Scotland or Northern Ireland ?

Scotland or Northern Ireland ?

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I wonder how many of them have 1690 as their PIN number


That scene from Trainspotting 2 was absolute comedy


... there were no more Catholics left! Very funny scene too.


Imagine admitting to anyone you attended this?


I’m English and I feel second hand embarrassment for them. Is this what Japanese feel like when they see weebs?


What is it?


I’m upvoting this because your post history indicates you’re a teenager from Glasgow, so if you *don’t* know what this is, then that gives me hope. For the answer, sort the comments by best, there’s a few guys explaining it to the Americans up top mate.


>I’m upvoting this because your post history indicates you’re a teenager from Glasgow, so if you don’t know what this is, then that gives me hope. The fact that he doesn't know what it is is incredibly wholesome to me


Agreed; he’s being raised the right way. Pint for his maw and da next time I’m back in Glasgow.


What a lovely sentiment i_wank_dogs


I've got the giggles from rereading this.


Fellow young adult in Glasgow. Had no idea what this was either and why a bunch of roads were closed on my way to Aldi this morning




I wish I could say that we don't have this in England but unfortunately there's the EDL and Ukip to name a couple...


Cool thanks! That was a pleasant reply


Your username... unsettles me...


Somebody has to do it pal. We should be lionizing this man, not chastising him!


I think he should stick to dogs mate, lions won't stand for it.


Little known fact: The best way to placate a charging lion is to masturbate it. Furiously. Only problem being, lions like to listen to contemporary jazz while being masturbated. The logistics are a real bummer here.


In the words of the great Sean Lock, "that's a challenging wank".


It does take persistence, not gonna lie. The rewards however are obviously worth it I think you'll agree.


Stick your finger up its arse to show dominance ? A bold strategy Cotton......


You need to buy them a supper first




commonly referred to as the primate polka


It’s a f**king embarrassment for Scotland, that’s what it is!


Yet no one gave the answer lol


It’s the Orange Parade. Basically a bunch of Scots that dislike pretty much everyone, Catholics, blacks, Jews, immigrants.. but they like to say “it’s for the lodge and it’s not bigoted at all.” Edit: Lots of very good and funny questions from people. Best to google the Orange Parade. As it doesn’t mean people wear orange, and I will argue strongly that these people are all bigots even though it looks like a nice wee march through town.


They normally want to march past Catholic places of worship when they're on these walks. Far right with links to the KKK. I dont like them. They're racist pigs!


I’ve been watching some of those really old Play for Today episodes on Amazon Prime. One is called ‘Just Another Saturday’ and deals with the Orange parades in Glasgow in the 1970s, and how the young man leading his lodge in the parade realizes that the parade he used to want to be part of and the men he used to admire for marching in it, turn out to be nothing like what he thought. And he second-guesses pretty much everything in his life at that point. I’m American and had no idea what these parades were like, were for, though I had heard of something like them. I always just thought they were like the religious parades they do in NYC in Little Italy, where people cart Madonna statues through the streets for holy days or during street festivals. I really had no freaking clue.


Lmao, if these people were in little Italy during a parade I highly imagine there would have been a war. The only sure fire way to generate violence in Scotland is to put a group of steeming orange men on one side of the road and an equally culturally proud group of catholic’s on the other. I would be remiss to akin the orange walks to klan rallies, tbh they’re a factor less serious than even the white wizard people. But they hold relatively similar xenophobic views, specifically regarding the opposite religion, due to Scotland’s homogenous society. We are still waiting on a relative influx of immigrants to make this country less than 95% white I think, I think we’re the whitest country on the planet? That’s why this has stayed this way, there hasn’t been a new “enemy” in strong enough numbers to dethrone the catholic threat. Irish catholics have been main minority in Scotland for 350 years.


Fucking Klan-lite


a load of pish,


Racist hate march lol


the 1600s


Some people just can’t get past the 17th Century


I’ve never understood why they march about in Glasgow. Wouldn’t it be more fitting for them to march right through the sea and hold their walks on the banks of the Boyne? Seems like a win-win to me: normal people see them get to fuck out of Glasgow and they get to properly celebrate their culture instead of the shitebag half-arsed way they do it just now. The locals in Ireland might have something to say if they show up and start that shit there, but if they can’t commit to doing it properly, maybe it doesn’t matter that much to them after all and they should just pack it in and act like human adults.


Because the majority of Scotland catholic population live in the Greater Glasgow area




They have a big parade in July in Rossnowlagh, Co. Donegal. How they get away with all this bigoted shite year on year still baffles me.


The tone is quite different, a bit more inclusive and less about sectarianism. Local Irish folk like myself don’t particularly like it but as long as people are respectful tis grand to express whatever your bag is. However, when it escalates into anti social behaviour and pissing people off for the sake of it it’s a different story. Case and point, when the orangemen came to Dublin last time they got stoned out of the place.


They would probably get the shit kicked out of them. But if they aren’t willing to take that risk, marching can’t be that important to them after all. They get away with it here because it’s been happening so long that folk just accept that’s how it is. But I think Glasgow’s patience is finally beginning to wear thin with this shit.


Happens every year in rossnowlagh donegal


Try living in N.ireland it makes me feel dirty and ashamed living here.


They got huckled out of Aberdeen 15 years ago. I believe that it is a central belt/WOS thing as I've never heard of these things happening in Dundee, Perth, Inverness or even Edinburgh*. *If it has happened in Edinburgh, I've must have missed the reports in the media.


Iirc, they did one in Dublin that led to riots when them marching down the street coincided with everyone leaving the pub after a Celtic match... Around 2006 or so I guess. They used footage of the riots in Marvel's agents of shield if I'm not mistaken.


Because football, litterly, if you look youll see loads of them wearing their blue rangers tops, cause thats all that is to the most of them, some stupid football march.


Aye, I get that- been plagued by these wee bastards all my life. But my question was more about why they don’t actually go to the site of the battle to parade up and down instead of in a city that has no connection to the battle or either leader involved, but is just where they happen to live. Just seems a bit half-arsed.


Because the culture they are parading is to all to do with intimidation and there is nobody they want to intimidate in the Boyne It is a fair question though


Orangemen: Irishmen who dress like Scotsmen in honour of Dutch Prince (who was a crusader funded by the Catholic Pope) to prove how English Protestant they are... ... Don't worry nobody in the north of Ireland understands it either, "Our heritage mumble mumble, traditional mumble mumble, it's the Queen's Highway mumble mumble... It's cross community, [*under breath: Fenians are welcome]" We have a Parades Commission, which thankfully now prevents them from walking "the Queen's Highway" through Nationalist areas... You should get a Parades Commission! Regardless of if you're a Scottish Nationalist or Unionist, wtf has *that* nonsense got to do with Scotland!?!


Best comment I have heard on this. I am Scottish, got to listen to this bigoted orange walk pish, every year. When they all walk past the house.


I think you’ve got it a bit round the wrong way. The football team they support is just a front for the bigotry. It’s far more about the superiority complex than the sport.


They literally do this shit here, the tangerine pride march on 12th of July in various spots in Ireland and it’s sickening our people let it happen.


They already show up and start this shite here... 'marching season' basically runs from March to September. Half of the North is probably over there with them today. KKKultuuuure


Ah here! I live like 5 minutes from the Boyne, maybe less. I don't have time for all that noise, nonsense, and pissheads littering.


I wouldn't worry: don't think many of them would be able to hold their breath long enough on the march through the sea. The ones that do make it will probably fuck off if you tell them there's no Greggs bakery within 100 miles.


Drawda head so?


What country holds the Boyne now? The youth in the north of Ireland are beginning to realize these bigoted old dinosaurs should be relegated to the past.


It's in the republic. Likewise, the vast majority of Scots think that this nonsense has no place in a modern society but there is still a core of (mostly aging) wallopers who have this sort of thing instead of a personality.


You should come see it. Nice little river. Good fishing in spring. Loads of kids and ducks in summer. Also an egg vending machine right nearby. Farm fresh eggs. Come on down.


The sad thing is none of these fuds have enough brain cells to understand how to use the internet so won't see all the abuse on here!


Too much reading involved on Reddit for these people. You might see the odd comment from these types on a Youtube video though? But It'll probably be illegible.


I’ve spent 56 years on earth and still can’t figure out why some people just want to be arseholes. For no legitimate reason. I’ve travelled far and wide and met many people and by far the vast majority just want to live and let live. And yet here we are, watching a parade of genetic throwbacks celebrate something that any right minded person would consider to be a shameful event (one of a large number of shameful events that should be atoned for). Why is it that people who perpetuate hatred and bigotry seem to get so much air time? SMH


Can someone explain why this can't be done in a field somewhere, instead of down the middle of roads and streets?? 😑


Cos then they wouldnt be initimidating the Kafflics that they claim this has nothing to do with.


Worries over them shagging the livestock, don’t want to breed more of them.


Wouldn’t that improve the gene pool though? Surely that’s a cause worth sacrificing a few farm animals’ innocence for in the long run?


Are you... really in a position to make beastiality jokes? Like... your name...


Wanking isn’t shagging mate, even if you want it to be.


A foundational truth of my teenage years


they want to annoy people, that’s most of the buzz for these goons


They deliberately pick routes that go as close to certain churches as they’re allowed. It’s veiled hostility.


no catholics to intimdate in most random fields


Yup, this seems to be it. Sad but true.


Fucking hungover getting woken up at 9am by these cretins


That is too fucking real, them and there wee fucking snare drums do my tits in.


How does this still fly in 21st century Scotland? If it was an anti muslim or anti jewish parade they'd all be sitting in jail cells right now.


Because the lodge will tell you that it's *not* an anti-catholic parade. It is a celebration of King William of Orange's various victories over Irish kings and part of protestant cultural heritage....... Edit: hey before I get negged into the pits of hell I'm just explaining their reasoning - not mine. I'd like them to stop too. Edit 2: Just thought I would use my prominent comment to add a bit of optimism to the debate: we have a falling birth rate among white people in Scotland, increasing multiculturalism, and kids are more interested in XBOX than learning the flute. The song is "the sash my father wore" - the OO is going to die of natural causes... eventually. A slow, painful, talent-shedding decline.


Funny that most of them don’t know what any of it’s about, just against the Kafflicks. For all there talk of King Billy they go mental when you point out he was funded, backed and egged on by Pope Innocent XI and the Catholic Church. Anytime I’ve pointed that out it ends pretty much and aneurysm and a spiral of denial.


Yep. They're all dafties. But unfortunately even dafties can afford good human rights lawyers to justify their parades on free speech grounds.


Aye, they must be really good because how the hell is it not hate speech? Got police coming out saying they were dissapointed to hear some sectarianism and racism at the marches today… like, that’s just what they are what did they expect to hear?


I guess part of the issue is that the orange order don't actually *say* anything. They are playing traditional melodies with many variations of the lyrics written throughout the years including non-sectarian versions. The lodges aren't formally associated with rangers football club so if gers fans march alongside them singing bad words then how is that the lodge's problem? Again, I'm not a fan of the marches, but the case for them continuing is ironclad.


Off topic, but as an American, I’d never realized how many songs we stole from y’all and just changed the lyrics…this one is Home on the Range over here. It’s about being a cowboy out west. And GSTQ is My Country ‘tis of Thee. I’m not sure we have very many of our own songs from the colonial days.


That war against the *catholic* King James after he had the audacity to allow *catholics* into Parliament. The one that started because they didn't want a *catholic* King of Britain or *catholics* high offices? And they think that they can fool us into thinking it isn't about sectarianism? Not arguing with you just driving to help drive home the point.


At the time religion very much was a thing wars happened over, hell, the Thirty years war was only twenty years after the glorious revolution, where Charles was deposed by Parliament in favour of Mary and her Dutch husband William, and that was one of the bloodiest wars in Europe's history. In short what religion you were really did matter, Catholic, protestant or reformist and even to what church you belonged to inside of them. However it isn't the early to mid 1600s and generally we've moved on from religious wars


That's exactly it. We(they) shouldn't be celebrating it. It is a ridiculous thing to kill over, especially considering what the entire point of that religion is.


Totally overlooking the fact that Billy was Dutch and James was a Stuart (great grandson of Jimmy the One who was king of Scotland before he took over England (but it looks like the Sasanaigh stole it back, along with Scotland). Neither of them had anything to do with Ireland (apart from fighting there). James was that well-liked among the Irish, we called him Seamas a' Chaca (James the S\*\*t)


Eh. I wouldn’t put that theory to the test in all honesty.


Seen more culture in my food bin. Cretins.


I'd recommend taking said food bin and launching the contents of it at them


This is why all apartments should have hoses.


Mutant parade.


Thought this bullshit only happened in northern Ireland. I see you’ve got your own bunch of crazies too


Scotland’s shame embarrassing the rest of us for the millionth time. Keep holding the country back you fucking cavemen.


You are right. They have held us back for many decades. Ban it now


Worthless inbred 16 fingered orange cunts


With that many fingers, you'd expect them to be better at the flute.


I think the problem is that half of those fingers are instead of toes.


More of this in Scotland than in Ireland. Having grown up in West Belfast before moving to Glasgow, I had never saw an orange walk in the flesh


C’mon Glasgow, this shite must be put in our past, and in the past it must remain!


I see what you did there champ, I'd love to see your average OO goon slavering at the mouth if you used that phrase in a conversation with them.


Some traditions should simply die off, they don’t all have a place in today’s society.




Because as a society we have deemed these marches as acceptable See the difference between George Floyd protests in the same city Thousands came out in a show of solidarity for people of colour who suffer discrimination Yet the same city, every year. No one to be seen out to support it’s catholic neighbours who suffer from bigotry and discrimination.


Scotland's version of southern USA GOP Red-Necks


Literally the term hillbilly comes from the Billy Boys aka fans of king William of orange




The confederate flag is the same as the saltire. There's a few links to the southern states and Scotland. They reckon the southern accent is a mix between the northern American accent, scottish accent and a northern Irish accent.


I don't hear any Irish in southern accent


Why do you think they’re called hill Billy’s? The rednecks in the US are descended from the exiled of Britain.


Are they playing "Home on the Range"?? I'm dying laughing over here.


Unfortunately Home on the Range has a different set of lyrics in some places


It's Scotland's own thing. People are so desperate to fit everything into some American paradigm because they are used to be saturated with American partisan media.


I imagine the comment was for the benefit of those who come here talking about DNA tests they’ve taken.


Its really not the Kkk was founded by the exact same Scotsmen, to my eternal shame.


To be fair, we sort of gave them some of these same cunts that went on to found the KKK. This is just an example of divergent evolution of the same strain of fuckery.


100% those that crossed the atlantic 5 or 6 generations ago went on to be the racists and white supremacists of America.


Would it be all that surprising? These bellends marching are still screaming about a battle that predates the Salem witch trials and the independence of the 13 Colonies by over 80 years.


Fat bastards


2021 !!are we are still having to put up with this bullshit 😭😭


Scotland is a modern country very progressive with a forward and modern thinking. Open and tolerant. This people does not represent the country as spaniard inmigrant I live (now for 10 years). Never had any problem (even being a catholic....although I really dont care about religion)from anyone.


Tbh as someone from a younger gen I had to go ask my mum wtf this is haha. I feel like many people in Scotland either aren’t religious or even if they are don’t really care all that much about other religions (not in a mean way, just in a doesn’t cross their mind often kinda way) I’m glad you’ve felt more welcomed than pricks like hove would make you feel. Hate that people like that even exist here :n(


Are you saying that they are no true Scotsmen?


Maybe you cannot read my poor English. I said they do not represent the country as a WHOLE.


Sectarian scum


This shite shouldn't even be happening in Northern Ireland. All of the religious and sectarian aspects aside (which is obviously a *huge* fucking problem itself), commemorating anything that happened over 300 years ago with a public march is fucking ridiculous. Crazy idea - unless you actually lived through the event, maybe you don't need to fucking commemorate it. If your parents/grandparents lived through it and were able to tell you about it, then yeah. maybe you can join them in commemorating it, but don't fucking do it yourself. Then maybe once every fucking person that lived through *any* historical event has died, just maybe, there's no need to march down the street over it anymore. Remember it happened, tell stories, learn lessons from it, but just get on with your life and don't live in the fucking past.


Yeah, especially when they march through Catholic roads, block catholics from attending mass, block catholic children from attending school all whilst hurling racist and sectarian abuse at literal children.


what happened in the past?


A long time ago Protestant England was worried that the largely Catholic Europe and Ireland would hold a religious war against them. It all stemmed from even further before that when the Spanish tried to invade England via Ireland, so England pre-emptively conquered Ireland to make sure the Spanish (who either never showed up, or had to turn back) couldn't use it and its support to invade England. So ensues centuries of English rule over Ireland, with certain people like William of Orange taking land off of Catholics and giving it to protestants. A lot of those people were rich land owners who don't give a shit about the people on that land. Things like the troubles, the potato famine, the HUGE emigration of Irish Catholics to the USA are all stemmed from that. Some people believe it was all caused by it, other people (like the ones marching) believe none of it was. But because the orange Order are a "marching band" and a "youth organisation" that is "pro protestant" they are OK to do what they want. Think like how the KKK rebranded to be pro white, instead of anti black. Its been at least 12 years since I was taught the (slightly biased) history in school from a Protestant Irish teacher in England, but the marching bands instil hatred, REAL hatred, in young people while they are young and venerable, and then when they grow up they just pass it on. Top comment on this entire post is inspiring, that possibly the youth of today are starting to see through all the shit. Oh, and another possible comeback is "well the Catholics have their own marching bands" blah blah blah the wheel of hatred spins.


Let's not pretend it was just England. Scotland was a massive driver behind the plantation of ulster and subsequent colonisation of Ireland


reminding me of the EDL marches i used to see when i lived down south, the dregs of gammons and racist bigotry. solidarity to those wanting these fuckers gone.


You’d think with all the walking they do less of them would be big fat cunts


This is the only thing which gets the cunts off the couches.


I've just moved to Perthshire. This video is taken 5 minutes walk from where i just moved from. I'm no missin much.


I used to live literally round the corner from this and was just thinking the exact same thing. Say what you want about Aberdeen, you'll never get woken up by a wee prick with a flute on a Saturday morning.


These cunts are the main reason I stopped supporting Rangers. Just couldn’t kid myself on any more. Absolute dregs of society.


I know quite a few rangers fans and none of them ever go to these marches


Not all Rangers fans are orangemen but I bet you all orangemen are Rangers fans


So do i and they are in the bands


Disappointed at how young some of those troglodytes look, thought they were dying out.


Unfortunately breeding doesn't require brains.


All I see is a bunch of cunts! If they love England so much then fuck of and move there!


They’re going to Wales mate - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pmGjiokfQ2A


How is this still a thing


Bunch of fucking zombies


Fekken orange twats


I spy with my little eye... Rangers tops! I guess *we* had to arrange the marches today so they didn't clash with the 3 o'clock kick off tomorrow.


The Rangers owners and management, who strive so hard to distance the Club from accusations, must have had their head in their hands when they witnessed this!


Can someone help me understand what’s going on. American here who loves Scotland (no ancestry, no nothing, just think y’all are the cheese). What can I read to understand what’s happening. Clearly a strong reaction from the folks here and would like to learn.


Imagine if your hicks were obsessed with the queen, that's what you're seeing more or less.


I'm by no means an expert, but it's a long and complex history that these fucknuggets who are marching probably know nothing about. If you'd like some historical context, start with the plantation of Ulster. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plantation\_of\_Ulster](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plantation_of_Ulster) In the early 1600s Britain sent thousands of (mostly Scottish) Protestants over to what is now Northern Ireland with the goal of "civilising" the Catholic Gaels. There were atrocities on both sides, civil wars, rebellions and there's been a steady flow of immigrants back and forth between Scotland and Ulster ever since. Oversimplifying massively but the legacy of all this lives on to this day in anti catholic, pro British bullshit you can see here where they celebrate the Battle of the Boyne in 1690 and their general dislike of Catholic people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle\_of\_the\_Boyne


Basically just a bunch of cunts who periodically like to march around town and bang on about how much they hate Catholics.


Is there some group they are connected to? Why do they associate with a football team?


A bunch of people marching in Scotland, to celebrate a Dutchman's army beating a Scottish army in Ireland. It ties in with their hatred of catholics, even though the Dutchman's army was bankrolled by the Pope.


Actually a genuine awnser, sound lad.


Government sanctioned religious hate crime


Mate I’m English and scrolling through the comments to try find out wtf this is about. All I know is the rangers is a football club 😂


Same here.😂 i was watching the video like "nice i love a marching band carnival" and reading all the comments down below like "knuckle draggers and dregs of society" like what the fuck do they mean its just a carnival🤣


Hahaha the exact same I thought oh what a pleasant parade we never have those in England


Wish this shit would just die out


An absolute embarrassment to Scotland


This hunch of total fuckwits woke me up last week with that. They’re trying to teach kids to hate. It’s horrible. Although I’m happy to report my local youth band is full of adults because none of the young team want to do it lol. Sad thing is, they play the flute really well, to be able to play and March in time is a skill set my dyspraxic ass can only dream of. Flute music in general is cool music. But not for this cause. They take the talents of the people who join and turn them towards something really dark and ugly.


Promoting hatred and division.


How long before these freaks bring out the famine song then?


Would be ironic now that it is our shelves that are empty due to the Brexit voting of just these sort or knuckle dragging morons


Knuckle-dragging, inbred, hate-spewing, poison-filled wastes of skin.


From NI here. This is the face of loyalism, unionism, British nationalism and Britishness in NI and Scotland. It is so ugly.


Ugh had to try drive through this today. Nightmare. LOVE living in Glasgow, but this is one of the worst things about it


Absolute mutants


How many of these “Protestants” are even genuinely religious? Do they believe in God? Do they attend church every Sunday? Pretenders are just the product of group think. Very stupid group think at that.


Dirty. Loyalist. Cunts.


Isn’t that much raw gammon a health hazard?


My supervisor was meant to go out to Glasgow today to see her daughter, but I warned her about this and she was like fuck that.


Really hate these knuckledragging arseholes, it's not even that they give decent Rangers fans a bad name (because lets face it most of these arseholes are Rangers fans). It's that they somehow think this is totally acceptable behaviour in 2021. It's the 21st century, not 1690, you idiots.


I’m a Rangers supporter, but this is just embarrassing to see.


I remember being woken up by this nonsense when I lived in Falkirk, they went right past my flat. Don’t know how it’s allowed for them to close roads to do this.


Fucking tramps to a man


A gaggle of cunts


I’ve blown more intelligence into a hankie


From Northern Ireland here, I’m so glad that the comments are filled with hatred for these scumbags, it gives me a little bit of hope that these government approved hate crime marches will come to an end some day. There’s no need for this shit. If they want to do it at their homes or in an empty field somewhere then that’s bad enough, but closing down public streets just to proudly display their bigotry is downright disgusting and reprehensible. As someone who could care less about religion but comes from a catholic family, if I seen a family member involved in an anti-Protestant march I would distance myself from them and tell them that they need to stop living in the past and that they’re an embarrassment to themselves, our family, our religion, and our country.


Knuckle dragging clowns


Yes the orange people turned my 20minute bus ride home to a 2 hour one. I was starving.




I wonder what the average IQ is


They look like milkmen


I’ve just moved back to Scotland after 20 years away. Sad that this shite still goes on.


I remember a friends mum who was on her way to the hospital after receiving a phone call about her mum being in her final moments and to get to the hospital quick to say goodbye. These idiots were out marching up the main road which she forgot about obviously not being in the correct mental state in that moment and got stuck behind them unable to go up any other road because this was the road to the hospital and she was too late to turn up another street to change routes. She tried explaining it to the police on the streets and they said there was nothing they could do and she didn't make it to the hospital in time to say goodbye to her mum. Sure, if she had remembered she could've taken another route before being stuck behind them but as a driver myself, it's infuriating when they're blocking the roads for this disgusting march.


Curious outsider here: It doesn't look like this movement is related, but would these people be pro Scottish independence?


Rogue Englishman here getting throwbacks to when I happened to be in Corby and came out of the Maccies on George Street to see a load of people dressed like it was another century. Quite bizarre.


Why are they marching to the tune of “Scottish Breakaway” if they’re for the union?


That’s a big incel group right there


Scotland, because nothing's on fire


Hateful cunts. There’s no place for religious sectarianism in the western world. Get in the bin.


Or Liverpool. We’ve the lemon lodge, like orange, just a little bit more bitter.


I'm Scottish and a Rangers fan and I've always been embarrassed by orange walks, The vast majority have no idea what they are cheering for, I hate that it's associated with my club.


You might like this: https://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/snp-accused-of-14-years-of-occasional-outrage-and-no-action-on-sectarianism-3388473 Yes, that's yoons blaming the SNP for yoon marches.


Can Northern Ireland rejoin Ireland and Scotland leave the UK so these bastards are classified as domestic terrorists wherever they’ve fucked about before


Be careful,Scotland. As you continue looking for independence, the English will foment sectarian and political divisions for their own ends. They did it in Ireland and in many former colonies. I wouldn't be surprised if they create a gerrymandered unionist area of Scotland as they did in Ireland a century ago.


TBF if they want Larkhall nobody’s going to argue with them having it.