>If you support the cpp Oh great, another Java apologist.


I thought he was talking about the Canadian Pension Plan.


I fucking hate c++ too tbh


C is what most programs should be written in. Change my mind.


That's casual shit, I write everything in assembler.


Lmao i just got banned for that comment XD


Any love for C# here?




The mods seem to be cracking down even harder lately because the narrative is starting to get too unbelievable. This is the fifth or sixth time I’ve heard someone get banned from saying RFA is a shit source on that thread in the last few hours.




Well that‘s why they‘re cracking down on it. Can‘t risk the imperial narrative. What drives me up the walls though is the amount of people complaining about „sissypee bot farms“ on reddit while the US literally has them and uses them. This double standard needs to die already. The OP of that article also only posts RFA and dailyNK articles, but he‘s not suspicious of course. And again, there may be bots on reddit of China, maybe not. I actually highly doubt that they give a single fuck about reddit and reading the Harvard study about the „50c army“, where they have shown that that „armageddon propaganda machine“ is actually pretty fucking lame and only operate domestically, just proved my point. All while every week now, there are new articles about US surveillance, intelligence efforts and so on and so forth. I just can‘t anymore. Seriously. I‘m beyond angry. I‘m old enough to have witnessed 3 wars in the news which were built on lies and public deception. This grotesque imperial press machine needs to die. Freedom of press can burn in hell along with their other utterly useless idealisms, which in the end, only serve the these fascists.


Omg i just did to for saying RFA news stories aren’t real XD


At this point we should retork how The Onion is a more reliable source of news than Radio Free Asia


like,its literally *directly from* RFA cant get too much further divorced from reality than that


They're actively deleting comments that point out it's misinformation, too.


I just got permanently banned because i said the story wasn’t real because it came from RFA


Just a month ago I remember a large number speaking out against RFA propaganda in worldnews... I thought there was a chance


I have to say, the "Uyghurs are detained because of their religion" argument falls flat the milisecond you actually know *anything* about chinese ethnography and religious demographics the Hui are literally muslim too, together with a few other Chinese minorities Where's the Hui concentration camps?






How the fuck do people still believe all this ridiculous shit the western propaganda machine rolls out like literally just either talk to a chinese person about china or visit china yourself


I’ve never heard of rfa, what are they and what’s the problem with them?


Like RFE they are literal CIA propaganda outlet with a multibillion dollar funding whose only purpose was to spread anti communist propaganda by any means necessary during the cold war up to now. They spread false information all the time. Literally *the onion* is more credible and the onion is satire. They came up with the false story for example of the mother executed in NK for saving her children from burning house fire instead of portraits of leaders (completely false) Everything they say should be immediately assumed as intentionally false information because literally that is why they were created


Okay, thanks for explaining it Edit: and sorry for my ignorance. I don’t follow East Asian news to much


They also have Radio Free Europe


Bruh even media bias fact check says RFA is owned by the US. How people still think its credible is beyond me.


And yet you hardly ever hear anything about other muslims in China, or even the Hui muslims who also live in Xinjang. The reason of course is that if you are going to make up a story about any group of people you want, you are more likely to pick the group with more name recognition.




nothing like western "leftists" defending the CIA against "authoritarianism"




Don’t be a reactionary. We are talking about the CIA hear who under orders of the US has ruined an uncountable amount of lives




Reactionary rhetoric


thanks for your wonderful insight, u/(Randomword)_(Randomword)(number)