So you're saying a supernova is "silent but deadly"?


so is my fart


Yeah, 'cuz you're an alien and live in space


He came from Uranus




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Sounds like something a senile Nazi would forget.


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Perfect r/yourjokebutworse material.




Only for creatures living within ~300 trillion miles of it.


Same for my farts.


Petition to start calling supernovas "universe farts".


If sound cannot travel in a vacuum, why is my Dyson so fucking loud?? Wow, some super dude gave me an award!! Thank you, kind hooman :)


For it to be quiet you need to get in the vacuum.


I CAN'T HEAR YOU, IT'S FKN NOISY IN HERE...…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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We were a happy vacuum long ago til’ the old man started beating the bouquet


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all I see is, people dying.




Science works!




To add, the concentration of atoms in the vicinity of a supernova drastically drops the further away you go from it. The sound it would produce would mostly be confined in the explosion itself. There's also the vibration dampening as a result of wearing a helmet in space. You could take it off, whether you would want to to hear the blast is debatable.


>whether you would want to to hear the blast is debatable. Alright, let's debate it then. I'm on the side of "if I'm close enough to hear it I'm going to die anyways, might as well take off the helmet and be the only person to ever hear a supernova."


I don't think you'll be able to hear anything because when the sound hits your ears will no longer work


Isn't there an x-ray and gamma ray burst that precedes any material shockwave? Wouldn't you be unable to hear because you'd already been liquified by the wavefront of radiation?


Light>Sound. This guy gets it. The intense output across the electromagnetic spectrum would fry you if you were in hearing range before the particles carrying sound would.


The wavefront is traveling significantly faster than the speed of sound (which is, coincidentally, approximately the speed of nerve signal propagation). So, while you might hear the internal noises of your front being compressed into your back nearly instantly as you are hurled along with the solar ejecta, I don't think you'd register the sound of the supernova, itself.


I am no good at astrophysics, but wouldn’t the supernova explosion kill you before you could see it coming? The lethal force is moving at a force close enough to the speed of light? Hypothetically, If one was just barely within the lethal explosive area (the lethal edge of the “blast” radius) could someone, using current measuring equipment and solar astrophysics, scientifically predict when the explosive force will hit them and take off their helmet at just the right time? Or are the exact moment of explosions of supernova too hard to detect to predict ‘moment of explosion’ enough?


I feel that perhaps a probe that could survive a significantly harsher envrionment than a human would work for this. May be possible to engineer some sort of "ablative" shield that takes the impact from the blast wave and leaves the probe unharmed until the rest of the explosion destroys it. Could sent the data back to another out of range ship/probe to analyze it during the time between blast wave and destruction.


I think you are underestimating just how mind-blowingly powerful Supernovae are.


The blast would send a shockwave of stellar material that would be loud enough to destroy everything in its system. Short of big bang, they are the loudest things in the universe.


You've not heard our Chihuahua bark when the doorbell rings. Edit: Thanks for the gold!


Former chihuahua owner. Can confirm. Our 17 year old boy was loud as fuck


instructions unclear, dick stuck in vacuum


Fun fact: vacuum cleaners are loud on purpose to trick us in to thinking they work better (basically humans are small brain)


I LOVE the quiteness of my Miele.


Miele quite hahahahahah funny


How droll....


Vacuums also had a Watt-war until it was outlawed. That didn't provide better suction, but it sure made extra noise! I've always thought loud vacuums were shitty, and rarely use them on full power if they have a turnable power-knob. The firs vacuum I bought new was a relatively quiet one. This was the most important stat I looked at.


Another fun fact: suction isn’t a particularly useful metric regarding the efficacy of a vacuum. Airflow is much more important, but vacuum companies prefer to emphasize suction because vacuum that use air filters (the vast majority) get clogged within a few minutes of use and become extremely ineffective, but suction remains constant. Suction is basically the force exerted by the vacuum to pull in air, but it doesn’t really determine how *much* air enters the vacuum. It could be a beast of a vacuum, but if all that force can only pull through a tiny amount of air (because the air filter is clogged) you’re not going to be pulling up anything from your carpet.


This guy succs.




I'll be honest, my wife bought some non-lathering shampoo and it's some fucking bullshit.


Yeah that shit is DISGUSTING. If it don't lather than it ain't clean!




While suds aren’t necessary, they are a useful indicator of cleanliness in shampoos. Oil will prevent suds from forming (it breaks the surface tension), so if you use a sudsing shampoo and it doesn’t produce bubbles when you use it, your hair is still oily.


Oil doesnt break the surface tension. Oil has a different surface tension than water. What breaks the surface tension are surfactants. Getting the tensions closer together and allowing colloids to forms


It also get's people to use much less of it because you really don't need that much soap. Soap only really bubbles when you use too much of it, i.e. more soap than oil. Surfactants help it start bubbling closer to that point of equivalence so you only use just enough soap to get clean.


If this is true, this pisses me off. Could I be quietly vacuuming when my kids are in bed?


Same goes with things that are *too* light. Heavy things tend to be perceived as higher quality. Or certain UI elements being *too* instant to load.


Are there quiet ones? I hate noise to the point that I wear ear plugs to vacuum.


That's a big brain time comment tho.


Looked this up and it's technically true. Soundless vacuums were invented immediately after the regular vacuum but was a failure cuz ppl assumed it didn't work




It wasnt until your comment that I realise he wasnt talking about Dyson spheres


Dyson spheres: the only useful device to ever bear the name "Dyson".


Actually laughed out loud. Thank you.




Well you see, sounds are killed by vacuums, so the particles of sound around the vacuum run away and hide in our ears.


because it sucks


Stars have atmospheres though


You would have to observe it from a safe distance, though, and being within the outer boundary of the star's atmosphere doesn't qualify.


So you hold that sound only exists in someone's ears?


If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around does it still make sound? Yes. Yes it does. The sound of a supernova would be contained within the medium capable of transmitting it. So it would very loud but not from very far away. You would have to be within the same medium to hear it.


Ditto the fart.


I think we've just disproved the showerthought.


Yes, and a fart only exists in someone’s nose.


And the composition of the atmosphere is important to sound. Maybe the suns matter would transmit the sound waves differently. Saying earth's atmosphere makes it so it something we can understand.


You now have a “Nope.” and also a “Yep.” commented under you, both without upvotes currently. So I don’t know which one is true.


Nope. Sound waves are going to travel the same since they are just pressure gradients. Physics is the same everywhere. Yep. The composition of the atmosphere is important to sound, it determines how quickly the wave can travel.


It would sound different though due to it changing frequency and stuff like that. But the waves themselves would essentially be the same.


It's why inhaling helium makes your voice higher basically.


Now yours is more upvoted than either of them. What do we do now?


... I .... don’t know? u/billy_thekid21 .exe has stopped working.


What does safety have to do with sound?


Nothing but a random boundary drawn up to support yet another terribly conceived “shower thought.”


You can say that about the fart.


And farts in space would have no sound.


yeah at this point we'd have to think of what sound really is. It's vibrations in a medium. Once you get hit by atmosphere there is a medium, that atmosphere will have many elemental particles that are likely to interact with your entire body. Assuming you aren't dead first I'd imagine that hydrogen and shit hitting your ear drums would be pretty freaking loud. And I'm overthinking a simple joke.


And wind is arguably what the sun sounds like on earth.


Lucky for us we've got thermonuclear bombs and have heard it way more directly than some minuscule remnant of a plastic bag in an updraft.


> Stars have atmospheres though in a vacuum, gases released into space expand very quickly, and as they expand their density decreases. The gases from a supernova explosion expand rapidly, and the density will drop off fast. If you took a star 50 times the mass of the sun and distributed its mass over a sphere of space with a radius equal to the planet Mercury's orbital distance, the density would already be 10 times less than atmospheric density at sea level on Earth. Mercury is pretty close to the sun, and you wouldn't be able to hear sounds even at that distance. not all the star's mass is ejected into space, and the gas that is expelled has shock waves, which are compressed. only a few atoms per second would impact our eardrum, and we wouldn't be able to hear the sound because our ears aren't sensitive enough. you would have to be extremely close to get densities high enough to hear anything


If you are as close as you need to be to hear a fart, you can definitely hear the supernova.


This is the difference between knowledge and wisdom




So if the sun went supernova while you were on Mercury, you wouldn't be able to "hear" it but you and the rest of the solar system would just die from a silent explosion? I think I'd be about to hear an explosion loud enough to destroy a planet.


If a star explodes in outer space, but there is no-one there to hear it. Does it make a sound?




I will never see you ever. Do you really exist?


But can you hear his fart though?


A supernova is full of material that sound could travel through, you wouldn't hear it in empty space, a fart either for that fact, but within the supernova I would imagine the sound of it is loud


Beyond loud!


Oh, it would blow your mind.


Or send a shockwave through the universe.


That's just Goku and beerus.


3 hits and the Universe will be destroyed!


At some point "sound" stops being something that vibrates your ear drum and instead becomes something that rips you apart atom by atom.


At least as loud as a Slayer concert!


I wonder what it'd sound like, if we were capable of listening somehow


[You can hear Pulsars!](http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/research/pulsar/Education/Sounds/), science is fucking cool.


Sounds like someone's clapping some celestial cheek




This should be the top comment.


Once a supernova begins, the star throws off massive amounts of itself, mostly H2. Where gas density is high enough (not hard) sound can propogate. A supernova takes millions of years and is one of the most energetic processes in the universe, so I'm guessing they're loud af.


a hypernova would be even louder


not as loud as my gazillion-times-infinity-squared-nova


Now that is a showerthought if I’ve ever seen one


You think OP thought of this while farting in the shower, which amplifies the sound and smell?


I know I'll be thinking of this next time I fart in the shower, which amplifies the sound and smell.


What is about showers that amplify the sound and smell?


Smaller space and reflective walls. Plus the mist absorbs the smell and helps it travel to your nose.


Thus increasing the sound and smell


Yup it increases the sound and the smell


What does it increase?


It increases the sound and smell.


No I thought it amplified that.


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Werewolves hate showers, especially Avacyn's shower, which amplifies the sound and smell.


That's really cool. Say, do you by chance have any other tips to increase the sound and smell? Or are the sound and smell increased to their max levels in the shower? Showers of course being known to increase the sound and smell quite dramaticly.


Idk about moist absorbing the smell, but having a steamy shower opens up your nose which makes it easier to smell


The vapors don’t contribute to secondary clingon (aka fart sticking to air) ?


Whenever I shower with my gf, I make it my goal to fart at least once in there, then I blame it on swamp gas coming from the drain.


Unfortunately I don't have a sense of smell so I just have to enjoy the amplified sounds


Or showering in the shit molecules.....SCIENCE!


Dutch Oven’ing yourself in a hot shower is torturous.


Why the smell, i never understood why the smell is strong as fuck


Small confined space, humidity and water vapor- water vapor holds together the gas particles of your fart. Combine steam and humidity with the water vapor intensifying your smelling abilities and ta-da, Stink City. Also ever notice how garbage on the street/dumpster smells worse in the summer? Increased humidity in an area makes bad odors more promising. The saying goes "it smells like hot garbage" and not cold garbage for a reason.


Actually since an explosion does create gas in the reaction it does make a sound, but you wouldn't hear it unless you're right in the explosion. Though you would feel violent vibration of both pressure and gravity from light years away.


*heard one


*smelled one


Might be false but I read somewhere that if the earths atmosphere reached all the way to the sun, it would sound as loud as a jack hammer, even at this distance


So what your saying is jack hammers are like tiny close up suns?


Or maybe the sun is a big Jack Hammer at a distance.






Yep. The sun would make a roar about 100 decibels.


[So this basically](https://youtu.be/Rvvsw21PgIk)


I never understood what was so bad about the cob planet


Something to do with the natural order of things being wrong. Really its just silly.


Cobs down to the molecular level implies something about the planet itself being fucky. I bet if they'd stayed there they'd have eventually become on-the-cob.


Did you hear that at Adler Planetarium too?


I read a post (somewhere) disproving that. Essentially what would happen is it dissipates and spreads out so far the sound barely reaches Earth.


That would be news to me, I watched an episode where the did the math and it came out an ear splitting roar.


So most estimations I see of the sun is that it would output 30-300 W/m^2 of acoustic intensity (no idea if this is accurate). The radius of the sun is 7 x 10^8 m, using half the surface area of a sphere (2\*pi\*r^2 ) the sun should be producing 1-10 x 10^20 W of acoustic power. This power is going to drop off by R^2 , the distance between the sun and Earth. R=1.5 x 10^11 meters. So by the time the pressure wave gets to Earth it should be closer to 41 mW/m^2 . This is the sound intensity. Our sound intensity in decibels, dB is 10\*log(sound intensity\*10^12 ). This would get an intensity of ~244.4 dB. The problem is people stop here and say "Look is really loud!". That or they improperly account for the attenuation of sound. This is the trickiest part so I get why they skip it. If we ignore the difficult math, attenuation by atmospheric absorption is simply a constant *a* multiplied by the path of the wave *r*. We don't know what the constant of our new atmosphere, but we do know the path *r*. Let's see what *a* would have to be if we wanted to hear the sun at all, ie. the loss due to attenuation is ~244dB. 244dB/1.5x10^11 m = 1.6 x 10^-6 dB/km On Earth most values of *a* are around 0.01-300 dB/km for audible ranges, about a thousand times higher than we would need our new atmosphere to be. This constant is dependent on a ton of factors, temperature, pressure, molecular composition so perhaps it could get low enough. It is also dependant on frequency which helps the sun because the sun has a very low frequency! [In fact scientists had to speed up the wave by 42,000 times to make it audible](http://solar-center.stanford.edu/singing/#sing). Which brings us to the saddest point of this whole journey, even if the acoustic intensity was high enough to reach earth (it very likely wouldn't be, mystical ether and all) the frequency would be too low to hear anyways. tldr; no it wouldn't.


I choose to believe you


/r/theydidthemath so it must be true


Thanks for the tldr


The tremendous amount of gas and matter it spews out would actually create shockwaves that would atomize anything light-years around and kill anything alive tens of light-years further.


I really hope you're talking about the supernova


Ok, that one got me


Two words: Taco Bell.


I mean, not necessarily. Sound is still produced by cosmic events but since space doesn't allow for the travel of sound these things are perceived as quiet but are actually very loud


there isnt really a good way to assign "loudness" to an event that doesnt emit sound waves


There kind of is. Sound is caused by something exerting a force to the atmosphere around it which propagates. We can theoretically predict the force at which a supernova would exert onto an atmosphere if it existed.


Can't you also "hear" a supernova if it gives off radio waves? Stealth edit: I think I'm thinking of a quasar


iirc, a lot of things give off radio waves, but we aren't "hearing" radio waves, we have devices which read the information within a radio wave and can create a sound based off that information


Theoretically with such devices and software, couldn't we do something similar with a supernova? Or do supernovae not give off radio waves? It's been a while since I studied astronomy and astrophysics


it's also been a while for me, but i'm almost certain we could and have done exactly that (maybe not with a supernova, but at least with the quasars or some other shit) but i'm sure supernovas give off radio waves, we just may not have captured any from a supernova yet


Thats like saying there is no sound on earth because your vantage point is the moon.


Yeah ik, it's just another interesting point to think about that I thought I'd share


If the Sun exploded, it would boil the Earth's atmosphere, which would be pretty loud.






Inhale..... Asshale....


_[please don’t laugh lest you are required to explain to everybody what you are laughing at]_


Just say "asshale" and let them guess what it means.


That’s what he said.


And why would a supernova be silent?


It wouldn't. It would make a hell of a sound, just an observer in empty space wouldn't be able to hear it as the sound cannot travel through space. However the sound still exists in the exploding star's atmosphere




Now I can complain to my younger sister whenever she singing really loud that she is singing louder then a supernova.


i feel your pain my little sister sings so loud i can hear her with my pc at max volume


Yeah well except where the goddamn SUPER NOVA is happening. Sound can’t travel in space, it’s still made.


Sound travels through vibrating particles, so if you are in the supernova, it would be pretty loud


this makes me think... if you farted in space, would your butt cheecks still clap?


Only if you're dummy thick


Gas, AKA air conducts sound _on Earth_. If there is sufficient gas associated with the Supernova then there would be sound _in the gas_. Outside this _cloud of gas_ there would be no sound.


Don't spread misinformation like that smh


A fart on Earth is louder than supernova seen from Earth yes, but a supernova is still louder than a fart locally


more like a poopernova heh


This a terrible one


Well it's not that there is no sound in space but that there is hardly anything to carry the sound, meaning if a supernova were to happen on Earth we would all die, but if no one died then it would be the loudest sound ever ( the loudness of the sound would also probably kill every one on Earth)


There is sound in space [http://canyouactually.com/nasa-actually-recorded-sound-in-space-and-its-absolutely-chilling/](http://canyouactually.com/nasa-actually-recorded-sound-in-space-and-its-absolutely-chilling/)


This is like comparing which one is brighter the sun when you're inside the room with thick dark curtains or the lightbulb in your room, 1 meter in front of you while it's on. ​ it's unfair to compare both objects in different mediums. Measure them on the same scale and let's talk. (iirc if space wasn't a vacuum, not only will we fall faster towards the sun, but it'll be very very fuckin loud.)


I'm no astrophysicist, but from my knowledge sound can exist if there is matter for its waves to travel through, such as a gas produced by a supernova. Therefore, would not a supernova still create an unimaginably loud sound within the space that the gas of itself takes up? Of course, the sound would not travel beyond these margins of where the gas is, but would there not be sound within the instant that the star explodes? Can I have confirmation from an actual physicist?


Supernovas aren't vacuums


>a fart on Earth What about extraterrestrial farts? Why did you limit yourself to farts on Earth? Are alien farts quieter than supernovae?


Okay guys, I get that its just a shower thought but its wrong. Sound is a pressure wave through a gas. A supernova is a ridiculously huge implosion -> explosion of a star, which produces a equally large shockwave. These shockwaves can cause stars to form in nearby nebulae, so its safe to say its louder than a fart.