Tattoo with the earth upside down

Tattoo with the earth upside down


My guess is that It's purposeful. [flying your country's flag upside-down is a recognized way of signalling distress ](https://jimmygreen.com/blog/what-does-an-upside-down-flag-represent-n40) (eg. After Hurricanes or other natural disasters), Atleast in the US and Canada that i know. I've also seen it often done in protests. I suppose it can also be interpreted as deliberately flubbing your nose at the country, government, whatever since its obviously 'wrong', as well as saying the country is in distress. My guess is that this was done to symbolize that the entire planet is "in distress" and requires assistance.


Yes, this. I've also seen it with political matters with flags upside down when people don't believe in the system anymore.


What if your country's flag looks the same upside down, like Switzerland or the UK. Or even the spanish flag, yeah it has an emblem on it, but from far away you wouldn't be able to tell it's upside down lol


I feel like the italian flag is always upside down


The UK flag does have an upside down by design.


Thanks that would make sense :) but it wasn't on purpose


But it is by design, right?


How do you know it wasn't on purpose?


My friend knows who made it and told me it was a mistake they noticed after


That makes sense. As far as mistakes go, this is one that can very easily be leaned into.


True. I imagine the creator will be happy so much extra meaning can be found in the unintended 'error' :)


This is an extremely common way of visually critiquing the habit people in Western societies have of prioritizing the global North over the global South. It’s a critique of mainstream political discourse the privileges Europe and North America, as well other northern regions like northeast Asia and Russia. It’s a right side up map because there are no upside down maps of a sphere in space. It’s a right side up map for centring political awareness on the global south - where climate catastrophe impacts are being felt soonest and hardest.


This is my vest guess, too, for the flipped map


There's no right side up for the Earth imperialist


But there’s a right side up for maps


You have a baby brain


You’re a dumb fucker. Maps are designed to have north up. That’s how you can make them without printing a compass on them. If you know nothing, just shut up.


Google where the word orientation comes from you lepton


It is irrelevant where it comes from. What matters is that it is necessary and that it is so.


What the fuck are you talking about dude what's necessary


Have you seriously not seen a map before? Do you actually not understand what he’s talking about?


A common understand which compass direction is the top of the map. Really from you initial comment I wouldn’t have taken that you’re that broken in the head.


Wow! Check [this](https://images.app.goo.gl/PkmbuXeDTyS3GUpc9) out!


How does that provide additional information to the picture this chat is about?


How many times have you followed a map with it facing up?


What do you mean? How often I hold my map with north facing up? Always. Kind Of a strange question. How do you hold your maps? Also, how is it relevant? Even if you turn it, you still need to know which direction is north.


That's why most maps include a compass rose.


Yeah, not the one this is all about. Not the best threat to make that point. In many maps the compass is eliminated for simplicity. That helps from a design view and is justifiable, if you follow convention and north is up. In all applications in which the compass is included, it still makes sense to put north up, since often you can’t see the compass when the map is folded. Those maps are a pain to read. There are really very few cases that justify any deviation from the convention.


The one this is all about is a tattoo. Not a map. I wonder, does that justify any deviation from convention?


It’s a map. And no, it does not justify a deviation from the convention. Conventions work as simplifications because everyone internalised them. If you deviate, it destroys the point. It’s like driving on the right side of the road. It works as a simplification because you do not have to think about it. Driving on the right side on the freeway and on the left side whenever driving below 30 kph is not a reasonable solution. Neither is north up for complex maps and south up for simple maps.






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This is the kind of guy who wonders why people in the southern hemisphere don't fall off the planet


Plot twist : the Earth is not upside down, but the text is.


Yeah should've put that as title


It would have made much less sense and still would have been wrong.


The earth doesn't really have a correct orientation. You know that, right? It's a sphere. The map as you know it is just because someone drew it that way.


Other than the fact that there an equator and poles but yes it could easily be the other way up


Could be sideways too. No rule saying which way the equator has to run.


I mean yeah there is. Cos the earth spins that way. The equator is where the sun is closest to the earth as it rotates.


You really missed the point, the map could be turned sideways so the equator runs from top to bottom, and it wouldn’t change anything about the way the earth rotates.


Ahh gotcha! I actually like this idea


And the guy that drew it, drew Europe top center, because Europe was all that mattered.


As a geography student I'm extremely triggered by this post. "Upside down". Jeez...


Wow! How could they! Come to think of it the lettering looks backwards too..


Obligatory West Wing Map Chaos. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vVX-PrBRtTY


Love all the people acting high-and-mighty in the comments. Obviously there’s no right way to orient the Earth, but stop being a dick about it. We’re used to a northern-oriented map, that’s all. All of you could’ve politely explained that, but you al made a conscious decision not to. This is why it’s so hard for people to actually learn. They’re not given the chance to.


Thanks, exactly what I thought ;)


My friend's climate group made the tattoos themselves and it was actually a mistake that the text doesn't match the orientation of the map here. They found out after


Exactly! Nobody had any way of knowing that but they went in and assumed you were the idiot here. It was a completely harmless post all around, I really don’t get it.


Yeah xD reddit being reddit, assuming everyone's an idiot


Seriously… No one social media is better than another, but it seems everyone here thinks that this one has a higher collective IQ.


What's "high-and-mighty" is coming in here expecting all of us to shit on this design without explaining that it was explicitly a mistake on the part of OP's friends. Assuming that this design is "wrong" without any context at all is, to put it simply, a political stance. >This is why it’s so hard for people to actually learn. They’re not given the chance to. This is everyone's chance to learn about the socioeconomic problems that go with the concept of global north and south. Everyone here is trying to educate OP on the issue. If you don't learn something from it it's not because everyone else was mean to you, it's because you took it personally when someone said you were wrong.


I thought most bad designs are unintended mistakes, so figured it would belong here. I know many other bad designs are a product of laziness to perfect something. There just isn't only 1 way something can be a bad design. About learning new things, the only things I learned here are that upside down things mean there is distress (nice to know) and that reddit is overly criticizing everything.


>reddit is overly criticizing everything You're the one criticizing the design. We're telling you that the criticism is unfounded. So who's being overly critical here?


Because that’s the point of the sub? For Christ’s sake man, I don’t usually get this involved in threads but how right do you want to be??? It’s a Reddit post, why do you care so much about seeming correct? There is no “right” or “wrong” here, just chill.


Oh come on now, don’t pretend that you’re going to make any political point off of a single post on Reddit, let alone a non-political one. OP said in another comment that it was a mistake by the designer, too, so you’re the only one making assumptions. I really don’t see why this has to be such a big issue. I didn’t take anything “personally,” when anyone said anything, so I’m not quite sure where you got that from. I’m just saying that the hostility towards OP was completely unfounded. I’m literally majoring in history, and studying geography, the first maps ever made were northern-oriented. It’s what we’re used to. It makes most sense to our eyes. As I said, of course there’s no “correct” way to map the Earth, even the southern-oriented one is still distorted by the poles. I’m not saying you can’t learn here, I’m saying that attacking someone is never the way to help. That’s all.


I think this a cool design. I want an upside down Earth map for my wall now


😄 go for it, cool indeed! Apparently this is how they always picture the world map in Australia, I see many comments about it.


I read “there is no plan B” and I was like woah is this a pro life thing on my home page??” 😂😭


Australian edition


Like others have said, there is no right way up for Earth. This shows it "upside down" like you would fly a flag upside down to show distress.


What is next, that it is not actually proportional?!?!??1!!?1


I thought that was the point of the sticker, like that’s what ‘Planet B’ would look like


There is no upside down in space.


Relative to what?


The text


Didn’t know the earth had a top. Can you jump off it?


...I think that was the point.


ya know, maybe its because thats how all temp tattoos are?


This is the opposite of shitty design.


Someone told you, burn shit and keep burning shit. We'll be fine. Someone also told you north is north. Seems like someone has been lying to you.


When you say "upside down", you mean it?


There is no real up or down, the map could be flipped at up or down and it would be the same. Our planet rotates… depends on how you look at it. The orientation of the map we are taught is just a standard to teach people so they can read a map.


I love seeing new bumper stickers on Ferraris.


Its in distress maybe? International sign of distress is a upside down flag. Or just a shitty graphics design company lol.


Yeah they made it themselves and found out after 😅


Seriously, if I'm an alien spacecraft, I view the earth as is it comes into view. I don't have any clue about your North pole crap.


The text says "There is no planet B."


There’s to Tasmania


Works just fine if you're Australian.


That’s a matter of perspective


This is the way we always show it in Australia, no issue here, move along.


No that’s just what Australians see


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard <3


I mean. No, it’s technically not. The world can’t be upside down. There is no up or down in space.


I think that may be intentional, but I’m not sure.


Technically earth has no right side up but there is just a common way to orient the earth


Open your eyes and see!


To be fair, “upside down” is still a valid way to portray the Earth.


It's Australian


Europe 😅


Unless this sticker is in Australia...


Europe 😅


That’s not very Gall-Peters of you.


The earth is a rock floating in space. Space has no upside down.