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I just completed the series and by the end Chelsea was totally rubbing me the wrong way. I assume it's all scripted (if not straight up acted) but the way Chelsea was able to waltz in and take social command of situations was I guess admirable but also kinda got up my nose. Like always centering herself in the middle of the group and directing conversations and putting people on the back foot, like bitch who do you think you are?? you just got here - it's incredible to me to see people do that. That one on one scene she had with Davina also kinda triggered me lmao - one of the few times I've been rooting for Davina


Her first day at work: “where’s my desk?” “Okay y’all I wanted to invite you all to my party” “alright now let’s get to workkk!!”


If a new co worker said to me “OK let’s get to work” …. girlllll


Yes - you don’t come in new and say that. Cringey.


Especially when you forgot your laptop that day.


I forgot about that part, you are so right! At least lie, like ‘Oh I had to drop it at the Apple store this morning!’


That was soooo cringe-y.


And she even forgot her laptop after demanding her desk on the first day? Who does that? I’d be too embarrassed to even bring attention to myself.


Agree 100% !!! But the time it go to the Davina scene I was like girl what! She completely flipped for me. Seems fake as hell


She wouldn’t let go of what happened at the brokers open either. She kept rehashing it over and over!


She kept calling it bullying and then proceeded to be a bully herself. Making Davina cry and then making fun of her for crying, etc.


Omg THIS EXACTLY. Chelsea you are a mother who is also a bully lol




“I say it as it is” is usually the assholes’ manifesto




As a confirmed asshole, I concur




Everyone hates me 😥


You’re a monster


Remember when she said “I’m British so I’m very blunt”? Uh, what? Blunt is the last thing we’re known for being! We’re the least blunt Europeans! It should have been “I’m British so I’m very apologetic and worried about making a scene”.


Yeah. I'm from a Nordic country and we are way more blunt but in comparison to Germans and people from eastern Europe we're very apologetic. I would put the English as the least blunt ones in Europe 😅


I feel like she's trying to copy Lisa Vanderpump


She could nevahh


Exactly! And the double cheek kissing thing, “that’s how we do it in London”. We bloody well don’t. Keep your lips away from me thank you. Pandemic or no pandemic.




I would say British people are very honest, but not in a malicious way like she was implying. They also generally take criticism much better than American people as well.


As someone with a Nigerian-British mother, I can confidently say that bluntness 100% comes from her Nigerian side


Brits are basically the least direct people ever. They make Canadians looks as blunt as Americans or Germans.


Yes! I audibly laughed when I heard this. I'm Australian and when I lived in the UK I found that British people are very indirect and learned that Australians (apparently myself included) can come across as quite abrasive in contrast.


Exactly. All my British friends beat around the bush to get to the point where they can deliver something unpleasant. Chelsea is full of whatever knockoff British culture she thinks it is. Also her version of high tea reminded me of Alice in Wonderland as opposed to how ladies conduct high tea.


I would say British people are very honest, but not in a malicious way like she was implying. They also generally take criticism much better than American people.


As a french woman, I know about someone being blunt. It's what french are known for. Even if I'm the complete opposite. I often go to England and people are very apologetic. Not blunt at all lol. Chelsea is just rude sometimes. I like her but she's a bit much.


This made me LOL


Exactly I hate when people say I’m blank so I’m blank it usually has no correlation


I think Chelsea will go as wind blows. ‘Pallying’ up with Christine got her foot in the door. Once she met the others ladies, she said how she doesn’t want Christine bias to color her opinion of others. But she continues bitching about others with Christine. And then when Davina wants to clear the air she acts all superior like people should just read her mind. Too much of superiority complex going on there


when she said she was going to throw up while talking with Davina, like girl chill this is a Mcdonald’s


It was so rude and hypocritical especially that she was saying the girls calling Christine out was “giving bullying” but then when davina said she felt bullied, she seemed to mock her for crying? It was very mean girl


also Davina was trying her best (in her Davina way) to try and talk through it - not saying she did it perfectly but still. Chelsea i had high hopes for but acted like such a bully while screaming how she’s blunt and no filter. like no you’re just rude and a bully, don’t chalk it up to “no filter”


I was really rooting for Davina in this scene, and in this scene as well as a few others I’m pleasantly surprised at her clarity and persistence in sticking up for herself without right away getting emotional e.g. when confronting Christine for saying she just wanted to be liked.


i thought she addresses it well tbh then was surprised by Chelsea’s response. Chelsea saying “i’m gonna throw up” like sis calm down you’re making yourself throw up, also her red outfit was HIDEOUS


I like Davina so much better when she's not trying to be Christine's puppet. I think I could stand Chelsea if she did the same.


same. i think she’s redeemed herself a bit more this season cause she addressed Christine’s behaviour well and wasn’t as awful to the other girls as previous seasons. Chelsea treated her horribly while wearing that gaudy awful red outfit saying she wants to throw up…like yah sis your outfit def makes me wanna throw up too


Yes! It was brutal! I too had high hopes for Chelsea in the first few episodes but she turned out to be just like Christine :/


i saw on the other girl’s IG that they love Chelsea now so i think Chelsea def played up the crazy parts OR she redeemed herself


IKR like girl what are you on?




Why do people have to be vile to others to be "iconic"? What kind of culture and society are we creating here?


Yup. Just look at every show on Netflix nowadays.


The way she reacted to Davina was SO strange to me. Davina was communicating how she felt, and as an adult - Chelsea could have explained her perspective and that it wasn’t her intention. Instead she spoke over Davina and just told her she was wrong for having a valid emotional reaction.


I actually felt for Davina on this one. So it's fine when Chelsea labelled the girls as "bullying" Christine at the broker's event but not when Davina called her out that her tea party was actually an attempt by Chelsea and Christine to corner her and she felt "bullied"? Girl pls. Chelsea was acting as Christine's minion and mouthpiece




I wanted to like Chelsea, and her intro scenes with her family were so cute- give me a toddler crying over sparkly shoes all day everyday! But seeing the way she came at Davina was horrifying. And listing how Davina may and may not approach her at coffee was gross. After that i was totally done with her. Just, what in the entitled argumentative fancy lady crap is this? I tried to cut her slack for how she interacted with Christine (ingratiating) and stirring up drama with the girls at all turns (on a tv show i get it). But I also have never liked when women refer to themselves and their friends as bitches. I hate it when anybody does it, and I try so hard to get past it. But like I tell my students "calling yourselves that just gives other people permission to call you that". I know that's a losing battle on my end, but oh well


i just think Chelsea can chill, she keeps saying she’s this amazing broker that gets what she wants - and while i do think that, she hasn’t actually shown it during s5. all she is is Christine’s little minion that parrots what Christine says while saying she’s not bias. like sis ok the way her and Christine talked also annoyed me, it was so fake and dramatic and hating on the other girls




Totally agree about the way she acted with her client. Very professional and mature, as well as persuasive.


Ugh don't get me started.


She keeps saying she’s going to stick up for her friends cause she’s so lOyaL but then doesn’t hesitate to tell the cameras that Christine’s a sinking ship and she’ll jump off if she needs to. SoOoOo… #confused lol!! Honestly seems like all she wanted was an in to the O group and PiPinG hOt TeAa!!!


Yes, this scene said more than 1000 words!! Loyal my a$$. 🙄


Chelsea and her fake accent and fake richness were annoying af.


Her accent isn’t fake. That’s the result of a Nigerian going to finishing school and is very common. There’s a beautiful Nigerian woman on the new season of below deck with a very similar accent.


It’s tiresome reading about her accent. If her background as stated is accurate, it absolutely makes sense that this person would have a unique accent. It’s also not unusual for people’s accents to fluctuate depending on the situation.


I’m Nigerian, with a lot of friends/family in England and that accent is not ‘accurate’ or ‘common’ at all, I promise. I’m not saying her accent is entirely fake, but she’s forcing it 100%.


Thank you. I find it so ignorant.


How interesting! Thank you for explaining. I am British and was very confused!


Oh that's good to know!


IMO, she's the worst person on the show right now. I really find her insufferable, and that's saying something when there's literally Christine on the cast too.


After the beach scene I fast forwarded through all the scenes with just her and Christine. I also skipped all Emma's solo scenes. Made it a much nicer experience.


It is a little hard for me to believe that she hasn’t watched all the previous seasons or read about the cast at the very least before joining the show🤷🏻‍♀️




It's possible to be blunt without being a complete bitch. At least, it is for most people. For Chelsea and Christine, I guess it's not.


They aren't even "blunt". They're just bitches who don't even tell the truth 🤷


Say “I’m just honest” is how you know you are always the asshole.


I didn’t like when she told Chrishell she had a really bad first impression of her....that is pretty rude, even if she said she wants to give her a chance. I guess she could have told her in a more diplomatic way that while she knows Christine and Chrishell aren’t friends, she’d like to get to know her.


Totslly. Very unprofessional.


Chelsea made nasty sly remarks the entire season and everyone let it slide. The “where’s my desk” “you can’t beat my offer” “onto my *actually* exciting listings”


Chelsea Chelsea...


I don’t like Davina AT ALL but I felt for her during that lunch scene with Chelsea. Chelsea was totally coming at her and very rude. It was the only time I felt for Davina and understood her feeling attacked


Agreed, I was happy Davina walked out and didn’t indulge that bullshit.


IKR. What even was that "I feel like I'm gonna puke" BS???


When she told the ladies to not have an opinion of her based on her association with Christine but she already has an opinion about each one. When she told the ladies that she has a clean slate for each of them but then proceeded to judge the hell outta them, especially Chrishell.


She's such a hypocrite.


Can Christine, Chelsea, and boring Vanessa be fired please?


Agreed. Vanessa's nice.. but this season...


Let's be honest. There would be no interesting storyline without the first two. I will say Christine may be able to get the axe since she's too toxic at this point but I can see Chelsea brining that spark they need to keep the show going.


She’s far and away the fakest person to grace the show. I don’t even like that word, I hate the way you people throw it around constantly. But Chelsea’s whole persona is the least authentic I’ve seen. Can’t wait till she drops the Christine loyalty next season and we get to see her being herself.


Chelsea is God awful. I don't think I could stand to be in a room with her for 5 minutes. Sis, just because you spoke to Christine first out of all the girls at the O group, doesn't make Christine's story true. I mean come on Chelsea, don't you think her 2 best friends (Heather and Mary) had a reason to stop being her best friends? Like usually when a bunch of people have little to nothing good to say about a person it's because *that* person is the problem, not the other way around. Chelsea's decided she doesn't like the women without even really trying to know them. She makes a lot of passive aggressive comments that's like chill sis.




She’s as fake as her accent and the “double kiss” we apparently all do.


Imagine having to kiss and hug all of your colleagues every day


The small talk is bad enough. Also, imagine having to be as made up as they are. When my husband first saw me watching the show he asked what they were selling exactly. 😅


She’s a typical Chelsea girl type. If any of you watched Ladies of London, she’s modelling herself on Caroline Stanbury - rich, rude and entitled, but she’s also trying to ingratiate herself so is happy to be led by Christine for now. As soon as she’s established on the show, she’ll be as ruthless as Stanbury. She’s just another mean girl - just the posh British type. (And her accent is legit).




I feel like Chelsea is playing the role Christine thinks she’s playing. I don’t think Christine makes a very good reality tv villain because so much of the drama she causes happens off camera and she doesn’t like confrontation so any potential high drama confrontation scene with her is painful to watch. Now we have Chelsea who’s willing to say shit straight to people’s face and won’t back down during an argument. The show is v scripted and I think they want a Christine but better so they brought Chelsea in to play that role, imo she’s doing a beautiful job with it


I honestly liked Chelsea until her “confrontation” with Davina. Chelsea masterfully friended Christine while not isolating herself from the other girls. I thought the way she shamed Davina for getting emotional was very bizarre though, but I think shows that her friendship with Christine and her interactions with the others were all very strategic for her business. Wouldn’t surprise me if she actually hates Christine and just friended her to get in.


I’ve had bad experiences with anyone who’s tried to act like they were besties with me the second we met. Most of those relationships always crashed and burned because it’s usually a case of mismatched expectations. Friendships that grow over time however, tend to be more lasting because people actually take the time to understand who you are/what you stand for, find common values.


this show is scripted and fake....dont forget this lol


Yeah so I was chill with her and gave her the benefit of the doubt with her and Christine because obviously she'd only really have one side of the story, but then she lost it for me with her and Davina talking. Never thought I'd root for Davina but here we are.


Team Davina I guess....?


Chelsea said strait to Chrishell's face that she had a bad opinion of her before meeting her because of what Christine said. Chelsea absolutely formed opinions of everyone from Christine's shit talk, before she met them.


🙄 literally


Chelsea knew what would get her screen time, so from that standpoint, mission accomplished. I don’t know that legitimate RE clients want to work with all that drama, but I’m not sure that’s what she’s after.


I think attention, fame, and money. Same with Christine.


In a way, Chelsea sold herself short because we really learned very little about her. She was so wrapped up in Christine's drama when she could have upstaged her.


I feel like coming from the outside and seeing that particular scene of all the girls "ganging up" on Christine, you would be calling it bullying...but only if you don't know the backstory, and she didn't know the backstories in details and why the girls "ganged up" on Christine so for that reason she should've simply stayed neutral. She also said that she won't stand by Christine because she is a sinking ship so that kinda showed me she would be willing to play both sides


Exactly. Stop interjecting when you know nothing, Chelsea.




Exactly. She’s not even honest. She’s mean to the people she doesn’t like, and fake asf with the people she “likes.”


Yup. Right up there with Christine’s “it’s just a joke”. Nothing but excuses for their shitty behavior.


Literally. Shitty.


Some people don’t understand that you can be both honest and an asshole at the same time