You just described my life in the Navy, only without the double the money part.


Is the pay decent in the navy?






I made 75k for the entire 6 years I was in the navy


What were your expenses?


Probably no expenses


That's still fucked...


Ig but he’s pocketing a little over 10k each year that he could spend on whatever. No house/car payment as well as any bills or food expenses.






Hookers and booze at every port




Lol f you


someone didn't do their certs


What I was sub surface qualified that 75k included sea pay and sub pay plus 6 months tax free being in a war zone.


Army veteran here. All of the military uses the exact same pay scale. I really wouldn't listen to anyone who says the pay is not decent. Everyone who says that obviously has never had any responsibilities prior to the military. Theres a lot to consider when dealing with pay and the military. I used to get 1k every two weeks. Which on the surface, isn't much. Sure. But I also had free Healthcare. I've had multiple surgeries without spending a single dime. I've gone to months of behavioral health therapy sessions without paying a dime, as we know the u.s has a severe mental health crisis going on at the moment so that's huge. Not only that, but if my appointments landed on a work day, not even sergeant major of the army can tell me I can't go. There's no other job where you can do that and still get Paid. The barracks are free housing, is it the best? No. But honestly? Looking back on it after living on my own for while now it wasn't so bad. Keep in mind I was a single soldier with no dependants. If you're married, or get married, you get a huge pay increase. You get what's called BAH, or basic allowance for housing. It scales with the cost of living in your area. So i was in Colorado and when I was in it was around 2k. Extra. Per month. Trade off being you had to find a place to live and pay for it. A lot of soldiers BUY houses using BAH. So it's more than enough especially if your spouse has a good job. To top it all off, when you get out you get the GI bill. Which is a total game changer. The school I'm going to right now, total, would have been 125,000 dollars for my degree. I'm getting it all paid for 100% nothing out of pocket except books. I had my issues with the military and it's not a perfect system by any means. There's a reason I got out. But I also hate the unnecessary hatred I see towards the military. I know people who turned their life around directly because of the military. It's not for everyone, but it can give people who otherwise would have no opportunity in america, an opportunity.


All true, the main thing i missed about the military are being with my mates.


Thats the hardest part. I miss weekends at the barracks. The amount of dumb shit that went on was just great. Some of the best times of my life. All of your best friends just being a 10 foot walk away. There's a lot to criticize about the military, but it's not as bad as people make it seem. Just like civilian life. They both have their ups and downs.


To be fair, a lot of the benefits you listed are things that other countries offer to all their citizens. Just some food for thought.


That is very fair. And I don't disagree in the slightest. But its what we got in America. The military brings a lot of opportunities here and if you play your cards right you can get out with a huge leg up after just one contract. Its not gonna change anytime soon unfortunately. But I mean im from a third world country, so I can also acknowledge that things can be significantly worse. Life's all about perspective.


Yes I definitely agree with you! Having those benefits for healthcare and housing is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Hell no. Min wage makes more than an E-1


Yep, I was making more at 17 working at Dunkin' Donuts than when I joined the Army at 17. Shit is crazy.


But minimum wage also has expenses like a house and car, you keep pretty much all the money you make in the army


Uhhh you do know that your car and house bill doesn't just stop because you're in the military.


Well played Shippy, well played....


Well, I've done this before and sustained it for 5 months. I have no recollection of half of 2019.


I don't really remember anything after March 2020, it all just fades into one big blur.


It do be like that. Best to try and make up for lost time.


Did you save up enough for anything great?


A house, which I sold when I enlisted. So it's back in my pocket.


Tried that. Turns out I spent it on food because I couldn’t meal prep


I do "big pot" meal prep if I'm gonna have a busy week/month. Its where you make a big pot of something and then just ladle whatever it is into a Tupperware before you leave. My personal favorite big pot preps are soup, chili, stew, spaghetti, lasagna, burrito filling, and fried rice+protein and veggies. Doesn't dirty many dishes and doesn't require a lot of effort which is perfect when you're only sleeping 3 hours a night. Most of the recipes I make come out to around $2-3 per serving which really came in handy as a broke college student borrowing a church's kitchen near campus to meal prep because cafeteria food was expensive and not very good.


Thanks I needed this. About to start a second job but also trying to save money and lower my weight without starving haha


I've done the 2 job thing before and I wouldn't recommend it if you can avoid it, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


Yeah I did it briefly last year and I was miserable but Im facing eviction now and have to get things together fast. So Im at least gonna pick up some extra seasonal work and see what happens from there.


Good luck my friend, hope it works out for you.




Thanks! All of these look great!


won't the food spoil over the course of the week?


Not with the miracle of refrigeration. At least I've never had an issue keeping it in the fridge. If you're really worried about spoilage you can always freeze some of it and swap it to the fridge a day or two before you need it. Also don't most people pre-prep for the week anyway if they're meal prepping?


That’s brilliant, I’m using that idea


If only they sold some cheap IV food substitute


Protein bars!


All jokes aside, I did that for a year while saving to open my own business and finish my house, and the fact that I didn't have time or energy to spend money made it much easier.


Yea, I posted this as a joke, but the truth is, I've been essentially doing this since the summer of 2019. Two jobs. I think I've had 2 days off during this entire time, but I've been able to get out of debt and save a ton of money.


Just make sure to keep yourself sane. Mental healthcare is expensive as fuck and once your brain is kinda gone is very difficult to come back


Indeed. SLPT always have some truth to them, specially when they come from real experience.


Company overtime policy should allow you to double your pay without doubling the hours. I realized something one day: Let's say my retirement goal is $1 million and my salary is $50K. I can comfortably live on $25K, so I save $25K/year. $25K x 40 years = $1 million If I double my pay, I don't just double my savings, I **triple** it. $100K - $25K = $75K. At this rate, it only takes 13 years and 4 months to save $1 million! Why not get the hard stuff out of the way and retire early? r/fire


How do I double my pay? Asking for a friend


I'm lucky and get double time on Sundays and holidays so I can nearly double my pay in just 62 hours. M-Sat: 40 hours + 10 at time-and-a-half (15)= 55 Sun: 12 at double time= 24 Total= 79 This also raises my hourly rate! Say I get paid $10/hr. $10 x 40 hours = $400 I work 62, but get paid for 79 so 79 x 10 = $790 $790/62 = $12.75 / hour That gives me a 27.5% raise!!!


On the other hand you'll only get to enjoy yourself when your joints and everything else is fucked, even if you retire at 50 you're already old. I'd rather enjoy some weekends with friends/family... on the other hand, not working until 40, getting into deep debt and working that off after enjoying your young years might be an idea (bonus points for just fucking dying)! Just hard to get a loan like that...


I guess it depends on when you get a $50K/year job with a great OT policy. If you get it straight out of college, you could have $1mm by 35.


1 million for retiring at 35 ain't enough though (unless you end it at like 50). It sounds a lot but really isn't since you'd have to pay off your house (that you should have, paying rent would add up too fast), energy and water bills and general rising cost of living, let alone having children and all the associated cost. Retiring at 35 for like 10 years or so would be a nice option though


Depends what your spend is, the guideline a lot of people use is 4% of your net worth per year is sustainable indefinitely. 40k is probably not enough if you're supporting kids or a significant other, but if you only have to support yourself it can be doable




Wtf place pays 10$ an hour and makes you work 60 but pays for for 80? Regardless of the “free hours” they give you out of pity shit sounds like dogsht.


Lol $10/hr just kept the math simple


Apply for another job that pays more. Get job offer. A accept offer. Quit current job. Work new job for more pay. Keep doing this every 1-2 years. Adjust the duration depending how happy you are with the pay and work.


This, but without quitting the previous job. Collect those suckers like Pokemon!




You just discovered a very important aspect in pricing. If I want to double my profit on every sandwich sold, I don't have to double my prices. If the materials and labour cost me $1 and I sell it for $1.25, doubling my profit is a 20% increase in the price. This is a big thing for people just starting out, trying to make a living. They price themselves too low, skimping by when a slight increase in price could double their income.


Oof, that means the supply chain shortage causing price hikes in goods isn't as bad as I thought... it's *much* worse.


Wait how do I live on 25k nevermind comfortably?




I think that's why there was once an adage that if you make 70-80k you're comfortable. Because at that level you might be able to invest 25k a year and retire a millionaire. Nowadays you need to earn at least 100k to be paid 75k in that article's currency. Then you need to retire with two million dollars. Good luck everybody!


Fuck I wish I was a boomer


Get lucky like I did. Buy a rental that pays both mortgages. Choose not to have kids, don't accrue high intrest debt.


According to your math 1 million $ is good for 40 years and is takes you 13 years to make. 40 after working just 13 might not mean you die of old age by the time you are out of me money (dependent on where you live and your gender for life expectancy). Additionally inflation is hard, you are going to need to find a way to save that money without it losing value. Also without losing it.


Just ask for trippple time when you apply then. Its that easy.


Edit: I wanted to keep the math simple so I left a lot of things out. This math doesn't account for taxes, healthcare, inflation, etc. but it doesn't account for company matches, bonuses, tax credits, raises, promotions, inheritance, social security... either, so if you want to account for these things check out r/fire for calculators that help with this math.


Rent costs the same no matter how little free time you have.


But at least the tax man will be happier.


I have done this for many years and yes you have time to spend it, you just don't have time to use/play with anything you've bought.


no one is proud of you


Love you babe


You’ve literally described working on a ship


Mostly all the people I know who work on ships have like 6-7 months of duty in a year and the rest is vacation


Or you could work 20hrs a day/ 7 days a week and sleep 4 hrs cause seizures pass away and save the money for eternity


Offshore rigs are the job you're looking for...


You'll still have to spend it all on gas and still need money for food, and maybe rent.


Jog to work and sleep on the streets to maximize profit.


Even better, sleep at work. Work a night shift and get all your work done during the day.


Then how would you store your savings ? Don’t most banks require proof of residence or do ~~pro~~ P. O. boxes suffice ?


We here at Shitpost Industries don’t do it for the money, we do it for our CEO who just bought his third beach house. He brings in cheese pizzas once every other quarter so we really owe him.


Employee of the year right here. For your valiant efforts and A+ attitude, you get you a… soda with your pizza!!!


But one of those small ones that have half a swallow worth and so you inevitably end up finishing it way before you finish eating and you feel parched


Flat fountain drink.


Say an average career is 50 years, this would increase your retirement by 25 years. I don’t have what it takes to grind that hard without killing myself though


This is frugal jerk material


Unless you’re paid salary. Then you get no extra money and more work.


In the case you are salaried, get hurt just enough so you can say you will be able to come back to work next month. Of course, it’s actually the month after that, and so on.


What if I don't get paid for overtime?


As someone who has been salaried and working 14 hrs a day, plus 2 hours travel, 6 days a week, I REALLY feel this...


You might want to look into what salary employee overtime exemptions there are and if you meet any of them, because there are cases where salary can still require overtime pay.


In my country there is no such thing as “overtime pay”. Unless you’re in an union, which are rare.


Contact your states labor department and file a complaint. They will take care of it quickly and your company can get in massive trouble. You also don't have to worry about any backlash on this as you can prosecute them for it.


If they’re a salaried exempt then they don’t get paid overtime. Now, if they’re not a manager or some other position that would qualify for an exemption on overtime, then yeah, labor board is the place to go.


I work 12 hours a day 7 days a week for 4 months.. Then I get 4 months vacation.. You're wrong


you work in shipping?


All me bloomin' life


deck or engine? About to head to school to work in shipping




I've actually done this working turnarounds in refineries for over a month and a half...everyday. it was awful.


24 and 4 on 12s? Yeah it's dog shit


I see that you too work in the film industry


5am till 7pm atleast I get free travel and food so I'm saving a crap ton.


You have perfectly described life on the railroad..


Welcome to being a trawlerman.


This is more or less what companies are pushing for. Without benefits.


I did this for about 15 years. I'm a millionaire now.


I was a substitute teacher in a school located in a neighborhood where I could never expect to be able to afford to live. In doing some vocabulary work, I explained that a millionaire was a person with net assets worth at least a million dollars. One of the little sheltered darlings then asked, "So then, everybody's a millionaire?"




That's illegal where I am. You need a minimum of 11 hours of consecutive rest in any 24 hour span. So 13 would be the max, except work also has to give you 30 minutes of travel time to and from (not paid or anything just that you can't rest instantly after work, you have to travel home first). So 12 hours is the max. But that's for where I am, Ontario. And it's 8 max unless you sign saying you're willing to work 12 hours or 12 is the expected normal hours observed by the job. And some jobs, such as truck driver can't work more than 8 as being fatigued causes accidents. I know it's a slpt, not to be taken seriously. But this one isn't even one I can do legally.


My literal last comment was about working on oil rigs. When i did that it was 14 days at a time for 16 hours a day. 7 days off in between. Great money, shit social life.


Unless you're salaried and then you... just make the same amount regardless of how many hours you work.


I'm salart. How about i only work 7 hours a day and still make the same pay.


This is true i currently do this some weeks


I see you've been talking to my employer about their hopes for the company


Chef here. Can confirm.


Plenty of people do.


Not sure about that, Elon Musk is about to buy Twitter 🤷‍♂️


And you'll probably die rich because you'll want to kill yourself you'll be so fucking depressed.


Not necessarily bad advice. If you're going to be depressed for a decade anyway, you may as well become rich and make the following decade a lot better.


I'm 3 years into doing this, and while not rich, I am out of debt and have a decent savings.


Schedule from 25-28, but this was on salary so no overtime. At one point I just considered not having an apartment and sleeping at my desk while using a nearby gym membership to shower.


Sounds like my life as a teacher except the overtime just adds up to a livable salary.


That is my exact shift during hurricane season


Sounds like graduate school to me. Was working one full time job and a part time job and going to graduate school. Couldn't spend the money.


This is called, fishing in Alaska.


That's not "double the money." That's 4x the money because of how OT is calculated. (Depending on where you are)


You're assuming it's coming from a single job


Then it's a 2.8x because it's 112 hours vs 40 hours.


Yup that is a shitty life


Shid unless you're working those jobs to pay child support.


You won’t even make twice the money, Uncle Sam takes a bigger cut


As a trucker can confirm


And you'll die shorter due to lack of sleep maybe.


Can confirm


That's more than double the money. 16 hr/day for 7 days is 112 hours. That's almost 3x your pay if you were working 40 hr/week. If you want to double and work 7 days a week, you could do 11 hr/day 4 days a week and 12 hr/day 3 days a week. OR you could do 3 24 hours days. And one 8 hour day.


That's not true I bought so many games I never had the time to play.


I definitely asked for work hours that kept me out of the mall. Also, OT laws should get you 1.5 times more money.


Did this for 3 years in my own business. Payed off everything including my complete custom cabinet shop. Then went to 80hr weeks every other off. Then 40hr week every other off. Now I work if I want the job. No more than 20hr a week.


> own business. *Paid* off everything FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Joke's on you...I work sixteen hours a day yet only get paid for 8. Oh wait!


Unless you telework and shop on Amazon.


Personal experience says this is too true.


You'd be surprised how many guys I watched waste thier money on deployments.


As a chef I can confirm this.


Not if you’re salaried in the US. You won’t double your income, but you’ll still have trouble spending money. So I guess it’s a partial success.


Work in the entertainment industry and can confirm.


The American Dream.


Just did 27.5 in two days. It fucking sucks. But the money is ok. OT after 8, DT after 12, $150 bonus each day. But is it worth it? No, I’d rather be at home with my kids or fishing or pretty much doing anything else.


But you build your wealth


In the UK this is far from the case, as soon as you earn a bit more than you usually would you’re basically making like a few quid an hour, the rest is taken in tax. It’s fucking bullshit. I got a whole £1 pay rise recently, I was so stoked on it, an extra £50 a week for my work effort…. I see like 9 fucking pound of it. So by this logic I figure an extra few pound an hour is all I’m realistically looking at making.. by which point I might *actually* see an extra £50 by the end of it all. Under this realisation I truly, truly could not give a fuck anymore.. I have to choose between rent/bills and food all of the time and I’m putting in 50 hour weeks, destroying my back in the process. Life is fucking absolute shit


Can’t knock the hustle /s Fuck hustle culture, nobody cares that you’re making bank but you and the bank


This was like when I was working oil and gas. 24 days on 4 days off, 2 of those days were driving to and from work. Can't spend money if you're never not at work.


I did this for a significant portion of 2018 and then I had a heart attack at 23 from the stress and lack of sleep so all the extra money I saved up that I didn’t spend on food or stuff I couldn’t spend time to do cheaper went directly to medical costs, very little left over, then they fired me because I performed slightly more poorly for a while after having a heart attack and being heavily medicated and the rest of it got eaten by rent and utilities while finding a new job and now housing because I got kicked out of mine prior to lease end by shitty roommates. Now at 27 I’m being evaluated and treated for potential heart failure caused by the stress this put on my body and am so sick I can’t work at all and am completely financially reliant on others. Very SLPT


I almost went to work on a cruise ship and I shit you not they tried to convince me to join their workforce by saying I will spend so much time working on the ship, and even when not working i will be on the ship, that i will not be able to spend my money.


Are you question my sleepy time amazon shopping ritual while Im in bed waiting to fall asleep?


Student loans


This is truly the only savings plan that works for me, too much free time and my mental health takes a dive too.


Assuming you get paid for the extra hours that is.


This is the way - Some lazy corporate fuck


As a welder I was (voluntarily) in a project. It's in our union contract that if we work 8 hours mon-sat we get 4x pay on sundays. That's when we did 14 hour shifts. I did it for 3 months. Sure I didn't have any free time at that time but it was definitely worth it.


Also if you work 0 hours per day, you won't have any to spend either.


This was my motto back in college and for about three years after. Two jobs plus classes and then two sometimes three jobs afterwards almost no time to spend but man thank god for quick hookups.


Why not work the full 24 hours and die of sleep deprivation. You’ll earn heaps and then be out of pain ready to donate it to a good cuase


Are you in investment banking?


You might make twice as much but you won't keep it. It will put you in a higher tax bracket meaning more work less money.


Tell me you don't understand taxes without telling me


Brackets? Aren't those for the basketball tournaments?


I'm too sick to give good explanation but tax brackets don't work like that. Please do an internet search or ask r/finance. Sorry for not feeling well enough to give a good response.


Then you get bumped into a higher tax bracket... All for an extra $37.00


the only people who make comments about being put in a higher tax bracket are people who don't understand how marginal tax rates work.


Double your pay and see a 10% increase in net pay; Trump taxes really screwed over the middle class


Funny thing is his supporters thought they got a raise because the witholding changes. Then April hits and BANG big tax bill.


Is this a shit tip because the math is wrong?


And you'll probably keep less of it due to taxes.


Ahhhh, but the real secret is just to not pay your taxes.