Hello! I just received my package of the new blush trio, so I thought I should share some real swatches! They are definitely on a subtle, soft side compares to Joy and Love, with Bliss being the lightest one and not too flattering on my skin tone. The new exclusive shades are really pretty, I was scared that Hope might be too purple-ish for me, but it looks beautiful on the skin :) Overall I like this set, since I cant imagine using up a fullsize.


Thank you so much for this! Do you happen to know if any of the shade in this trio is a dupe for the birthday gift blush shade? Also I’m over here patiently waiting for a Tower 28 cream blush set but who am I kidding, I’ll probably but this one too 😆




I don't have the birthday gift blush, but looking at some swatches, I would say it is a brighter/more coral version of Bliss. I'd love a Tower 28 cream blush set too!!


I would love Joy as a cream formula lippy!


Oh my god. I love it in Sigonella


Thank you!!!




I believe the 3 middle ones (Peace, Hope and Joy) are the dewy formula since Bliss and Love turn matte immediately when I spread them out. But I don't think there are much noticeable difference on the face (for me).


I have and love joy! To me its the slightest bit dewy (a touch of glow if you will!). I often place a small amount on the back of my hand and then place small dots on where I want to apply the blush. Then, I use a brush to diffuse it and the color and finish is beautiful!




Thanks you, I have been looking for reviews of these!


Glad I can help!


Thank you for this ❤


Okay, I might need these - I have Joy, Love, and Grateful of the full sizes and got the birthday gift shade with one in Adore. It's a very light pink! But these look perfect!


Is this similar to glossier cloud paint? Colors look identical


I dont have much experience with the cloud paint shades but I remember they are less pigmented than these.