Is it realistic to think any victims on the WTC floors struck directly by the plane, actually saw what was coming at them?

I'm sure there were some people on some floors who happened to be looking out a window at the exact moment Flight 11 or Flight 175 came upon their floor, but would anyone have really had a chance to react? Or process what was happening?

I'm mainly referring to anyone unfortunate enough to be on the floors directly struck by the planes, that would have been obliterated by the impacts. (I'm aware of Stanley Praimnath's story but this was obviously an outlier, as he luckily survived).


I think so. They probably tried to run ( hello fight or flight ) or just froze in shock this is kinda like the guy who happened to go down a floor or two right before the plane crashed and his life was spared. This is probably who you are referring to in your original post 😂 but yeah I definitely think so I wonder if anybody life flashed before there eyes like they do in the movies


They would have heard the slight sound of a 767 getting louder, they would have heard co workers screaming and then they would have heard a slight POP as UA175 and AA11 struck the building's No pain probably would have been felt


Your last sentence makes me feel a little bit of peace. My sister worked for KBW, which occupied the 88th and 89th floors of the south tower. We don’t know where my sister was at the time of impact but I can only pray that she didn’t feel pain when she died :( 21 yrs and it’s still really hard to type this stuff…


My love to you and yours Joseph. I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss


I’m so sorry for your loss.


One guy who was at an impact point and lived said he watched the plane fly at him before diving under his desk. I can't imagine how scary that would have been.


Oh nevermind you mentioned him in your post😅


Maybe for a second. The planes were going very fast


I remember learning about a woman who just found out she was pregnant that morning and called her husband to tell him. He recalls her suddenly getting quiet and saying, “Oh my God…!”


I imagine people facing the direction the plane came from, probably would’ve heard how loud it was and turned to look. But it was coming so fast they would have had mere seconds, if that, to process and react. I know there’s the whole flight reaction and stuff but I just imagine a lot of people would’ve frozen. A plane flying directly at your building was, before that day, inconceivable