This made me laugh way too hard

This made me laugh way too hard


Who are these fucking people…


Jealousy is a powerful emotion, it seems like Equity this equitable that. They don't care about fairness/justice or opportunity. They just seem to be extremely jealous and that makes them angry.


Envy is the driving emotion for collectivism.


Isn't it weird how envy makes people want to subvert success? Or maybe it's not. I don't know.


That's the very nature of envy. The envious person seeks to destroy what they can't have. There's a reason Thou shalt not covet is one of the ten commandments.


They don’t exist in real life


They’re real man. Maybe there’s not many of them in real life and they’re just loud on the web?


Probably 12 year olds


They are all around you and the numbers are growing. If you apply the current percentages of Gen Y and GenZ that fall into this boat (especially in major metroplexes) to upcoming/ subsequent generations AND there isn’t a paradigm shift in the “liberal” ideology, this country will be fully off the rails inside of 15 years and the wise and strong among us will be living in heavily protected enclaves while the the whole thing burns to the ground in advance of or during a wave of invasions.


Bullied nerds. I pity them..


I thought there never was a communist country lmfao


There’s different types of commies, you have those that will defend failed communist states to the death and those who say ‘communism has never been tried’. Both are extremely stupid lmao


Go on Twitter and search up Maoist and you’ll find so many gross tankie accounts legitimately defending communism’s atrocities. A lot of trans folks too, which is beyond ironic. If you disagree with them you’re transphobic btw. X D X D X D


I fucking hate those mao motherfuckers , in my country maoists are literally designated as terrorist and this was done by a socialist party Just recently they tried taking train tracks away from the national train grid


I swear , it is actually the same people, different conversations


Schroedinger's Communism


There’s different types of commies, you have those that will defend failed communist states to the death and those who say ‘communism has never been tried’. Both are extremely stupid lmao


There was not, because it cannot be truly achieved since the steps that lead to it only create misery and authoritarianism


(Edit: I know the timeline is wrong, this is for satire. Any suggested edits are welcome!) Lenin has entered the chat ([hang them each mile and take their grain!](https://alphahistory.com/russianrevolution/lenins-hanging-order-kulaks-1918/)) Lenin: oh crap, I am dying. Do not let that asshole Stalin run things! Who did I leave in charge of deciding who will run things? ... cyka blyat! ... errrgh... Stalin has entered the chat. Pol Pot has entered the chat. Chairman Mao has entered the the chat. Ho Chi Min has entered the chat. Castro has entered the chat. Stalin: hey boys! What are we attempting today? Pol Pot: communism! Empty the cities, kill 1/3rd of the population and murder people who can read books! (Everyone in the channel liked that) Stalin and Castro intercede: um, if they can't read, how do we run propaganda? Mao: Hey, are you all having problems with collective farming? I found the solution! [Kill all the birds!](https://www.treehugger.com/the-great-sparrow-campaign-was-the-start-of-the-greatest-mass-4864032) Stalin: hahaha Mao, your are stupid! The birds eat the locusts that destroy the crops! 50 million humans have left the chat. Mao: oh shit! A bunch of people starved to death! Fucking grasshoppers ate all the grain! Kruschev entered the chat: Stalin had a stroke laughing at Mao and died because he gulaged all his doctors. What's up? Mao: fuck you, USSR, we are not friends now. Kruschev: lol @China! Stalin was a turd. Mao: screw you guys! Stalin was my bestie! Cultural revolution! Pol Pot: also, [crush the skulls of toddlers and babies against this tree trunk](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1191601/Khmer-Rouge-torturer-describes-killing-babies-smashing-trees.html) to save money on bullets! USSR: good job trolling China, Pol Pot. Mao really messed up again! Hey, USA, you want a piece of this action? CIA: ... as far as *you* know.... maybe... (Everyone in the channel): how did this CIA asshole show up uninvited and not listed in the channel?! Haxxx! Where are the mods? Did some cocksucker mode +i that dude? Ho Chi Min has entered Cambodia: "ok, this communism thing has gone too far...."


*one hundred million people have left the chat*


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha! Holy shit, that was perfect!




two cokmemts


Fixed. Reddit hiccup.


This is an accurate summary of the 20th century


Communism is for the rich to use goby to confiscate resources & take them for themselves. It makes the “imperialistic govts” they “fought against” look more charitable.


I caught a reference from an oversimplified video there


Blyat! :)


Putin, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot and Castro walk into a bar - *they take turns yeeting gays off a building for equalities sake*


"The revolution doesn't need hairdressers, and work will make you men." - Che Guevara, when asked about the gay concentration camps in Cuba. And these people put him on the gay flags. Totally unaware.


Based tho?


Putin isn't exactly there. He legalized being gay in russia.


I thought he *il*legalized homosexuality?


Quite contrary. As for now they also legalized sex change. However if some antigay group attack a gay person they usually don't get punished for it.


I feel like it’s satire.


It’s not, it’s from r/communism101 on a thread where someone asked what the benefits of communism were


Oh, I’m sure it isn’t. It’s just one of those “Jesus Christ people are stupid” things.


The Communism diet is killer.


Hahahaha. Wait he's serious. Hahahaha. Ye I remember all those Jews who had a wonderful time in the Soviet Union and all those people who tried from West to east Berlin. Oh wait


I was going to say things only improve if you're lazy worthless fuck with nothing to lose. Then I remembered if you were a lazy worthless fuck you were made to work or sent to the gulags under communism. So I don't think there's improvement for anyone under communism because if you're a hard worker everything you've worked hard for is now everyone else's too and if you're not a hard worker, you're about to become one.


‘He who does not work, neither shall he eat.’ -Lenin


Don't worry, most commies are 15 years old or spend all day in their home, they are irrelevant to society.


They are gaining ground


Or in Congress


I regret to inform you that AOC and Bernie Sanders are real politicians that people voted for. Commies are a very real threat.


They are not actual commies. I feel like in order to fight actual communism we have to differentiate between dumb leftists like aoc and actual commies who are openly communist.


Real Commies or not, they are useful idiots to those who are. Their empty emotional arguments are bringing more people to their side.


How are they not Communists?


They aren’t calling for a violent revolution to seize the means of production for the workers is pretty solid evidence they aren’t commies. There’s a pretty big difference between progressives that want to make the US like Europe and communists who want to make the US like the USSR


So whether they vote it in or use guns (probably not gonna happen) or somehow get the military on board (also not gonna happen) it's still communism and they would still prefer this country be run by Marxist/leninist shit heads


Communism is the complete dismantling of private property. Never heard them try to get votes for that one.


They're working towards it, can't just go and outright say that or people will know that they are fucking commies.


Can you give me examples of how they’re trying to work towards a complete dismantling of the capitalist economic framework? Calls for higher redistribution of wealth and social programs isn’t the same as calling for the workers to own the means of production.


A Commie is a Commie. Violent or not they are still Commies.


But I just explained how they’re not commies lol. They want and push for social democracy, not communism.


That's Communism. And no you didn't say explain how they are not Commies.


Social democrats aren’t communists. Social democracy isn’t communism. Not all leftist ideologies are communism. I explained how they’re not commies by saying they want the US to be more like modern day Europe..... which is not communist. Do you know what communism is?


That's where you are wrong all "leftists" are inherently Communistic because all want a big overarching government, want my money, and want to restrict my rights. Sounds like Communism to me. So to you a Commie has to want a violent take over to be called a Communist?


Only for the next 3 years...


*Vaush entered the chat*


They are gaining ground


They are gaining ground


I mean, they do have a bit of a point. People are more equal under communism both on the basis of sex and race... they're all equally suffering, but equal nonetheless.


Tbf Mao Zedong managed to actually get the concept of women working as more than housewives introduced to the countryside.


Killing their husbands and ‘convincing’ them to work so they don’t starve to death is a killer political strategy.


Ah. So that's how he did it. Never knew. Guess that's fair according to the modus operandi.


No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. And no.


These people are wholly ignorant of their own history. They were educated in public schools that never taught them the horrors of 20th century communism. And unless they seek out that history themselves, they'll never be exposed to it. Unlike with fascism, where there are 10000 movies, books, tv shows, etc... condemning it.


These people are completely disconnected from reality holy shit


These people are completely disconnected from reality holy shit


So why do they have to build walls and shit to keep people *in*?


Watching communists try to justify the Berlin wall is one of life's great joy's. Atleast when America builds a wall its not because everyone is starving and despurate to leave, quite the opposite actually.


>Emancipation from imperialism Should ask Eastern Europe and Central Asia about that


This has to be a troll. You can’t possibly be that stupid… unless you never took an economics course, a history course, basic math, have common sense, etc.


The few people I know IRL who are like this are all highschool dropouts, and usually *willingly* on unemployment. So you're not that far off, really.


Vietnam probably increased life expectancy in Cambodia by stopping the genocide?


>citation needed


I mean, they do have a bit of a point. People are more equal under communism both on the basis of sex and race... they're all equally suffering, but equal nonetheless.


Sadly this is not even true, almost all the communist regimes so far have been notoriously racist and homophobic. Just to name a few examples, stalin was very antisemitic and fidel castro mass-executed gay people in the 1960s


Just things that I already know about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctors%27_plot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katyn_massacre https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_transfer_in_the_Soviet_Union basically the Soviet trail of tears. The US (rightly) gets a lot of flak for the trail of tears but no one really talks about the soviets doing the same thing on the 1940s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavrentiy_Beria https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_invasion_of_Poland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_War Stalin is/was the worst offender but future dictators weren't much better. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungarian_Revolution_of_1956 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prague_Spring


Sadly this is not even true, almost all the communist regimes so far have been notoriously racist and homophobic. Just to name a few examples, stalin was very antisemitic and fidel castro mass-executed gay people in the 1960s


Yeah, that's true. I was simply making a joke at the commies' expense.


Industrial revolution tends to do that. I mean it's not quite as effective when you commit genocide but it'll still help those stats.


LMAO History says other wise


*Laughs in reality*


>citation needed




Cuba was as rich as Italy. North Korea was as rich as South Korea. Venezuela is so damn rich in natural resources and they can't even extract them. Currently, if Peru does as good the next 30 years as it's been doing the past 30 years, it'll have a GDP per capita similar to Germany (they've just elected a leftist dictator wannabe in Peru). Do we even need to mention maoist China? I could go on, but we all get the point.


Sounds great, I would love to move to this place. Someone needs to ask where this person lives.


In his dreams


There’s some logic here. Look at almost any communist/socialist authoritarian system. Quality of life does improve considerably, at the start. Maybe instead of just attacking we figure out how to achieve that in a more free system?


Ah yes, west and east Germany, same people, same language, nearly the same territory. Propaganda tells you Berlin Wall was there to prevent people going to West Berlin, but in fact it was to keep capitalist from fleeing to socialist paradise. Yep.


Equitable, sure. Everyone is equal when we die from starvation and gulag.


Holy fuck! How delusional can one be?


Communists are mentally ill.


Tell that to Cambodia 🇰🇭


Literally has no idea what they’re talking about and somehow I feel like even if you showed them all the necessary materials they’d still be in extreme denial.


Yes, they bring equality. They make everyone equally poor.


I guess nobody gets food is equality. Nevermind the BMI fo party leadership... it's a gland problem.


I mean, yes, if you start from 0, you can only grow...


[aaaaaa save my soul save me](https://i.redd.it/uos3jgu6pkf71.jpg)


I mean this is correct. The poster fails to elaborate on how this greatly improved living is achieved. These missed elaborations are small things of course, things like the eradicating ethnic differences, suppressing of differing and opposing opinion and viewpoints. Since I’m not familiar with what the trigger threshold of this sub is I will add that with the above criticism, I am in no way implying that the view classically opposite of communism/Marxism is better or achieves the same in a better way - nor am I implying that it doesn’t; I am in fact only commenting on the post in the screenshot


Yeah okay… test the security of a communist.. now that’s the downfall …


It is almost as if they live in a fairytale


The only place Communism was good for human rights was Afghanistan, and that only because the bar was already so low. (And they only did that by being hella imperialistic.) Then they started handing Afghan kids toy-shaped land mines…


Wait until he realizes how much better Somalia did under anarchy than communism.


I remember someone outright denying Stalin's atrocities towards the Mongolians.


I have accepted that 90% of those who subscribe to Marxist ideology are governed by personnel insecurities and this has made them functional idiots.


Of course, it's a very racially and sexualy equal society if everyone is dead


I mean, there is some truth to that, for instance the serfs had the state, for the first time in a 1000 years, at least try to do something good for them, and lived under a system that considered their well being to be their primary goal. I'm not a communist but this sub deals as much with extremism and dogma as all those it tries to criticize. Things aren't just black and white. There were many things communism made better. We can acknowledge that and not worship Stalin, you know.


Huffing unicorn farts is bad, mmkay?


Lmfaooooo. Venezuela has left the chat


Toooo be fair, Life expectanct by the fall of the USSR did grow to an extreme extent. Granted men going from a lfie expectancy of dying during young adulthood and living to be 60 is not as good as some people make it out to be. Turns out they just needed to stop purging as much as they did during the Stalin and Lenin days.


Is easy to have racial equality when you starve the minority populations in your country and jail the rest.


Maybe that’s why people always escape communism, have you ever heard a story of somebody building a raft out of household items to sail into Cuba? Me neither


Just put them in a room with the guys saying "Real communism hasn't been tried.".


ya im gonna need some facts to back up this wild claim they keep making


There's equality in suffering...


Replace communism with big bad evil capitalism and boom


Was this guy high when he wrote that?


I need some of that stuff he’s smoking


What the fuck is wrong with these peoples brains. Its creepy.


What a delicious comment


Comment to screen shot: “name one.” Silence.


Um, this person clearly is reading Soviet Era propaganda mythology as real history.


That HAS to be a troll. Seriously. I thought the party line was ‘it’s just never been done correctly,’ not ‘it worked every time!’ lolololol


Wow. Time to bunker up, boys. They're finally acknowledging it *was* real communism.


Two words: Pol Pot


Specific example please? Still waiting….


For a second I thought it was pcm and I said “wait this isn’t what authright would say”


This person should be sent to mainland China as a reward for their awesome, 'positive' post




Imagine being a self professed “Marxist Leninist” and telling people that “things greatly improve”, as if the horrors of the Holodomor didn’t happen. Ignorance is a hell of a drug, ain’t it?


Sure, just point to it on a map.


That has got to be a bot. No way this is a real person.


"That's literally never happened." "External reality is a social construction. Checkmate fascist."


Yet can they name an example of such a country? No. No they can’t.


He forgor💀


Huh I wonder why I don’t speak Russian right now despite my family living in Russia for generations


what EVER could have made them want to leave?? it could NOT have been the fact they were an ethnic minority


This is all true though?




I dont get it?


communism hasn't led to any substantial growth.


It objectively has though.


how so


Okay my guy, let's get you to bed, you forgot your meds again


Name a successful communist government