rural Walmart, got it!


I know you're joking but considering how we handled jails I really wouldn't be surprised.


I'm sure the internal conditions weren't threat but at the same time quite a few people also got moved to house arrest or straight up released (ahead of schedule) early in the pandemic to limit overcrowding.


Judge: “Given the current circumstances of the pandemic and the terms of your sentencing, I have no other choice but to release you.” Convict: “Straight up? Judge: “Straight up.”


*slaps atmosphere* this bad boy can hold so many prisoners


The Guardian just had an article about a guy in that exact situation who is not having a good time at all. To be fair, he was probably falsely convicted, so that would make the whole thing suck more. [The lawyer who took on Chevron – and now marks his 600th day under house arrest](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/28/chevron-lawyer-steven-donziger-ecuador-house-arrest)


Free my mans Donziger


We lucked out with our vehicle leases. Thought we'd have to be careful going over the allowed mileage. We're way ahead or our allotment now!


That very thing went through my mind recently, but from the OTHER side of the spectrum. I was thinking how angry I'd be if I had a lease expiring in the next few months and had paid for the car and all those miles I didn't get to use. One could argue "well, it would have been the same if you bought the car, you'd still be paying for it," but I would still own the car at the end of my payments instead of having to give it back, and theoretically the car would last me an extra year since it was barely driven for the past 13 months.


Yeah but that also means you're paying for a lease you're barely using now.


As someone who has been on house arrest, this has almost been worse. I don't drive and work from home. When I was on house arrest I went out far more than I do now since I had to check in with the house arrest people every week. There are times now I don't leave my property for 2-3 weeks if we don't need groceries.


I have to say it’s made my dui probation a cinch. Community service hours were waived. Bars are closed so no chance to really drink and drive. Everything is delivered nowadays. I’m digging it.


Had my license suspended from March-May 2020. Yeah, I think the timing worked out.




I actually realized 15 years ago that 'house arrest' does not really affect my kids, since they hardly ever play outside anyway. 'No internet' or even combined with 'no electricity' on the other hand is working wonders...


I read this comment and immediately guessed you're German, because of the word Hausarrest. In English we wouldn't use the term "house arrest" for the children's punishment, which we would call "being grounded", rather only for the criminal punishment, despite the fact that they're both "Hausarrest" in German.


Wrote my master thesis during the lockdown. Not being able to leave the house helped my productivity a lot


They just boxed under the safety car


Bono my ankle monitor is gone


I lost my job a few weeks before lockdown for unrelated COVID reasons, I’ve been able to receive the COVID benefits tho. So I too, lucked out.


I got fired right before the pandemic started... no joke lol 😂 I lucked out too


that was a bad time to job search or get any type of help, so that must have been rough depending on what type of field/job you're in


Depends. They may have lucked out on unemployment by signing up for it before millions of others had to. I know a lot of people who got laid off due to covid had to wait months before getting a single unemployment check because the systems were so bogged down.


You'll have no trouble explaining the gap in your resume.


I think we have different definitions of luck...


I got laid off 5 months ago. Still raking in that sweet sweet government money. Wasn’t my fault, I didn’t choose to lose my job. So I’ll ride this out and finish my schooling while getting paid free money and paying for school out of pocket. I’ll come out with a new job by the end of summer. Triple win.


How DARE you. You should be suffering right now and putting others at risk because reasons. /s


I started my dream job March 1st. I got let go May 1st. Summer unemployed was fun.


Depending on the country it might have been all right due to government covid support plans


people sent to prison for nonviolent crimes also lucked out because they sent them home on house arrest


Hmmmm... I haven’t fully thought this through, but maybe house arrest should be standard for non-violent sentences? Like, why does a non-violent offender need to be in prison? You’re not protecting anyone from them because they’re not violent. Maybe house arrest and counseling would be a better way to help these people.


> why does a non-violent offender need to be in prison There’s your answer. They don’t.


Can I get credit for future house arrests?


Friend: Hey man, we’re going to the game. Do you want to come with us? Ungluedmoose: Nah, man. I’m banking my house arrest time. Friend: What? Ungluedmoose: I have this whole revenge plot I’ve been working on. I’m not going to hurt anyone, but those kids are going to rue the day they glued me to a moose. Friend: Oh, is that what your name is about? Ungluedmoose: What? No, it’s a coincidence. I picked this name in middle school.


I closed on my house on 3/8 last year. It was pretty much the perfect reason to unpack and do house work.




Then they are sentenced to streets arrest


This made me laugh way too hard. I actually let out an audible "hah."


Alright, calm yourself. No need to get hysterical here.


Free home lmfao


House arrest in a community for likewise people a.k.a. prison


For those of you that watched the Netflix college-admissions scandal documentary, this was the case for the woman who invented Hot Pockets. She was sentenced to 5 months, but ended up serving 6 weeks in prison and finishing the sentence at home.


that seems excessive just for inventing hot pockets.


My youngest was a micropreemie (born 2017) and missed most of the third trimester, which is when a large part of the immune system is passed from mother to baby. When she came home it was a particularly bad year for flu deaths and she was really susceptible to respiratory illnesses (sure was on breathing support for 3 months and also caught flu A in the hospital while on breathing support, so there’s was potential for lung damage. Long story short, we essentially quarantined ourselves for the first 2 years of her life, except for family etc. I had publicly announced at the end of two years that we felt comfortable enough with her lung function to begin resuming a normal life. That was January of 2020. I’ve been quarantined now since July 17. I don’t remember how to people.


Or had their license suspended. I had mine suspended once for speeding and the suspension went into effect 1 day before I deployed to AFG, easiest suspension ever!


Think about how shit luck it is to have to go through this... I’m basically on house arrest and I’ve done nothing wrong. *wow* that’s shit lol


And on the flip side people who just finished house arrest in March 2020 are really upset.


I had laser eye surgery on march 13th. Had serious dry eye for like 5 months where I couldnt look at screens at all. I work with computers all day. I was on furlough the entire time.


Yeah I've been on house arrest for last 9 mths and have 4 to go and havnt missed out on any concerts or outdoor adventures of any kind really


📌 That's *luckdown*! 🧠


Only extroverts hated the Pandemic while introverts loved it and it helped our confidence with the masks


Can the rest of us use the last year as saved up ‘time served’ against future sentencings?


Not me over here working blue collar and retail, never getting a single day off work in the last year for COVID reasons