Just breathtaking

Just breathtaking

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you can't really rewrite history that was caught in 4k


But you can make people believe anything if you repeat it often enough




It’s the lightest shade of Nazi propaganda networks in this country, but it’s still a Nazi propaganda network. Carlson goes out and tells white supremacist fairy tales and conspiracy theories on a regular basis, all the “news” coverage conveniently lines up with extremist opinions. It’s not quite as blatant as Newsmax or OANN, but it still is Nazi propaganda.


Carlson spews so much provable misinformation. It makes me sick to see anyone believing a word he says.


He's just asking questions. Gee, if only someone with your staggering platform and reach could find people to answer those questions. I don't know if he's the worst, but christ he's bad.


A few weeks ago he "reported" about how no one is talking about the thousands of deaths proven to be caused by the COVID-19 vaccines. His "source"? VAERS. And the people who worship him believe that shit.


It's like citing wikipedia fifteen years ago.


Faux news and its viewers must have skipped any of the classes in grade school that taught critical thinking skills.


They don't have those in the south


Oh like that time he brought a cop on and the cop wasn't a full blown fascist piece of shit so Cucker kicked him off the show before he could finish his piece?


That laugh. . . My god that laugh. . .


That's confirmation bias for you. Ignore anything that doesn't fit your narrative.


Right now, he is the worst. He's doing irreparable harm to our families and to our country, every day.


Dude it’s so unhinged, I’m unfortunately staying with my parents at the moment and it’s in 24/7 and holy shit it’s literally brain cancer. Non stop anti vaccine, fake border crises, Biden doesn’t work (ironic they complain about that), China covid conspiracy. Every time I see it I feel like I got dumber.


How about visiting in-laws and having the Fox News ticker burned into their living room television.


My dad needs his "Tucker time" every night a new episode of his show comes on... He defends Tucker through everything. Casting doubt on vaccine effectiveness? "Just asking questions" like journalists are supposed to! Spewing white nationalist talking points? Just describing actual Democratic political strategy of encouraging immigration to improve their performance in elections! And heaven forbid I complain about it or else I'm a triggered snowflake who needs to be tolerant of people who "think differently".


get him to sit through a single episode of Last Week Tonight. Really any episode, but the one on tucker carlson was relatively powerful


Lol. No way would he listen to any of that, because Oliver's a left-wing condescending know-it-all comedian and not a reliable source and why doesn't he go back to England if he hates the US so much? My dad does tend to view disagreements as matters of opinion and thus subjective. So trying to "debunk" what Tucker says will just come off (and when I try to do it has come off many times) as being unnecessarily aggressive in trying to shove your opinion down someone's throat. I have in the past been mocked for supposedly thinking Oliver is some sort of all-knowing god (I don't, but my parents seem to think I do).


He’s just asking tough questions! Like journalists are supposed to do!


"But he's not a real journalist, he's a comedian! No one should take him seriously!" Said unironically while taking Tucker seriously despite Fox [arguing in court no reasonable person does so](https://www.npr.org/2020/09/29/917747123/you-literally-cant-believe-the-facts-tucker-carlson-tells-you-so-say-fox-s-lawye).


Some more news absolutely blasted tucker Carlson into the sun. Cody is a beast.


I love Cody and Katie, but unfortunately this guy's dad would still say "but they're comedians".


Lol. In my experience, hardcore conservatives can’t even sit through an episode without vocalizing everything they disagree with. Like, watch the episode, listen to the points, then we’ll have a discussion.


If he ever complains about Biden just tell him to stop being such a snowflake. Watch his brain melt.


Have you brought up the time Fox New’s own lawyers argued [no “reasonable viewer” takes Tucker seriously](https://www.npr.org/2020/09/29/917747123/you-literally-cant-believe-the-facts-tucker-carlson-tells-you-so-say-fox-s-lawye) as a defense in a slander lawsuit against the network.


Some More News did a wonderful take down of Carlson. Hilarious and informative.


It makes me so angry. I cannot listen to people blatantly lying, with zero power to stop it. I really wonder sometimes how one gets to the place, mentally/morally where they can sit there and say the things they do with such smugness. Because I don't believe for a hot second that the majority of them think what they're saying is true. Maybe some of the REALLY clearly intellectually compromised ones (Dobbs, Pirro etc) but the rank (heh, accurate) & file no way. Not Fucker or Hannity either but that's an entirely separate rant...anyway. It's beyond infuriating. Edit: hahahahaa I did not (consciously, anyway!) intentionally type "Fucker" :D but it stays!


It really is, they’re destroying this country and have ruined people, making them angry and unhinged. The worst part is people like my dad so are confident these people are correct. I’ll show him how Fox has won law suits by claiming no one in their right mind would think this stuff is real, but then his cognitive dissonance kicks in and I get accused to being immature and not understanding the world among various other unhinged rants and insults. I’ve given up I just agree to everything now.


>I get accused to being immature and not understanding the world among various other unhinged rants and insults Omg we're really pushing all my buttons today... That is, imo, one of the most harmful, insidious arguments there is. It can if you're not careful really stick, to the point YOU (wherein "you" = "me") start doubting whether your thoughts & opinions really are valid or just some half-baked juvenile waffle. And at that point who's gonna even bother trying to argue, if you fully know deep in your heart you aren't really equipped to engage in "grownup" discussions, y'know?? It's a *really* convenient, effective way to weed out idealists, by telling them the world is just much too complicated for their feeble minds to possibly comprehend. I get that you're stuck in the home sitch & yes of course, obv first & foremost do what you must to stay sane. As of now it's (hopefully) only one person doing this to you but please let that shit flow in one ear & out the other. It can take root before you even realize & it's a REAL BITCH to unlearn. I'll letcha know when I finally completely do.


Ya it’s tough, it took me awhile when I was younger to realize he’s the mislead one and not me. I usually just let it flow but with him being my dad sometimes his opinions matter to me still I guess subconsciously, and I’ll get pretty mad at times vs if it was some random person saying these things to me. Good luck with your situation


Don't give up and don't agree. You may be the only counterpoint he hears. It may or may not get through to him, but at least you would be providing him another viewpoint.


I can commiserate. My mother is the same way.


I'm so lucky! My mother (who is full boomer age) told me a some weeks ago "I tried to watch Fox News just to see what it was about and omg suck2b....it was HORRIBLE! I couldn't believe the things they were saying! They never mentioned (whatever the issue of the day/week was at that time) once!" My heroin addicted, jobless brother lives with her and is fully aboard the trump train, she wanted to see if he "had any points" in their arguments. Her conclusion: no. no he does not.


Politically speaking, I'm an independent. But I acknowledge that CNN actually reports the news, and does so respectfully. Faux "news", on the other hand is nothing but mud slinging, ad hominem attacks, straw man arguments, misinformation, and flat out lying. They also equate their uninformed opinions, feelings, personal biases, and anecdotal experiences with actual proven facts.


Agreed. Although I think it is unhealthy for anyone to watch any cable news channel all day, every day. They had a panel on CNN the other day, talking about that nutty marjorie and her holocaust shit, and one of the panel members said "unfortunately, she is the number one fundraiser in the R party. Just us talking about her right now is bringing her in money". I am convinced that one of the major reasons Trump even won is because all the news channels, whether pro or anti Trump, just talked about him ad nauseum. Same with marjorie - just stop talking about her so much. I know she's an idiot. I don't need to be reminded of it hourly. LOL as I'm watching cable news right now.


>I’m unfortunately staying with my parents at the moment and it’s in 24/7 and holy shit it’s literally brain cancer. This is something I just don't understand about the older generation; why do they want to watch the news just non-stop? My dad does something similar (with CNN, thankfully, not Fox) and it's like, you have Netflix, you have YouTube, there's so much good content out there, why do you insist on watching this stretched-out overdrawn nonsense masquerading as actual news? Our parents were right that tv rots the brain. They just didn't realize it was happening to them, not us.


> Our parents were right that tv rots the brain. They just didn't realize it was happening to them, not us. Just like they warned us about the dangers of the internet but now they are the groups that fall for scams, fake news, and other dumb shit.


When they were young, "watching the network news" was an act engaged in by responsible adults. It was the national networks that showed the world the truth about the Jim Crow south, and the carnage in Vietnam. The news was the only reputable thing to watch on TV. Everything else was the vast wasteland that would rot your brain. I was born in 1971, so I lived through the process of this changing. But people older than me simply never lost the habit of considering broadcast news to be both authoritative and "a better use of your time" than regular entertainment tv. Fox and its imitators have exploited this ruthlessly, by giving people trash lies that make them feel good about their worst instincts while allowing them to believe they're accomplishing something by "watching the news" instead of "rotting your brain" by "just watching TV."


Huh. I'd never thought of it like that before. Thank you, that's a really useful viewpoint!


My mom visited her brother several years ago, well pre-Trump, and was really struck by how ANGRY he was all the time, and how nasty he could be to total strangers, or to the hostess at the restaurant. She said, "they steep in the faux outrage and anger of Fox all day long--it's never off." And think about this: It plays on ALL the military televisions.


Not on MY military tv. (Also I’ve found that the nice thing about being stationed overseas is that there is no 24/7 access to Fox News. AFN’s news channel airs some FOX News shows but they also air shows from CNN, MSNBC & others equally.)


I remember I commented on a neighbors cute dog pre Trump and my Fox News loving father said, "maybe but it's a shame the owners a liberal." What?!


> Dude it’s so unhinged I had the unfortunate experience of providing home tutoring services to a kid whos foster dad sat in a dark room by himself, watched Fox News, and ranted and raved at the TV the entire time I was there every single time. Unhinged is the perfect word to describe this man. He tried to bait me into a conversation about something political once and I just smiled and nodded.


Sounds like my dad, constantly tries to bait me into things, when I bite and provide ample evidence of my side he just discards it all as fake news. I say fox is fake news in return and then I get called immature it’s literally pointless lol.


One of my conservative family members told me the other day... I shit you not... That China is threatening to nuke us if Biden doesn't stop blaming the pandemic on them. How fucking delusional do you have to be to think Biden is the one pushing that conspiracy when you watch media that shoves it down your throat every fucking day!? 🤦‍♂️


I used parental controls to block it from my satellite. And told my ex husband that I had heard there was a dispute between fox and fish in our area. I got a brief reprieve from Shawn hannity. Totally worth it


It's on in the cafeteria and break rooms at work. Even when they are doing strict news, there is a blatant slant. And the *Alert!* or *Breaking News!* scroll at the bottom is designed to make you feel uneasy. Whomever designed their format knew exactly what they were doing to suck people in. CNN is usually on one of the other monitors on the other side of the room, but people keep muting it. I need to get one of those apps for my phone to control the TVs.


The cafeteria mood got way better when it got switched over to HGTV


I love Fox News! When I work out I always have Tucker Carlson on a tv in front of me to remind me why I’m in the gym in the first place: so I can curb stomp fascists.


And they get away with it by saying it's "just entertainment". I would fully support the trappings of news company/person being protected characteristics. People can't just go around calling themselves doctors because they can do harm; likewise, the people feeding half the nation its information on what is happening in the world should be held to a higher standard.


You should try getting a hotel in the Midwest, coming down to the common room for brown-food-continental breakfast, and being bombarded with OAN turned up to 11. Yeah, that’s a healthy way to start the day. Thank La Quinta Inn!


My friend tries to hate watch it quite frequently. He tells me he wants to hear what they're saying and what arguments they're making, and he tries to get me to join him in mocking it. But I can't. It just feels like bashing myself in the head with a hammer every single moment I'm listening to it.


I used to watch it in the 90s just keep abreast of what the enemy were up to; they were full of hate & stupidity back then, now they’ve added outright lies, rage inducements & propaganda into the mix.


Are you sure he's hate watching it?


The real danger is whether or not he's still sure he's hate watching it.


I watch it for Mike Lindell’s mustache.


I have also tried to watch it and I last about the same amount of time. It's just one easily provable lie after another. I really try to see the other side, but it's like looking into a radioactive cesspool. I also try to look at CNN and MSNBC with cynicism to make sure I'm not watching the same thing on the "radical left MSM", but then a story comes up that is being critical of the Biden administration and their handling of "x" issue and I agree with the criticism. Fox News just will not criticize the GQP, while other outlets will hold the Dems accountable for policy failures. It kind of sums up the current state of the 2 parties.


Yes! I call it Angry Television and I’m so irritated that my dad turns it on every time he’s at my house. All yelling, all the time.


I, unfortunately, have to deal with it being on one of the TVs at work. I frequently have to suppress the urge to yell at the TV.


I used to try now and then too. I can't. I got in a mild Facebook exchange with someone who posted one of those graphs showing accuracy and bias of news organizations. I said, "be sure not to only listen to sources that play to your biases," and she replied, "you too." But I looked at that chart, and I just cannot see exposing myself to any of that poison! Sometimes I think I should, just so I know exactly what they're doing, and what so many Americans are being exposed to, but every time I try, I just feel sick.


The whole layout of the channel is presented as propaganda. Bold text headlines in the bottom of the screen with quotes or talking points telling the viewers what to think should be a sure sign this “news” channel is trash. During events like State of the Union addresses I like to flip between Fox News and other channels like CNN or MSNBC to see how the coverages differ. And, surprise! Fox News is the channel that twists phrases to fit their agenda. The president will say something like “I’d like to pass this bill to fix our highway system” and Fox will run a scrolling headline that says “president will raise taxes on wealthy to fund project…” it’s a joke and needs to drop the News from its name


That sounds like a load of some dudes Kampf to me.


Not mein.


Unfortunately it's true. In music there's a phrase "repitition legitimizes" and sadly it's true of most things. Some study a long while ago put a defined number on it and since then the common line for it is that if you repeat anything 20 times people will believe it's true. Though the truth is more that the more an idea is repeated and from more sources the more "legitimate" it seems. Humans are a social species and the way we process information is inevitably influenced by those around us. So the more people we see repeating a statement, and the more people we trust repeating that same statement, the harder it becomes for us to dismiss it entirely. The more we think of it as a legitimate idea the more likely we are to start seeing some kind of truth to or in it. Eventually we give in to the group consensus. This isn't always a bad thing, it's how our society enforces values and morals. For example most of western civilization sees eating insects as repulsive while other cultures see it as fine, meanwhile science says its perfectly safe and that humans have been doing it for millions of years (including our own species) but if you're from a culture dominated by European values and you see a roasted locust or cockroach on a stick you're definitely going to be disgusted regardless of whether or not you believe it's safe to eat (I know I am.) But this quirk of knowledge becomes dangerous when this concept is used as a weapon to manipulate society by violent people with violent means and violent ends (for example: fascists) it leads to societies turning cruel and then to mass murder. So when Donald Trump speaks his "truth" (read: lie) it takes enough of his followers to repeat it to legitimize it in the public consciousness. To counter it the only thing to do is to repeat the countrary claim loudly and confidently. If more people insist that Biden won than insist that Trump won, then over time less people will start repeating Trump's side of the story. Over time most people will stop believing it altogether, including those repeating it today. You can see it in yourself, should you find yourself amoung people with differing beliefs to yourself. No matter how fervently you feel they're wrong you'll likely go quiet when the topic comes up. This isn't cowardice, if you want to stay within that group it's necessary to reduce friction and be accepted. Maybe it happens at work or within your social group, whatever it takes to prevent being ostracized from other people. That is, unless you don't care about your position within that group or you're just a total asshole of course, then you're free to speak your mind without fear of the social repercussions and then you can spend the rest of the evening alone on social media bragging about how brave you were for standing up to a group of people who believed something "wrong."




Badge of honor


And remember: those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


Those are only the ones who want to believe, not the ones who seek truth. That's why religious people are so gullible.


And the fact that millions of people watched it happen live because many of us were working from home.


> *The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.*


C’mon; teach. Who ya gunna believe? Me; or your lying eyes? St. Richard of Pryor.


["Who you gonna believe? Me or your own eyes?"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHxGUe1cjzM) -Marx, 1933


So is this the Marxism everyone is talking about?


Fox News is just a load of some dudes Kampf. Modernized.


I watched this and the protests on various live streams that were actually on location. After the whole Gas everyone for a photo op ploy, I mentioned it to my dad. "STOP WATCHING THAT FAKE NEWS CNN!" Sir only one of us watches mainstream media and its the same one who decries about said mainstream media.


"But, dad....it like actually happened. Theres actually several videos of exactly this happening."


I watched it live starting at 10am because I knew something was going to happen.


Isn't it amazing how twisted it's already become though? We literally watched it live, and everyone saw the trump flags and the noose, etc. And then we found out even more awful things as further news came out through the next week. But some people were immediately saying it was all antifa, and the right-wing just kept spewing out false statements to distance the rioters from trump. Crazy stuff.


Hint. A lot of those people know they're lying and the purpose they are lying is because they consider Democrats (and minorities/LGBTQ+) as enemies and anti-American. They really do think they are fighting an internal WAR. Their personal identity is also based upon it which is another bag of beans. And they will lie, cheat, and steal - or make excuses for others who do. They don't have a sense of fairness above the authority. Look up a little about '[Moral Foundation Theory](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_foundations_theory)' and see that most people who are conservatives value 'authority' over 'fairness' and 'harm'. I would also say many other things as well. But they are the ones that will sacrifice a first-born child to God if he demanded and not question whether the God giving those absurd demands is a demon. Authority above all. Follow the chain of command and you do no wrong. (My own personal theory is that they have very little moral reasoning for biological reasons (aka 'effective' psychopathy is much more prevalent in the population than we give it credit for. They have little regard for moral/ethical reasoning because they perceive (not assume, an important distinction that I could go further on) that it's all manipulation and the vast majority of ethics/morals voiced by others are pure manipulation.).


Very close. Most of my research points to two things, that large portions of Republicans are authoritarian and that authoritarians have the ability to believe in anything that reinforces their worldview, even if it contradicts previous evidence or stances. So while we can argue if the leaders are knowingly lying or not, the point is moot when it comes to the common Republican voter.


Ask a Chinese citizen about Tiananmen Square.


There is no war in ba sing say


Holocaust deniers would like to disagree with that... (similar scale of evidence, although not exactly in 4k)


Why would fox rewrite history of Jan 6? *They have a good reason!* Why would the criminals agree to an investigation of themselves? The truthful reporting and bipartisan investigation of January 6th would further highlight the crimes & incitement of trump** Q maga insurrectionists that will run in the news cycle affecting their 2022 red hat midterm propaganda message. They are dirty and the truth will make them look bad, and expose their lies as lies... They prefer to sweep it under the rug, erase it from history and cancel any mention on all media. Well, except on one hand the right wing media says the violent insurrectionists deadly riot inside the Capitol was merely a calm, quiet visit from tourists who were invited in and merely took selfies. That's one version they are pushing, with no mention of the hundreds of violent videos from trump** Q maga rioters. Or on the other hand they say that it was actually antifa cosplay to make it seem like trump** Q maga red hats caused all the deaths, injuries and destruction. But why are they against an investigation to prove it was an antifa cosplay to make trump look bad. Choose one… I compiled many videos in response to a trump** Q maga red hat who posted a video of [Rep Andy Clyde (R/Georgia)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrHryghzKks&t=18s) claiming that the insurrectionists were 'calm, quiet tourists walking in an orderly fashion' & 'just taking selfies' and were cordially invited into the Capitol. That link is someone's response video. My response was many videos of horrific violence and damage. Don't go by the fluff clickbait troll titles that I named the links. *BE WARNED*, some seriously concerning & chilling videos of the extent of the violence... Of course, I got banned for posting this on a red hat sub: [Yes, they were invited in](https://youtu.be/ibWJO02nNsY?t=396) [Antifa in disguise](https://youtu.be/PXS-DvhQSog?t=8) [Selfies with police](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPQuJrLTB-M) [More selfies with police](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibWJO02nNsY) Liberals are trying to say it was an armed insurrection, when [video proof](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m26mFKKJyZU) shows that it was peaceful and quiet and no one was angry or loud and no threats made to any members of Congress. [No one was ever in danger...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXAv2cDkWAA). The [lame stream media](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpUxQyLCBbk) overreacted. Just another day of [tourists strolling through the building!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3LjfmUDXbU) [And trump** was...](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAMMiCe35-Y)... [Wholesome snippets](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOIFBKB4mIE), just like OPs video... [Smile!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6j1l-MICZk) [Colbert/FBI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMdIJkM9H7A) [Colbert impeachment vid evidence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye85bPWXzdo) Something to ponder: What if BLM stormed the Capitol to kidnap & kill politicians, overturn a fair election and vandalize a sacred building? How many shots would police have fired?? ---- ** = impeached twice NYDA, SDNY, NYAG, DOJ, Georgia and hundreds of criminal & civil charges/lawsuits ensure the trump** crime family will not relax much vacationing at maga largo...


I was watching the one where Colbert is citing a New York Times article in which it discusses Pelosi's plans to impeach Trump if his cabinet doesn't remove him. When he shows the quote they censor Trump as T****. I've noticed that a lot on reddit, this is my first time noticing it outside (admittedly, I don't watch much news, I tend to read it) My question is, is this a thing, to write Trump as T****, and why?


As I recall Colbert swore never to refer to his proper name ever again, instead using a range of other less names, the most basic being “T****”.


He said until the fat orange accepts the results of the election and concedes the race, he will never say his name again.


I kind of figured it was something along those lines. I respect that.


Trump is the new Voldrmort. Now goes by “He Who Shall Not Be Named”, or just “His Orangeness” for short.


The Fanta Menace


A real Bent-dick Arnold


Yeah except given Trump's vanity and obsession with naming things after himself, this is likely more effective.


"After the whole January 6 thing — no, even before that. It was after November 6 when he did that whole ‘I won’ thing, I planned not to say the guy’s name again. I think I’ve paid my dues in that regard." The previous pres is an attention vampire. Ignoring him lessens his power.


OP mentioned what they meant in their comment. The two asterisks mean “impeached twice”. I love it.


OP here. I write it trump** With me, the two asterisks are meant to denote a footnote that trump** was impeached twice. Because I have no respect for him as a leader, as a man, as a husband, as a father, as a businessman and as a person I use all lowercase letters. I refuse to give him any respect, even capitalizing his name.


If BLM stormed **near** the Capitol, at least half of them would be shot dead, and it would be "by accident."


The kettle defense isn't a flaw for them, it is a feature. https://threader.app/thread/1398431238973792259


Ya'll are pretty chill for folks who suffered a coup five months ago. A pathetically organized coup that failed, but still a coup.


"WHY are they arresting us when all we did is film ourselves breaking into government property???? COMMIES!! SAVE ME DADDY TROMP"


Watch them cry election fraud in the midterms when thousands of Trump supporters are now felons and can't vote


Huh, didn't actually know prisoners are not allowed to vote in USA. In Sweden all over 18 is allowed, including prisoners and people at psychiatric facilities (the same applies for most countries in Europe). It's generally agreed that all citizens no matter what they have done/are are still citizens, and since the people in prison are relatively few here they are not a group that would sway the results anyway. When I take a look at the absolutely ridiculous amount of people in prison in the US I guess I see why it would definitely change the whole political map if they could vote.


In some states you cannot vote even after serving your time in full.


Yup. Florida recently reversed this law but, prior to that change, felony disenfranchisement disqualified 1 in 4 black male voters. 25% of black men in Florida were kept from the polls for decades by felony disenfranchisement laws. Sure, maybe it’s a coincidence. But I think we’ve all more or less accepted as true the fact that minorities, esp black/brown men, are targeted by the American criminal justice system. So do we really think that it’s a coincidence that these laws stayed unchanged for so long after we saw how many non violent prior offenders are black men who’d be permanently disenfranchised?


Didn't/don't they have to plead with the governor to get their ability to vote back? I've seen videos with Rick Perry saying no to virtually everyone asking for their former felon status to be removed. Maybe it's changed, just curious.


Oh I have no idea. I imagine they might’ve had a process in place to allow disenfranchised former offenders to petition for their voting rights to be reinstalled but I’d be absolutely unsurprised to hear most/all petitions were denied. Further, someone who is a former offender for a felony offense likely has little to none of the means (time, money, knowledge of the system) required to even attempt a petition, let alone succeed.


It is changed now - except for murder and sexual convictions. As of [Amendment 4](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Florida_Amendment_4) in 2019, felons automatically get their voting rights back when their term is up. Petitioning the governor for clemency was the only way before / still is for murder and sex crimes.


Only if they have paid all associated court costs and other monetary fines. So the the vast majority they didnt get anything back, since the fines and costs easily run high, but given the laxk.of.employment for ex felons also even a a few hundred could be prohibitive. Yeah we voted on a simply worded amendment and our "wonderful" state legislature basically said "fuck you" to its citizenry in order.to.maintain the current bias of power. We all know what would.happen should the current bias be reversed though, so they are trying to make sure it never happens


Do you still have to pay taxes? I'm sure I remember something about Americans recognising an important link between those two things one time...


It's not all prisoners, it's people with felony charges. But yes, once you look at the number of incarcerated people, and then look at the population by race, it becomes very clear why the GOP is so opposed to any discussion of restoring voting rights to felons.


Yeah, we’re a pretty horrible country.


Bare in mind the skin colour of a majority of the american prisoners...


Correct. They were/are our finest idiots.


Never forget the Gravy Seals, Meal Team Six, Delta Farce, Walmartyrs, and all the other Walmart Warriors who bravely fought with the First Infantile Division during the Great American Inbredsurrection of 2021.


Charge of the Hamberders


The Battle of Covfefe Hill


Never Forget the Bowling Green Massacre


"They pushed me out the door and maced me!" "Why were you trying to get in the building?" "Because it's a revolution!" Only in America do morons show up for a revolution with an expectation that nobody will hurt them. These dolts thought they were going to show up, overthrow the government, get their parking validated, and go back to work on Monday posting victory messages to Facebook. Insane.


[They pushed me out and maced me](https://youtu.be/8vXDbVLNf1Q)


Gotta catch em all!


You can't "break in to" government property, you own it! Government of the people! /s


The sad part about all of this is because they didn't succeed, especially of the dire success that would have literally meant the murder of quite a number of congress people (this was planned and intended to happen), certain politicians and media groups get the luxury of downplaying something that is rather quite horrific. Basically, they're exploiting the fact that people luckily didn't die. It's stupid, so so stupid. It's also incredibly dangerous because it basically builds in the requirement of literal, successful murder of...oh...half of all congress, of the fucking united states, to...I don't know...gain legitimacy and make it worthwhile of being a big deal??? God, it's stupid.


I just expect nothing to legitimize anything at this point. One excuse becomes another become another becomes another. If half of congress was hung they would've blamed those representatives for pushing "the people" to a brink where such a thing wouldn't have happened had they not done that, or whatever. Thats who these people are. We cannot negotiate, reason with or appease them.


Time and time again it's "look what you made me do"


It’s the Beer Hall Putsch all over again


Beer Gut Putsch


And folks forget that the people that backed the riot are likely going to study what went wrong(from their standpoint) and improve their tactics for the next time they try this shit.


The silver lining to that cloud is that they're still a bunch of incompetent morons, so their next attempt is far from guaranteed to succeed.


Exactly. The US has a policy of "it's not a problem if shit didn't yet hit the fan".


I distinctly remember Republicans saying during Trump's first impeachment, "well it didn't work, so what's the problem?"


I remember that same arguement when the muslim ban got shut down by the courts.


> the murder of quite a number of congress people (this was planned and intended to happen), certain politicians and media groups get the luxury of downplaying something that is rather quite horrific We've had congresspeople shot before. Gaslighters gonna gaslight, no matter what actually happened.


>A pathetically organized coup that failed This is the terrifying part. Like an hour of planning and it would have succeeded. If anyone involved had any idea what they were doing or had bothered to coordinate with all the traitors in Congress who wanted them to succeed it would have worked. They failed because of their own incompetence, not because of the strength of our institutions.


I feel like we're on the verge of another one, too... Fucking Republicans...


Mostly because that coup was funded by Republican monied interests and arm, Democrats are nominally in charge and no one seems to remember history where Democrats get slaughter in the midterms because, again Republicans are backed by tons of money, gerrymandering and the rest. Perhaps people will show up in 2022, but as trump demonstrates, there's not many other levers when money = free speech


> A pathetically organized coup that failed, but still a coup. Say that in r/conservative and you'll be banned. Remember they're all about free speech.


I know, it's amazing. But let's face it, if this is the best that the Antivaxx, Right Wing, mUh FrEeDoMs, anti-anything but white Christian, Second Amendment thumpers can pull off, I think we'll be okay.


It’s true but they know exactly what they are doing, it’s terrifying


I realized a while ago that one tactic of Alex Jones (Infowars) is to portray his ideology as a victim of something that he's actually doing- and any argument to the contrary he just claims the left/globalists/communists are reversing it at that point. He's playing two steps ahead in the stupidest game, but as long as you engage on his level you're already losing. Since noticing that I've realized Tucker Carlson & Laura Ingraham LOVE this tactic too.


Psychological projection, it's rampant through the party and it's supporters.


“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”—Voltaire


I long for the day when people stop being perpetually terrified and start getting angry.


No wonder Republicans don’t take the Sixth seriously if all they ever listen to and hear is this. 99% of my Republican friends fight me about the sixth. I tell them that I watched it live, and that it wasn’t antifa, it was Trump supporters. I watch them struggle in that moment between their respect for me and respect for Trump. I lose. Objectivity and truth are fallen warriors in my circles and I blame Fox News and all the other barrages of constant information coming at us with no actual attempt at being “fair and balanced.”


Keep firm; If you stick to the facts and keep it easy on the personal attacks you will leave your personal door open to when your friends see the light. Be “that liberal” they can talk to. Sometimes getting them alone helps. That shit is supported by groupthink because there are questions they “can’t” ask because “ loyalty” is such a thing for (friendless) Rump. Think of it this way. How do you keep a Mormon from drinking all your beer when you take them fishing? Invite two.


THIS THIS THIS. Obviously many folks don't have the mental energy to be this person and that is totally valid, but if you have the energy and time and information to be this person ("that liberal" that alt-righters can talk to when they start questioning their beliefs that are based on lies) definitely do it. A lot of people these days are only friends within their own ideological group - and I say this as a leftist with very few acquaintances/friends who are right of liberal - so if you have right-wing friends as a left-leaning person, use that as an opportunity to be a source of info for your friends. They'll run away if you're overbearing, but if you can slowly show them the light, that is really, really valuable right now. EDIT: sorry my phrasing is weird, what I mean is that conservatives literally live in an alternate reality because of the news they're being fed by Fox and others. We don't have to "convert" them to leftism or whatever, just help them realize that the media they're consuming is lying to them.


There's something to be said about cultivating diverse opinions in your circle of friends... But I don't care. Anyone who tries to defend the terroristic attempted coup is removed from my life.


What response do you get if you ask why if it was antifa the right doesnt want an investigation launched?


I don't have these conversations anymore, unfortunately. It becomes too irrational too quickly, and I can only push people so far before the point is lost and it becomes personal. At that point, it's really pointless to continue, too many emotions, too much-unsubstantiated rhetoric, and not enough objectivity. I have failed a lot and a lot of relationships have ended or have become tenuous or strained. It's been really isolating if I am being honest. I come from and live in a very conservative area. Another poster said and I agree with completely, if I can get them out of the public eye, and have a real, but private, conversation, it goes better. At least I can plant the seeds, hopefully, someone or something else will water them.


\>95% of all blm protests were peaceful The media: "cItIeS WeRE BuRNeD tO tHE gRoUNd!!"


A mob breaks into the Capital building, breaches Congressional Hall almost with Congresspeople still there, and hurts Capitol police "It was a PeAcEfUl PrOtEsT"


ThEy wERe jUSt TOurIsTS


We watched it happen. No mystery, at all.


Step 1: Blame the other guy for rewriting history. Step 2: Actually rewrite history. So sad that this is a working formula for success.


what I don't understand is everybody in the USA knew what happened that day, and everybody knew it was illegal, even those taking part. They thought they would get a Presidential pardon Yet today if you're a republican, it's OK


A guy from my area was there. He went on Facebook after it was all done and posted about it. He was trying to dispel the rumors that they broke in by saying something to the effect of "nah it's cool, the cops welcomed us in and took selfies with us". As if that somehow fucking justified what they did and as if we didnt see dudes smashing windows and beating cops on live TV.


Did you report him to the FBI? They are still looking for people.


Think several people did, thankfully. His profile since then has apparently been deactivated. Haven't heard any solid news about him paying any consequences yet.


It's how they work. Republicans base their entire platform on double speak and manipulating memories. If Democrats do something they find a way to spin it to be the most abhorrent thing imaginable. If Republicans do the same thing it's patriotism. Sadly it works because most of their base is either incredibly wealthy and it doesn't effect them or poor and uneducated (by design) so they're easily manipulated. My favorite part of it is how they love to call other people sheep while regurgitating Fox News talking points. As far as I'm concerned Fox News should be held liable as well. If there's any confusion about their impact just remember they convinced people gas was going to run out so they started stock piling it in trash bags.


The thing where they call everyone else sheep while getting their "news" exclusively from the opinion shows on a single cable channel will always be the thing that drives me insane


On a single cable news channel that's part of the largest media empire on tv* You can't forget that their media is as mainstream as it gets when they start complaining about "MSM"


If you go to Conservative or NoNewNormal, they will say this was "just a pacific protest with mostly retired old people who wouldn't hurt a fly." It's incredible how these people lie so hard, they believe their own lies. If you think an attack on democracy because your side lost isn't a coup, you're lost beyond salvation, buddy




They say that the Dems will drum up fake charges because that's exactly what they would do if the situation was reversed


Talk about projection...


Totally unrelated, but I have literally never seen “pacific” as an adjective, and that’s actually a correct usage. Huh.


Isn't that why they named the ocean that? Because it want nearly as turbulent or as rough to sail as the Atlantic?


Just some pacifists who showed up and spontaneously built a gallows for the vice president. Who they voted for. But hey, who among us has not built an execution station at a protest, right? /s


I have a friend in the Capitol Police who spent the day in the hospital with a concussion after one of the Trump supporters hit him in the head with a metal pipe. Still has no memory of that day. “Wouldn’t hurt a fly” my ass. They’re fucking monsters.


They were peacefully smashing windows and climbing up walls to peacefully break into the building and peacefully chase police while peacefully calling for Mike Pence’s execution


Fox is the biggest single piece of mainstream media in the country, so that tracks.


Laura, you aren’t fooling anyone. Most of us saw this live as it occurred and it’s recorded in HD. The only one trying to rewrite anything is you.


That banner should be on the scroll 24/7 for that channel.


Fox News! Standing up for what’s ^far right


Fox News just telling us what they're doing.


Donald is a loser. no sense in rewriting that


It’s so sad, Fox will definitely bend to the Q army & Trump very soon


Very soon?! They’re not already?


Last I checked they were trying to distance from everyone related to the January 6th events , and sidle up to the adult-brained Republicans trying to kick the unstable, coup-seeking trump out of the picture.


Bend? They're leading the way.


The good thing is, unlike other history that was “bullshitted,” the vast amount of video documentation will always be available to set the record straight.


“Who you gonna believe? Me or your lying eyes” -Fox ( yeah I thought it was Chico Marx, too)


The weird thing is watching Fox News talk about "The media the media the media" as if they're not the media. Guys, you are ostensibly a NEWS STATION. You offer 24/7 news and opinion across the country. YOU ARE MEDIA. I mean, "media" is such a huge term. National Geographic is "media." Tiger Beat is "media." My circulation-50 bicycle club newsletter is "media." My 200-follower Twitter feed is "media." What the hell are they trying to do to that poor word?


This is what fascists do.


Serious question. Is there ANYTHING that someone who is "on their side" that these ghouls wouldn't defend? It feels like Trump's "I could shoot someone dead on 5th avenue and not lose voters" line is actually, quite literally, a true statement.


To all the people that cry "1984!" at every little thing: *This* is 1984. Winston's literal job was to rewrite history.


They will always accuse the left of doing what they already are doing so from a distance it looks like a messy “both sides.” Bad actors can get away with anything doing this.


Conservatives: “It was just a few hundred wild idiots” also Conservatives: “CanCeL cULtuRe!!!”


God, if there was ever a person desperately in need of an “are we the baddies” moment…


No shit just had a conversation with a pathetic old conservative claiming that only one person died, the loser that got shit in the neck trying to break down doors, and that Bret Kavanaugh's hearing was a much worse riot. These people are aggressively ignorant and thei base eats it up. They're really aiming for a civil war.


Was it incredibly stupid and pitiful, YES. Was it successful, NO. And yet neither of these make any difference. The fact that Trump supporters are majority gullible idiots doesn't make this less of an insurrection.


So much fucking projection. I swear anyone who falls for this blatant in your face bullshit has to be stupidest idiots in all of history.


They do this every fucking time. They write their right wing alt-history, ignore what happens as it's happening, and then 6 months later try to claim ti's everybody who remembers what really happened that are "rewriting history"


Sometimes its hard for me to fathom how delusional and stupid people are to believe Fox News, but then I remember all the stupid religions in the world and it puts it into perspective.


i remember a group of people straight up chanting 'hang Mike pence' in there, awful.