No Scream panel at Comic Con 2021

No Scream panel at Comic Con 2021


They are most likely waiting until August to release something big for cinemacon since paramount is showcasing their upcoming film slate which will take place August 26th and is a 2 1/2 hour panel. We could get something before then of course like that theory for Wes Craven’s birthday. Most of Comic Con this year is television unfortunately.


Idk why either. They’re really keeping this movie under wraps. Idk if they want nothing leaked or something else.


Can still market a film without spoiling anything though. You decide what you put out there, dont wanna realise spoilers dont release them but release SOMETHING


Hopefully it doesn’t actually stink and they’re trying to bury it in January… (I don’t actually think that’s true but you never know).


Why do scream always suck at their promotion? If you want the new film to attract a new audience and want it to do better than the last 2 films you need to be taking these opportunities to PROMOTE! they killing us 😓


I agree.


I think the whole marketing strategy for SCREAM (2022) is going to be interesting to see unfold. SCREAM (1996) got its impressive box office returns from word-of-mouth (which I ultimately think this filmmaking team and studio are aware of, and hope to replicate with this new one by making it as great as possible so that people will tell others they “gotta go see it”). I think SCREAM 4 really shone a light on how marketing a film too early (especially a SCREAM film) can negatively impact a film’s b.o. performance. The internet boards were on fire about SCREAM 4 while it was in production. Then the trailer dropped, many people froze frame that trailer and found the snippet where one of the unmasked killers was taunting Sidney, and that spread like mad. SCREAM 4’s box office returns did not reflect the buzz that was going on prior - because I think when that was spoiled, a lot of people were like “eh - I’ll wait until video, now”. I think a short teaser will drop on Wes Craven’s birthday, because I think this team has a true affection and respect to do that (which is awesome). Then, I think the first full trailer will drop with HALLOWEEN KILLS. Then, I think Paramount+ will push the hell out of it - hopefully other streamers do. Any “new audience” that wants to see SCREAM (2022) will do so from the promos they see 1-3 weeks out. From there - hopefully - word-of-mouth will keep it going 2-3 weeks at the b.o.


I find that really surprising.




This isn’t an indication that the film won’t have a good promotional campaign. Spider-Man no way home comes out a month before this and we still haven’t seen a single still for that either.


We actually have seen stills from that movie tho. Regardless it's hilarious watching both fandoms get in a tizzy over marketing


Anyone else secretly hoping they'll surprise us and drop the film much sooner than January? Long shot, I know, but it would be kind of perfect timing to have a new *Halloween* and a new *Scream* in theaters at the same time...


Yes, I was hoping they might release it before HK.


Ready Or Not trailer only came out 2 months before official release date… wonder if it will be same for Scream? Trailer was released in June, and movie came out in August


Well, that was a smaller standalone film, not a new entry in a beloved half a billion dollar franchise. One would think they'd want to find a balance between giving everyone a lot of advance notice that it's on its way while still maintaining secrecy. Maybe those two are incompatible in 2021, though, so it's best to keep quiet until right before its release?


Is anyone actually shocked?




This film will start being marketed on October 1, that's a guarantee. Throughout fall and winter, it's all you're going to be seeing everywhere.


Isn't there another comic con in november? Maybe they will have a panel there


Relax guys!!! 3 months before 01.14.22 is the best option to start marketing campaing, interviews, trailers, spots… i think its a better option to spend more money in súper 3month campaign that the same amount of their promo budget but in 6months! It will impact the double! If they start the campaign over the summer people will forget about it for autumn! The best option: August: poster October: trailer November and december: marketing spots interviews magazines…. As far as they dont do test screenings everything will be safe!!! Because some guys are telling they went to test dcreenings and they are trying to spoil bullshit (the same that keeps going since october) and its obviously lies!! Those directors are extremely careful they wouldnt show anything to random people because they dont want spoilers!! Calm down!everything will be perfect!!!! :)


Agreed, and with COVID, studios are focusing their promotion dollars on films that have been delayed for A YEAR now releasing in the summer and fall. As theatres open up, Scream can only risk getting lost in the shuffle. I think a focused campaign starting small in August and ramping up through October (and maybe a promo before Halloween Kills) may be effective.


This is really disappointing, could’ve given us a damn teaser at the least


Film gonna bomb if paramount dont pull their finger out