Adam Driver is such a great actor that flew completely under my radar before Star Wars. His performance in Marriage Story and Blakkklansman was fantastic


Also really great one off in Inside Llewyn Davis, a fantastic Coen brothers featuring none other than Star Wars co-star Oscar Isaac! They sing a song together


"UH-oh" "ouTER" "SPAce"


Please Mr. Kennedy!


he's really good in White Noise which is coming to netflix soon. i'm kinda mixed on the movie as a whole but he's great in it


Also Paterson


The Dead Don’t Die was also amazing. He didn’t have to carry that one all by himself but he has some great lines


Very good in “silence” as well




You made a brand new account just to leave a troll comment? +rep


New Hope and Return of the Jedi are the exact same movie. Luke was a MASSIVE Mary Sue. All 3PO does is complain. R2 can just magically fix or break into anything. Why Obi Wan would hide Luke on Tattooine with Anakin's family - using the same last name - and Obi Wan keeping on using his real name is the stupidest fucking plot hole ever. They had to retcon in the exhaust port issue nearly 40 years later. Yoda's storyline is nearly exact the same as Luke's in new trilogy, but people want to ignore that. Ewoks. They literally repeated the "Boba Fett? Where?" audio line twice in a row. Both Akakin and Kylo were genocidal emotionally unstable siths who kinda do one right thing (that they planned on doing anyway) at the end are suddenly forgiven? And you're telling us the line delivery by most actors in the OT was amazing? C'mon. Keep simping for the OT while ignoring it's GLARING issues while trashing others for exact same problems.


>New Hope and Return of the Jedi are the exact same movie The rest of this isn't completely wrong but other than both having a death star how is that remotely true?


I wasn’t a huge fan of the sequel trilogy either, but I don’t blame the actors, I blame Kathleen Kennedy and Disney’s lack of understanding about what exactly Star Wars is. C’est la vie. (Now we have Andor to smile about). “The asian chick” (Rose) sums you up pretty quick, bud. Well, that and hiding behind a fake account made for this sole purpose. Give your balls a tug.


Still mad about the wasted potential of Finn as a character


Same, Finn had so much potential.


Potential, character Finn had


everyone forgets about my homelady Rose!!


No. Although the actor is fine her script was poo-doo.


I think that’s the case for all the main characters. Good actors, great potential for the characters, just awful writing


Like even the dialogue is good! They fired on all cylinders on every single aspect except one, the story lol like the single most important part. They over corrected on the prequels in every way possible. The yin and yang of the saga with the OT sitting in perfect harmony lol


it was a huge exercise of I bet you wouldnt, oh boy and would they did


Hell nah


Word. The most attractive lady in Star Wars AND an interesting (albeit wasted in RoS) character


I'm not really sure why she was in the movie in the first place. The rest of the cast have interesting premises. Kylo: Nephew of Luke, son of Leia and Han Solo, grandson of Anakin. Was supposed to be one of the first students in Luke's new Jedi Order but he fell to the dark side like his grandfather. Rey: Unknown Force sensitive from a barren part of the galaxy. Could have been a good way to see how the Force takes relatively unimportant people and makes them a force for change in the galaxy. Finn: First Stormtrooper we see defect. Why is he different? How did he break away? Is there more out there that can be saved? How will he change them? Is he Force-sensitive? And then there's Rose: Sister died in a bombing run. She's a maintenance worker.


honestly i agree. aside from all the other aggravating things about the sequals (lack of consistent plan, marvel humor, luke character assassination bother me the most), i was expecting finn coming up as a force sensative along with rey and more of a good/evil sibling situation with kylo and rey than what happened. ​ adam driver was without a doubt the best part of the whole trilogy.


I recognize that I’m FAR in the minority on this one, but I liked Luke’s fall and redemption. We saw him 40 years after he started fighting a revolutionary war that defined his early adulthood. He founds his temple, tries to begin anew…and he senses the dark side in his nephew. In an absolute low point, he moves to prevent the dark side from founding another galactic empire through Ben but plays right into its hands. How COULDN’T that break somebody, make them cynical and jaded? He failed himself—this is the dude who spared DARTH VADER finding a limit to his compassion and empathy. But at the end the real Luke, the inspiring hero we remember, comes back. Just like his father, he found himself again at the end. Iirc Luke had a fall to the dark side in Legends, and that was probably way better-written, but I feel like this is one of those character arcs that will be vindicated with time (and maybe some help with a limited series expanding the barebones plot)


The main problem was that OT Luke would have never attempted to kill Ben. He tried to redeem Vader, and if you include all he did in the PT, that's a lot of bad things. Man murdered a room full of children and Luke thought he was redeemable. He has one bad dream and is suddenly about to kill someone? Complete 180 from his actual character. Everything after fits in with this new character, but not with OT Luke.


He tried to redeem Vader... then tried to kill him two minutes later. 🤣


He was never going to kill Ben, though. The lightsaber ignition is his instinct from seeing the vision. His mistake was that he invaded Ben's mind in the first place. The period of peace made him paranoid of what he could lose, which lead to his downfall.


I totally hear that point too, I think we’re just at really divergent ends of the fandom on this one! I’ve experienced a lot of trauma and at my breaking points I’ve lost myself, sometimes even betrayed who I used to be, but I’ve come back to myself these last few months. So to me there’s a lot of power in Luke’s story arc: the literal hero of the rebellion and paragon of the light side can falls further than he thought possible, but at the end he finds himself again. I can relate to that.


I think for me the issue was that there was nothing to it in the movies. It kinda said "just trust me bro" without any real hint on why Luke had fallen. I think the novelization goes into it more but the movies really ought to stand on their own legs


i don't think it couldn't have worked *in principal*. it was the delivery that sucked. There are too many open questions that are just hanging there and weren't given proper answers: how does ROTJ luke (who was ready to die to redeem his own father, who lets remember NO ONE saw as redeemable) become crazy ass ignite lightsaber on nephew luke. that's just way to incongruous without some kind of further explanation. we basically get a "somehow, luke skywalker lost his way" and that was it. so many things on that film could have been fine if they just added a 5 or 10 minute scene here or there to connect the dots, but instead we got a 30 minute canto bight subplot that literally accomplishes *nothing*.


Oh yeah for sure, the execution sucked. I’d actually love an all-JJ or all-Johnson trilogy, but their storytelling styles are almost diametrically opposed. It was like eating a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich. But to me it’s like the prequel trilogy: buried underneath the atrocious dialogue and directorial choices of 1-3 was an incredible story about a complacent power system being subverted by fascism while a religious order’s chosen one falls. Here, buried being shoddy filmmaking and directorial whiplash, there’s a really engaging storyline about how a revolutionary hero deals with hopelessness. I’d love to see that get expanded on down the line, maybe the way the TCW helped the prequel trilogy.


That might be the best analogy I have ever heard lol


i don't think johnson was appropriate for a mainline star wars film tbh. his style is just far away from the borderline "swords and sandles" feel star wars tends to have (when it's not otherwise you know, blowing up planets haha). i feel like if HE made Solo or something like it, it would have been lauded. in any case it's not hte worst film in the series. TROS is, mostly because of *all* of the fucking re-retcons and death fakeouts. also, it was the only star wars film i 100% fell asleep watching on opening night :-(


Luke went to Death Star 2 determined to redeem and save his father but still freaked out and nearly killed him once Leia was threatened. With Kylo he didn't go anywhere near that far, merely activated his saber for a moment. Seemed totally in character for an older wiser but still imperfect Luke, to me.


see this is where i disagree. in the relative safety of his temple, and without palpatine actively hovering over him, i feel like he'd have more of a chance to like - think about it before he ignited his fucking lightsaber. if this had happened on a mission or battlefield with Ben somewhere, i could have totally bought it. see how easy that could've been to fix?


Luke has always been impulsive, it's who he is.


I, too, am a big fan of OT Luke. It’s like he took a shower in Darth Treya’s teachings after having a nervous breakdown. It felt believable and reasonable, *particularly* from a Jedi Guardian perspective. Let’s remember Luke is impulsive and leads with his saber.


I am not a fan. It feels like you’re saying Aragorn turns evil at the end of lord of the rings. Hard pass for me.


And HE'S the one that got killed off... goddammit lol


A lot of characters had potential


yeah Finn in TFA was great, then he goes on to do a lot of nothing for the rest of the trilogy


"But he just seemed funny to me." Also applies to general Hux.


Hux. That bummed me out.


TLJ set him up to be a bonafide resistance leader and he became a lost puppy following Rey around for the majority of RoS. Such a shame. Also the fact the original script for 9 had him lead a stormtrooper rebellion on Coruscant and all we got out of it was that little scene during the final battle really sucks.


I mean he did become co General with Poe and led a band of ex stormtroopers into battle on a rideable creature similar to Canto Bight so the set up did pay off. Just not very satisfyingly executed.


Still mad about Phasma as well


I’m still mad about the wasted potential as Rey and Ren switching sides mid-way.


Why would Rey switch sides? Her main flaw was assuming she could redeem Kylo without having any relationship to him whatsoever. People think her being drawn to the dark side cave makes her dark side aligned, but this is a critique on Luke's arc in the OT. He was afraid of the dark side cave and refused to enter it unarmed like Yoda told him to. That's why he was corrupted and why he fears it still. Rey did exactly what she was supposed to. She saw the dark side, took off her weapons, and went in unarmed like Yoda told Luke on Dagobah. It was halfassed appeals to fan headcanon that tried to copy the OT without doing the work that made up this whole Dark Rey thing.


Yeah, Finn was the most interesting part for me, then Poe and Kylo had the interrogation scene and I was really interested in all three… but no can’t have Poe be a focus, can’t have Finn be competent, and can’t have Ben Solo be anything but a romance option for Rey…


Yes. We went from that glorious first trailer and all the wonderful possibilities too… a dude who screams “Rey!”




He does in the Duel of the Fates script and he teams up with Rey in the production art for the original Rise of Skywalker shoot wielding a lightsaber with her against Kylo.


Yeah he could have been the scummy good guy but instead was the second half of whatever Oscar isaacs characters name is, I already forget. Very forgettable.


*All* of the characters imo, so much wasted potential


Still mad that Kylo didn't take over the first order and then be redeemed, or anything more compelling and better than "somehow palpatine returned."


China and Disney's wallet are super happy about it sadly


Adam was amazing, but really that whole cast was great. The content and story arc was the problem.


There were just so many open questions from the get-go if you think about it. Who were Daisy's surprise parents supposed to be? How did the New Republic go so wrong and end up so weak? Who is Snoke and where did he come from? What happened to Luke and his other students?


Seriously, its like if after the Allies beat the Nazis they were just like, "ok we're done, good luck Germany! you can go do whatever you want. Promise you won't attack anyone again? No take backs? Ok good. Also we have burned all of our warships and weapons because there is no possible way there will ever be a conflict again in the history of humanity!"


So you mean it’s more like WW1


Well played lol


The Galactic Civil War was more like WW1 in this aspect. An armistice was signed with the Imperial remnants after the Battle of Jakku. It was not a total victory for the Alliance and they could not force an unconditional surrender upon what eventually become the fIrst Order, because ultimately they lacked the military power or political will to do so.


I mean, that entire starring cast was awesome.


Great cast, terrible story.


Standard Star Wars.


They were


The main cast were all amazing. It's the crappy writing that ruined it. Just so much missed potential.


I would also add John Boyega (spelling?). While his character was a failure of potential, I never once thought that his acting was bad. I really enjoyed his performance.


Oscar Isaac was also pretty dam good


Yeah but his character had no character at all. He had almost nothing to work with. He is so good with a great script tho.


Dune proves that


And Moon Knight. And Ex Machina. And Scenes from a Marriage. Pretty much everything that had some soul.


can't leave out his masterpiece (Inside Llewyn Davis)


Moon Knight is fantastic.


*Kylo ren shirt off


ben swolo




If only the writers didn’t ruin the whole trilogy


Sometimes I’ll just look up his parts on YouTube. I still absolutely love how they did his voice with the mask on. Also, when he stops the blast from the blaster still gives me goose bumps.


Maybe a kylo ren spinoff show? It could be really edgy and epic.


One of the (many) holes that the sequels left was his backstory. Like, yeah, they said "He was dark, so Luke tried to kill him, and Snoke was there too", but that leaves SO many open questions. How did it manifest itself BEFORE he was sent to Luke? (The novels hint at this once or twice, but that's about it) What made that so bad that Leia wanted to send him to Luke, and Han agreed? Why did Luke let the darkness fester, and just keep trying the same teachings again and again? (Definition of insanity, something, something...) How much did anyone know about Snoke in his head before he turned? I'd be totally down for anything that tells those stories. Series, novels, whatever.


Or a show that takes place before the sequels but after he leaves Luke


the end was so meh though :(


he tried to carry the sequels but he failed sadly. no single actor can carry a trilogy of films without an existing coherent story.


Please. Please remember that he was one of the biggest complaints when the movie was released. I'm so happy to see him getting praise but it is exhausting how often people change their tune on these films. At the end of the day, they are good.


Yeah but JJ Abrams thought "he loves his grandpa more than his parents" would equal the meticulous narrative that lead to Vader's evil. Vader was born to slavery and groomed by the most evil being alive from basically the moment he was freed. Kylo Ren just never outgrew teenage rebellion? The original trilogy solidifies that nobody is born evil, Vader's kids are the main driving forces that stop him. Fucking fool, that Abrams guy.


Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac in my opinion


He's great in Paterson


Similar to the OT the only actors that made it out of 7-9 and still got consistent top billing work were actors who were established before star wars. In this case thats Adam and Oscar.




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I liked the sequels more than the prequels. There, I said it


I wish we could just have a new sequel trilogy with most of the same actors. Just have a better story and writing to replace the train wreck of a sequel that we got


The actors all did a great job, the problem was the writing. Episode 7 was a decent start and I‘m especially sad about Finn‘s character development. A rogue stormtrooper changing sides was such an interessting story and John played well but they just let him down…


Yeah but his character was incredibly inconsistent and made incredibly dumb decisions throughout.


Idk. His performance made me laugh at times when he was trying to be super serious.


Thank you ! I was confused if this was a joke meme and then everyone in here is agreeing how great he was... What!? I didn't feel compelled in any of the characters emotions. The only feeling I got too was laughter 😂😂


A shame the character didn't make a lick of sense. Adam driver is great though


He’s also very good in the NSFW stuff


True, the other actors such as Daisy Ridley also had phenomenonal performances.


The sequel trilogy sucks ass. The prequels are so much better.


Kylo Ren is a whiny, teenage edgelord who likes to throw temper tantrums. Worst antagonist ever.


Inaccurate meme, because Adam Driver's excellent performances and charisma still didn't save the horrible writing/concept for Kylo Ren's character, much less all of the sequels.


It's like they made a "trilogy" but every movie was separate and pointless.


Ugh. I know this is unpopular, but I'm not a fan of Driver. He's got resting mope face.


Uh...no. His character had the furthest to come, which wasn't Driver's fault, but Kylo hardly carried the trilogy. He didn't really show depth until the 3rd film.


And even then the whole arc felt rushed.


I'm sorry but he was just a whiny baby in the sequels, everything about him just seems so wrong


Nope, he sucked, no way Han & Leia made something that ugly!


What ... he was the worst


?? What? That character was very bad. Badly written, adam driver preformed what he was asked to preform very well. But an angsty teen sith? How thought that was a good idea? Awful.


The prequels and OT also follow the angsty teen force sensitive motif. Luke was the only one of the angsty teens that didn’t fall to the dark side.


He was young. Not a moody angsty teen with hormone problems. He wasnt cringy like kylo


Angsty sith teen? Bro the character was 29 then 30 in the films.


?? Who cares what age they wrote down? The character acts exactly like a puberty ridded 16 yo. Im not the first guy saying this. Its one of the most criticized aspect of the film. I really dont get the people who defend these movies. Im sure plenty of you are just Disney emploees trying to make the movie look good.


I was agreeing with your point. I was calling him a manchild. Take the stick out, dickhead.


Oh well. My bad. Sorry. But you really made it sound like you didnt.


Came here to say this


Yeah Randy the Intern is great but so is the rest of the cast (but he is the best imo)- it’s just the writing that sucked


Lmao that doesn't make this trilogy worth anything.


Ill agree he was the best thing about the sequels but still very poorly written and does come across as a emo kid.


Smile for the camera


Rey was sooo much better though


I will die on the hill that he carried the entire sequel trilogy.


He was!


Han and chewie was the best part of the sequels


Until he tuk his mask off


Every one or two months, this same meme is posted.


Hilarious that we're all having this conversation on a BOT account's post


The character in the meme still dies


He was not


This is the way


He was. And they barely scraped the surface on a decent character but he made it so much more




If they would have done a spin on Luke and Mara where Rey was actually a dark side agent from the beginning or emperors hand and they would end up together it would have been great. Give Finn and Poe a wraith squadron movie where they are star fighter special ops and oh look you have a new series without stepping on any toes


THANK YOU. People bitch about an angsty Kylo, but it was only as it was written and Adam driver gave an amazing performance


Honestly he kept me going for the entire 3rd movie. Totally missed him before the 1st, lead me to watching Logan Lucky, amazing movie.


God damn right. They did Kylo wrong in the end.


I honestly believe Adam Driver’s performance and Kylo Ren’s character save the sequels.


I enjoyed rays dynamic with kylo, the only good part of her acting in those movies


Now this I can respect and agree with


Adam Driver Is Outstanding ❤️


I love Finn!


his grating, but somehow great personality is one of the rare Ws the sequels have


He did well, although he reminded me of tuco from breaking bad.


The only actor whose performance I disliked was the one who played Rose. Everything else can pretty much be chalked up to really bad storytelling.


Meh. It doesn't take much strength to carry a turd.


Sequel trilogy to what?


“sEqUeLs aReNt cAnOn” Upvotes please