I live in Chazal Apartments now. I love it for its location and customer service. When I moved to Phoenix, I was planning to move to different locations to compare living situations, but Chazal checked so many boxes I decided to just stay here. Actually moving in a few months, but its because of a new job and not the apartments themselves. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Don’t know anything about the apartments itself but the location is nice, right by a park and it’s close to old town


Something to add to this too, not only is this close to Old Town, but it's also reasonably close to downtown Phoenix without the sketch (about 20 min drive). And if Mill revives again then you're close to that too.


I've known a few people who lived in Chazal (Used to work at a bar right up the street). Such a great location, close to both the 101 and 202. Hayden/McClintock is such an easier drive than Scottsdale Rd/Rural if you're wanting to get to the 202W to get to downtown Phoenix(no 202E access though) Lived in a house about .5 miles from there and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Haven't toured that complex but it was on my shortlist (probably would've moved there if they had availability at the right time). Reviews and pricing are good. The location is fantastic and I think the complex looks nice from the outside (I run through the park often and pass by it).


I loved that area so much. Lived in Chazal for one year during 2017 and I think it was my favorite area I've ever lived in AZ. Living right on the greenbelt like that is so nice. The apartment units are a bit older, make sure NOT to get one on the bottom floor as they had some flooding issues one year. But other than the very bottom floor I would highly recommend. Also the guest parking situation is not great, your guests may have to drive a bit far to park at your place.




Oof. Bottom floor both times?


Had a friend live at chazal and they were fine. She never had an issue there in 5 years from the sound of it


My boyfriend and I live at Chazal now!! We absolutely love it - the park is awesome and so is the staff. Rent is pretty crazy, but that is everywhere in the valley. If you’re into the bar scene, Chazal is a super short Uber to oldtown!


Also most of the units are renovated / getting renovated!!


Rents in the area are getting crazy. Here is a list of the current homes for sale. If you want me to see what you can qualify for let me know. https://www.dhfhomes.com


🙄 You’re the ambulance chaser of real estate.