Bellevue is if cheese cake factory became a city. Kirkland is if chili's Express became a city


What is Everett?


North of Seattle


Everett is as if McDonald’s became a city.


Red Rock Subs, in Everett, has the best pot roast subs in the entire world, hands down. I do not know the people who own it, and the dining room sometimes smells kinda funny, but I stand by my assessment of their sandwiches. Easily worth a half hour drive.


I've driven way more than that happily for their roasted turkey sando. That thing is amazing.


If the week old lukewarm egg salad sandwich you buy at a rest stop vending machine became a city


Never been.


You must be new to the area. Many good hikes are off of a couole highways terminating in or near Everett. Everett is on the way north to Skagit Valley, Bellingham, and Canada. There used to be decent concerts in Everett but White River seems to have taken all the business. Everett even has minor league sports. You sound like a snob or a newcomer if you have somehow never been in Everett.


I've been through Everett dozens of times over the years but never actually stopped & hung out there. It doesn't appeal to me to do so


I've been to the arena for both concerts and hockey. Bar crawled the area and it wasn't bad. I've also stopped for a bite to eat and a beer during hiking trips (90 is ass, Mountain Loop Hwy is far superior). Had a buddy who moved to Broadway back in the day and it was a little sketch, but not as bad as Aurora or 23rd before it was gentrified.


Your from Everett then?


Fremont. But I don't mind Everett on a rare occasion.




I've been through Everett I have worked or lived in every place I did so I dunno what to tell you


You don't need to tell me anything. I'm just saying it isn't as bad as people say. It's better than the valley through Kent and Auburn--not that is saying much. Maybe give it a go next time you find yourself that far north on I-5.


I ride the bus everywhere I don't end up places by accident


Sucks to be you. Accidental adventures are the best. Once found myself in eastern WA doing Spring barrel tasting. Banged some whore in a hot tub and then had to walk back to a friend's uncle's house through goat fields when the husband (who I didn't know about) was coming home. Then a few people rolled in wearing latex at 4am... we weren't invited back but goddamn I love having a car and exploring Washington. This one time we "accidently" (the guy was a dick) put a couch in the bonfire in the middle of a residential area in Long Beach... I don't think I am allowed back there. Cutting down trees off exit 38 that had been marked for removal was also a blast. At least we had fun and didn't live our lives shackled to our shitty apartments... then again my place in Belltown was only $500/mo and we could park on the street if we walked a few blocks.


ok boomer


I'm a millennial, dummy. And why don't you just fuck off out of my town. You don't belong here. You can't even afford a car.


Everett is seriously a dump. Keep dreaming.


Everett is if one of those coffee / chicken noodle soup machines from the nineties became a city with several burning rubber parts that contaminated the water.


Hi welcome to Kirkland. I mean chilis


That’s poetry.


Kent is if dennys became a city. Covington is if the McDonalds inside a walmart became a city. Renton is pretty cool. Auburn is if a sports bar that stops serving food at 8 pm became a city. Bremerton is if a boat launch that you can buy meth at became a city.




Love this one https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxvqLBWbm4Zh6x28151gEHkaXloVt8ewNu “Shouldn’t they be … down there with Auburn, Kent and Tacoma!?”


I thought Ahead of the Curve was a reference to the 405 Renton s-curves


Impossible, Subway is the fast food joint inside the Covington Walmart


Exactly. A McDonalds walmart isn't high class enough to have a walmart with a mc donalds in it (like renton's walmart, which is near ono teriyaki so don't bother with the mc donalds) No if you turned a Walmart MC Donalds into a town and then built a Walmart in it. Inside that walmart you'd find a subway in there. With its "bread" stinking up the joint so that you know the moment you enter that humanity is a lost cause. Believe me I thought about this. Many would have said it's a costco hotdog of a town. A place that gives you heart burn after a while but seems ok at first. But they're wrong. A costco hot dog is strong enough to have its own identity and not be home to a highschool called kentwood because kirkland wouldn't let that sorta branding slide. Errr kirkland the brand not the town which weve established is a chilis express


Rarely go there unless absolutely necessary bc of the bread stink - and many other reasons. Garden entrance helps ease into it a bit if I’ve exhausted the other stores. Everything is terrible about that store, tho. The lighting. The smell. The aisles filled with displays. People who don’t move over to let you pass. It’s a nightmare. Back before they had walkie talkies they used the overhead loud speaker waaaay too much I couldn’t even process a thought between the interruptions. Every one of my 5 senses was put thru the ringer…. I don’t know how people can shop there on the regular. And don’t get me started on the parking lot.


Issaquah is where Karen’s gather to encourage each other to be more Karen.


Issaquah is a place Ted Bundy recognized as a good spot to pick up chicks.


Issaquah is where D.B. Cooper got his parachute.


Just stop. Ted Bundy was well south. Just admit you know nothing about local history. Go ask your teachers to do better.


You should check out a book called "the river man" it's a fascinating story about the police who hunted both Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgeway. It details where he abducted women and lake Sammamish park comes up. Really interesting stuff with plenty of familiar names. Did you know a cop from here created the Homicide Information Tracking System. It allowed police to search for murders by MO before then if you wanted a list of people shot in the head with a 22 and then left in a dumpster you were shit out of luck.


Loving these 😹 What’s Shoreline?


It's a 2nd Denny's and people from Kent and shoreline argue over which one is the "good" one


Strip malls wanting to be a city. And I live in Shoreline. 🤦🏻 No great or even really good restaurants or bars within the city limits. I have to head south to Seattle or into Edmonds to find anything worth getting excited about. Okay, one pretty good pizza place and one pretty solid restaurant both down Richmond Beach Rd. No good bars at all.


>Bremerton is if a boat launch that you can buy meth at became a city. Holy shit true


I have lived in every shitty town thats easy to get to seattle from because I do not have "live in seattle" money. I don't have live in bellevue money either but you couldn't pay me to live on the east side.




And what is Burien? Lol these are hilarious


>Covington is if the McDonalds inside a walmart became a city. Hahahaha! I used to live in Covington and this comparison brought me so much joy. The Walmart in Covington is also full of some special characters.


I grew up walking distance from the border of what would become covington, I literally watched that town grow from nothing.


You aren't even Eastside trash. You are just trash.


Honestly given all your descriptions, I still feel pretty solid where I’m at.


Bainbridge is if Whole Foods and an Apple store merged and became a city


Come on, Everett isn’t THAT bad lmao


I have no opinion on everett the longest I was ever there I took a greyhound through it and I was on mushrooms.


The old station? The old station was classic. Hope you stepped off the bus if so.


I think so it was snowing I was tripping my ass off. I remember getting off somewhere I had no idea where between Bellingham and Seattle somewhere. I was worried I'd miss the bus somehow so I left my coat on the bus under the theory I'd be too scared to wander off. I smoked a cig and a cop or security guy or something started walking straight towards me. I saw a no smoking sign and ran back into the bus to avoid having to talk to an authority figure. This was ten years ago. Next thing I knew I was in Seattle and couldn't find the light rail. Buildings were breathing and I was losing it. I wandered past a guy who smelled like weed and told him "I'm high as fuck on mushrooms and can't find the light rail" and he was like "oh this station is weird" and led me to the west lake station entrance that's like on the side of a building. Thanks random pot head


Nobody cares about your dumb ass, boy.


You have never left Covington. STFU.


You sir have created a Reddit thread masterpiece. I would love to become friends with everyone who participated in this. Pure gold in here.


Spoken like someone who has not been to Bellevue in the last half decade, at least.


Hey this person is defending Bellevue!


yea got me I have no reason to go there anymore now that I don't work there


So what's Bothell and Woodinville?


You've never had the money to ride the bus to either. Quit your bullshit, peasant.


Do you feel like these behaviors are worse than they were pre-pandemic? I feel like generally people have forgotten how to behave in public, and in general, the average person's situational awareness and self responsibility has tanked the past couple years






It would be interesting to think of something measurable that could prove or disprove this.


So many people wearing pajama bottoms in public. I could never. Yet we hear people saying it's hard to put on pants before leaving the house.


> in Kirkland there’s your problem


That’s exactly what I thought.




Got em.


No kidding, the worst.


As soon as I read Kirkland, I went mmhmmm, there it is.


I think you might be right tbh


The land of entitlement. As a server and cook in my distant past, I vote that you simply don’t bring menus or acknowledge the people who can’t be good guests. When they, inevitably, complain or seek attention, invite them to join you at the front to be seated. It’ll go over great in Kirkistan, promise.


Ding ding ding!


Oh noooo I’m moving to Kirkland this summer from CA and nobody has told me anything bad about it. What does this mean?! Lol


Shhhh. It's where we put all the Californians.


It's lovely here. Promise. They're saying it's because Kirkland has a lot of wealthy people, and they do what that want and get away with it. Plenty of polite people here.


It's nice. The hate is mostly from people who either can't afford it and stereotype the entitled rich people who can (who definitely exist, to be fair), or people who can't imagine living anywhere even remotely suburban. If you have money and aren't expecting a vibrant, colorful social scene in walking distance of your home, you'll probably enjoy it just fine.


Yep. A bunch of transplanted Midwest yokels.


Hey, as a transplanted Midwestern yokel who has the misfortune of working in Kirkland, I take great offense to this! But actually, wtf is with the people in Kirkland? I work customer service as well and the people are truly major assholes.


Entitled suburban fuckheads living in McMansions telling relatives back east they “live in Seattle” and have a “view of the water.” Truth is, entire neighborhood has a terrible rat problem, and Lake City Way is a homeless ghetto on par with Aurora.


Does Lake City Way go through Kirkland? Sounds like you’re talking about Shoreline.


Probably thinking about Kenmore? Although it never had a rat problem when I grew up there.


>Entitled suburban fuckheads living in McMansions telling relatives back east they “live in Seattle” and have a “view of the water.” Truth is, entire neighborhood has a terrible rat problem, and Lake City Way is a homeless ghetto Wat Did you mean lake Washington boulevard? Lake city is not on the Eastside


I worked (mostly) back of house for many years way, way before the pandemic. Trust me, our front of the house staff encountered the same problems back then as well. Not sure if it’s grown even worse, but the industry has always been about 50% actual work and 50% dealing with idiots. I did work as a bartender for a year or so, throw alcohol into the equation and the douchebaggery rises to a new level. It sucks OP, you have my commiseration, hope you guys are at least getting compensated well.


I've lived in the Seattle area my entire life, both in Seattle proper and on the eastside and south king county. It really has gotten worse and I don't know why. Granted the whole pandemic situation made a lot of people lose basic social skills, but being "under socialized" and/or awkward, or having a bad day is not an excuse for being downright abusive to anyone. It seems like it's getting increasing worse for everyone working service industry jobs. I saw a cashier at a grocery store brought to tears after a customer freaked out about a certain item being sold out. I work in a local city's permitting department and even we've seen an increase in people coming in to scream at us about random things that are out of our control.


People are living an internet-based/anonymous/anti-social life and extending it into the real world. I believe it is essentially technology induced psychopathy/sociopathy (I think Covid and the political environment both play an extensive role in this). Everyone thinks they are a “main character.” It’s even a meme that if you aren’t the “main character” or center of the world, that you are living a sub-standard “NPC” life.


I blame it on the staff. People don't like working for dick and the stress brought it out more. Then they recieved a rapid increae in patrons and they were already angry and started lashing out. I kniw there is an uptick in people being assholes, but I feel the level of customer service a highschooler could provide would be sufficient to kill most problems. Unfortunately, service employees now see it as beneath them ti serve tables or bag groceries. I have some sympathy for the restaurant workers knowing so many... but my friends in the industry were kind of cunty before the pandemic. Maybe off topic, but I have zero tolerance for an attitude from Fred Meyer enployees. The dudes at the Safeway are perfectly normal, but Fred Meyer people are just tripping. I assume their management has sucked the morale out of them.


OP, I have never been as abused as I was in restaurant work. But usually it was back of the house (cooks, etc.). LOL When I worked as a host (seating people), I would never have tolerated people seating themselves: "I'm sorry but you will have to wait -- the bar is right over there." Maybe you need a maitre d'.


I met family members at a resteraunt who had just driven from Eastern Washington so they were in the bathrooms. At the table we Were seated at there were enough chairs for everyone in the family. Without even asking, two guys from the table next to me took three of our chairs without asking, Leaving not enough chairs for us now. And when I tried to tell them that those chairs were taken they started to argue with me and told me to find other chairs. So family members came out of the bathroom to find that they had no place to sit. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I had specifically chosen this table because it had a nice view, and had waited for it myself, But no sooner did we get our food, a totally different couple came up to us And wanted our table. They gave us dirty looks and stood right by our table. They demanded to know when we were going to be done eating. The waiter defended us but the people just kept giving us dirty looks And were saying stuff as they walked away. I had waited for years to be able to enjoy a single meal with those family members And it got ruined before we even had the meal, and then ruined again before we even had a chance to enjoy the meal. Yep, totally self entitled people.


You should've taken the seats out from underneath them.


I'm more annoyed by people that bring loud barking dogs to restaurants.


The grocery store pets annoy me on a completely different level. Not sure why it bothers me magnitudes more than the restaurants. But people pushing there fucking dogs in strollers should all be made to leave.


Dogs in strollers is where you draw this line? I get leashed dogs in a store, theres piss risk and trip hazards etc. But a dog contained in a stroller and totally under control of the owner? Not my kink but whatever.


At least the dogs in the strollers are under control. At least once a week some idiot brings in two dogs to Fred Meyer (it could be any in Seattle really) and as they are checking out the dogs are fighting with each other while they ignore them and check out.


Saw a dog licking the meat section once and never shopped at that store again


that dog kicks ass


I went to Savage Brewing last night in Kirkland., and there were so barking dogs. Their habanero lager was good, but the barking was terrible.


Never been but G mart deli in the same plaza is my favorite spot in kirkland.


Same but with kids.


My thoughts on this are if you leave your 3 year old kid at home alone, they will arrest you. You *can* leave your 3 year old dog at home alone.


Seriously, can’t stand that kids *checks notes* exist


Tell me you've never been in a restaurant next to a loud barking kid without telling me you've never been in a restaurant next to a loud barking kid.


Of course I have, loud barking adults too. Unless I’m somewhere swanky, I chalk it up to placing myself in the situation of being in public.


I think if adults and children are barking like dogs there's a bigger issue.


It’s a dog eat dog world


Have you met children? Tell me you've never met a child without telling me you've never met a child. Of course I have heard a kid literally bark. Wtf?


Apparently children bark like dogs in restaurants more frequently than I was aware.


Haha not what I was saying, nor did you say anything about frequency. Either way og point was people don't like disrespectfully loud animals, I don't enjoy being in a restaurant with disrespectfully loud children (or other humans for that matter) Everyone should be respectful in public or leave. I do take my dogs to dog friendly places, but if they start acting up, we apologize and leave. I wish more people with kids would do that.


Yeah I was trying to make a joke about crowds of children barking like dogs in restaurants, but apparently people refer to children as barking more than I realized.


Oh man. I ran FOH/bar at a small place in Kent. It was all of this stuff, and then COVID hit. People somehow got worse. So, ah, good luck, OP.


I worked as a restaurant worker from the 90s to 2010s in New York. People do this everywhere. It's not just Seattle.


Can confirm, worked in Seattle as a server for over 10 years. I've never worked at a place where people didn't try to seat themselves wherever the hell they wanted.


> I serve at a restaurant in Kirkland I think I found your problem.


Why is everyone on this thread hating on kirkland so much? I don’t have any special affinity for it, but it’s really not much different than Bellevue, Redmond, Queen Anne, or some of the other more expensive neighborhoods in Seattle proper. Is there something I should know?


nothing really, just nod and follow the crowd.


Kirkland and Bellevue specifically are the quest offenders in my experience. Other areas ten to have more of a working class population whereas Bellevue and Kirkland cater to the rich just by existing.


Service in most environments has been awful since Covid -new normal.


I know food delivery is a tough gig to work in; but goddam they’re so terrible sometimes.


I definitely won't defend any of this bad behavior, but it's worth noting that the online orders you get may have been delayed on the order-app-side some time after they placed the original order. So maybe your end got it just now but the driver/customer had already been waiting a while. Of course, that's not your fault, that's the app's fault. But it can explain why the driver's mad. The sitting down without being seated thing is one of those ego/brain damage-driven Rich Kirkland People things. When I first moved to Seattle long ago I worked in Kirkland for a while, and unfortunately know the behavior quite well.


I think the restaurant worker / food delivery driver issues are usually mutual for the most part. Every now and then I get a driver who just assumes we work for them and they have zero respect for the restaurant or it’s employees.


I've been in a few restaurants lately for pickup where the food delivery drivers have been really rude to the restaurant workers. One even threatened to come back after they closed to beat the guy up, just because the place was busy and they had to wait a minute. I know it's not all of them but I have been noticing it more lately. Makes me wonder if there is something going on there too.


The polite drivers get fired by the algorithm. The new ones are much more likely to be entitled.


Rich people generally treat wait staff like garbage and never tip. Not shocked.


This is because of how many restaurants we go into that have that sign, then someone comes out and says 'sit anywhere you'd like' If I walk in and see that sign now and there's not someone to acknowledge me in 60 seconds or less, I'm leaving or finding a seat.


for me i assume bar is fair game for self seating and i wait someone to seat me at tables.


Same, if there’s not a “seat yourself” sign I’m waiting until I talk to someone.


Yeah typically we go for the bar anyhow, but if it's not busy and there are tons of empty tables and no one is there to seat me... And to be clear it's not looking and seeing busy employees, it's seeing no one at front of house at all or a bartender just chatting with some folks. I've worked in service, even when chatting it's not hard to cut away for 5 seconds to say 'hey there! Just hang out for a few seconds while our server comes up to get you seated!'


internet, pandemic and social media has created monsters.




People are self-absorbed pigs.


> I serve at a restaurant in Kirkland, and almost every restaurant has a clear sign that says “please wait to be seated” and people STILL seat themselves? Literally on a daily basis, this happens at least three times a day. That's honestly not that often, the delivery driver thing sounds more annoying? There's a bunch of other restaurants that have no waiter up front where you are just stuck waiting 10/15 minutes (okay not actually that bad more like 5 minutes) for someone to tell you 'sit anywhere'. Just wondering does the restaurant look 'fancy'? If it looks more like a tavern/rustic people might assume one just sits wherever first. > please stop seating yourselves at restaurants unless there is a sign that says otherwise None of the restaurants where you sit yourself do I remember having a sign that explicitly says it.


Because tech Bros think they are special and that the rules don't matter for them.


Yes I'm sure it has much to do with the industry people work in. The damn finance bros keep shitting in the urinal, and the lawyers are always tailgating me.


It'll be interesting to see what happens when society crumbles and their social standing means very little to nothing.


What's the strain you're smoking? It sounds potent!


It really depends on the place. Downtown Kirkland has a large retirement community; some places have a high concentration of elderly and their families. The downtown area was much more tech bro/partying about 15 years ago. If the was the factor, I assume it would’ve been much worse in the past.


I think the problem lies in poor signage is it on one of those metal posts that make it eye-level?


Kirkland is full of human garbage. Welcome to the east side.




Oh absolutely, I agree 100% that restaurant workers complain too much about their job. Can’t be around most of my coworkers for that very reason. Nothing else really bothers me tbh, but for some reason, I CAN’T not get annoyed when people blow right past the sign you immediately see when you walk in, and just seat themselves. I’ll be clearing off a table for people who are on the waitlist, and other people will walk right in and seat themselves there, and then I have to tell them “I’m sorry but this table is for the waitlist” and they respond as if I’ve insulted them. I mean, it’s just common courtesy. If a business has a sign with clear instructions regarding how they operate as a system, and people just decide they’re not going to respect it, and do what THEY want to do instead, it’s just flat out rude. And I’m allowed to be annoyed by it.


Don’t complain then that a restaurant is understaffed because no one wants to work there and serve shitty entitled customers


Can I upvote this a trillion times?


Bitching about bitching. Who's the real bitch here?


That is this sub in a nutshell, thank you. So many people thinking they are better than you, like them bitching about bitching passes as some kind of positivity? Bet they blow past the seating sign too! Lol.


Wait to be seated is a very US centric thing that just doesn't exist in other countries. So it could be that the people doing this are tourists or newly arrived citizens that are just not familiar with the concept.


It's unlikely that many people are sit-down-dining for the first time ever in an American restaurant at that exact Kirkland restaurant and don't actually know. Maybe once in a while, but not on a regular basis.


What a hilarious trip advisor prank that'd be though


it absolutely exists in other countries.


Agreed, idk what this person’s talking about, I feel like the wait to be seated vs seat yourself is pretty much the same as here everywhere I’ve traveled.


been my experience too.


Romanian here and I confirm: self sitting is the usual in Romania. If there's a front desk, I'll wait for a bit to see if anyone is acknowledging me. If there's a sign saying to wait, I'll wait (sometimes I just don't see it though :D)


Are the folks doing this new to the country? Maybe moved here for a tech job? Or are they just locals? I've not noticed people doing this in Seattle.


I sat myself twice in my life time, both times did not see a sign stating to stay put. Delivery drivers probably have to deliver 3 other orders on their route and having to wait probably fucks up their earning when it comes to on time delivery. I had multiple delivery drivers call/txt apologizing for late delivery due to restaurant wait times as if they are restaurant owners.


Because everybody is self centered and self involved; it’s all about me. The “Seattle Freeze”. It’s a hunkin-honk-a-bullshit, being all stand offish. naw I’m say’n


I do mostly banquet serving for this reason. However, I think it is mostly entitlement. I live here but I realize that some people are just disrespectful and they have been all the their lives and continue to think that behavior is ok. You can call them out on it. I tempted once at a restaurant next to the basketball stadium. Imagine at least 5 people does that to you less than 10 minutes and there are hundred people trying to get in and get service. They asked me to work for them but I rather not. You are literally having thousand of people trying to get service and it is hectic. I was exhaust and all I did was bus in that environment. It is the environment. Usually hotel banquet you have some of those people but I just kind of know the drill that some people will move and I need to double check their name card and food order on their name card and get through running food for 30 min - 2 hours and then it gets easier.


Seattlites don’t know how to act in public because they are always inside their homes.


I have never done any of those things and I’ve lived here since the 1950’s. I’d be curious where those patrons were living 5 years ago. The Ubereats thing is likely colored by workers who don’t think things through- moved to Seattle without a job lined up, driving Uber and still having roommates to afford rent so they are a little tetchy.


No one has etiquette here because... I’m not sure! I can’t make sweeping judgements but my experience there’s quite a bit of entitlement and “me me me” attitude. This region has changed quite a bit since I was a kid. Lot of people moving here for big money.


Jerkland is just north of Hellevue and right next to Scrotum La Ache. South of Bot Hell.


Uber Eats does a shitty job of scheduling drivers. The estimate they give is usually pretty accurate in the app which includes cooking time so I have no idea why they send out drivers so early. This is especially true in a city like Seattle where I know getting a driver is usually pretty easy. Maybe they need better integration with restaurants for indicating when food is done/imminent?


The old style of "proper table manners" is no more unless it were passed on from parent to parent. My family descends from Europe (mostly) Britain and they trained their children in good table manners. These got passed on to the next several generations. I'm not sure who made the customer always right but this created a new generation of jack asses. The word for it we use now is karen. people don't seem to care about personal image and how things they do affect them. This goes from clothing, how they talk/walk/act and behave in public. People these days don't seem to care about their personal image.


“I serve in Kirkland…” found your problem right there.


> Who gave these people the permission to do this?! This doesn't apply to me since I rarely sit anywhere but at the bar. However, I don't need your permission for anything. You could not serve me or something, but I don't follow your orders like you're my mother.


It’s not about permission, it’s about respecting the business. The “please wait to be seated” sign serves as instructions for guests, regarding how the business operates. If you owned a shop with clear instructions saying “please do not touch ____” and people walk in, read the sign, and proceed to do what is asked of them NOT to do, would you not be annoyed? Lol . I just used the word “permission” as a joke. At the end of the day it’s the logic of knowing what is asked not to do, and still doing it, that is annoying. I’ve only encountered it THIS often in this area (possibly exclusive to Kirkland??) specifically.


It's private property, you're a guest, follow the directions from your hosts or don't come in.


I would be happy to leave if staff gave me the attitude that is behind this post. I think servers here are grossly weird, overall. I spend too much and overtip. I don't want my ass kissed... just civility. Working at restaurants when I was younger, I never saw anyone sit down when there was a sign out. This sounds like the establishment, or even OP, are doing something wrong. Maybe they should staff better by hiring a host or more servers. Does OP work at Denny's maybe? Maybe somewhere else that isn't clearer to patrons? This isn't problem at Red Robin or the Met for some reason, and I have worked at both. People want to give restaurants money. It is a management or staffing issue over a customer concern 9 times out of 10. And I am not a "guest". I'm a "customer". The cook isn't my grandmother at Christmas and the bartender isn't a buddy throwing a party.


Lol Kirkland.




get a load of this asshole, wanting to be shown basic respect when they're at their jobs. Fucking wild man


Does the Uber eats person work for you? I thought you do work for them since they're paying you for food, right?


I do not work for Uber Eats or the driver. I work for the business stamped on my paycheck. Just as they don’t work for the business I work for.


Have you driven on any roads here yet?


People in this area are entitled. Swear to God. And people drive terrible. Don't blame the people who grew up here, it's those who moved from California or wherever the hell the came from. My entire family is from a developing country, and no one owes us shit. That's why we never moved out of the town we grew up in.


Those delivery drivers are more entitled than a Karen on adderral.