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People will call it scream 6 regardless of what the actual title is I’ve already accepted it’ll be Scream II (I think the !! are simply for the logo)


That's my thoughts exactly...nobody verbally calls it Scream (2022)...they call it Scream 5. That's how this will be too.


Reminds me of phoebe from friends. "It's not Freud, it's Freud!"


LOL. 10 points for this reference


“I watched Scream last night.” “Scream, Scream or Scream!! ?”


Oh please.. U can say “Original scream” “Scream ‘21” “Scream ‘22” Dont be so lazy


Or Paramount could be more original. And I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a Scream ‘21.


There definitely isn't a Scream 21, but the Stab movies are getting up there.


How will we even pronounce it? I’m just gonna keep calling it Scream 6.


I simply say Scream 6 since it's still the 6th film. Since it's still continuing ya know.


how did we pronounce Scream (2022)? Scream 5.


I called it New Scream. Scream 6 will now be New Scream 2 lol


New York Scream tbh


It also stands for a II (2). 2nd film in this trilogy. It's fun!


look closely and it’s also a 6, very smart


I see it in the negative space on the second exclamation mark. Good call!! (Intended)


Also, if you look close there is a 6 in there.


I feel stupid becaus ei can't see a 6 at all


The red dot in the bottom right. Just imagine that is the hole in the 6.


From a design standpoint, that’s terrible. It should be easier to see than that.


I think the point is that you have to look for it to find it.


It’s almost an inkblot test. You see what you wanna see.


It’s definitely noticeable enough - if it’s too noticeable people will think it’s Scream 6 which it is but it can’t be marketed as that because of the fear of getting less people to see the movie, such as scream 4


Literally this “6” has been talked about for months by a handful of people. And today, of all days, I finally see it. I mean that’s coincidental to me. I wish we could ask the graphic artist who did it. Because it barely looks like exclamation points too. Seems like a hurried design to me. Not finalized.


I like the fact that it’s barely noticeable and you really have to look. If they wanted everyone to see it right away, then they may as well have just titled the movie “Scream 6”.


It doesnt even look like exclamation points either. Its four harshly drawn oblong blots. So the fact that only a few could “see” the 6 makes it purely coincidental. It doesn’t match the title font either so i’m almost sure it’s a placeholder for filming.


Okay, got it, thank you!


Thank yoooo lmao took me ages to figure this out 😂


Feels lazy af.


Yea for real. Not exited for this movie at all lol


it's called an S


It is too close to the name of two other films in the franchise, there has to be a better way to differentiate


I don’t mind it, people refer to different Halloween movies as “Halloween 1978”, “Rob Zombie’s Halloween” and “Halloween 2018” even though they all have the same name.


That is true, but there are better titles, like Scream Again


God no.


I’d so much rather have something like that or “scream kills” than “scream” and “scream!!“


God no.


Keep on saying that bud


I figured the two exclamation points were to basically say that this is Scream 2 of the new cast, without explicity saying Scream 2.


I've said it many times that people are pretending to not understand the title or simply do not want to. There is NOTHING confusing about this title. This title is great because it conveys many things with two simple exclamation marks. It's far from lazy from a graphic design stand point. It's a graphic design choice to use a hidden 6 in the 2. And the fact that the 2 is two exclamation marks could mean that we will come across some type of surprise in this movie, maybe a big reveal, maybe a surprising killer, maybe gore like never before. Just like Scream 5 was called Scream for a reason (requel), the exclamation marks are there for a reason. Whether people like it or not, the requel is NOT about Sidney. It's about Sam and Tara. It's Scream 2 for them. But because the legacy characters are still around but are not the focus, the six is still there, only fainted. It also means it's targeting both audiences; the people who became familiar with Scream through Scream 2022 and the real fans since Scream 1996. I think it's the perfect title. But it being called Scream 2 doesn't mean it cannot be called Scream 6. It's BOTH. Titles themselves can be an art form, it doesn't have to be just the boring name of a movie. I think it's great that they're thinking outside the box for this. You might not like the title, but it's definitely not lazy to find a way to convey so much with only two exclamation marks.


I fully agree. Some will get it some don't. It's all about perspective and looking deeper into things.


Scream is all about looking deeper into what you think you know. Nothing is what it seems. This is the perfect franchise for that title.


As someone who has taken design courses in college but not a professional graphic artist that “hidden 6” should be more pronounced. I think they’ll clean this title up because it’s hard to even translate that they literally are exclamation points. Trust me, they have millions of dollars at stake, they’ll do a better design of the title.


100% if the title is any indicator of the tone of the movie I'm all in.


I didn't really mind it and was indifferent to it, but the more I think about it the more I don't like it. I mean, it's sort of unique in its stylization so I give it props for that, but if you remove the stylization it's essentially just "Scream II" and the numbering doesn't make sense considering this isn't really a reboot trilogy (if it was, then fair enough) but also a continuation. Plus other places, such as cinemas and online listings, may incorrectly title is as Scream II or Scream 2, which gets confusing. Scream II would only make sense if Scream (2022) had been a complete reboot. As it is, this is going to be the sixth installment in a chronological series. It might have made more sense had Scream (2022) been Scream !, then this was Scream !!, but even then I still don't like it. I think they should have just gone with subtitles - i.e. Scream Again, plus that would connect with the Halloween movies and they already called the last movie just Scream, in part, as a reference to that movie and others with one word titles, and given the original references the original Halloween so much too, it would have been a nice nod to Halloween Kills. Overall, though, I just think the thing about stylization is once it's removed in cataloging or in mentions by others not connected to the official source, it becomes a II/2 and that will be confusing. Someone also mentioned (I think the Lethal Collective on Youtube) that it might feel like it's (unintentionally) erasing/replacing the original movies - another Scream, now another Scream 2 - which is an odd choice given how these movies are supposed to be respecting Wes Craven's legacy.


i think it’s cute and fun but at the end of the day we all know we’ll be calling it scream 6 🥺


This was used during production, we will see what the actual title will be




Final Destination 5 happened after The Final Destination. Totally doable.


It's all just them being too cowardly/too concerned with getting a "new" audience to use numbers with the new movies.


not at all, the 6 is there, look again. it’s between the exclamation marks


And yet the movie still isn't called Scream 6. Everyone on Scream (2022)'s set called 5cream or Scream 5, but the movie still wasn't called that. They weren't even confident enough to make a joke about movie reboot-sequels doing that so much in the past few years, because they weren't doing it ironically, they were just following that same annoying trend.


i think the reboot sequel is perfectly fine. you’re just complaining about nothing but a title bro. they made scream 2022 just called “scream” to bring in new viewers, this is “scream!!” because it doubles as a 2 and a 6. you’re complaining about the name of it tho, there’s no point in that lmao


And you're complaining about someone complaining, so I guess I win.


oh yeah dude you’re the winner of reddit.


You think it's "perfectly fine" that Scream has gone from a series that used to make fun of tired trends to one that unironically chases them. You're hopeless.


i’m hopeless because i’m not needlessly bitching about the title of a movie. it’s not that deep, but noted ig.


Needless? This is the comment section on a reddit post about the new title and opinions on that title. Sorry that my opinion has upset you so, but this is certainly the place for such an opinion, and you'd do well to remember that next time you want to become twitter about what someone else commented.


you’re the only one in this whole comment section that is negative about it though, you can share your opinion without absolute sulking. it looks really sad that this topic has you so upset. i’ve ended this conversation twice now, once by just agreeing that you’ve just won the argument because i’m over it and again by saying that i’ve noted your bullshit. you’re the one that is continuing this argument now twice, really reaching and trying just to insult. it’s pointless. have a good night.


It looks like someone drew the !! in Paint. It's so lazy and uninspired.


The amount of fans that will defend the hell out everything having to do with this one and 5. It’s extra af.


I think the title is clever af! Personally I love it. It’s so multifaceted. SCREAM!! - so we get the exclamation marks which just looks cool and unique, we also get !! which equals II like Scream 2 - cause it’s the second one of the new trilogy and then you also have a 6 in between??? Honestly genius and whoever came up with it should get a raise imo!!! ❤️❤️❤️


I don’t even know if it’s so much the title for me anymore as it is the logo. The exclamations just look so silly and I know that they are meant to be a blood splatter but why do they have to be so off centered from the Scream title? I genuinely dislike it And I don’t want to burst any bubbles but there is no imaginary 6 in those exclamations, it does not exist


I thought it was a bit silly at first too. I took some time to think about the meaning and I basically came up with that idea 😂. Also, I don't see a 6 either. I must be blind


I must be too because not seeing it!! The 6 that is being seen is just the gap between the lines and dots of the exclamation points


Whoever sees that got eagle eyes 😭


Eagle eyes and wishful thinking combined lol


This is so derpy lol This like calling season 3 of a show season 1, just bc you feel like it


Its a fools errand to try to change things now but Jesus what a heap of shit. Hollywood has really gone down the crapper this past decade.




do you guys think one of the killers for the movie is gonna be richies mom


I thought scream 2 (2023) would’ve been fine and everyone would just call it scream 6 like they do 5. I’m realizing now this had to be tricky for the producers.


What is this? Where is this from?


I also think it’s meant to be a riff on the Roman numeral two; since this is part two of what I assume is a reboot trilogy


"Scream!!" is fine as a tittle, who cares anyway, and it's commercially better than calling it "Scream 6". We saw the results with "Scream 4". Would've been better if they already had it done with the previous, calling it "Scream!".


y’all who are saying this is stupid, you obviously don’t see the genius in it. take a closer look, it’s supposed to be II as in 2, because it’s the second in this new wave of movies, but it also has a 6 between the !!. very smart actually.


Personally I think it’s to show or more like not show how many scream movies there are. Happens all the time with franchises somewhere around 4 or 5 they drop the numbers and go with titles or creative ways to make the title of the movie


are we basing it off the image from the clapper board?


According to Randy the second movie is always more brutal. Also I like how the 2 exclamation marks make it seem like Scream II but it also has a 6 in the exclamation points




It’s gonna be Scream II. No way the exclamation marks are the title. There’s a reason there are two of them… they’re Roman numerals, stylized.


I dig it. For marketing purposes, it looks better than Scream 6.. but ppl will call it scream 6


I wish they would have added one exclamation point to the title of 2022 before doing this


Just call it Scream 6


if you look closely in the design of the !! you can see a 6, so it’s still scream 6 but since they called scream 5 just scream for marketing purposes they had to kind of call it scream 2 again lol


Still I will call it simply Scream 6, as I called the last one scream 5 xD