I don’t know how to tell you this … that’s capitalism.

I don’t know how to tell you this … that’s capitalism.


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How. How are you a freemarket chud, a business owner, and a politician, and so completely disconnected from your central thesis that you don't even know what the actual words mean. Fox News, what hath ye wrought upon Merica


they know what they mean. they just know that republican voters don't.


To be honest, I'm not sure MTG is that clever.


She's slightly smarter than anyone stupid enough to vote for her bullshit which is all that matters.


She still believes what she says. The grift has run on so long that the suckers are now gritting themselves.


Jewish Space Lasers. This woman is not playing with a full deck.


You don't need to be smarter than the next guy when there is no next guy. She ran unapposed.


That'll do it.


Unopposed after her opponent withdrew because of threats and intimidation from her supporters. He’s moved to another state with his family. That’s how fascism works, you have to be prepared to be murdered to stand up to them.


So she was smarter than nobody?


Still is.


The lunatics are running the asylum as the saying goes.


Agree with everything the idiots say, but remember to kick dirt at someone to look down on. She's got this down really good. David didn't overpower Goliath with his strength, just like she doesn't have to overpower republicans with *smartness*.


Jewish Space Lasers Inc. would disagree with you.


She is the heiress of a construction company, so her wealth is literally built upon "building capital". She knows that her job in Congress is to smear neoliberals as socialists to drag Dems to the "right", derail actual progressives like AOC who were pulling the Dems to the Left., and rally the conservative base with red meat soundbites. When you understand her motivations, the charade of bumbling conspiricist is easier to recognize as the distraction it really is.


Nah, she is mostly just dumb as a brick, wealth is inherited and she got fucking redpilled by a celebrity gossip writer.


She can know that she needs these sound bites, and be an idiot that believes a lot of her claims. They aren't mutually exclusive.


Don't underestimate her. Everyone talks about Trump like he was some massive imbecile, and yet he was allowed to run an international real estate corporation from the oval office, and get off Scott free as if nothing happened. This woman is dangerous, whether she's a grifter or a true believer.


We know that this is dangerous to our democracy, but we don't know how to fix it. How did half the country get so irredeemably stupid and callous that they voted Trump and this moron into office? How do you educate people who reject the very concept of words having meanings?


You educate them. There is a very, very LARGE reason the fasc-sorry, Repubelicunts, have gutted education. Year. After year. After year. After fucking year. This vat of infectious human waste is that reason. Stupid, uninformed morons do stupid shit. They've been prepping for this.


I think Republicans prefer the term "ultranationalists seeking a return to an imagined glorious past through restoring natural hierarchy of races". Can't use the "F-word", but they'll agree with its definition.


You're giving her too much credit. I doubt her thought process goes much beyond "own the libs".


Indeed. Ever heard the woman speak? It's like listening to a mouth fall down stairs.


Underestimating one's adversary is among the most dangerous mistakes to make.


The problem is the younger republican politicians grew up consuming this propaganda and now we have an entire generation of them who actually believe their own bullshit.


She's probably not the one writing these tweets. This line where they apply legitimate critiques of capitalism to "socialism" seems to be gaining traction lately. There must have been a meeting or something that got this messaging in the playbooks of all the propagandizing social media managers


Nah, they just see each other doing it on Twitter and join in.


yeah that makes more sense


I agree. This seems to be a serious strategy - if it sounds bad or frightening then it's socialism. I also doubt she is the one tweeting but it appears to be a concerted effort and I'm sure it works now that their constituency consists of either people who know better but see through it and want it to stay that way or people who are so uneducated that they don't know the difference. Win-win for them.


Most Republican office holders know what they mean and attempt to scam the voters. Greene, Boebert, and others in the new class *are* the voters that had been scammed. I would not bet a cent on the idea that Greene knows anything.


She knows shitloads about the Jewish space lasers causing fires in California


Broke: "That's no moon. It's a space station." Woke: "That's no moon. It's a space synogogue."


GOP(e): “Can we move the moon?”


Does she realize Jews in Space was a bit?


I think this is the right take. McConnell, Graham, Cruz, etc all know exactly what they’re doing. Greene, Boebert, and Gaetz, however, are incompetent halfwits. Still waiting for them to pull the reigns in an attempt to stop the shit show they and their predecessors created. Unfortunately seems like the majority of Republican leadership is happy to ride this thing into the ground as long they get to keep their positions of power.


There are three groups actually. The grifters (McConnell, Cheney and the rest of the "establishment moderates"), the insane true believers (Boebert, MTG, Gossar, Gohmert) and the grifters who are pretending to be insane true believers (Cruz, Hawley, Gaetz). At the end of the day, all of them are just fascists deep down.


I think they'll only start caring when the home grown terrorist cells have no more libs to crush and start getting antsy.


Greene, Boebert, and Gaetz provide a smokescreen to their judicial appointments and obstruction. McConnell and McCarthy may not be directing them to be public dipshits, but they are 100% capitalizing on their publicity.


We're going to see an increasing amount too as the old guard dies off and the new guard become the ones they made to believe lies. Instead of an act it's going to be the real deal, let's hope it's so crazy it kills their electability in most places.


Hey now! They got where they are by their 5000 IQ and hard work alone! Definitely not privilege, luck and knowing the right people!


Normally, yes I'd agree. But I think MTG is one of those voters, all grown up and in office. Chicken come home to roost.


So many people are just “billboarding” instead of thinking or remembering. It’s why snappy phrases that include calls to action work so well. They don’t actually know or want to know how the logic works, they just want to hold a sign as directed.


This chick is a typical Republican voter. She doesn’t know.


Anything bad that happens because of capitalism is socialism to these people


It makes a lot more sense when you realize she literally does not give a shit about what's true, consistent, or logical. She will say anything to "own the libs" no matter how transparently false or disconnected from reality it is. Everything bad is "socialism" - even hedge funds, trade and property ownership - everything good is "free markets" - even medicare, the armed forces and the police.


This is it right here, they're just trolls. The card says moops. https://youtu.be/xMabpBvtXr4


In these circles, "socialism" is only a label for anything unpopular with the right that can be hung around the neck of centrists and progressives. It's just a kind of motivational speech. The feelings it delivers are the only meaning it has.


“Don’t you know that’s not REAL capitalism?!” This is literally the argument people are trying to make about this.


I'm pretty sure MTG doesn't know what ANY words mean. And I hate that she has the same initials as Magic the Gathering because those cards have much more depth and value in society than she does.


Watch out on associating the two, or soon the QAnon folks will start pulling the game into their lunatic theories, lol. Because clearly Wizards of the Coast foretold [COVID](https://scryfall.com/card/7ed/133/engineered-plague), [Jewish space lasers](https://scryfall.com/card/mh2/294/vindicate), and [Donald Trump](https://scryfall.com/card/hou/140/nicol-bolas-god-pharaoh)...


"Socialism" has meant "thing I don't like" for decades to these grifters.


This has to be performance art. She's gotta know.


she knows this. he also knows her base *doesn't* know this. so she capitalizes on it like any true unchecked capitalist would.


You have no idea how stupid Republicans are. In office and the voters.


It mUsT bE tRUe CaUse I Seen iT on FoX


A private company is buying up houses and forcing buyers who are less capable financially out of the market. That's socialism for you. /s


Just like Marx always wanted! (/s)


Marx wrote “The Capital”, to be fair…/s


The English name is just *Capital*.


Ask a capitalist to say what they don't like about socialism and they will describe capitalism.


"Socialism is when capitalists capitalize in an unregulated capitalistic market." - the Right, yet so very Wrong.


Feudalism was really just the precursor to socialism!


Not just any company, but BlackRock, the most capitalistic country on the entire planet. It has $9 trillion in assets under management, more than one third of US GDP and around 10% of global GDP. BlackRock represents the largest corporate accumulation of wealth.


Socialism is when companies...buy...real estate?


Yeah! Think about it...


The companies get money from the government which gets its money from the citizens ergo it's socialism /s


Came here to say this, except my was going to be: >Socialism is when capitalism.


Whenever a Pub brings socialism into the debate I always stop and ask them to define it. Most have zero idea what it means. Hard to have a conversation when someone doesn’t even understand their own argument.


It's where illegals get free stuff, nice try libtard! -Maga Chud Probably


Socialism = free iPhones Communism = government does something I hate Fascism = telling me to wear a mask Capitalism = Gods chosen economy


I thought socialism was when no iPhone (despite shitloads of technology in iphone being publically funded)


**socialism** is when the government does stuff. **communism** is when no iphone


Damn it! You got me.


Yeah. Public schools, fire departments, social security, EMTs, parks, state roads - all socialist programs (public works accessible to all, freely, and paid for by taxes.) But no, socialism is the devil!


The army too, whole lot of socialism going on over there


You dirty Marxist scum!


As a former conservative(indoctrinated by my parents): They hate public schools because the Department of Education is a dumpster fire and it is a failed socialist program. Fire departments are part of public safety which is one of the actual jobs of the government. Social Security is also something they hate because if people would just work harder and save they wouldn't need other people's tax money to support them. It is a bankrupt and flawed socialist system. EMTs...I am not sure where you got the idea on that one. EMT's in the USA at least are privatized and are not paid for with taxes. Thats why ambulance rides are so outrageously expensive. Parks - Most conservatives would tell you that the government has no business telling people where they can or cannot live or what they can or cannot do on the land. State roads is a part of infrastructure, which like public safety, is a part of the government's job.


I’m guessing your parents were less libertarian? The ones I met blame “big gov” for everything and probably wants a true free market society where billionare overlords rule everything. Oh yeah and apparently everyone can be a billionare if the “work hard enough.”


>EMTs...I am not sure where you got the idea on that one. EMT's in the USA at least are privatized and are not paid for with taxes. Thats why ambulance rides are so outrageously expensive. That depends on where you are in the US, every city does it differently. EMS being part of the fire department is very common.


Also, private EMS can be heavily subsidized.


That I did not know! Thank you for informing me.


Those things aren't socialism either, because government doing stuff isn't what makes it socialist. It's social democracy, sure, but the people do not have any control over the implementation, expansion, or management of these services.




Ask a socialist to tell you why they hate capitalism and they will list off the many flaws of capitalism. Ask a capitalist to tell you why they hate socialism and they will give you the same list.


At this point I’m convinced that MTG thinks the definition of socialism is “anything I don’t agree with”.


That has been the republican definition of socialism for a long, long time.


And it unfortunately works.


At least since Reagan, maybe longer


*[McCarthyism](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism) has entered the chat.*


Which is extremely ironic because this is like peak free market capitalism.


What I don't understand is, what about Blackrock monopolizing on houses does MTG not agree with? That's exactly what her party stands for and I'm sure if asked "should a company be allowed to buy every single house in the country if it could?" She woud absolutely answer with a hearty, Kimberly Gilfoylesque "yes!" while fist pumping.




From what I've seen, nobody, including a lot of people who would call themselves socialists agrees on what it means.


She openly admitted she doesn't believe in science.


Her socialist toaster burned her toast this morning.


You leave magic the gathering out of this


That's right king! Counterspell them!


Whenever I read MTG my brain always first thinks Magic The Gathering, then on occasion I'm reminded this sh*t stain exists.


When the barista gets my name wrong on my starbucks cup...SOCIALISM!


Yeah, it’s a buzzword that is completely losing it’s meaning.


Yeah dude, that’s been the Republican definition of socialism for decades. Anything whatsoever that they don’t like is socialism and communism and Marxist and whatever other magic words they can say to make their voters fill their diapers.


That's about right for the right. "Fake News" was officially defined as "anything that makes me look bad" by Trump during an interview, after all.


Literally describing end game capitalism. Turds like this dont deserve to pollute our airwaves or decide jack about jack.


*thing is literal happening right now for real* R: this is what it ~~wood~~ would be like under socialism. Good thing we aren't socialists Edit: less rich mahogany and more grammer


Right lol Same energy as Trump's "This is what Biden's America will be like" as the country is burning down around our ears


I envision a rich mahogany.


FFS, this level of ignorance should IMMEDIATELY disqualify one from holding ANY elected office.


We should have IQ tests to qualify? Lol


When you ring the bell on the sociopath scale, you are disqualified.


IQ doesn't test for this


and psychological assessments


Fucking hell she genuinely has no idea what socialism is, does she? She’s so brainwashed that she equates literally anything negative to being socialist, even when it’s literally capitalism!!


When it comes to politics, do not attribute to incompetence, that which can be attributed to maliciousness. It's not stupidity, it's entirely by design.


I think in general you are correct. McConnell, Cruz, even Trump, I think they all know what they're doing to some degree. MTG? I think she's actually just an idiot


Ah yes. Paragon of socialism, Blackrock.


I am continuously embarrassed by her existence and the people from my home town that elected her. “When are you coming back to visit?” Never. Fucking never.


I recently watched an interview with voters in her district. They asked people at a dinner if they were happy with her representation. Basically a third of people said they loved her, a third were insulted by the question saying she's an embarrassment, a third were like "I don't agree with what she says but I like that she speaks her mind." It left me feeling bad for the third who live in reality.


>a third were like "I don't agree with what she says but I like that she speaks her mind." This is exactly what keeps us from getting out from under this mess. If you don't agree with what she says, then she doesn't represent you. Why are you voting for someone who isn't in line with your way of thinking? It's fucking ponderous. The only rational explanation is that 1/3 of the people actually agree with what she is saying, but are smart enough to know that they shouldn't. It's an excuse to justify their vote for someone who is obviously unfit for office. For example, she LOVES capitalism, but sponsored a bill to reduce the salary of Dr. Fauci because he is the highest paid federal employee. Alright sounds like a conservative move to reduce govt costs....except the only reason we pay him more than the govt salary cap is...."an exception put in place to make Federal salaries for doctors and scientists more competitive with the private sector."...so we pay him that much because of.....drum roll...Capitalism! It's the epitome of hypocrisy.


"This is exactly what keeps us from getting out from under this mess. If you don't agree with what she says, then she doesn't represent you." My thoughts exactly.


Unfortunately there always will be a lane for "straight shooting" politicians.


How privileged would you have to be to vote for ol’ Magic The Gathering on a whim because she “speaks her mind”?


The stakes are pretty low for a lot of people. And yes, that is privilege.




This is like a remix of the “This is what it would look like under Biden’s America” memes that featured photos of things that happened under *rump’s. No synapses firing in either case.


This was Taylor made for r/selfawarewolves


It’s Taylor’s version!


Marjory Taylormade Greene, even.


This woman isn't intelligent.


Fucking hell, I plead for the democrats to change their name to the "ultra conservative super far right Murica party" and start selling socialism as "extreme capitalism for the workers", since definitions don't seem to matter anymore. Where's the eject button from the planet? I want to move to Mars.


JFC. I'd say someone needs to muzzle Cro-Magnon Crossfit Qaren but she keeps exposing Republican stupidity.


...Yes... Ooooh those nasty socialists and their desire to own everything and be at the top while the workers suffer. They're so awful, we should do something about them... Maybe taking their power away and distributing among the hardworking capitalists that they have working for them. I am utterly convinced that someone with far left policies running on a Republican ticket would sweep whatever election they're in in the US.


Ah yes, a small percentage of the population controlling almost all the wealth. Textbook socialism!


I like how these tinfoil hat conservatives are like “the socialists/communists are backed by multiple media corporations” like what? Not even a “local business owner” supports and form of wealth distribution, literally no one with capital supports left economics for a reason. All leftist movements start through grassroots because its communities of other laborers trying to support each other.. I just wanna know who is paying these people to say the most ridiculous things on social media platforms


MTG has been recently edged out of first place for stupidest member of congress by Louis Ghomert, for suggesting moving the orbit of earth or the moon to address climate change.


She has no idea how words work.


\*sees bad stuff happening because of capitalism\* "why would socialism do this?"


THAT'S HAPPENING RIGHT FUCKING NOW UNDER CAPITALISM! If you think anything any of these grifters like Marjorie Taylor Greene say is actually intelligent and insightful you are fucking braindead


I guess what those Davos people meant when they said Great Reset wasn’t communism like right wingers feared, but feudalism. Someday we’ll all be renters with no hope of building real wealth like the generations before us and dumb right wingers will look at how everything is owned by private hedge funds, billionaires, and multi national corporations and still call it socialism because all this time they never bothered to even attempt to look up what the word even means.


things that are happening under capitalism are socialism!!


I truly believe she is an actress doing a long term performance piece. There is no way she is this dumb.


This shit is as cspitalist as you can get without shooting unionized workers


Shhhh! Don’t give them any ideas.


Holy fuck this is triggering because it should simply be an inconsequential statement from a complete lunatic, but vast numbers who look up to her will take this mis-information and run with it. Our bureaucratic system is truly FUBAR


Really tired of seeing all the empty house in my neighborhood owned by millionaires that spend 2 weeks there a year. Ruins communities and fucks locals out of house.


Getting outbid in an unregulated market is SOCIALISM!


I don't think she knows what socialism is. She just thinks of Venezuela which never even was socialist


I agree with representative Greene that this socialism must be stopped and we should pass laws to stop corporations from establishing socialist monopolies.


That isn't socalism. That's capitalism. Winners and losers. Wealth funneled to the top capitalists.


I believe there was an element of sarcasm in their comment.


Jesus. Fucking. Christ. What an absolute doorknob.


Vicious abstraction, a powerful rhetorical device and the death of rationalism.


At this point she has to know that she's blatantly lying to her followers. If they're naming everything capitalism does as "socialism", what can we do? Name everything good socialism does as "capitalism" to get her followers in our side


I saw a libertarian meme that claimed Monkeys in the wild, who live communally and have no private property or currency were capitalists. Next to that was a monkey in a cage at a zoo, which they claimed was socialism. They hate capitalism so much, but they think it's called socialism.


"...the rest of the population will be poor and under control." And that's different from now, how exactly?


she keeps it up the GOP will nominate her....


Fox News and talk radio needs to be dissolved. ASAP.


Marjorie Taylor Greene is Confused... ...it hurt itself in it's confusion.




"socialism is when bad"


Socialism is when capitalism does bad things.


It's not capitalism going wrong, it's socialism being allowed to happen! ^(When your favorite thing can never go wrong)


I have such a hard time understanding the conservative worldview. Because they’re pro-capitalism and yet… it seems like they’re always complaining about capitalism?


I sincerely hope the majority of her party and its supporters have the capacity and the decency to be embarrassed by her, otherwise there's really no hope in working with them only against


They absolutely do not.


Holy shit this is nuts


It’s like a troll account saying outlandish stuff to get a reaction, but she’s a real human.


How much did jeff bezos pay you to spread that lie.


I wish everyone in the media and Congress were socialists. This country wouldn’t be such a dumpster fire then.


I’ve seen a lot of really dumb things in this sub but this one might actually take the cake


How can a person be this fucking stupid? Literally everything out of her mouth...


She also goes on to explain herself here but her explanation also doesn't make sense.


It's almost impressive for someone to be that consistently wrong about everything.


Why does nobody know what socialism or communism are when *The Principles of Communism* is free on several websites, only twenty pages long, and easy to understand?


Because none of them are here to earnestly debate systems of political governance. They’re only here to mentally masturbate to their culture war fantasies, give voice to grievances that don’t exist, project their own sins onto others, and live out their deranged ragnarok against “the libs.”


That's literally the opposite of socialism. That's what we have now. She is stark raving mad.


And, what did conservatives do to all that anti-trust legislation enacted years ago? They have been repealing it every chance they have, now haven't they? Now they want to complain about the consequences of their own actions? People learned long ago that monopolizing just because you can afford to do so is never good for the people. Also, anti-trust legislation was an attempt at stopping monopolizing and to break up monopolies. Seems people have forgotten that lesson.


It’s annoying how militantly stupid she is, but that’s the same reason I fucking hated living in Georgia. She’s not unique at all for that state.


That she doesn't understand I get it, that everyone else doesn't understand that's more difficult to get!


Idiot doesn't know the difference between Marxism, communism, collectivism and socialism. Fuck, half the country doesn't know the difference.


It can’t be capitalism because it’s bad! And only socialism is bad! Checkmate!! MTG, probably


Socialism is when capitalism.


Socialism is when Capitalism is when


To a lot of conservatives and also just dumb Americans in general: socialism is the same word as communism. Which is dumb. And this is mostly because of our propagandized media. I used to be happy I was born in this country, and while there are still worse places to live, I'm slowly realizing more and more how much this country fucking sucks for anyone that doesn't have a ton of expendable income.


Imagine trying to explain *anything* to someone as monumentally stupid and stubborn as Marjorie.


The problem isn’t even that this complete cancer of a human being is so very, utterly wrong about socialism or capitalism and their effects. The problem is that there are people who view her as an authority on the subject, read these words, and internalize them so deeply they will never be able to think of socialism in any other terms. People so ignorant and hateful that they will destroy the very earth they stand on if this lady tells them it’s the right thing to do. And I’m honestly at a loss for how a society should deal with people like that. No amount of evidence or debate or convincing will ever be enough to convert them away from their hateful ignorance. So how do we ever move forward as a species when there are so many people like this?


how did she think she was correct


She's dumb enough to think that anything she says must be correct because...well...she's an idiot.


I think there needs to be a line drawn on what is capitalism and what is theft.


Because let's be honest, who controls the land controls the resources. China is doing the same on foreign soil too.


Socialism is when capitalism.


Well Blackrock technically is socialist since it was technically part of the banking conglomerates that got bailed out after ruining the economy in 2008. Not even 15 years later and it's about to happen again. I hope congress has the balls to let these banks fail this time, but I doubt it.


She might be the single dumbest human being to ever go into politics. In any country. Ever. Considering how many nations no longer exist because of inept political leaders, that’s quite an accomplishment.


How is she so ducking stupid?


The few have always ruled the many, regardless of the government system. The idolization of strictly one system (ie: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc.) is foolish. Adopt successful functions of each system and progress. Stop religiously following the gospel of an ideology.


>Adopt successful functions of each system and progress. That there is the central tenet of progressivism. Whatever it takes to improve the quality of life as efficiently as possible. How is that a terrible thing? Well, if you're one of the perpetrators of the ills of society and benefit from the ills you cause, yeah you probably won't like having your game stopped. Children don't like having to clean up their room either.


She has no idea how words work.


Dumbass, fugly, bitch is so backwards that they don’t know the actual difference between Capitalism and Socialism. It’s just a catchphrase to her. You may as well replace socialism with Mayonnaise and it will mean the same thing in this context.