As a student, I think you should use oil clay. It nevers harden, what it's an amazing quality for practice, but no so good as final piece. Although, some guys said in this sub that it lasts years if you protect it from dust and curious hands squeezes. Another solid (pun intended) option is make and cast a mold with resin if you really want a hard piece of your work.


None of the air-dry clays I've tried have good working properties; you'll always be fighting the material. There are "oven-bake" clays that can be hardened in a home oven; my favorite is the Della Robia brand that Blick sells. It feels a lot like real ceramic clay when you work it. Oil-based clays (Chavant NSP, etc.) let you work on them forever, since they never harden. But if you want something permanent, you'll have to make a mold and cast in another material, like plaster of Paris. Polymer clays or epoxy clays are expensive, so you either need a lot of money or resign yourself to small-scale work. Ceramic clays are nicest to work with, but they dry quickly and need to be fired in a kiln to be permanent; a home oven won't work.


Thank you for this! It gave me more of a complete description of each clay and it's properties. I think I'll go for oil based clay, but I'll have a look at monster and epoxy clay, and maybe consider making a mold. Thanks again 😌👍


try to look for "epoxy plasticine" in building materials. there is also a mythical cx5, but the last time I was interested in it, sales for it were temporarily suspended And good luck 😊


I just spent 30 minutes watching videos about epoxy, and it seems pretty solid! My only issue is that after 24 hours, it dries rock-hard, so I can't use it for the specific class, but it's definitely on my 'to try' list AND top 5 clays. Thank you sm!!


yes, indeed, it hardens very quickly, forgot to mention it. However, as for its solid state, it is very convenient for finishing work, and is the strongest of all self-hardening materials. Definitely worth a try. as for polymer clays, there are those that need to be boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes, instead of baking in the oven. personally i made such bjd dolls


Monster Clay is very pliable, doesn't harden and will hold it's shape. Very good for sculpting


I just answered another post about that brand of plasticine-type clay, Isemarf Plastilina Escultor ("sculptor") "Professional" in the terracotta color, here if you're interested: https://old.reddit.com/r/polymerclay/comments/umztdr/need_some_help_im_wondering_what_type_of_clay/i88pp85 Looks like it might be from Mexico. I'm seeing it on Google now but I hadn't been able to before so think it's suddenly getting popular from TikTok, etc. This Google search shows its two colors, but most of the pages each result goes to is in Spanish (although some have "Translate" and "English" on the page somewhere)...and these results are mixed so that some of the clays shown are not plasticine: https://www.google.com/images?q=Isemarf+escultor+terracotta+plasticine