wow, that got meta QUICK

wow, that got meta QUICK


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I’ll bet five American dollars this person is not “far left”.


>despite my far left political convictions the intolerance of the left what do you mean, that *totally* checks out


Some mod *definitely* hadn't already banned them last night for being a right wing provocateur.


Bonus points if the username is some variation of modsaregay




Honestly reddit has been a weird form of mental salvation in these dark times. Oh crap I started doom scrolling, just go to things like self aware wolves, as a black man, this you, etc and I feel better......kind of.


Reddir makes me feel good that so many have caught on to the right wings tactics be it pretending to be minority to bolster their argument, etc.


A white guy at work swore he wasn't racist and that MLK was his hero. Turns out he was racist because he called some one a ghetto thug despite the fact that he was just a regular dude with dark skin. So on the bright side he did not say the n word but is a racist pos.


Those are the people who say they're not racist because "I've never burned a cross in someone's yard!"


I have never said the N word to the face of a black person, only to my white buddies who thought it was hilarious. Therefore I am not racist QED. I will never forget when I was with my dad and uncle and my uncle had a heavy piece of wood in his hand and he said "This would make a great n***** knocker" very casually, as if that were a term he used a lot. I regret that I wasn't brave enough to stand up to him at the time. These days he forwards all the fake news from Russia on facebook and staunchly believes that America doesn't have any racists in it.


Well that's scary. Being a biracial (so Black because America) dude in a white family is kinda like being in Get Out, idk how many relatives are like that because they'd never show it to me.


>Well that's scary. Being a biracial (so Black because America) dude in a white family is kinda like being in Get Out, idk how many relatives are like that because they'd never show it to me One of the strangest experiences while raising my mixed race son was having to teach him about DWB. FWIW, his cousins never so much as mentioned the color of his skin ( a deep mocha color that really stands out in my lily-white family) but their POS parents, my brothers...hell I don't even like to talk about some of the things they said about him. Not to mention my mom screeching "how could you do this *to me*" when she found out I had a black gf...and she was pregnant.


My grandpa used the term "Jerry rig", and corrected himself to "n***** rig". So weird correcting yourself to racism...


>"This would make a great n\*\*\*\*\* knocker" I think my dad - one of the last true gentlemen - would have immediately forbidden his brother from ever so much as seeing me again if he heard my uncle say such a thing.


Any right winger who says they look up to MLK is either lying or they've only ever heard his "I have a dream" speach.


People rioting Right wing:MLK WOULD BE ASHAMED! sane people that smell bullshit: https://preview.redd.it/e5sa8g2xhzj51.jpg?auto=webp&s=1dbc7d7c9b8e4696785d4eb53989c732e9d57a98


Yup. It's very easy to 'stand with MLK' when you're removed from the times. The propaganda and misdirection of his times are still around today, yet people'll look at modern protests/issues and quote the whitewashed and scrubbed sayings of MLK to denounce I encourage anyone to read MLK's Letter from a Birmingham Jail, particularly the subsection on "The White Moderate". It really shook me out of the "I agree with your cause but can't we be nice" bullshit


No dude you don't understand he isn't racist. He said so and everything. Besides how could he be racist if he looks up to MLK? In fact you are the real racist for hating white people. /s


/r/walkaway is the same kind of shit. "oh, we DEFINITELY used to identify as Democrats, but, people being woke means we now have to identify as fascists. no choice, sorry!"


"A leftist was mildly rude to me regarding some racist bullshit I said, so now I have to devote myself to white nationalism."


My dad has this weird victim blaming stance on people. He always votes left (we’re Canadian). He hates conservative. He’s left leaning on most stances. Except when it comes to the lgbt community. The reason I say he’s weird is because any politician that doesn’t support gay or trans rights is a politician he won’t vote for. His mother is gay and he’s a big lgbt ally. BUT, the weird part comes when he starts blaming the conservative’s hatred for gay people on the gay people themselves. He always says “people were accepting of gay people until 2012 when they started getting too upset over small things and started talking about gender way too much, and being too sensitive, and that caused conservatives to fight back. If they just let people live and acknowledged that people aren’t perfect, they wouldn’t have as much push back from the right”. First of all, he’s wrong. People weren’t just “okay with gay people” until 2012. There were always homophobes. Also, it’s not the fault of trans people to get upset when people purposely refuse to acknowledge their gender


"I used to believe healthcare was a human right, but then I saw some lefties be mean to righties who were just patriotically supporting their country, now I think poor people should die from preventable diseases." It's hilarious.


Thank you for making me aware of this sub... This will help me by Leaps and bounds...


But the far left is a well known source of sympathy toward the poor, maligned, long persecuted right wing Christian! The first thing I think of after getting home from a BLM march is "How can we address anti white racism and make sure the trans people aren't oppressing straight cis folks?"


No no, it’s ok: he likes weed, and that’s basically communism.


I mean noone hates leftists more than other leftists




You leftists sure are a contentious people.


You've just split the party!


Don't purge me bro


Damn leftists! They ruined the left!


"only my exact philosophy of leftism is correct, anything more radical than me is tankie and anything more moderate than me is neolib"


Yeahhhhhh.... Contrapoints and Lindsey Ellis can attest to that.


what did lindsey ellis do?


Had the sheer audacity to compare Raya and the Last Dragon to Avatar: The Last Airbender. So, she's pretty much a card carrying member of the Klan and hates all Asian people obviously. Yes, "woke" twitter literally has nothing better to do than harrass youtubers. We did get a nearly 2 hour long [video](https://youtu.be/C7aWz8q_IM4) out of it though.


I watched that and - even with the assumption that everything people posted about her on Twitter being true - was still amazed at the response. It’s not even James Gunn bad, let alone Joss Wheedon bad, do they have nothing better to do? Edit: (Even with that, they’re still better than diet Nazis, who will fix and literally attack people, but still: Aren’t there other dragons to slay before you start an internet lynch mob for someone who said some bad stuff once?)


You mean having a hysterical slanging match over a throwaway comment about children's cartoons _isn't_ a proportionate response?


Actually I was more referring to “if she were guilty of everything they accused her of” it *still* would not have been a proportionate response.


But they are pretty similar tho? They both do the East Asian pastiche thing really well, for one. They both do the Five Man Band thing.


The other comment is correct, but the whole “Lindsay Ellis versus Contrapoints” shtick is an ongoing bit meant to drum up donations for charity (I forget which one at the moment; either of their most recent videos would probably say).


I mean, I knew that. But they both got “Canceled” by Left Wing Twitter.


True, true. I just wanted to clarify that for anyone who might think that the “feud” between them is genuine, much less spurred on by a slightly-hotter-than-absolute-zero film take on Twitter.


Eh, it has been a common tactic to infiltrate leftist movements and sow division, so I'm genuinely not sure the people causing problems are actually leftists. It's hard to say.


Far left = Diehard capitalist, Joe Biden


Ah, America. Where the left wing is to the right of most European countries' right wing.


"Hur durr australia so backwards their conservative party is called "Liberals"" No you dipstick, liberals like clintons and bidens are right wing. Leftists like bernie are a different story.


It's so true. If Mussolini traveled in time to America 2021 and tried to run for President, these uneducated rednecks would start learning Italian and going to rallies.


I didn’t expect joe Biden to be left of Lenin!


Nobody on the "far left" calls their convictions "far left convictions". They'd know what the actual name for their convictions is.


I'll bet my left nut


“far left” ... “I’m all for major *reform*.” Uh, no.


Viva la Reform! It’s been the motto of the left for centuries. It all stems from the idea that the only way to change power structures is from within, upholding the status quo, and bonus points if you can raise your personal status level at the same time. (LOL) We really need to teach our fellow Americans what being on the left means and how it’s definitely not the same thing as being a liberal. Liberals are worse than conservatives in some ways — yeah, they preach democracy and egalitarianism, but their actions always uphold power stratification and hegemonies.


> We really need to teach our fellow Americans what being on the left means and how it’s definitely not the same thing as being a liberal. MLK jr [agrees with you](https://www.africa.upenn.edu/Articles_Gen/Letter_Birmingham.html). In this context liberal = moderate; ctrl+f, if one must. Worse than the bigots, themselves.


/r/AsABlackMan has entered the chat.


America doesn’t even have a *left*, never mind a far one....


I mean it a *tiny* bit does. Sanders, AOC, et al are center-left in the rest of the world, which *is* left. Not very left, but left. So, about 8 national politicians out of 537.


I always laugh when people say the media is left. Really ask yourself in a primary how many voted or Clinton or Biden over Sanders. There are like 2-3 people on TV I could imagine going Sanders there.


Someone demand to see his official Antifa card.


A German saying comes to mind: dogs who are hit bark.


Also, their whole schtick is that they are secretly under attack. So it makes sense that their victim complex doesn’t actually require any overt proof that they are being singled our or attacked. They can sense that any request that they “be decent” is aimed squarely at them.


when your main method of political communication involves a lot of dog whistles, you assume hidden context is everywhere.


It's a shame that something as basic as **be tolerant towards non-whites, women and minorities** is now interpreted to be a purely hard political statement in their minds. How conservatives morphed into their most fringe, nutjob loonie bin counterparts over the years rather than being closer to what conservatives have always been: sneering capitalists who hate the impoverished because they're not as lucky as them, and at least had the decency to be too ashamed to be openly racist and put on a more tolerant face! Lol.


It's basically "Well I *was* going to be nice to people of color until you TOLD me I HAVE to do it so now I do not want to!". So, toddler mentality.


Yeah, this! Spiteful bullshit. **"I want there to be the freedom to be a dick so I get a pat on the back for not being one!"**


> Well I *was* going to be nice to people of color Spoiler >!They weren't!<




Literally this. There's a red panels/stonetoss comic (a comic made by an out-and-out neonazi) which depicts a concentration camp guard with a swastika armband telling a prisoner, "Honestly, we weren't even interested in concentration camps, but people would not stop punching us." But of course, they were always going to do this anyway.


Sometimes when I see one of these cartoons I think about who's worse, Stonetoss or Ben Garrison, and I know objectively Stonetoss is worse but the way Ben Garrison draws Trump really grinds my gears LOL


Ben Garrison just wants the **CUM**


Called reactance. Usually people with lower emotional intelligence and * LACK OF empathy are very reactant Edit: lack of empathy


Yes! It's so insane. I've experienced talking about empathy, and being told to stop talking "politics"... I didn't mention anything even slightly political, but just the fact that I basically said that caring about others is a good thing was still viewed as "leftist" and "political". It's so surreal that simply *not* hating someone is a political statement. It's really sad and actually kind of scary. I loved your comment, though!


And especially when those who can't be told "stop being hateful" call themselves Christians. Like it's ok for Jesus to say "love thy neighbor" and it's ok to believe that in THEORY. But when someone actually calls them out for being hateful, it's "political".


Thanks, compassion is a hugely underestimated or underrated virtue especially in America. I'm sorry you had that experience, I can't say I haven't had the exact same happen to me though unfortunately.


Absolutely. I'm happy there are at least some of us who still view compassion as an essential and important virtue. Even though I often get the feeling we're the minority.


Yeah, those days are long fucking over


They are determined to change the meaning of 'racism' or distort it until it loses meaning. Because in the end, they really do just want the freedom to be as racist as they want without it being considered anything less than perfectly normal. They unironically long for the days when no one would even look at you funny while you whipped your slave in public - and they are barely able to hide the fact that this is what they want back.


Yeah, a shameful and miserable way to live or exist honestly. Disgusting. Nah maybe not whip minorities but belittle and patronize them and powertrip about doing so.


If you give people like this an inch, they will take a mile. I guarantee if you were to give them what they currently claim to want, it would only be a matter of time (and a matter of no one stopping them).


They are always under attack, but their enemy is always inferior, their aggression is always vindicated, they always talk in hyperboles, platitudes and extremes, they are never wrong.


What they don't tell you is they are under attack from a majority consensus. The majority of people are middle of the road on MOST issues, regardless of what any type of media will say otherwise. Most people want to live and be left alone, and party dogma / platform rhetoric typically only falls on minority ears. That being said, if the consensus is against you, then you are wrong in the eyes of society. That's what consensus is. Consensus doesn't have to be correct, or just, or fair, or even based on fact. But if the consensus is against you, then your opinion is weak or wrong in the eyes of society as a single unit. The biggest point is that everyone can't have a correct opinion all the time, and if the consensus is NEVER on your side, chances are your opinion is shit. Also, can someone please explain to the smooth brains that calling out someone's bullshit behavior or opinion is not censorship. It's illumination - shining light on the fact that some people say or do or think very very very pathetic things. Censorship takes away their ability to say those things, and thus there would be no one calling them out. If someone can call you out, you haven't been censored.


They're not being censored. They're being censured.


Well played.


>The majority of people are middle of the road on MOST issues, regardless of what any type of media will say otherwise. [Most people in the United States like progressive programs and would choose leftist - by American standards - policy if it didn't have a party attached to it](https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/27/majority-of-americans-support-progressive-policies-such-as-paid-maternity-leave-free-college.html) [Pew research also shows a widening schism and that fewer people hold a mix of ideological beliefs and there is a distinctive leftward trend on social issues](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/10/23/in-polarized-era-fewer-americans-hold-a-mix-of-conservative-and-liberal-views/) This mythical centrist majority doesn't really exist in any real sense. Anecdotally, I've found people who claim to be centrist, generally swing in one direction and have one hot button issue that is more widely supported by the other side more fervently. Or they don't really pay attention to politics and being "centrist" is some way to appear above the fray of political discourse


> Or they don't really pay attention to politics and being "centrist" is some way to appear above the fray of political discourse I think it’s this or a way of holding Conservative values while ducking the stigma of the label.


I stumbled upon a post I should have screened, might have been material for here but too bad, it was about how the right was censored and the most upvoted comment which was from OP was about how he banned a left wingers that had apparently insulted him xD


I kid you not but I read people complaining on r/conservative about 'majoratism' Evil evil majoratism aka Democracy.


To be fair, there can be a problem with blanket acceptance of 'majority rules,' namely that the basic human rights of minorities can be ignored. But this never seems to be the objection that conservatives present.


Gosh, I wonder why they're so worried about being a minority? Are minorities treated poorly or something?


That's the endless fucking paradox of it all. Like, yes, majority rule can be super shitty, and just because something is legal doesn't make it right. But the CURRENT consensus seems to be that all of that shit and the very obvious examples of it re: minorities are bad, with the caveat that lots of the problems of the era when that bad stuff was majority opinion are still around. And all of a sudden they simultaneously wanna pretend racism doesn't exist anymore while calling immigrants drug dealers and rapists, or assuming that all Black people are part of BLM and all BLM wants to do is look white women or whatever the fuck. It's so obviously fucking stupid with just the tiniest bit of objective critical thought.


The conservative issues with democracy all center around the idea that it's possible for them to lose, and they try to mitigate that fact by retroactively withdrawing their consent to participate. They field candidates, run campaigns, participate in elections, and if they win the election then that's democracy working. If they lose the election that's just proof that the election was fraudulent and maybe this whole election thing was always a bad idea.


In theory, yeah. In practice, most people are a minority in some sense, so intersectional politics puts a break on that. Even a Cis Straight White Christian Man, while a majority in any given category, is a minority after all the categorization. Case in point: lgtbq+ people, as a whole, gaining rights, despite being a minority and the ‘minority rules’ party hating them.


Ummm... Where do you get the idea that "most people are middle of road on most issues"? There is a whole lot of assumptions in that one sentence - it assumes that there is a straightforward linearity limited by two extremes on any given political issue, that those two extremes are defined by the two political parties, that any point on that line is morally equivalent and objectively valid as any other point on that line, AND that a majority of people fall between those extremes and not on them or outside them. This ignores: - how narrow the party overton window is (especially in US politics), with neither party officially supporting a long list of widely popular policies according to polls - such as introduction of a single-payer healthcare or marijuana legalisation - placing the majority of people outside, not between the two parties, - the multidimensionality of most political issues, - that some political issues (again especially in US politics) have one objective "extreme" and anything outside it ia equally wrong - creationism, climate change scepticism and "stop the steal" are objectively not true, - that a lot political issues see a wide spectrum of stances WITHIN the two parties, some to the point of overlap,


There is also this [basic analysis of 2016 voters](https://i.postimg.cc/vBdD5Y8f/CHART-2016-electorate-no-libertarians.png) on just two axis - "economics" and "social issues." Very few people in the middle of those roads. \[[source](https://www.voterstudygroup.org/publication/political-divisions-in-2016-and-beyond)]


Wait, so there are no "fiscal conservatives"?


This is really interesting and should be more well known imo. If the political system was working well then we'd be on more of a bell curve but there is so much incentive to divide us.


They try to call liberals out using their own strawmen, then claim censorship when their bullshit is debunked.


Or a chinese saying: 對號入座 (taking the seat in accordance to its called-out number)


Holy shit that's good. I'm so using that from now on.


In the U.S. we say: a hit dog will holler


In Alabama, it’s “ The dog that hollers, is the one you hit.”


The wicked flee when none pursueth.


Excepteth that dog they hitteth.


Darn straight. DON'T HIT DOGS is a good lesson.


Relevant xckd (and one of my favorites): [https://xkcd.com/1704/](https://xkcd.com/1704/)


In Czech it is "the struck goose honks the loudest", i.e. if you throw a stone into a group of geese, you can tell which one you hit by the noise it makes.


I love hearing all the regional variations of this! Even if it makes my animal-loving heart sad.


Don't throw stones at geese.


serious, can you please explain what you mean by this and how it applies... not being a smartass, this is a major whoosh moment.


So the phrase means that if you're taking offense to something, it probably applies to you too. So if you were with a group of people and you said, "Everyone from Florida has terrible taste in music." And if one of them takes offense to your statement, you can likely guess that they are from Florida. In the U.S. this happens mostly with accusations of racism and people taking loud offense to the accusation.


fuck yes, thank you


Like when Biden made that speech about white supremacists and Rand Paul took offense at it.


Say you're in a group of friends and say "statistically one of this group has had sex with a dog" and one of your mates suddenly shouts "hey! F*** you! I'm not a pervert!" from nowhere then it's likely that person has indeed had dog sex. Their outburst likely shows their guilt. Unless that persons nickname is 'Dogf***er John' obviously.


“You fuck ONE dog!”


at a time


It's the same as "you denied it, you supplied it." The person with the big fake reaction to the fart is definitely the farter.


That's an excellent phrase and I'm gonna use it. Thanks!


Wie genau lautet die Redewendung?


Well, of course they wouldn't openly complain about not being able to be racist. They have euphemisms and leading questions to do that for them. There's also a problem in thinking anyone not being a shithead is virtue signaling instead of not being a shithead.


Don’t you know that (((*people*))) do (((out-of-context statistic))), but the most hated person in the world (the straight white male, obvs) has only helped humanity through history. Every invention has been white. All art.... I can’t finish this. It’s too much and I feel like I’m going to vomit just being sarcastic about it. How do these people really believe this?


Oh, they don't believe it either. That's the entire point.


You ever been in a room with your buddies and the goal is to do something but everyone’s too scared to do it so you keep amping each other up until someone sends it? That’s the GOP with their antics


"Conservatives aren't complaining about not being allowed to be racist. They're complaining about not be allowed to [euphemism for being racist]."


>"*rAcE rEaLiStS*" edit: oh, *what.*




Always playing the victim


Nobody self-censors as loudly as a conservative.


Where does it say *conservative*?


*strokes beard* indeed.




*strokes dick* indubitably.


Snowflakes and cowards the lot of em


They don't realize that what they call "virtue signaling" is really just "not being racist."


I think they think everybody is as racist as they are, so anyone being not racist means they’re lying = virtue signaling




They don't think they are racist its just the way things are. They are better than everyone else.


See also: “white knighting”


Being a good person and doing right is virtue signaling. Golden rule=virtue signaling


It has never been tougher for a straight white male 😢


This part may be true,but that's not necessarily a bad thing. When you equal things out, the people who had it better for so long will feel attacked.


When all you know is privilege, equality feels like oppression.


When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.


Peculiar lack of self-awareness - to complain about the left *equating politics to moral standing*, then in the same sentence support *those who believe right-leaning solutions to society are the best for everyone*.


Especially when it’s the right that preach they’re the more moral standing party—because of their Christian values. And blindly vote straight Republican on ballots, purely because they believe god is against abortions and the lgbtq.


Because that’s all the left is to them. Abortions and gays. Ignore literally everything else.


And poor people. Fuck them, apparently. It's really said to see anything aimed at helping poor people even slightly labelled as "Handouts" and "Socialism". Like, this is not how we fix systemic issues. This is how we perpetuate them.


More like spectacular lack of self-awareness. This whole exchange is pretty funny.


People who vote right wing aren't doing it for moral reasons? Yes, we know.


"Demonizing those that believe in right leaning solutions" What solutions? Their solutions must have been super censored, because I can't say I've ever heard them.


Let me try… more jesus, more guns, less gay, less black, less worker and human rights. There, all society problems solved!


Yeah I know some right wingers who basically think prayer is the solution to everything. Also apparently birth control is the reason for all of society’s problems?


Birth control, and, ironically, single parents. Go figure


The only right wing solution I'm aware of is the Final Solution.


This is a bad comment on which to send this reply, but I really dig your username.


well considering conservatives want to MAGA into 1950s w/o the economic policies, what else could they be referring to?


Still waiting on Trump's (and the GOP's) healthcare solution. I was told we'd have that in under 30 days, and that was... 400 days ago? Something like that? Obviously their solution was to do fucking *nothing*, but still. At least they could write it down.


Step 1: Poor people get sick and die Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit!


I'd be interested to know how many of them own stock in the funeral/marble/granite industry, aside from the normal owning stock in healthcare.


More like when the ACA was first put in, they’ve been trying to counter this for a decade and still have nothing.


You might have heard of one, it's called "the final solution". It's not really a solution in the sense it would solve anything, it's more of a sort of genocide.


They use vague sentences that are thats open for interpretation because they're cowards and instead use dogwhistles.


I demonize them because their right leaning solutions are too close to “Final Solutions”


You're operating in such bad faith. I have it on good authority that Trump is going to have a healthcare proposal in the next two weeks


Left wingers virtual signaling? How about shit her pants girl shitting on other people having WAPs while her dusty ass is promoting being an obedient housewife? How about peaceful protestors being shot at BEFORE the curfew outside of the White House so that trump could have a photo op outside of a church, Bible in hand? How about making out right wing gun owners to be patriotic “good ol boys” protecting the country (ex kendosha shooter) whereas a black guy WITHOUT A GUN is a thug on drugs? What type of people in the US use the Bible to enforce their own bigotry again? Not to mention if they actually read the Bible they’d figure out that promoting social welfare and tolerance falls under that “love thy neighbor” line, I don’t remember it saying “except the black or gay one.” Jesus was a social outcast who hung out with lepers and prostitutes. It’s apparent that these people don’t give two shits about the Bible and it’s teachings (I mean it pales in comparison to the art of the deal, right?) but merely use it as a dismissive excuse for their shitty, irrational arguments.


“Original sin and predestination mean as long as I talk about Jesus for five seconds on a Sunday, I can do whatever I want the rest of the week! Not my fault! Predestination!” Calvinists make it worse.


This is fucking rich.


It’s like when “what’s her face” wore a “censored” mask while speaking on television in front of congress.


“There are things I get censored for, and I’ll tell you what those are. But first, let me tell you what they’re not. They’re not racism. As much as you think that’s the kind of thing I want to express, I promise it’s something else. And besides, *you’re* the ones who misuse free speech by virtue signaling. All I want to do is say the harmless things that the radical left is keeping me from saying. Things like... um... things like..... not racism.”


Sexism? Antisemitism?


"The problem is politics are being equated with morality" Well if all of your political beliefs are perceived as immoral what does that say about you? ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


How dare someone question my morals when I have no problem sentencing a teenager to life in prison or exclude people based on race or sexuality. Everyone doesn't deserve a livable wage, that's not morals talking, it's me trying to explain why poor people need to work harder. /s


„Those who believe right leaning solutions to society are the best for *everyone*“ Yeah, check your ideology before writing this cause it‘s literally in the definition - those solutions only benefit specific people.


If the special fitted shoes you just made fit 🤷🏽‍♂️


Aside from being obviously not-left-at-all, using the wrong 'you're' is another red flag.


Man, that’s a good post.


His brain exploded. That was dope.


It’s stuff like that this that makes him the snowflake because he’s too busy panicking about being targeting by the vaguest meme I’ve ever seen


"the politics of many democratic have equated politics" What the fuck is he even on about?


Ah yes, a totally real far-leftist spouting only right wing talking points. Lemme guess, this was on PCM?


They know they’re racist, that’s why lmfaooo.


I'm not racist, I just get mad when people call out racism and have a lot of the same beliefs and positions as racists.


Like Fox News calling graffiti that said “fuck fascism” anti-trump


I mean, right now only one group is going on and on about censorship and that is the right wing. What's funny is that they can never cite an example of censorship. Being thrown off of Facebook isn't censorship. Especially if you violate their terms and conditions. I have yet to here of someone getting banned for saying "the national debt is out of control, we need to change our economic policies". That would be a conservative view. It is always "Muslims want to destroy America!" Or "black people literally eat dirt". You are being deplatformed because you are an asshole, not because you vote Republican.


“...so about those opinions-“ “I’M BEING CENSORED!” “I’m asking what your opinion is-“ “YOU’RE JUST GONNA CALL IT RACIST! IT’S NOT!” “Well why don’t we just have a straightforward chat and you tell me directly what it is.” “FUCK YOU! I’M BEING CENSORED!” “...”


"...if we continue the rhetoric that equates political beliefs to morality..." right. because that's just hyperbolic rhetoric. its completely ridiculous to think that the way people think other people should be treated would be related to 'morals' or 'ethics', of course.... :/


Meanwhile, definitely not equating political beliefs to morality: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/florida/fl-ne-church-sign-dont-vote-democrats-20181106-story.html


They can (should) have their tax-exempt status revoked for this. Churches are legally disallowed from participating in politics, but have been infiltrated to push the propaganda anyway.




Republicans: “Let’s separate, incarcerate, and “lose” the children of legal asylum seekers from South America, to discourage other immigrants from South America from legally seeking asylum.” Everyone: “Goddamn you’re racist.” Republicans: :shocked-pikachu-face:


When people defend the Confederacy and its flag as a symbol of fighting for state rights, I ask them which state rights were they fighting for exactly? And get the same exact response. EDIT: a word


"Pedophiles are bad" "Why do you hate conservatives so much??"


Intolerance towards racism is a pretty good tho


They're barking mad because all they can hear are dog whistles.


So, uh, important think. Political beliefs are not like, a hat you put on. Your political beliefs are, plain and simply, how you want *all of society to be run.* Like, for example, if you believe a large chunk of the population should risk their lives by constantly and repeatedly exposing themselves to a deadly virus in order to *still not be able to survive,* that's both your politics and your morality. They are both intertwined; you can't have amoral political beliefs, because that would mean you want *all of humanity* to follow specific rules for no real reason.


I don't know why, but the funniest part of this for me is that it cuts off literally mid-line, implying in my head that he just keeps going on forever but we just wandered away in the middle.


Quick tip for you; if you’re going to pretend to be a democrat, maybe don’t start out talking about how the plight of the right is blah blah blah and end with: “despite my far left political convictions... blah blah blah”. Nobody describes themselves this way. We all know you’re cult 45.


I love this obsession some people have with “virtue signalling” It’s telling that, in their minds, virtuous things (AKA being kind or considerate) can only be done under the pretence of an ulterior motive


Glad I googled meta before I ran into yet another comment where I am left dumbfounded


The idea of "virtue signalling" really says a lot about people who complain about it. They're basically saying that they believe that other people have the same shitty opinions as them, but that others are weak and bow to social pressues to self-censor.