My plan is in the comments

My plan is in the comments


Only get Bites The Dust Kira and tell everyone there his name


I would also bring Funny Valentine, he could make an army of himself to act as a distraction and counter the numbers of the enemy team. If somehow Kira dies, Funny Valentine should be able to replace him. Lastly, don't forget that Funny Valentine can literally just....bring other stand users (such as Diego and maybe AU henchmen) to help him, which would again turn the tables to their favour in terms of raw power and act as a distraction. My point is: Besides BTD Kira, Valentine is the most OP option imo.


Also couldn't Valentine just bring you to a universe where you aren't being chased down if things get really rough>


Last resort yeah.


Ho, the dinosaur ver. Of me form another universe, how are you


Good, how are you vampire me?


Also good, I became a redditor from the depression of being defeated by a 17y/o punk


I thought you died


Naaah, that was just Araki making the plot But I am still alive


How is life? Still Drinking Blood and terrorizing Joestar Bloodline?


Yeah, same as always But now I stopped wasting my time on the Joestars and decided to waste it on reddit


I thought your legs were broken


I became a redditor from the shame of never owning Manhattan


D4C is a stand only unique to the "Root Valentine" (the world with the corpse) so I don't think it's possible for Valentine to reside in a different dimension if that rule exists. Sure, he can transfer D4C to different Valentines, but he's still stuck to the corpse universe.


He could atleast put you in another universe tho


Damn i mean...


Act 4 for 5$? That’s a steal and a half


For real tho


That’s what I was thinking! If we’re fighting 50 stand users, we want something that hits multiple at once, and what better than something activated only with a sentence. That would require the presence of a single non stand user though. Maybe I’d take white snake to make my OWN non stand user.


But you have to think why a man dedicated to solitude and hiding will help you for any reason, and if you know his identity your probably just going to add to the 50 other stand users after you Help is the last thing Kira will give you


That’s literally irrelevant for the post, you choose him to help he will help.


Young Joseph will always find a way


he just has to use his secret technique




To deafeat 50 flying invisible ghost with immense power? Nah


I believe in his bullshittery


Kars actually believed that Joseph planned that his arm would hit him when the volcano erupted, Joseph's bullshit level Is legendary.


Joseph's lies have plot armour


Hermit Purple's power is literally plot armor.


Lmao yeah


He sent a car to space with sheer power of hot rocks and cut off hand. He can surely defeat 50 invisible ghosts.




Don’t forget he also had the balls to pull a prank on his ptsd ridden grandson the moment he got revived


Wait hold on, Araki said that young Joseph had an underdeveloped version of hermit purple during battle tendency. Also holly was a stand user but here stand was underdeveloped that’s why she could see star platinum, and not use her stand. So would that mean Joseph can know where the attacks are coming from?


He could see but he wouldn't be able to fight them since he can't use hermit purple yet


I know he wouldn’t be able to win but if he were to try it would definitely help right? (Also what u/DarkFace3482 said)


He could try to go after the user but the user would probably just defend themselves with their stand


Tommy gun unironically might work on the mooks, obviously star platinum tier stuff will catch the bullets but just shooting the user could beat like 90% or more of stand users


I didn't even think of that, doesn't he discard the gun after he used it thay first time tho?


He'd PUNCH this tree causing a NUT to fall, causing a SMALL RODENT to pick up the nut and bring it back to its nest. It falls from the nest and knows over a CAN and the can rolls into the OCEAN where it's carried to a RANDOM ASS BOAT, where in picking up the can, a random guy accidentally fires his pistol and it unintentionally snipes joseph's enemy. It would probably go something like that


Hermit purple was probably within him as young Joseph but it was forcefully awaken by dio being a Chad like jotaro and the world: purple alt skin


Yeah so the stands wouldn’t be invisible to him


They would, it’s not awaken and since stands are physical manifestation of the mind, you could argue his mind wasn’t “awaken” to them yet


Wasn’t more about the fighting spirit? I mean if it were to be mentality then how the hell would a baby, a dog or okyasu be a stand user? Holly was a stand user but she just didn’t have the fighting spirit like the others did.


It’s bizarre idk what you want me to tell you I’m not araki


Yeah I guess your right It is a fictional universe after all (unfortunately)


LOL unfortunatly no one in the real world is experiancing infinate violent death forever


You underestimate Joseph's bullshittery


Joseph can low diff God himself


Yes he will. His bullshit is unbeatable.


I get Jotaro and then spend the extra five dollars on a twix




Just gotta hope the 50 stand users doesn't include Pucci


includes a rat


Does the rat have a gun?


So it's the same type of stand as star platinum


So it's the same type of stand as Star Ratinum


Get this man to help write part 9


I read that in the op of part 3 song and it was hilarious.


star is rats backwards...


Hmm so all 50 are the same type of stand as Star Platinum


That's the way JoJo works


Where you buying a twix that cost 5$ your getting scammed


Maybe I'm buying a huge Twix


Who’s your Twix guy?


Mine would be either Jotaro or DIO Greatest High with Johnny act 4


Rohan 10$ Okuyasu 4$ Jonathan 1$ Make Rohan write smart in okuyasu ez win




Jonathan because best boy deserves a spot.


Rohan writes “your stand is activated” in Jonathon, creating the ultimate Chad life form.


Jonathan already has a canon stand tho, it’s basically just hermit purple but a little stronger.


No it’s hermit purple but 𝓯𝓵𝓸𝔀𝓮𝓻𝓼




True. But Jonathan’s fighting spirit is unmatched, and this is a fully developed stand. Hermit purple infused with Hamon energy and precognition skills evolved to full blown God Emperor levels of prescience. Jonathan sees all events before him, stretching to the end of time and flowing backwards into the past. Additionally, he can see clearly into people’s hearts, I guess (per DIO’s use of his stand), and turns everyone into JoBros through his compassion and precise emotional therapy. checkmate, time manipulators.


Literally hermit purple requiem


This is the way. Okuyasu’s stand is so absolutely broken that he could destroy pretty much anyone on the list that isn’t a time-stopper.


Nah, Josuke wasn't struggling much with him, catching the hand easily (basing off the manga, the scene where Okuyasu lands multiple punches is non canon), not to mention Josuke wasn't actively trying to beat him up, and that's before he gets the chance to do anything stupid. The Hand isn't slow, but it's not as fast as the A tier speed stands.


It's cheaper to use Whitesnake to give The Hand to someone smart.


I only need 1 dollar; Boingo. Follow the damn instructions of the book. You win. Done.


"youre gonna win" "sike"


What if the book predicts that he's gonna get killed


Then he fucking dies


Then you just have to not follow the book


the book : "OP then goes for the attack but fucking dies" what do you do here?


*Sticks fingers up some guy's nose.*


Jonathan for 1 (chad) Giorno for 3 (healer) Kira BTD for 10 Boingo for 1 Boingo will predict that ultimate epic win and Kira would rewind time until we get it




Hmm yes Kira Bloons Tower Defence good choice


Bloons monki


Here's where you guys really need to think. Funny Valentine has to be one of the most broken stand characters in the Jojo universe. Honestly just pair him with Whitesnake and you're set. You'll have more than 50 stand users with you to help in no time. The ability to travel alternate dimensions and to be able to bring with you anyone, means that you can recruit anybody you want to. Pucci's whitesnake can turn anyone into a stand user using his disc collection. He can take the stand abilities away from those who are unwilling to help in alternate dimensions and give them to those more willing to help. This means 2 people from your team have solved the entire problem. So we've spent 9 dollars on our team so far. Now everything else is ornamental and overkill. 6 dollars left, you can choose anyone still affordable. Boingo might be a nice and cheap addition to the team, but considering how much bad luck he has, maybe not. Josuke's Healing ability is very fast, but Giorno's healing can resurrect anyone with a strong will. I wouldn't recommend Hamon users because they're outdated and only necessary for slaying vampires which we won't be dealing with. Mikitaka could actually be an alien and he can summon his UFOs from space to aid, or Joseph's uncanny ability to not die at the end of the day. You get the idea. Funny Valentine and Pucci are actually goldmines. Those 50 stand users will meet a 1000 the amount, if need be.


Bruh imagine hearing some kid yell “killer queen,Daisen no bakudan. Bites Za dusto!”


Alternatively, Kishibe Rohan and Funny Valentine. Unlimited power.


You’re not thinking 100% here mate, imagine an army of funny’s all with different stands from white snake.


Rohan+johnny act 4. Rohan will buff Johnny by so much BTD kira +act 1 koichi would wipe out everyone in a second by broadcasting kiras identity then killing them all with bites the dust too


I can see the second duo barely slipping by but you gotta consider the fact that even though johnny is the most powerfull stand user in his universe, its still 50 damn stands, and rohan couldnt help with them since he wouldnt have much oppurtunities to write anyrhing in the enemies


Rohan will write on johnny, not the enemies, getting rid of his weaknesses and making him stronger


Yeah i got that part, im talking about the fact that its 50 stands


I think johnny is strong enough to win if his mind is focused by rohan. He is arguably the strongest stand user ever


Another possible buff to Johnny could be Time Stop. The nails should be able to move during stopped time, seemingly teleporting to a regular stand user. Making them nearly undodgable.


Maybe if he made Johnny's nails grow back immediately, he would only need 5 rounds of each nail to cripple all 50 of them


Cripple? bro did you see what happened to valentine 💀💀


Make Rohan write “can use Act 4 without a horse” and boom Tusks only real disadvantage is gone get my boy some tea to recharge and then farm dubs.


I think Rohan is somewhat limited by possibility. Rohan never did something that was completely impossible with his stand. The infinite spin can only be achieved with the help of a horse, and it’s written in to the “laws of physics” of jojo. I don’t think Rohan can do that


Rohan literally wrote “flies back at 40 mph” on Koichi (I think), and that’s definitely something that can’t just happen. Also makes himself blind in the Louvre comic


But it’s possible for someone to be moved at 40mph, and its possible for someone to go blind. The infinite spin is just on a different level of manipulation


When I first saw this, Johnny act 4 and Rohan instantly became the pair I'd use my money on because of the possibilities


15 Koichis for the ultimate reliability.


That’s so reliable


Jotaro, yoshikage kira, and oingo boingo.


Oingo boingo is literally just "you're gonna win" "sike"


The trick is to get an idea of where everybody is going to stand and have kira plant bombs there. Then get oingo boingo out of there as quickly as possible and let jotaro clean up whatever is left


imma just buy DIO, Dio, Kakyoin, and Giorno friends :)


Thats 19 dollars...


yeah im breaking the rules for FRIENDSHIP


also i cant do math




Whats 9+10


19 21


DIO and Kakyoin sounds like it would be the world's most awkward reunion


they’re best buddies dont worry






Golden experience. Killer Queen. King crimson. hierophant green. . Killer Queen could make bombs out of golden experiences creations. . King crimson for positioning. . And kakyoin for his brain ,ranged and rope like abilities.


why would you take this over BTD Kira though, or Rohan, or C-Moon Pucci?


Valentine and fucking leave lmao


Jotaro, Josuke and Jonathan




it's P3 jotaro, star plotinum solos


jotaro didn't really, he was mainly trying to teach josuke


Not so true, Jotaro needs Josuke to identify the rat's position, also, alone he would have been hit and died because josuke wasn't there to heal him.


Sorry bro but you dying insanely easily. Jonathan can’t survive against probably any of the other picks. Jotaro can stop time but if he does it first then dio can do it second and dio gets like what 11 seconds to wipe out the team. And josuke can heal you but can’t move during stopped time. Also you gotta deal with btd Kira not telling you his identity and other stuff like valentine not kidnapping you and sending you to another dimension.


I think its assumed that they would be fighting 50 random, hypothetical stand users, not the other people on the list


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Get this higher. Blatant and disrespectful. u/Konik1 what do you have to say for yourself


Nope he only took the image so he could show us what he was going to do with his dollars in response to that post


Doesn't change the fact that the meme is the centerpiece of this post while not providing any credit to u/Ready_Adhesiveness91, who originally made the meme.


First, i would use 10$ to hire BTD Kira, Amazing defense. Second, i would use 3$ to hire giorno with normal golden experience, decent offense. Third, i would use the remaining 2 $ to hire koichi act 2, huge support player. Here's my plan: I assume that theres only 4-5 stands going at as max at the same time so no biggie. The first few stands will attack us, Kira starts defending with Sheer Hearth Attack and close combat, given that this is BTD Killer Queen, Stray Cat will most likely be there too, Just a bonus. Meanwhile, Giorno is creating dinosaurs from rocks, bushes and trees and orders them to attack the enemy, the fuck is the enemy gonna do about it? They cant attack the dino's since they would be inflicting the damage to themselves thanks to GE's ability which means that they will be a huge burden to deal with and a good distraction. By that time Kira would have taken out the first and maybe even the second wave of stands with Koichi's help. This brings me to Koichi. Koichi is not used to 'one on one' combat, Which means he will be staying in the back being protected by Giorno since they have a good relationship, basically Uncle and Nephew. Koichi would cripple the enemy stands with act 2. Is there a stand thats way too fast to cath with an explosive air bubble or a dino? Just write "Slow" on the ground and you're good! Now the stand is slow. Is there a stand that needs to get close to attack us? Just write "Blow" on the wall and you're good! Now there's distance between us. Is there a stand that is ranged? Just write "Suck" on the wall and you're good! Now there's no space inbetween us and the stand is hopefully trapped to the wall. Once Giorno creates enough dinosaurs he will start focusing on protecting Koichi while he picks up pebbles from the ground. Yoshikage and Koichi have taken out atleast 15 stands by this point. When Giorno picks up the pebbles he will alarm Yoshikage, Stray cat will make a bubble as big as possible, KQ recalls SHA, makes the bubble into a contact bubble to distract the enemies. Giorno gives Kira the pebbles and he turns one of them into a detonation bomb, (Mind you the contact bubble exploded by now) Giorno will turn the pebble into a bird and orders it to fly towards the enemy, the bird will fly high and goes to bother the most powerfull enemy stand there is out of the group. The enemy will think its a random bird but it's actually a pebble which is actually an explosive, Giorno turns the bird back, Kira explodes the pebble blowing of the stands head off of it shoulders instantly. Rinse and repeat. If anything fucks up, Kira will activate KQ's third bomb, turning me into the bomb. "HEY GUYS THIS GUY'S NAME IS YOSHIKAGE KIRA, HE IS 33 YEARS OLD AND WORKS AS AN EMPLOYEE FOR THE KAME-YU DEPARTMENT'S" Everybody around explodes, mind you that since im the bomb i remember everything including the enemies strategy, which i will share with my team. With this we can evetually perfect our attack plan and kill all 50 stands.


Oh hy there Joseffuh Jostah.


There is one HUGE PROBLEM here. You have 0 Timestop resistance. This means that if you encounter literally any time-stopping ability you are defenseless. Meaning it is up to luck whether you encounter a stand user who can stop time or not. So you need rework, because I doubt Giorno can somehow move during a Timestop.


There's only 2 time stoppers we know of, and both of them are on that chart


Plus time stop can only be used for short amounts of time without long term rigorous training. There is really only so much you can do in 5 seconds, DIO's extreme strength and tendency to carry around several dozen knives is what made his time stop really so poweful.


i theorize golden experience reqeium can move during time stop because he can interact during time skip


Fuck the dinosaurs, get him to make Arthropleura. What the hell are they gonna do when fifty 8 foot millipedes come at them?


Mista, Giorno, Kira, and Johnny Act 4. Mista uses sex pistols to redirect Johnny's nails after they hit a foe, meaning that he can send Tusk after multiple people at once. Giorno can turn items into creatures, have Kira touch them, and send them towards the enemy as living bombs. Plus Kira can turn Johnny's nails into bombs.


Simple. $10 for DIO (go for him over Jotaro for longer Time Stop and vampiric powers.) sunlight is a worry but assuming we’re not in just an open field we should be good. $4 for Okuyasu. The hand is extremely powerful just needs so guidance. Flesh bud Okuyasu and boy is gonna be a moral-less menace. $1 for Koichi. He’s decent support. I’d say Jonathan but Koichi can actually see stands and distract them. Biggest flaw is sunlight, but like I said it’s presumably not in just the open we’re vampires/pillar men would die instantly.


Joseph (Part 2) Kakyoin Jotaro


Joseph would be pretty much useless, youre going against stands and he isnt a stand user yet. Kakyoing is a good pick since he woild have range and good offense and given that Jotaro is 10 dollars he probably already has Star Platinum The World meaning thats its a good pick But i can only see this team working against a few stands, they would tire out before they get to 50 stands


What $2 option you would recommend?


Koichi is the only stand user there so probably him


Bold of you to say that non-stand users are useless against stand users


Damn, yall sleeping on C Moon Pucci. It's not only one of the best defensive stands, but it's pretty good for offense, too. I had a similar team in the last one of these I saw, but I'm going with C Moon Pucci $10 Kakyoin $3 Part 2 Joseph $2 Pucci does his thing with C Moon, already giving the stand users a tough challenge by having to go against gravity. Pucci will be standing next to me, while C Moon can venture a little ways away to fend off any stand users who managed to hole up somewhere nearby despite the gravity. Kakyoin will essentially function as a sniper, and can also use heirophant to do some recon as necessary. Lastly, Joseph is as Joseph does: Bullshitting his way to victory despite terrible odds. Can't see stands? No problem. He'll predict the right places to dodge and paralyze his foes with bursts of hamon. Kakyoin can also help him out by shooting at the stands that are near him.


Finally, someone who said Pucci. Even if there's no MiH, C-Moon and Whitesnake are still solid picks


I would pick Pucci (C-Moon) too, but it’s hard to apply him to a team, plus he gets ganked hard in the manga. Although flipping gravity and one shotting people is really good, having another ranged stand or extra numbers can be extremely detrimental. On top of that the only teammates who would benefit from C-Moon are Johnny Act 4) and Mista could do well in a flipped environment (Can redirect their shots around obstacles).


Young Jotaro, young Joseph, Giorno and just let the plot armor do its work. They're cheap as fuck though


Rohan, Okuyasu, and Jonathan Have Rohan write "is able to use Stand to it's fullest" in Okuyasu, and then "has a Stand" in me and Jonathan Win


15 Jonathan Joestars. Nuff said.


Kira (BtD) to explode everyone that gets near and using Sheer Heart Attack as a bait to the traps, using Bites the Dust as a contingency plan, Kakyoin to be a sensor and keep the enemies away using the Emerald Splash and his tentacles, ending with Koichi (Act2) as a support and make traps of the ambient.


And if Stray Cat comes with Kira, use the air bubbles to take out the weaker enemies


DIO giorno and dio brando DIO = time stop , 7 seconds , tw fastest stand Giorno for healing also a good attacker bec of berserk effect or stun effect of ge's punches dio brando for fast movement and the healing of vampirism, in the Manga DIO healed Pucci's toe with vampirism The master plan = DIO can literally kill more then 8 people in time stop , giorno has also a fast stand so he can attack fast , he can punch people for stun then dio brando can kill them Another master plan = just get Kira and tell him to tell his name to all the enemys so Kira can use btd


15 koichis


$10 for Jotaro, and $5 for Diavolo


dude, you put future-predicting kid at one dollar?!?!?!?!?


hol horse for 15 dollars gg


Okay I'm going with a maximum ranged, ultimate firepower team: $5 Act 4 Johnny $4 Kira $3 Giorno $2 Caesar $1 Koichi Kira can turn anything into bombs including Caesar's bubbles, Koichi's word projectiles, and Giorno's creations. For even more firepower and destructive capabilities, Kakyoin over Giorno would be better but I want his utility as a healer. Koichi can also provide good utility through a variety of illusory sounds and long ranged scouting. Lastly, Johnny is the ultimate glue that brings everything together. First, his Act 3 wormhole ability allows the entire sniper team to maneuver into better vantage points, shooting bomb projecticles from pretty much everywhere. Then let's not forget he can also instill the golden spin to anything as well. A last resort combined attack with bubbles, echoes and Giorno's creations, turned into bombs and instilled with infinite rotation would be absolutely devastating. So in summary, I've designed a stand sniper team capable of healing and long ranged scouting. Kira is the base, Johnny is the glue, while the 3 others provide utility and ranged access. It's Stray Cat on steroids. edit: that or buy 15x $1 Boingos for a budget version of D4C love train with good luck


White snake, okuyasu, josuke, vampire dio, and Johnathan. So the first thing ima do is have white snake take okuyasu’s ability and give it to dio. Then dio blitzes a bunch of stand users and random bystanders, either raising them as zombies or having white snake steal the stands to give to his zombies. Josuke plays defense and heal bot, making sure everyone stays ok, and once Johnathan gets a decent stand he’s the number 2 heavy hitter, defending pucci. Okuyasu can go cry ig lol just wanted his stand.


Rohan and any teammate would win. Rohan just writes “I always win” on his teammate and that’s that


Josuke zeppeli and jotaro


valentine, kakyoin, giorno and josuke. Giorno and kakyoin will keep the stand users away from valentine while he summons alternate versions of the stand users and josuke is for healing


Johnathan: (defence) Jotaro: (attack) josuke:(healer) the reason why I choose Johnathon, jotaro and josuke First of all Johnathan may be a weak hamon user but at least he might be useful for defence because he can create Hamon by using any object or creating a trap. second of all I choose jotaro but not because he can stop time. it's because his stand has Incredible speed and strength plus his range and is only 2 meters from jotaro's body. Star platinum's time stop ability is different to the world time stop ability and they both have 2nd ability's star finger and teleportation. and last and not least josuke we already know josuke has the ability to heal because he can fix objects and crazy diamond's unique ability is to restore some objects, organisms and repair damage also his range is the same as jotaro's stand.it is the closest stand just like star platinum's. it's Physical strength having been able to easily punch through walls.


C-Moon, Golden Experience, Echoes Act 2


1. Pucci with C-Moon, makes approach very difficult so makes sure majority of 50 stand users will not even get there, and the ones that do get there do not arrive all at once due to difficulty, greatly evening the fight. 10 $. 2. Mista can shoot people from a distance that are slowly and with great difficulty approaching due to C-moon's shifted gravity, making everyone pretty easy and clear to see targets depending on environment. 3$ 3. Act 2 koichi, can make the gravity shifted terrain even more impossible to approach by sticking explosion sounds or heat sounds on terrain features that are likely to be used for approach. 2$ Would likely still lose but this seems like the best way to set up a sort of siege defense needed to keep 50 others at bay.


Just buy Pucci, reset the timeline and job done.


Some characters in this pic can do it solo.


Josuke, Okuyasu, Giorno, Mista, and Jonathan.


I have two possible teams: 1. Rohan Buff $10 - Rohan $3 - Giorno $2 - Dio (P1) My plan is to use Rohan to write “Achieved Requiem” in Giorno and “Has a stand” in Dio. With GER and The World they should dispatch the stand users easily. 2. Gonna blow up and act like I know nobody $10 - Kira (BTD) $2 - Koichi (Act 2) $1 - Koichi (Act 1) $1 - Boingo $1 - Mikitaka The whole point of the team is to spread Kira’s identity and kill them all with Bites the Dust. Since both Koichi’s can use Echoes Act 1 they can yeet “Kira Yoshikage” everywhere for the stand users to hear. Mikitaka can turn into a billboard with “Kira Yoshikage” on it. And Boingo can just predict what will happen so the plan will be effective.


I’m just buying Boingo and follow the instructions in the book correctly not like the other idiots that used it




gonna buy lisa lisa and jolyne to bang them then die


Johnny act 4, josuke, funny valentine and boingo.


everyone from the bottom row okuyasu and then Johnny


$1 for Boingo and that's it. All I need to do is actually trust in his predictions.


DIO and Johnny Act 4


Dio $10 (time haxxx) Josuke $4 (healer) Boingo $1 predictions


I'd get Rohan, josuke and Koichi (with echoes act 1) Koichi would simply be used to convince Rohan to work with josuke, I'd have Rohan write on josuke "can now heal myself with crazy diamond", I'd also have him write "knows the weaknesses of the next 100 stands/stand users I will fight" on josuke and boom instant win


Dio for power Joseph for strategy Mikitaka for all around usage Jonathon for moral support


Kira BTD and Johnny with ACT IV is all I need, make Johnny the trigger and get him to tell everyone his name over and over, anyone who somehow escapes will be shot by Johnny and infinitely spun.


Jotaro, Okuyasu, and Zeppeli


I'm going with josuke for 4, johnny act 4 for 5, kakyoin for 3, part 1 dio for 2, and Jonathan for 1.


Giorno, Kakyoin, Josuke, act 4


Gold experience, Joseph joestar, and tusk act 4


I would use $10 on Za Warudo, it has the max timestop so it can take out lots of enemies each time. Then $5 on Diavolo, King Crimson + Epitaph can counter basically everything, so he could take out more dangerous enemies while Dio eliminates all the weaker ones


So I will have Okuyasu, next I will take Rohan to write "smart" on Okuyasu and next, Jonathan, just to be.


All i need is funny Explaination: i go to different dimension so i can continue living like normal If murder is necessary:johnny+ act 4, josuke, boingo, diavolo Explaination: johnny is an ohko machine, diavolo was only defeated by ger and scr(he couldnt take the arrow from it) josuke is for heals, boingo is for future sight(along with diavolo if he has epitaph)


Love train, ball breaker, giorno with base GE and lisa lisa. Lovrtrain op defense and ball breaker is insanely good in offensive combat. Giorno can just create dions to also attack or better yet literally just eagles or falcons and lisa lisa is there bc she is nice and she IS a guitar so ez entertainment


Johnny plus josuke to revive the lost fingernails. Gimme okuyasu for the horse protection and we’ll be riding like the 3 musketeers


15 johnathans


I’ll take Johnny Tusk Act 4, Ball Breaker Gyro, Giorno, and Joseph, thanks


Jotaro, Josuke, Jonathan


Ws is more op than you think..