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LOL we must be getting close to the midterm elections!


A “caravan” is going to start forming any day now…


FOX is already talking about the caravan.




pretty much all the headlines on their homepage are border related. https://imgur.com/a/StyGNyL "Media, Democrats point fingers in one place for border crisis — and it's not the White House" "El Paso mayor, residents react to migrant crisis as thousands cross border" "Texas farmer near border says migrants 'bull-rushed' his property, broke into elderly grandparents' house" "What is in a 'safe zones' plan to address the southern border crisis: Rep. Vicente Gonzalez" “Ron Johnson: Biden admin, 'complicit and corrupt media' are root causes of border crisis” edit: oh, also MIGRANT CRISIS in the top “Hot Topics” section next to MID TERMS and MAR A LAGO RAID (which wasn’t a raid).


I live in El Paso, about a 10-20 min walk from the border. There’s no fucking crisis.


I was going to say, I'm at least an average consumer of news and I'm over here like, is there one?


Nope, I’m sure illegal immigration still takes place no doubt, as with ANY border but I have lived here most of my life and haven’t seen a single soul illegally crossing the border. So saying that migrants are crossing over in “droves” is a blatant lie.


They really think people in giant groups are able to travel through hundreds of miles of untamed deserts/plains. It is part of why they thought a wall would make any difference, because they are so stupid that they can't see that people don't cross the border like that.


They do sometimes, but it's an act of desperation and extremely, extremely dangerous.


South Texas resident here. Also live minutes from the border. What crisis?


You know, the one where new neighbors move in down the street, but they like weird food.


White people?


Upper midwest transplants that make exceptionally shitty tortillas out of *potatoes* of all fucking things.


"Yes, you brown the ground beef and mix in a little ketchup and a green pepper at the end, and wa-la, it's Taco Tuesday!"


I live right next to the Canadian border and let me tell you it's out of control! They're blowing fireworks off every single night at 10pm. Drunk people on Clifton hill... on a quiet night you can hear their yells carry a bit and just vaguely hear some long distance drunken yelling. They come over here for youth hockey tourneys and on a Sat morning the drive through line for Tom Hortons is backed up into the street, draining all our resources. Buying up our precious few Bills tickets. And it hasn't even hit its peak yet, when the Leafs play the Sabres in Buffalo, they come over in huge caravans of documented *Maple Leaf fans*, filling the arena and cheering for their foreign team




it’s been their go to distraction for a few decades now.


People like her are a WAY bigger threat to every American than any folks crossing the border


I’m not sure, stuff I can find is from 2018. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were though. https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/tomi-lahren-becomes-latest-to-fear-monger-about-caravan-of-diseases


Im still waiting on the covid caravan from 2020.


The Caravan is coming And everybody's jumping New York to San Francisco An intercity risk, yo


Yet under Biden, “a budget of $16.3 billion in fiscal year 2022 and more than 60,000 personnel, CBP is the largest law enforcement agency in the country, and more than 85 percent of the agency's Border Patrol agents (i.e., 16,878 of 19,648) are concentrated on the southern border.”


It always amazes me that they say "open borders" when it's an absolute fabrication, but they have a lot of trouble with facts and reality so I shouldn't be surprised.


When's the last time anyone actually saw a random caravan of immigrants heading towards the border....lol I think of horses and wagons everytime they say it.


Or a single Dodge Caravan full of immigrants.


....but now it's Venezuela releasing prisoners at their border with a guide to take them straight to America. No proof or even considerable evidence of this, but it sure is happening. /s


The thing I have never understood about the FOX caravan thing is that shouldn't letting immigrants into America be the fault of the Texas Gov?


Not really, border control, immigration, etc is run by the federal government, not the states.


This. If Abbott had his way anyone crossing the border would be shot on sight.


but sending them on vacations to new england are totally up to the southern states to fund and provide.


DeSantis and Abbott decided not to make up caravan stories but actually just create their own


The funny thing is that most of those migrants were legal refugees from the same “evil socialist” Venezuela that they like to rant about?


I've always thought if so many people are trying to come into the US, doesn't that mean they WANT to be here? And shouldn't we be making it easier for people to come in and contribute?


Maybe if you're a reasonable person, but remember: they take our jobs and eventually might make it so that white people are no longer the majority of the population and that's basically genocide or something.


Remember, they’re simultaneously lazy criminals who will freeload off the system and steal from you AND they’ll take all of our jobs. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug


It's not cognitive dissonance, it's fascist rhetoric; see point 8 of [Umberto Eco's essay Ur-fascism](https://web.archive.org/web/20170131155837/http://www.nybooks.com/articles/1995/06/22/ur-fascism/) as well as recall [Sartre's remarks about anti-Semites](https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/7870768-never-believe-that-anti-semites-are-completely-unaware-of-the-absurdity).


If they can go to school for 7 years, get licensed, and get experience. Please take my job. We need more of you. Then again, I tend to want people to succeed.


Nah that‘s not genocide. White people are simply afraid of becoming a minority because of how white people treat minorities.


They’re right to be afraid of the illegal immigrants. The last time a big bunch of immigrants alit on Plymouth, they massacred all the people there.


It’s always been about abusing refugees. All of the children separated from parents were refugees. Illegal is doublespeak for refugee.


And they all will be carrying a copy of Hunter Biden's laptop that has Hillary Clinton's emails on it.


It'll disappear after the midterm votes are counted, just like last time.


The annoying part is we do get a migrant caravan every few years, and have money set aside to deal with it, give them immediate aid and assistance, and send them on their way or get them settled in the US or whatever they decide to do. Costs us a few million a year. Republicans love throwing tantrums about how much this costs us and this and that and the other thing. Those tantrums cost us hundreds of millions to billions.


Despite being the 3rd largest country in the world in terms of population, we don't have nearly the amount of people our territory could support. And immigrants are very much a net positive for a nations economy. Like I don't get it, even the most basic understanding of the US history shows we are at our best when taking in large numbers of immigrants. The VAST majority of US citizens are descents of immigrants(or slaves). Like how do you explain away how your ancestors are somehow different. I guess to some things are a zero sum game and the only want the right type(*cough color) of immigrants.


Just think, that word didn't even exist before Trump. He invented it. Beautiful word. People came up to him with tears in their eyes and said "Sir! This word is the exact thing we needed to describe this phenomenon. We didn't know what to call it beforehand, as it ruined this country and our lives. But now that we've named the enemy, we can fight it, sir!"


Saw randomly on Fox "news" and every day they're ranting about Biden and immigrants. I knew right away it was because midterms are coming up. It so infuriating when you can see the pattern playing out in real time.


Wouldn't that mean security at the border is working?


By their own logic, the "open border" policy has failed. If we actually had an open border policy, no one would get in trouble for crossing. But this is the GOP we're talking about...


open borders wouldn’t make much difference. As long as businesses offer them jobs they are coming here whether its open borders or shoot on sight.


Funny how they do not have issues with the very open Canadain border.


The Canadian border is open cause Mexico sends all its rapist, murderers and job stealers to The USA but Canadia keeps its rapists and murderers so there nothing to worry about. They'd actually send more jobs to us but Biden shut down the 3XL Keystone Light pipeline that pumped employment opportunities directly into the economy. Do you own research. /s


Well, actually, let’s be more direct about it: Canadians are *not* rapists, murders, and job stealers, but Mexicans *are* rapists, murderers, and job stealers. I’m sure this line of thinking is based on logic and research and basic facts of reality and not just racist and prejudiced and dehumanizing assumptions. /s


As a Canadian, I can confirm. I’m only familiar with the concepts of criminals from watching TV. We don’t have, what do you call them? Prysins? We all just say sorry back and forth repeatedly when we do bad things, until neither of us is sure who was apologizing to begin with. Seems to work. /s


As a Canadian, can confirm we are all rapists, mega murders, and I have stolen quite a few jobs in my day too. I’ll out rape any Mexican on any day… just try me!


r/withoutcontext, this one right here. Sir.




on that note: The keystone pipeline is such a ridiculous thing to whine about. Shutting it down "destroyed" like 3 weeks of job growth, and those were all temporary jobs anyway.


Not to mention one major point of the pipeline was to reduce moving it by other means such as trucks and train. So in theory it may have reduced jobs.


A Keystone Light pipeline? College aged me would be marching on Washington for that shit


With the right presenter you'd be able to make this into a fake news clip that would definitely slip below the radar. Masterful.


Actually Canadians do want it closed. We get USAs gun's and antivaxxers keep crossing....


Canada's not alone on the [American Firearm smuggling problem](https://www.npr.org/2022/06/07/1103445425/much-of-firearms-traffic-from-the-u-s-to-mexico-happens-illegally)


The Canadian border is not that open. If you have any sort of a criminal record they can bar you entry. Even minor crimes without a TRP. They also can deny you access based on your medical history or perceived medical state to protect their healthcare system. They also confiscate a lot of guns from Americans driving through to Alaska because they don’t disclose them all upon entry.


What about all the dirty poutiners sneaking across at non-checkpoints? The US/Canada border is 5,525 mi long, more than TWICE as long as the US/Mexico border (1,933 mi). Why aren't we building a wall?


(i know this is sarcasm but) ​ natures wall, AKA BIG FOREST


So what you're saying is that instead of a harsh desert where you risk death from sun exposure and dehydration, the Canadian caravan just has a nice stroll through the woods?


I think it's more along the lines of... People aren't fleeing Canada en masse because they have a stable government, socialized healthcare, etc. This is pretty obvious to me. No need for extra border security in the north when hardly anyone is trying to cross it illegally anyways. The amount of people trying to immigrate from Mexico to USA vs Canada to USA is massively different and I thought that was obvious.


In FY 2019 4,048 people were apprehended trying to cross the US/Canadian border. That means that due to Trump's open border policy there were literally **billions** of people crossing the US/Canadian border! So again, I ask, why didn't we build the Canadian Wall?!? Don't you care about **billions** of illegal canucks invading America?!?


You know Mexico has socialized healthcare, yeah? And it's quickly becoming just as good, if not better, than healthcare in the USA.


On the guns thing, that's the individual's own fault for not declaring shit. Most of the guns used in crime here in canada come up from the states because se don't have nearly the number of easily accessible and easily concealed firearms. Up here you need a special liscence to own handguns and certain (restricted) firearms. Now, i'm not going to get into a debate about the right to own firearms here. I personally think that anyone who can demonstrate they are sound of mind and responsible enough to own a gun should be able to, be that a .22 pistol, an AR-15, or even a Ma Deuce. I also believe if you are getting a gun the government has more than enough reasons to want a record of that and think a registry of pistols/automatics/what the ATF calls "destructive devices" makes sense, as well as a higher level of liscence and higher standards. Either way, the rules at the border are the rules at the border. I follow the US's rules when I go down there, why should y'all be able to ignore our rules when you come up here?


I know the second I mention the Canadian border, my mom will say something about not as many coming through that way despite not knowing Jack shit about the Canadian border or immigration.


It's not racist, it's jerst that Canadians don't want er jerbs or to move to a werse coun.... hey, wait a minute!


Canada better start building a wall the way things are going.


[Obligatory South Park](https://youtu.be/KR7Hn41l3OE)


We'll wind up paying for it... 😀


Strick border policy is also very beneficial to the company owners as illegal immigrant workers are less likely to strike and will take smaller (sometimes illegally small) wages.




What do flax and hemp have to do with the border policy?


This. If trumpublicans were serious about this they would demand penalties for employers for hiring undocumented workers. The I9 system is already in place and it could be easily modified so that as long as an employer made a good faith effort to validate an employees employment eligibility they were off the hook (if it isn't already.) But they don't. They would rather increase spending on the gestapo like Border Patrol.


Racism and cruelty is the point. Always has been.


Arguably, just making steeper penalties might curb much of it. Hell, companies won't risk hiring someone with unverifiable papers if the risk was on them rather than the prospective employee. I'm sure someone would argue "but then prices will go up," to which I counter: business owners should not be entitled to profits by default from exploiting workers or gouging consumers.


Think about it. 95% of businesses are interstate. Illegally filling jobs could count as racketeering. They start filing RICO suits which allows the seizure of money directly from CEOs and the board, I imagine illegal hiring will dry up pretty fast.


Frankly, giving temporary deportation immunity to any immigrant whistleblowers (and maybe a direction to some immigration resources in the short term) would clean that shit up quickly. I have a lot of sympathy for someone crossing a border in hopes of having a better life, and I have none for assholes exploiting people so they can pay less in labor. Edit: I say "temporary" like the DACA program. The immigration system needs reform, but people shouldn't suffer exploitation while Congress continues to punt on the issue.


Conservative spaces ban you for suggesting punishment for illegal employers.


Cant have the sheep figuring out who's really taking their jobs.


Like China? The owners moved the jobs overseas.


They don’t want to actually stop illegal immigration, it’s a source of cheap labor for capitalists. What they want is a political football to toss around any time they need to score points with their xenophobic base. It’s why Republicans made no attempt to build a wall or do much of anything during the 2 years in which they basically had free reign. But they suddenly wanted to act as soon as Dems took the house, and shut down the government over it.


This is the thing that's maddening to me. You could easily stop a lot of undocumented migration if you were willing to regulate the businesses that hire them. Slap large tax penalties on businesses for each undocumented worker (including penalizing businesses, rather than people, that hire workers with false papers), and you'll likely see a very quick change in tune.


Yeah pretty much. I asked a conservative about it and they said something to the effect of "immigrants and terrorists see Biden's lax border security and are emboldened to cross the border, so they're just catching more people on the border because more people are trying to cross the border."


It's adorable, pathetic, *and dangerous* how little these bigots understand about the world. You've got to be pretty stupid to believe that reasoning. Nice that they've learned the word "emboldened" over the past six years. ^^^Edit: ^^^They ^^^are ^^^cult ^^^members.


I don't think he actually used that word, I was just paraphrasing. I left out a fun part. I said "how do you know more people are making it into the country?" He said "because more people are getting caught at the border" "How do you know the border isn't just more efficient and catching a higher percentage of people at the border?" "You can't assume that! There's no way to count people who made it in illegally!"


*You* can't make assumptions that comport with your bias! ***Only I get to do that!***


> "You can't assume that! There's no way to count people who made it in illegally!" Did their head explode after uttering that?


Nope. Republicans are vaccinated against cognitive dissonance.


Ellis Island processed an average of 5,000 per day. Pretty sure we can do way more now lol


When you try to tell them the majority of illegal immigrants are just people who overstayed their visas, they put their fingers in their ears and sing “la la la I can’t hear you!”


Melania Trump is a deportable illegal immigrant. She illegally worked on a tourist visa, had at least one stretch of time while she was here without the correct paperwork in order, and lied on her citizenship application by not disclosing, so her fraudulent citizenship can be revoked, and she can be deported. But, for some reason, that's different.


>adorable and pathetic Dangerous. The word you're looking for is dangerous.


You should then tell them that border crossings are about 1/10 of what they were during the Bush years. and about half of them are asylum seekers from "socialist" countries like Venezuela.


It's about alarming anyone who listens. They want their followers to believe that their lives are in danger. Activates the lizard brain.


They don’t even know what open borders means. Like States have open borders. You can’t just drive in undetected from Mexico like what is wrong with these people


They are really trying to make the facts fit their made up narrative and failing.


Thing is, there never was an "open border" policy to begin with.


How could they be opened when Biden stuck with Trumps immigration policies.


This coming from the people who treat the guy who said 'If we stop testing, the numbers will go down' as their god.


He said this at or about the same time he made the Ivermectin/bleach/blue light cure-all stuff as he looked for approval from Drs. Birx and Fauci in a live press conference. All you could see to the side was Fauci with his head down, face in hands and Birx stone-faced and shocked moving her head side to side to indicate no. Then he took it as approval and ran with more stupidity. This is what happens when you are dumb, confident, and supremely arrogant.


You know it's bad when the guy espousing *not touching your face to protect you from a deadly virus* **literally face-palms** lol...


This coming from the people who said “this will be Biden’s America” during Trump’s presidency.


“If we stop counting/recording it then it’s no longer a problem!” Just like how they wanted to stop keeping track of Covid cases to show the pandemic is over, we should just stop recording immigrant numbers to show there’s no border crisis by their logic.


You can look up border crossing captures and see that there is no uptick in people trying to get across, it has remained practically the same for a decade. We actually had a far larger problem with illegal immigration decades ago vs now. They always try to use this imaginary problem around election time to get the asshole racist vote.


Yes, she’s done the a few times. “Fentynal seizures are up 500 %. What is wrong with the DEA!!!” kind of shit


These people also make solving the very problems they are upset about fucking impossible. Fentanyl is a problem right now. It’s in Fucking everything. I can remember doing drugs and partying just 8 years ago and never worrying if a prescription pill was real or not. If it looked like a Xanax, it was one. But now we are having this huge spike in cases of counterfeit drugs laced with fentanyl. Even beyond counterfeit drugs it’s being added to shit you wouldn’t think, like supposed uppers or party drugs like molly. For a while now it’s been hard to get real molly and not just synthetic shit that’s basically meth. That was bad enough. But now we are getting cases of people who thought they were doing cocaine or molly having fentanyl overdoes. It’s a fucking problem. Kids need to be educated on it. But thanks to assholes like these turning it into some sort of dog whistle for hating immigrants, it’s fucking impossible to discuss without idiots coming out of the woodwork. Or worse, looking like them. Source: I work on govt policy for a county that had more fentanyl deaths than any other accidental death cause last year.




Fucking this. They actively make the problems worse with their messaging. Like, the fentanyl thing. There is the whole other layer. The responsible, effective thing to do would be to explain to kids that we know some of them will do drugs. We do not encourage it. It’s illegal. But if you decide to do them, there is now this entire second level of danger that simply didn’t exist at a big scale just a few years ago. And give them info on warning signs, etc. But if I start telling kids how to do lines of cocaine off each other’s asses with a higher margin of safety, suddenly I’m pro-drug use. Nah bro. I’m just anti little coffins. Only realize that every problem they rant about is like this. They make it harder to solve and worsen its severity with their hysterics.


"More and more people are coming home from the hospital after being diagnosed with Covid. What is WRONG with these Doctors!!"


It depends. According to MAGATs, If we have the democratic president, then suddenly we have an open border. It seems they never caught anybody during republican’s control.


i had to explain this to a family member IRL. it hurt me. i then had to explain that Desantis Human Traffikkking LLC was bad cause now he was using taxdollars to send "illegal immigrants" deeper into the country instead of "back to where they came from" to get them to understand it was bad to trick people into going somewhere against their will. which is only slightly worse than forcing them to go back to the crap situation they fled from in the first place the whole thing hurt me. it's a mix of brain wash, brain rot, bigotry and pearl clutching. i shouldn't have to explain empathy using tax dollars as a reason


Desantis trafficked legal migrants, not illegal immigrants.


yeah there is no way i would have gotten to the end of sentence if i had said they were legal migrants... that would not have been conceivable to them


Let's not bring logic into this.


This is the right we're talking about. They only exist to find gotchas on their opponents. They don't care if it makes sense as long as their voters believe it. I mean look at what's going on with the Martha's Vineyard thing. They were claiming a victory and going "look at those hypocrites" before those migrants even got there. Reality be damned as long as the libs are owned.


Their logic is that the ones that are caught is always a tiny fraction of those actually crossing. And the “real” number is always whatever they want it to be since it’s an unknowable number by definition.


No, no, it’s just like covid testing, remember? If we don’t stop people at the border then we have an influx of zero suspected terrorists. Genius!


Yes, but Biden is supposed to do something, something, something to keep them from coming in the first place. Their base is comprised of of hysterical fools.




I heard Steve Bannon has a fundraiser called We Build The Wall!


Really? Can I donate my life savings?


Sure, why not? It sounds legit!


Tell you what. Send it to me. I’ll make sure he gets it.


You can also sign over your house!


Which is the reason he is getting ~~sued for~~ charged with fraud and money laundering right now.


I believe criminal charges as well, or did he get a pardon for that?


Well, he was charged federally, but pardoned by the orange one. But Presidential pardons on fly on the federal level, so the DA of NY charged him again.


With all the evidence of the federal charge and possibly more. Luckily he had not been convicted yet before he was pardoned so all of that evidence is open to the prosecution.


It fits with a lot of their other medieval viewpoints.


Mexican cartels will just build a trebuchet. Truly superior seigecraft.


Also, “stop sending our money to Ukraine!” Me “Then we should help our own people right?” “Yes!” “But you don’t like ebt or state health insurance….” My mom and i


Of course, and they thought they could get Mexico to pay for the whole thing. Like they would suddenly turn on the cartels and suddenly 100% block the border. Madness.


Apparently the power of Trump's mind is limitless. He can declassify documents by just thinking it, so getting Mexico to pay for the wall would be trivial for him. It happened, we just are not aware of it.


I was speaking to someone who was right wing a few years ago and thought there should be a castle wall the entire length of the US - Mexico border where people sat at the tops with turrets and just shot at people trying to get in. When I finally got him to admit that it was inhumane, he thought something similar to a demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea was acceptable. At the end of the day, they are afraid of them losing their small piece of the American pie to people they feel aren't deserving and they really just get off on punishing people. At least some of them are saying the quiet part out loud. Personally I want a strong border as well as more legal avenues to immigration. https://www.carnegie.org/our-work/article/15-myths-about-immigration-debunked/


They pretty much want machine guns to mow down anyone who dares cross who they don't like.


I know they are basically on the same level as ancient barbarians with the same ability to think, but walls have to be one of the least cost-efficient methods of keeping people out. ESPECIALLY when you're not walling off a choke point. It's like, imagine trying to cover your home with a giant balloon. Think of how much that would cost, and it all gets destroyed if the enemy pokes it with a pin. A wall wouldn't do shit, it's just a monument for hate.


I think right wingers would be so happy if any violent attack happens. They are just waiting for their Reichstag/Dreyfus Affair moment.


Wasn't that 1/6 when they attempted to blame it on the mercurial and non-existent organization called "Antifa"?


Yeah they had weapons stockpiled outside ready for "counter protestors" to turn the thing into a bloodbath. But why would Biden supporters show up? He won the election. So instead they fought cops. And still blamed antifa for it anyways




Kevin Sorbo can eat a bag of rancid horse dicks. Seriously, he's the fucking WORST. Plus, Xena was better.


Republicans: no policies only fear and owning the libs


Open border is when D president. Closed border is when R president. As soon as R is elected, a magical force field closes the border.


“Migrant caravan” is when midterms


Don’t forget the anger. Making people angry is a huge part of the demagogue, er, I mean Republican platform. Edit: for accuracy


He did say fear. And as we all know: > Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to ~~insurrection~~ suffering.


Fear-mongering is an extremely effective, powerful tool used to influence people. It’s something that many religions and cults use on their followers. You can also see it consumer advertising. Remember in the 90’s, there was a lot of “sex sells” marketing campaigns? These days it is “fear sells”. E.g., if you buy non-organic produce, you’re going to get cancer. If you don’t buy this VPN, you’re going to get hacked. It is so common these days.


It's a stupid approach to distract you from the fact domestic terrorism exists and it is mainly on the right wing. But don't you worry about the Nazis, it's the "others" you need to worry about. Marsha Blackburn is an MTG/Lauren Bobert type dunce, but in the Senate.


Why do they keep sharing this as an own? Isn't it GOOD that suspected terrorists are being caught? I swear to God, you have to have an IQ that's the same as your shoe size to be a Republican these days.


Wasn't there a record number of immigrants arrested this year, under *gasp*... Biden? Surely that must mean the borders are wide open!


>Why do they keep sharing this as an own? Because ICE/border patrol is keeping out the brown people, which means they're on the side of the republicans. However, Biden sets the border passable/impassable levers on the wrong mode, which means the brave republican border patrol has to work extra hard to stop all the brown terrorists that Biden is letting into the US. No, don't think about it too hard, you'll break it. But this is roughly how their "thought" process works..


They think it’s because no terrorists would dare try to cross the border while trump is in office. But now that he’s out it’s open season.


I heard an ad for a podcast or a show or something recently which featured Trump's campaigning in 2016 about how letting in Syrian immigrants was going to result in so much increased terrorism. And here we are 6 years later with exactly how many domestic terror attacks from radical Islamists? I haven't seen any. But how many domestic terror attacks have come from radicalized right wingers? At least you can't say Trump was wrong that there was going to be increased terrorism.


This is from the same crowd that thought that finding COVID via testing was the reason cases were rising. Don’t expect much in the way of cause and effect logic


If they caught 78 terrorists I’d say border security is working.


So would anyone with a brain and/or any honesty. But we're talking about Republicans here - swindlers (and some fools) leading fools.


In their mind, Trump is so strong that those terrorists would be afraid of even trying to cross the border if he was in charge. But because Democrats are weak and they don't let Border Patrol agents kill people on site, this is why people attempt to come to the US. You have to remember that their logic always starts and ends with Democrats=Bad and the southern border issues only exist when a Democrat President is in office.


I have heard my dad say EXACTLY this with zero irony or exaggeration.


Also if they were caught trying to enter illegally then the border was apparently closed to them?


I'm guessing that "suspected terrorists" in this context means "they are brown, therefore I suspect that they are terrorists".


Probably "has a name containing the same letters as a suspected terrorist".


Jim Aquickbrownfixjumpsovertgelazydog better watch out


At least he’s safe if their last name is ‘hhhh’ lol


this person is a senator and makes way more $$ than me that’s fucking depressing


Her whole Twitter is full of dumb shit like this. She’s now trying to get the FDA to disallow puberty blockers on minors. Like a fully grown adult needs them.


>disallow puberty blockers on minors Ban them entirely is what she meant


I had a friend who had to use them because she got her period at 7 years old :( no adult needs them literally only minors wtfff


It's amazing how the money flows when you sell off any resemblance of your humanity


Wait until I tell you about her trying to make it illegal for municipalities to have their own broadband internet as an utility after one city did it.


That sounds very free market doesn't it


Ffs this is so stupid. How can people write this shit out and not feel embarrassed?


Easy. You just have to be a Republican.


>suspected terrorists What, did they threaten to vote Republican or something?


My new diet plan helped me lose weight. My waistline has never been more at risk!


This is the same logic as "If you don't test for covid you don't have it."


We don’t have “open borders “ Maybe the issue is a certain party repeating the words “open border” over and over again.


FBI caught 78 bank robbers before they robbed another bank. Biden's open banks are putting everyone at risk! /s


The corporate media (from CNN to Fox) are complicit in perpetuating the myth that there is an “immigration crisis”. *This is a bald faced lie*. The only crisis is the demonization of asylum seekers from Latin America and undocumented Latino immigrants. I wrote an entire doctoral dissertation that broadly speaking, involved studying migration patterns from Latin America to the US. I spent ample time conducting research at various points along the US-Mexico border. Many US citizens fail to understand that the US-Mexico border is the most militarized border in the world between two nations that are not at war. This is a “crisis” manufactured by the right to stoke a right wing “white lash” by scaring racist white people with fears that imaginary hordes of brown people are a’comin.


In the delusional mind of a Republican, Biden is trying to sneak terrorists into the nation and only our valiant border patrol can stop him. These people need mental help


The fact is that the Biden Administration is taking border security very seriously and is still rebuilding from the damage Trump did. If Republicans actually cared about border security then they'd vote Democrat.


The only terrorists that are actively harming people in the US are the ones wearing red hats.


That's not even self aware. It's not knowing what words mean and how language works.


Americans safety... Americans are the biggest threat to Americans. And by "suspected terrorists" does she mean; anyone who looks sort of muslim? Not that her sentence makes sense anyway...


Bu...t..... They... Were.... Caught.....


Open borders catch terrorists, got it.


To these people "Open Border" means that there isn't a literal gate with a lock lining every inch of the border.


Says the woman who helped start the opioid crisis.


We caught so many terrorists, it's clear proof we're not catching any terrorists! -Republicans


Were they heading for the Capitol Building?


These people just want the border patrol to shoot and kill the immigrants. That is the only solution that I can gather from all their bitching and moaning Edit:word


As a Tennessean, she’s an idiot and will hopefully be voted out as soon as possible, I don’t know how she got elected to represent TN.