UK pledges to restore pounds and ounces as Brexit benefit

UK pledges to restore pounds and ounces as Brexit benefit




6 fucking years...


100 grams, 101 grams, 102 grams, etc etc


Right? 16oz to a pound. 36 ozs to a kilo. 250 grams to a quarter kilo. 2.2 lbs to a kilo. 6 years!? That's what it takes to become a doctor or lawyer or a rocket scientist. Just sell weed for a few months and they'd learn this all. Pffft


> 36 ozs to a kilo Incorrect. 35.274 ounces in a Kilo. The two systems are not interchangeable. As an American I have scales in measures in both systems so that I can cook American *and* European recipes.


Guess what? As an American almost everything you buy is metric converted to freedom units for domestic consumption. It's why sugar comes in 2.2lb bags and 1/4 plywood is actually 6mm. It's a global market and the Koch brothers aren't going to retool their manufacturing process just for you.


Who could this possibly benefit? Oh thats right the oldies that voted for Brexit that can't cope with the tyranny of the european metric system. Of course Nobbie Garbage is "delighted". But seriously though, nobody under the age of 45 will have a scoobie.


If you're old enough to be pining for imperial measurements you're very likely to be close enough to your natural end of life that it's fucking mental the Tories are looking to cater to your unique demands.


It's total mental. At first I thought it was a spoof but then saw it was on FT and thought ah fck its real. I know its a bit of a joke that brexiters basically want to go back to the 1950's but this is just beyond sanity. I don't know why we're even suprised at this shit anymore. EDIT: Actually, heres an idea. Lets all start taking guesses on what bat shit thing is next? I know Priti just want to go straight back to hanging folk but theres got to be some belters out there to come.


My guess at the next dose of bat-shittery: More Britishness on TV....you know - Dads Army, Coronation Street, Only Fools and Horses etc ​ Oh - shit - irony really is dead.


Just saw a fucking ad for Blankety Blank coming back, not even kidding. Black & White Minstrel show reboot is almost definitely on a list somewhere for consideration.


Terry Wogan or Les Dawson? Salt & Vinegar or salt & sauce? ​ Popcorn.


They've already announced this particular car crash. All TV must produce a quota that is noticeably British, so presumably they'll just take some Indian shows and plant the butcher's apron on them and call them British?


Or maybe this is just another smoke screen - double win for them: throw a bone to their diehard supporters and put down a smoke screen behind which they can hide what they're really getting up to (ripping off the poor to subsidise their (donating) friends.


They don't want to go back to the 50s, they want to go back to their childhood. That's what the dumb fuckers don't get, things weren't particularly better back then, it's just because they were children and had little problems or exposure to the real world.


Wish there was a way of telling them you can try and bring silly olde-timey shit back but you can never time travel, being old is just miserable but it's important to not force your misery on others.


Yep --- my SIL's mum who grew up in the late 60's early 70's thinks "those were the days" and voted leave. In reality, she's a bigot who hates brown people and works for the NHS.


if we just take that one step back. corporal punishment. - Allow parents to hit their kids. - Allow teachers to hit other kids. - reintroduce the use if the cane / belt / rod/ whatever? going further. -Start rolling back laws that prevent discrimination. And further still. -Start allowing the proper people to be able to carry and use guns.


Oh my god you just described Tory heaven.


Not quite. For that they would need the colonies back under their control, and probably a few more prisons to hold people for failure to pay fines


>probably a few more prisons to hold people for failure to pay fines That would be covered when they regain Australia.


You've got more chance of getting hit on the head with dodo shit than you do of Australia ever being 'regained' lol.


And the right to hunt poor people using horses and hounds. Very important, that.


This might be a bad game.... We'll give them more policy ideas.


unlikely but it is possible.


And we can bring back a few nonces to british tv so we can really get that feel of the old days.


Time to break out the old lead water pipes again, bring back the taste of a Boomer childhood. 💪


I would back allowing teachers to hit the parents of feckless kids.


As a former teacher ---- I second this! Parents are the number one problem with education. Unbelievable dumb asses coming in to argue about some shite regarding their kid (like choosing not to do the work and failing) and trying to blame the teacher. "You gave my kid an F." "No sir. They earned every bit of that F."


> EDIT: Actually, heres an idea. Lets all start taking guesses on what bat shit thing is next? I know Priti just want to go straight back to hanging folk but theres got to be some belters out there to come. Gun ownership. The far-right tories and farage-fash alike tend to think enacting our current gun control laws post-Dunblane was an overreaction. Legalisation will help seed fear among the populace when gun violence grows, encouraging guns as a means of self-protection as the years pass and opposition to them falters. Also opens the UK up to american exports given the coming 2024 trump insurrection there.


National service.




Child labour


My unique demand is the feeling of Tory flesh between my teeth Will they cater to me when I'm old?


It's unlikely that the politicians are catering to the demands of those who pine for Imperal Measure. This is simply the intellectually impoverished British government demonstrating its separateness from the EU. They'll probably abandon decimal currency next and go back to pounds, shillings and pence.


>Who could this possibly benefit? Cunts living in the past who resent the fact things have changed See blue passports as another example If you’re under 40 you wouldn’t remember them let alone demand they return


In fairness I don't think anyone demanded their return more this was the only positive the government could make out the situation.... Then give the contract to an EU firm.


I'm 58, and have no clue about imperial measurments (other than I know a 2p coin weights a quarter ounce). So I'm guessing this is for people older than me who are worried they'll soon be 1.83 meters under. More important question, what's this ridiculous. 'dead cat' meant to be distracting our attention from?


> other than I know a 2p coin weights a quarter ounce Stoner knowledge




"A pint's a pound the world around" --- aye but no.


Seriously, how did I never hear about 2p weighing a 1/4 ounce? Wait.. how many 2ps should I need for a decent baggie then?


I dunno man, some of the more old school dealers I knew used to whip out these collapsible mini balance scales and a 2P was what they always used to weigh out a quarter for you. This was before you could pop on ebay and get a digital scale for £2.50


FFS what a load of shite. Petty backward xenophobic muppets running the country.


"The restoration of old imperial weights, long a demand of Brexiters who resented the imposition of metric measures by Brussels, was among the top potential benefits of the UK leaving the EU" I wish my life was so simple that the use of obscure and irregular measurements made it better. Oh and blue passports. More than 2 generations have grown up being taught metric and were tortured by retailers who refused to not live in the Victorian era.


> In 1896, Parliament passed the Weights and Measures (Metric System) Act, legalising metric units for all purposes but not making them compulsory. The situation was clarified in 1897 following another Select Committee which also recommended that metrication become compulsory by 1899. [[source]](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metrication_in_the_United_Kingdom?wprov=sfla1) That bloody EU, imposing metrics 50 years before it's creation.


Half the current Tory MPs were probably already in the Commons at that point.


Imperial is dumb. But to correct this misleading post, the EU forced retailers to use metric. The UK did not force anything. Again though, imperial is dumb, but lets not mislead.


Didn't mean to mislead, just saw others post about the act themselves. But yes, SI units please.


My MIL is absolutely delighted with the blue passports but is yet to point out a single actual benefit that’s come from Brexit. If I try and argue with her she just calls me anti-democratic. “You only think being in the EU is good because it’s all you’ve ever known” “JUST TELL ME ONE FUCKING POSITIVE THING” I’m angry again


> My MIL is absolutely delighted with the blue passports I like blue passports. When we get our independence we should definitely have them -- with a white saltire on the front and 12 gold stars on the back.




With a gold embossed Unicorn on inside 1st page!


> My MIL is absolutely delighted with the blue passports Maybe I've just been traumatised in my youth, colour of my passport has zero impact on my life. Maybe I worry about the wrong things...


Yes I think you can see why I argue with her…


And next back to the workhouse and the wains up the chimneys, stupid fucken Tory cunts


This HAS to be a dead cat surely...


Probably but it is something the brexoids want as well, it was shat out yesterday and Fridays are the favourite day for the Tories to shit out even worse stuff. That said, the flow of shit from Westminster is pretty much constant now so it's hard to tell what it is they're trying to distract from. Possibly that ridiculous reshuffle?


Distraction from yesterday's shit shuffle in the Cabinet


Metric weights and measures have been taught in school since the 70s. There are genuinely people in their 50s now who couldn’t tell you ounces in a pound, pounds in a stone, etc. This is to pander to old Tory voters and Brexit zealots. Seriously, next they’ll be bringing back The Black and White Minstrel Show and claiming it’s a Brexit benefit, and nobody can tell us any different, especially not the EU.


Ounces in a pound, probably not, but knowing your weight in stone and that there’s 14 pounds in a stone is still pretty ubiquitous. Oddly enough the US drops the stone part and uses only pounds when it comes to human weight. They’re half way to metric already in that sense (in that switching to kilograms would be less of a mental jump from stones and pounds).


I don't know stone at all, and don't intend to start now. This backwards measurement system needs to stay in the past where it belongs.


"Stay where it belongs" w/ us stupid Americans. This stupid country was "going to move to the metric system" when I was in grade school .... in 1970. Fast forward. We're an f'ing hodge podge of liters and gallons and grams and pounds. Always the ignorant driving/dragging the policies.


That's the thing, that and measuring someone's height in feet and inches aren't in the past, they're really common.


I don't use feet/inches at all and all medical stuff is in cm/m so it is old and out dated to use anything else.


You might not, and that's fine, but plenty of other people are, and it's not hurting anyone in those cases. When it comes to finance and engineering, that's a different matter, but how far the top of someone's head is from the ground and how heavy they are don't need to be that accurate except in a few extreme cases. Even waist sizes and chest/waist/hips measurements are in inches.


To everybody reading this who is Scottish or who is not Scottish but is living in Scotland. This was all imposed on Scotland against our democratic will. Scotland voted 2/3rds AGAINST Brexit, in favour of staying in the EU. I'm yet to hear a single person articulate the benefits of Brexit for Scotland. I utterly resent having my EU citizenship rights removed from me against my will. Independence please.


Aye am sore on they rights getting stripped from me too. Yet to hear anyone from anywhere in the UK to say its been a positive for them.


> I'm yet to hear a single person articulate the benefits of Brexit for Scotland. As far as I can see, the only benefit of Brexit is it lays bare just how incompetent, corrupt, stupid, worthless and nasty the Westminster establishment are, and how much contempt they have for Scotland.




That's a bullshit argument. By the same token, I could argue that, if turnout was 2/3, then you could assume that the remaining third was perfectly happy with the status quo - which was remaining in the EU. Which means that it was actually an even more overwhelming win for Remain north of the border.


No, you couldn’t say 3/5 voted to leave. Even when applying your flawed logic.


Great let's be morons and use a system that doesn't work and doesn't comply with the rest of the world. I am sure this will boost trade. Who doesn't want something in a different measuring system?


Well that certainly makes up for the loss of billions in investment, job cuts, skill shortages and red tape in terms of import/export and travel.


I am 55 yrs old and don't have a clue about how many ounces in a pound etc. This is going to befuddle me


16, I only know this because in my day of the distant 90s weed was still sold in imperial measures. That said the most I ever had was half a pound and that was eight ounces, pretty sure if you wanted lots of it you worked in kilos though. Hash was always by the 100g slate too so fuck knows why we were buying/selling in imperial quantities.


90s? Weed still comes to me by the ounce?


OK -- I'll do you one better. Weed use to be sold by the well standardized "finger" measurement. Was sold in baggies and known as lids. A good deal was a 4 finger lid for $10. Take the baggie and sort of flatten the weed out on a table (it was nearly powderized) and see how many finger widths of your hand it measured.


Bring back the groat!


Make Britain groat again


This news has made me groan again.


Yaaay next up will be the return o shillings an sixpence and workhouses and sending kids up chimneys So glad to be living in such a forwards looking country


I think you'll find Victorians never actually deliberately sent children up chimneys. It was really just the best escape route for kids shut in a room with a Tory.


🤣🤣Quality man take my upvote


Thank you, I admit I'm proud of my work here today.


I always figured they were trying to end the pain by jumping into the fire.


I don’t want to be dramatic or harsh here…. But I can’t wait for that generation to fucking die.


Hahahahaha tell me this is a fucking joke??


If only it were so


All to benefit a BREXIT generation with one foot already in the grave. If the WW2 soldiers are the greatest generation then their children are the worst.


How dare you, they fought in those wars in their heads.


How dare you, they put their heart and soul into watching "The Great Escape" at Christmas.


I clicked the link thinking it was satire. What the actual fuck


You Yes Yet?


Ah, right that's what all the fuss is about! Well makes sense. As bojo the clown is going to sell off britain to the americans to be the 51st?/52nd? State it's good to have compatible weights and measures.


UK Imperial and US Standard have some differences, it's not even compatible with their system.


It's close enough, nothing that a big hammer and a roll of duct tape couldn't overcome.


This is a perfect example of how Brexit happened, making story's worse than they are, creating a fury over nothing. They spin this story into anti-EU back in the day when the rules were changed and they are spinning it as a Pro-Brexit story today. There was NO ban on using imperial. You simply had to list both imperial and metric. So you could keep using Imperial if you wanted to, you just had to have the metric on the list as well. But they call it ban on imperial because it sounds better and makes people angry. Same bullshit spin about EU "erroding" British traditions as usual.


We truly live in the stupidest timeline


Is it too cynical to think that the government is trying to pull the wool over people's eyes with the ulterior motive of masking price rise? The optics would be not that dire if the display shows the same price for ~55% of lesser goods.


Was thinking this.


Fuck off, I thought this was a wind up. I expected The Onion




fucking troglodytes. They'll be smashing computers and burning books next.


The EU already abandoned the attempt to force the UK to adopt the metric system [14 years ago.](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/sep/11/eu.politics#:~:text=Since%201995%2C%20goods%20sold%20in,indications%20have%20also%20been%20allowed.&text=But%20now%20the%20commission%20has,to%20adopt%20the%20metric%20system) It's another smoke and mirrors show.


Correct, except it was never really the EU forcing anything - the UK was actually looking to go fully metric in the 60s. The real reason is the simple fact that most of the world is metric, and the UK being metric eases imports and exports for pretty much anywhere except the USA. The EU encouraged this to be followed through into going fully and exclusively metric in direct sales and business with end consumers and customers, but kept extending the deadline for the UK, as it was clear the UK wasn't ready for the change (the first deadline was 18 months after the UK joined the EEC in 1974). 14 years ago was when the EU decided that it was clear that the UK would never be ready for it, so dropped any deadline at all.


From the US --- I apologize for the ignorant twats that have used Imperial measure as a political club and kept us from joining the modern world for the last 50 yrs. Based on what I saw w/ Trump and his knuckledraggers, we won't be joining anytime soon.




it isn't, vote yes


It's all academic. Me: I'd like a Pound of tomatoes please. Shopkeeper: Sorry due to Brexit shortages we don't have any.


We do have a few ounces of tomato-like material in this tin from WW2 - the good old days.


What's next? Shillings and half pennies


Half pennies for universal credit. Nae shillings.


We did it lads. We've taken ARE Coontree back!


I couldn't use the old system even if I wanted to I've no idea what anything is and I'm 38 we were never taught imperial.


Next up will be rolling back child welfare legislation so kids can work, debtors prisons and I’m sure a Tory fav poor houses instead of benefits. Next parliament will be reverting to pounds shillings and pence. And the reintroduction of trial by combat and trial by ordeal.


Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel to find some benefit in this shitshow...


If this actually has any teeth it can't really improve the red tape situation regarding importing and exporting with Europe.


This is a joke, right, please tell me it is... who in their right god damn minds would want to use pounds and ounces..... ffs the tori’s have done it this time, enough of their bs, time to vote yes


The Proclaimers will be relieved


Underrated comment


Do the tories have any policies?


They have various rephrases of ‘be cunts’.


No, they've now abandoned that policy, as they realise they can no longer even pretend to have the warmth or the depth.


They have a ton of them but not an ounce of sense.


So now it will go to choice. We won't chose metric or imperial we will chose to keep the current clusterfuck.


Fuck it let's re colonise India when we're at it


Let's take back the 13 Colonies


I’m glad these cunts are looking backward for inspiration, as the future will surely fuck ‘em over. How much has been wasted making this decision?


This is so fucking stupid. I swear to god, manufacturers better not start printing food in pounds and ounces. I'm American and since I moved here, it is emphatically easier to measure shit for budgeting purposes, recipes, calorie counting, etc. They can fuck right out of here with this IMO.


So long as this is optional and the people using pounds and ounces know they can't export anything, will have to convert it for people born after about 1960 and can't sell items to northern Ireland then who cares. It's a nice easy way to spot a shop owned by a dickhead.


But what about the royal with cheese ?


I’m 40 and completely clueless when it comes to imperial measurements. Who is this for?


And they can fuck right off with tha nonsense.


At last, some good news. God bless the brexit benefit. Edit: /s


On the offchance you're not being sarcastic and are not being a troll, what possible benefit does this bring?


I didn’t think the /s was necessary! This news is fucking ridiculous. As is/was brexit!


I think when it comes to Brexit most opinions touting the benefits that are being sarcastic do need the fucking /s, sadly.


Jesus fucking wept I just can’t anymore


Flip sake, what a monumental waste of money


Really????? R/noahgettheboat


waiting for them to try and rebrand the common wealth as the British empire that’s there end goal


Should be in r/cringe


Oh goody, all that food I can’t get anymore is now not available in a different measurement of weight. Three cheers for Brexit 🤷🏻‍♂️


Hands up, who can convert a litre to a gallon with looking it up?


8 pints in a gallon, slightly under 2 pints in a litre


Sorry incorrect. One step only.


It's not, 8 pints in a gallon. 568ml in a pint


Ah you looked it up now. FAIL.


Not a clue. No idea what a gallon is, for starters. Is it more or less than a pint? I can visualise a pint because beer glasses are that size.


Fucking clowns


My guess is that they have no intention whatsoever of doing so - just as there was never any intention to build a bridge to Ireland. ​ What they are doing - very successfully - is two things (1) throwing a bone to their supporters (who love this crap) and (2) creating a smoke screen of bull shit behind which they can hide what they're really getting up to. ​ When they shout - 'Look over there' - Don't: look beyond the illusion.


I’m sorry whaaaaat?!


As a diabetic, this presents a genuine health hazard.


Oh god, i assumed that was a joke.


Braindead populist nonsense. Still, as the oldies in England voted for it who are we to argue?


Bring it on, another reason for independence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤘🏻


This makes no sense, the imperial measurements are a fucking nightmare they don't divide or multiply into each other in any reasonable manner and it makes engineering a fucking nightmare, especially since we'll still be ordering all out shite from Europe so when some daft cunt orders 36 ounces of some shite and gets kilos, or a joint project one team works in inches while the other works in centimeters and they build a wonky ass fucking solution we can thank these absolute fuck nuggets. For reference: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/mars-climate-orbiter/in-depth/


Under the Scotland Act 2016, Scotland has powers to make legislation for road traffic signage, and could change them to km and km/h tomorrow. If you wanted to show a visible token of your nation's stance, what better program than that? And to do it while part of the UK and get Westminster to pay for it somehow would be glorious.


Copypasta from Facebook: "Boris Johnson's announcement that he's delivering a "Brexit benefit" by "bringing back imperial measures" is obviously just a distraction tactic to divert attention away from all the sickening stuff his government is doing like attacking ordinary workers to defend the tax loopholes and advantages of the mega-rich (National Insurance hike), impoverishing the most vulnerable in society (Universal Credit cut), betraying his promise to pensioners (unlocking the triple lock), and allowing Rishi Sunak to launch another devastating bout of economy-choking Tory austerity ruination (cynically rebranded as "reining in borrowing"). It's such a blatant distraction tactic that it's ridiculous for me to even talk about it at all, yet since everyone else seems to have been duped into wittering on about it, I thought I could at least try to bring some facts and analysis to the table. 🔴 There was never any EU rule saying we couldn't use imperial weights and measures. We drink pints of beer at the pub, we measure ourselves in stones and inches, we drive in miles, we buy pints of milk, we even buy our cannabis in fractions of ounces, and anyone wanting to order in pounds and ounces from the butcher or greengrocer has always been served, because there's absolutely no rule against it, and only the stupidest of trader would ever send paying customers away because they'd asked for things in imperial measures. 🔴 Since all UK traders are already allowed to trade in imperial measurements as long as customers also have the option to purchase in metric, all Johnson is offering is the right to trade solely in imperial measures. Given such a large percentage of the population were never taught imperial measures, how many traders are going to take up this option to deliberately confuse the majority of their customers by reverting exclusively to ancient outdated measuring system that hardly anyone under the age of 70 properly understands (For example: what is one tenth of 4 lb 6 oz 11 pwt? - answer in the comments) 🔴 Given that there was never any EU rule against trading in pounds and ounces, how on earth is anyone gullible enough to believe this latest announcement constitutes any kind of "Brexit benefit"? 🔴 The reason metric measurements are in common use is that the UK signed up to the OIML treaty in 1955 (18 years before Britain joined the EEC). The reason almost every country on earth has signed up to this treaty is that non-standardised weights and measures are hopelessly inefficient and a massive barrier to international trade. Is Johnson suggesting the UK quits the OIML treaty? 🔴 If Britain is to abandon the internationally recognised standards in weights and measurements to bring back the complex and outdated imperial system, purely in order to give a nostalgia high to a load of pensioners, what does this tell us about all the Tory rhetoric about "Global Britain"? 🔴 Allowing shops to trade exclusively in measures that hardly anybody understands obviously opens the door to deceptive pricing practices from unscrupulous traders. 🔴 Weights and Measures inspectors have been trained in metric for decades, and most local authorities no longer have any imperial testing equipment whatever. Specialist equipment like mass comparators cost tens of thousands of pounds apiece. So who is actually going to pay for all the retraining, and for local authorities to buy imperial versions of all of this expensive equipment? Has any of this expenditure been budgeted for at all, or is this yet another Tory bodge job that will end up causing chaos by allowing unscrupulous traders to decide their own definitions of what pounds and ounces are? 🔴 Brexit has caused massive labour shortages in agriculture and haulage, meaning literally thousands of tons of perfectly good produce are rotting away in fields and greenhouses across the UK. However if we revert to imperial tons (long tons) which are 1.6% heavier than a metric ton, then reporting the scale of this rotting food situation would sound 1.6% less bad, which is about as close as you'll ever come to finding an actual "benefit" in this ludicrous Brexit farce that Bodger Johnson has shambled together."


Who cares.. Shame they never thought about training lorry drivers a bit earlier. Baboons


The most little England headline ever


And this will benefit us all, how?


Can I just boycott this done system and keep using metric?


Nope. Not OK. First they make blue a racist colour by pandering to elderly racists to make passports inexplicably blue, now they pander to... probably the same people... by introducing a system of weight measurement that most people under 40 literally don't understand... Imma ignore it and keep using nice, sensible metric measurements, like most of the planet use.


[Haud ma joug.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_units) (Who wouldn't want a Scottish pint to be 1.696 litres?)


What else could be brought back? Spinsters, you don’t get spinsters anymore. Or smallpox.


Usual Tory bullshit. Appealing to ancient fucks who get misty eyed talking about rods perches and ferkins.


No doubt, shillings are waiting in the wings.


Seriously fuck right off. As a member of the generation that was taught both pounds and ounces *along with metric* can do one its a pain in the arse But i guess it will make all the american deals that fuck us plebs over all the more easy to work for them Edit **


At the risk of going down the 'slippery slope' route, we (Scotland) are being dragged further and further into utter Brexit lunacy and chaos. At this point, independence is the sane and sensible option. We need to get out, ASAP.


It embarrasses me to be British. Thanks, BoJo. 😑


No point unless they also bring back furlongs and chains. /S Seriously 'brexit benefit'? Wtaf?


They'll have prisoners picking Oakum next and bring back Transportation to The Colonies.


Restoring antiquated units that few others use (USA, Liberia and Myanmar only) isn’t going to help when it comes to trade. Global Britain they claimed. But that’s not what Brexit was about. Brexit is isolationism and delusions of empire. SI is the right way to go about measurement. SI units are based on seven objective physical constants. They are clear, easy to use, reproducible and workable. They don’t rely on the assumed length of a fucking barleycorn. That’s why people who work with real data (even most of the Americans) use it in their day to day lives.


Hell yes. I'm 24 and always explain to people the merits of the imperial system at every opportunity.


Could you explain them now, please? Because I see no point in using an outdated system of measurement that only Americans use, when the rest of the planet uses nice, logical, sensible metric units of measurement


✨✨✨gather round children and i will teach you the wonders of the imperial system✨✨✨


pounds and ounces are going to cure all of the Brexit empty shelves, restaurants that can't get food, pubs that can't get alcohol, businesses that can't get materials and labour, all of which is about to fall off an even bigger cliff come October thank God for the Torys! because they've only gone and fixed every glaring and emerging Brexit problem they created with their fascim by returning us to pounds and ounces!!!!!! that'll show the EU 🇪🇺 how to do it 😂


What’s next? Shillings and pence? Boris needs to get a reality check.


Desperate to throw the Brexiteers a bone as their dream of returning Britain to it's place atop the world fades.


The old git boomers will love it they will sing There will be blue sky’s over with cliffs of Dover and Spitfire will fly up their asses.


Surely this is a joke?


Are they testing the limits to see how far they could go with that referendum 5, soon to be 6 years ago?


If they can restore the £350 million a week they promised that would be a better start.


Sounds good I don’t understand 🤔


Write to your MP, probably won't do anything, but at least try to make them accountable. Feel free to copy paste my email - I am writing to you as a constitute to formally complain at the Government's planned decision to reintroduce the Imperial Measurement System.  As a 47 year old, I have been taught the metric system for all of my adult life.  Therefore this decision will leave me extremely confused when pursuing products.  If you could kindly explain the rational behind this decision I would appreciate this? If as I suspect this decision  has been purely made to gain support from your traditional voting base, I.e. pensioners, I'd like to ask why the majority of the electorate, I.e. those under 50 view's have been ignored here?  I'm sure your party and the government have larger issues to deal with then this, I.e. the haulage crisis which is leaving supermarket shelves empty, the policy for levelling up, to address regional differences and opportunities for those in these areas, the Covid plan to ensure the NHS is not overwhelmed this Winter, trade deals since leaving the EU, Covid recovery etc etc etc, the list really goes on.  Whilst I'm not a Conservative supporter, whether I like it or  not you are the governing party and I'd really like to see some improvement in the government's performance instead of endless campaigning that you seem to be engaged in with tribal policies with no benefit such as this.  I look forward to your response.


Edit - second to last line should read trivial policies amd not tribal lol


Only ever use imperial measures when in a butchers or describing a new born baby


The butcher one is interesting, I suppose I could visualise what a pun of mince looks like since 454g is pretty close to the 500g standard pack size in a supermarket but mince is about where it ends, couldn't tell you what the equivalent in steak actually looks like etc.


When you buy sliced meat also at the butchers it’s always quarter pound, half pound etc