She probably looks the closest to her high school than the others


Girl looks the same imo! I don’t think she should be in the sun as much as she is (spoken as a natural blonde w/moles for days) but I don’t believe she’s had tons of surgery or anything. She really needs to limit the sun exposure


Yeah she looks great.


I think she gets spray tans. Always looks very orange to me.


I don't think it's orange


I do think she looks better as she has aged....less meat on her bones but I'd take older Empa


Empa... Emma + empanada?






Honestly, a missed business opportunity!


Yep ...I call her empanada...got tired of typing it out lol


Her plastic surgery has been small. She's always been thing. I think small lip injections and boob implants is all she had...which in Hollywood, very small




Nose looks same


Not to me.


I agree, her nose looks different.


I think Mary is second closest.


Was going to say exactly that! Wow


She's also way closer to high school than the others. She's only 31 and tbf she looks way older to me


Even her HS quote is annoying


Coco Chanel was a Nazi, not that she probably knew that.


I didn't learn that until last year. I doubt a (I calculated it she graduated at 16, turned 17 in the summer after grad) 16 year old in 2008 would know this information.


Yeah that’s kinda what I said.




I didn’t even know this until now. Wow We had a lesson on her in my French class and this was never brought up wtf. We even watched her biopic which of course left out her affair with a nazi general and all her anti-Semitism


Yeah she co-owned the brand with a Jewish family who helped her get it off the ground/helped financing it all and then she screwed them out of their fair share when the Nazis rose to power.


Not quite - she tried to screw them out of their share, but they transferred their ownership to a non-Jewish business partner and fled to the US. Their family still owns the brand today.


Ah thanks for the correction! I knew that the descendants of the family had manage to regain ownership which is nice.


This should be a movie!! I also didn't know this about the history of Chanel. Thanks for the education! 😊




You make her sound like a strong supporter. Her lover was a Nazi, she was a young woman in France, who had to live in disgrace because of that for years with a shaved head. Martin Heidegger was also a member of the Nazi party but he also helped Hannah Arendt escape. While yes Chanel had been involvement with the Nazi party (again in occupied France, not Germany where the party came to power) she was a sugar baby at best. Even JFK's Father endorsed Hitler which is honestly a bigger faux pai. Coco Chanel that is quoted is a late bloomer though.


You say she had her head shaved as punishment? Where the fuck did you read that?


I also have no clue why JFKs father has anything to do with coco Chanel being a nazi sympathizer who tried to screw over her Jewish business partners…


I’m also confused


JFK's Father wanted the US to join Nazi side in the war and advocated for it. Pick up a history book.


It is what the French did to the women who were Nazi lovers. It is in the history books. I don't know why "Where the Fuck" was nessisary. The women where treated terribly, abused and humiliated. (Not just Coco Chanel) maybe do a little research on someone. The files that link Coco Chanel to an more active role in the Nazi party weren't declassified until 2011. Not to mention the French camps weren't the German/Poland death camps we associate with the Nazi. While the leaders of the Nazi parties are absolutely terrible people, I am not arguing that. What I am saying is the women who were on the fringes of the territory (not connected to rise and decisions to execute the disabled, Jewish people and Gypsies) were horribly abused for being basically sugar babies.


I am well aware of the head shaving, but it did not happen to Coco Chanel which is what your post stated. Edit: I used the word "fuck" in there because anyone who is attempting to defend Nazis, their lovers or even just their 'sugar babies' raises my ire.


My Professor in uni was a big Stan because Chanel made a great ethical debate in which you could divide by perspectives and debate (Political, Historical, Philosophical, Ethical, Feminist ect) To warm up for heavier topics like "Should Aspren be used to save lives". (Death Camp research is where that one came from) in a comparative genocide seminar. Honestly though I really dislike Emma so I don't even know why I defended her choice. Maybe because it gave me a chance to dust off all the Arendt I had to read. 🤷 Obviously there is nothing to defend in the leadership/planners of the death camps they are the worst of the worst. Anyone who has internet today is a disgusting human being if they pick that as a political ideology. Those two things I fully agree on.




I actually was not aware about coco’s support of the Nazis until a couple years ago. So I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt that she wasn’t aware of it either when she was 16/17.


The French intelligence documents stating as much where declassified around 2011…by my calculations Emma was a high school grad around 2008 so I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable for a 16 year old American kid to not know Coco Chanel was a Nazi supporter back then.


Her yearbook quote is exactly what I’d expect from her.


I’m honestly surprised it wasn’t a Marilyn Monroe quote- the ‘if you can’t deal with me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best’ one (or whatever the actual phrase is 🤣)




Happy cake day!


She looks the same, she’s just skinnier now. Maybe a subtle nose job


I see her her teeth being worked on


Really? Her teeth look exactly the same to me. They are distinctive. [pic in this article](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.realitytea.com/2022/05/02/selling-sunsets-emma-hernan-appeared-on-southern-charm/amp/)


Lip injections


Was gonna point this out too. A very tasteful amount though. Nothing major.


Why does she look like a 40-year-old suburban mom in this photo? She looks younger now than she did in high school!


I grew up in MA around the same time as Emma - for whatever reason, it was the LEWK. We all had bad fake tans and either gel-crunchy curls or badly flat-ironed hair. I’m just surprised she’s not wearing a boatload of black eyeliner.


That was just the look in the early 2000s and hers is spot on 🤷‍♀️ These kids just don’t know lol


Also grew up in MA and I think she's my age. Her look really was THEE LEWK. I can smell the A&F perfume she's wearing through the picture.


Yes the hair and makeup during that time was definitely aging !


As an almost 40 year old suburban mom, I take this as a compliment.


Does anybody not look better now than they did in highschool? High school isn’t where the majority peak and tbh she looks the same but better. Most stunningly beautiful women I know today, peaked in their mid 20’s-30’s and have drastically improved since high school. I guess I should clarify.. for that era especially! We didn’t filter/ photoshop our faces and contour like kids do today.


Aside from having gained a bit of weight, I definitely look better now in my 30’s than I did as a teen in the early 00’s. And I definitely wasn’t ugly. That time of makeup style and fashion wasn’t kind to us lol


100%. But I do believe social media, filters, makeup tutorials play a big role in why young people look so fabulous today. I also feel like our age group didn’t start experimenting with fillers until our faces matured a bit. These days people start manipulating their physical appearance young. No shade to a little cosmetic intervention- I attribute my aging “well” to this. Haha


Definitely. We had to wait for our monthly magazine subscriptions to know what was “in.” Everything is so easily accessible now and we are seeing what celebs and people who were previously out of reach are doing in real time.




100 %. I probably peaked at 25-27, not 17. At 33 I still look better than at 17.


I think I was FAR better looking when I was 16/17 than I am in my 30s. I am not aging hotter 😂


Ug, same! I'm 41 now and have never looked less attractive.


Depressing isn’t it, when you remember that JLo and Jen Aniston are in their 50s


Botox babes, botox! ;) Us late bloomers didn’t do it without the help of cosmetic and technological advancements. I honestly believe nearly anyone can delay aging and look however they want.


I must be in the minority haha. I’m only a few pounds heavier but I looked better at 18 than I do now at 31.




I thought the exact same thing!


she still has the same hair


Am I the only one who doesn’t feel like the story about her life adds up? She grew up poor in a lower middle income family but invested all of her modelling and babysitting money into stocks and became a millionaire. Moved out to LA purchased a home at 19. Used her millions to save the family business. How did she make so much money in stocks as a teen? Did she really bolster sales in the family business all on her own? It’s mind-blowing. I don’t know whether to be super impressed or call BS.


There's no way there's not family money. My guess would be she had a big trust or something and also a parent who got her started young on investing her savings. She got to feel like she was contributing and making her own money, but in reality, the cushion was always a nice big allotment of family money. Then maybe the family fell on hard times (maybe even around 08) and lost a lot, but her trust was still intact so she agreed to use it (or part of it) to help float a family business. Business gets back on track and Emma gets an amazing tale of how she saved the day.


You may have cracked the code here. This is the most probable theory I’ve heard to date.


Thank you hahaha. Rich people love pretending they "pulled themselves up by their bootstraps" when they had the security of a trust fund or family money/connections the whole time. Her grandfather owns a Massachusetts-based business that makes frozen food. She owns a Massachusetts-based business that makes frozen food. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that those two things are not unrelated.


The irony is that she’d earn the respect she desires as an individual if she was honest about her privilege. Nothing wrong with getting dealt a great hand in life and then playing it accordingly. Oh well.


So many of my friends with family money don’t even think about it. Like they get $2000 allowances into their thirties or their parents pay their mortgage and they don’t even consider it help really. It’s apparent when there are big gaps in how they talk about struggles. Any article about how a millennial became a millionaire usually starts with at least $250,000 in parental support through education, “loans”, living in property owned by parents, receiving financial grants for property or businesses …. If you question how someone made it, usually the answer is familial assistance.


Exactly. And I can't knock familial assistance. There are plenty of things my parents did to help me, and plenty that their parents did to help them. But I think when we're surrounded by people who are more or less the same social class as us, we tend to assume that everyone is starting the race at the same spot, so to speak, and not realize how critical that support is. I believe Emma believes her story is some giant triumph. And I'd be willing to believe something that happened with her family's wealth that made things harder than she had experienced. They very well could have been at risk of losing a home or business, and she probably had peers whose families were more secure than hers and she became painfully aware of the the juxtaposition. But I just think it's all relative. I'm just not willing to believe that she made so much money as a teenager that she single-handedly saved the family and then bought a home in LA, lol. Unless she had some massive child acting career we've all collectively missed, the math ain't mathing.


Yes, I believe she mentioned in one of the episodes her parents hid their financial problems from her to “protect her” and that they’d been living in a friends home (she wasn’t aware a friend owned it and not her parents) and the photo of it looked quite nice tbh. This made me doubt she suffered any kind of discomfort. But I vote after the market crash, Emma’s trust fund helped bankroll a business and her parents had to let her in on the truth at 18 so they could ask her permission.


I literally got a weekly $1 allowance until I started working 30+ hours a week at 16.


I just posted about this!!!! I gave her the benefit of the doubt like oh wow she’s really amazing, but you can tell from her behavior and this HS quote something is off. My bet was a sugar daddy but who knows. She’s prob a pathological liar




I call BS. I don't think she's rolling in it like she wants people to believe. I doubt she actually put an all-cash offer in on that house for her family and then shocker... got outbid by Mary's client. I think that was all for show.


Call BS because minors aren't allowed to invest in the stock market


Yeah that’s technically true. Though each year for our sons birthday I put aside a chunk of money into an investment account - in my name - but it will be his one day. So if she’s in a situation where she has money and smart people around her who advise her on which stocks to select then it’s plausible. But it is not a situation a girl finds herself in when her family warms up by the stove without electricity. Even to pick the right stocks the amount of money a teenager makes from babysitting and modelling would have to be huge to become a millionaire off of it.


True, but my dad used to invest my money for me as a minor. It was my money, i told him what to do with it and he did. Requires a lot of trust and faith though.


That's fine but if your parents were struggling to put food on the table, I doubt they'd be investing money like that!


I never claimed they were. I'm aware it's a position of privilege to have been able to do so. But I also wasn't given that money. It wasn't a trust or inheritance or gift from my parents/grandparents. It was money I was able to save from working through high school coming from a middle class family. You just said that minors can't invest, but there are ways they do.


Oh, I know! I meant like considering she says they were extremely poor, it seems super unlikely that this would be a priority for them.


You also forgot that she was an Olympic level swimmer but had to stop cuz her parents got her bolt ons. Yeah, tough decision for the parents. On one hand you possibly have a scholarship in swimming to a schools like Stanford or Michigan. All predicated on wether she’s telling the truth of being as good as she said she is. Or get her implants so she can move to LA to “model”.


I forget about that too! If she qualified that’s super impressive irrespective of the rest of her accomplishments. Though again an elite high school athlete, model, investor who also fell on hard times is might sus.


Ultimately everything I’ve seen from people who have dug into the swimming claim is there’s no evidence of her competing anywhere. If she were swimming at that caliber in high school she’d be known nationally in the elite swimming community. She definitely didn’t compete collegiately which we all know. That’s not to say she didn’t swim in high school or maybe very locally for a club, but you wouldn’t be that far under the radar if you were qualifying for Olympic trials. It’s just such an extreme claim to make and so easy to look into and call BS on, what was the point?


Yeah, it’s like running into a liar saying they played college ball at Oregon back in the late 00s. No use in lying when we can see the rosters of those teams on google or even Wikipedia.


Right! I was a huge track and field nerd (and a solid mediocre athlete lmao) and definitely knew/know to look up anyone’s performance stats. I imagine it’s just the same in any other sport


I just posted about this!!!! I haven’t gone on this sub yet but something is off. My bet that it was from sugar daddies or something


that quote is fucking dumb lol


We all loved dumb quotes as high schoolers 😂


I’d love to see your yearbook quote


lmao why are you offended on her behalf. the grammar is terrible I mean. could have easily said "the most courageous act is to think for yourself", thats fine. the "still" and "aloud" make it less impactful




if triggered means mildly annoyed by a dumb statement then sure bud


All of our high school year book quotes were dumb now that we look back as adults.


It seems like the sort of thing you'd see on a wall sticker, where the quote was never actually said by the person in the first place.


Am I the only one that doesn’t believe her come up story? Like self made, poor? Idk I just get a vibe that she is like some trust fund kid but that she doesn’t want to be known as that so she disassociates with her true back ground. Idk it’s obviously purely speculation.


Maybe it's like a Rory Gilmore type story where she grew up without her parents having money, but had rich grandparents. Or she got some sort of inheritance or trust when she turned 18 or from some family member.


Yes! That’s what I’m thinking!


Maybe because she looks like Paris Hilton?


I just posted about this! I would like to believe she is an incredible human but it’s obvious from her behavior and demeanor. It’s the coco Chanel quote and all that.


Did she get a nose job?


It looks like it.


She looks the same age lol. She looks 30 here as well.


Empanada! She'd hate me because that's what I'd call her. The meat on her bones does her good


She looks 35 here too lol


[I found her yearbook photo thanks to this article](https://www.scituation.net/features/2022/04/04/selling-sunset-celebrity-connected-to-shs/).


Her age checks out fine for a 2008 graduate so not sure what you “sleuthed.”




Respectfully disagree being in my 30s


She just looks same


I LOVE THIS. Suck it, all those haters going on and on about her plastic surgery and how she was a new person.


I went to the same high school as her!! Scituate High School in Scituate, MA. She graduated the year before me. I can confirm she was not “poor.”


Tell us more!


I didn’t know her personally but definitely crossed paths and knew who she was. She was very popular and rocked all of the early 2000’s “hot girl” looks: orange fake tan, coach bags, low rise flare jeans. She was definitely an “IT” girl and everyone knew her name. I haven’t heard anything bad about her but I can absolutely confirm she was at least moderately well-off financially.


She looks soooo thin in the show. Hopes she's ok 🥺 her face doesn't match her body which is so thin.


Some people are just naturally really skinny


She’s ultra thin but doesn’t look unhealthy to me whatsoever. She has a vibrancy about her, and she’s clearly athletic.


She looks the same here. Got lips and boobs done and thinner. I never knew Coco Chanel was a Nazi supporter until these comments mentioned it. Alot of people quote Coco Chancel more so because she's an iconic fashion designer/brand.


She looks the same tbh just wears more makeup


DAMNN they have all done their noses Even Mary


ESPECIALLY Mary. Her nose has been snipped right off. She looks like she can barely breathe out of it with the way she moves her face when she speaks. I love Mary but her whole face is butchered and she looks awful.




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Coco Chanel was a Nazi informant.


She already looked 30 then, now she looks 45.


Right? I’m honestly shocked that she’s about 30 apparently. I assumed she was at least late thirties or early forties.


Yeah I always thought she was about Mary’s age


She *would* have a Coco Chanel quote in her yearbook lmao.


Omg how does she look 45


wow looks exactly the same lol


What year? Is she really 29? 😂


Her hair is beautiful here!


Love her quoting Coco Chanel, a known Nazi sympathizer and spy.


Overall she looks the same, that’s refreshing!


Haha, jealous that she looked good in high school. I had such an ugly duckling phase that I didn’t break out of until my 20s.


So she's always looked old


She’s beautiful and still looks close to herself!


She looks the same.. she doesn’t look like a high schooler she looks about 30!


I love her


So cute! Naturally pretty.


They could just put any picture they wanted in the yearbook? Ours had to be taken at a studio in front of a background...


Unpopular opinion but I love her, she looks the same imo.


She looks pretty much the same - the others you can’t even tell.


She definitely looks more like a high level swimmer here.


She looks exactly the same. Wow


Ugh senior quotes are always so cringe lol


Girl needs to lay off the tan


She doesn’t look all that different


Where are the others?


To me, she's just a very vanilla skinny blonde. At least her face is close to the original.


I think Emma is beautiful, but am I the only one who thinks her hair is too long for her face? Her hair is beautiful, but a shorter cut (not short, just shorter) would not overpower her so much.


Her obsession with Chanel is extensive. She wears a Chanel necklace or earrings in every episode.


Sorry for how stupid this comment is but does her face here remind anyone else of Bobby Kennedy? No shade intended


Nothing to say, Colby?




Who is that?