Guesses for Scaramouche release?

Guesses for Scaramouche release?


2.5, since judging from 1.1 being Childe as a world boss and 2.1 being Signora, we should get another boss on 2.5 correlating to Azdaha on 1.5. What better world boss than Kunikuzushi, the country destroyer, could be introduced then? Especially in a Childe story quest 2 where we fight this particular version of Scara with Childe just as we fought Azdaha for the first time with Zhongli. 2.5 would be the perfect time to close the loose ties in the story with Scara currently running off with the gnosis with 2.6 being a preparation into Sumeru just as 1.6 was into Inazuma. Therefore I highly anticipate a Scaramouche related boss fight (and his release) along with his plot wrapping up in 2.5 hopefully.


That seems like a very logical explanation. You might be right, I guess we'll see!


This one is my favorite answer so far! It's highly likely, though from "Thoma's update" leaks I've seen that there will be a new boss/enemy soon with more-detailed animations. Sure hope that Your theory will be right though!


same line of thinking! really looking forward to seeing what version of his we'll be fighting. maybe scaramouche - delusion form - gnosis form for the 3 phases? i just wanna get my boi


so scaramouche will be a weekly boss? 🤭


i'm guessing 2.6, i think that's next march-april? i kinda hope it's that far out bc i also want Itto and Albedo so i'll need to save back up ;;


Oh nice, yeah I think March/April is when 2.6 will be. Good luck with your pulls, I think all of us want time to save more for Scaramouche. I'm pulling for Hu Tao and Ganyu


everyone seems to think 2.5-2.6 tbh which seems reasonable, he wont be out this year I dont think.


Hmm, I think 2.6 is more accurate. So yeah, most likely only next year. More time to save though!


6 primogems on 2.6


Wait 6 primogems? D:


*i bet 6 primogems on scara in 2.6 😂


Oh I see lmao. I'll take your bet 😂


I would say 2.6 like everyone else but he could also be in the second half of 2.7 (or 3.0) since that'd fall on 1st of June (if i counted correctly...) which is the 6th month. Also his banner would be on June 6th (6/6) and tbh,, as much as i want him to be playable earlier i wouldn't mind that lmao, since my birthday is on June 6th and it'd be a nice birthday gift from mihoho lol


Oh nice, that would be an awesome birthday gift


I think 2.5 will be his boss fight and his banner will either be in 2.5 or 2.6. I wager 20 mora and 2 enhancement ores!


Good guess


Sneaky mf will come out after I spend all my resources cheating on him, under the assumption that he ain't coming for another year. 💀


Oh lol, I can see that happening...


I feel like 2.5/6/7 is the best bet... We'd be due for a new weekly boss in 2.5- and Hinamatsuri (doll festival) is conveniently in March 👀 2.6 could be possible bc of him being the 6th harbinger, and 2.7 is in June I think? Anyway, I kinda doubt they'll stretch Scaramouche's character arc into Sumeru so it'll probably be sooner rather than later


Dude I like taking a gamble.. this isn't good for me.. I would say 2.5 but.. nghh Yae is in the way. So I guess 2.6.


Yeah me too haha. 2.6 seems like a good guess


2.6 or 2.7 ?? assuming they're not gonna make 2.7 into 3.0 ..


Oh yeah, that's another thing to consider, when will they switch over to version 3.0?


I'll go ahead and guess 2.7 solely because I don't think they'd release two electro catalysts (and possibly both main dps?) so close to each other because it invites a lot of comparison and complaints. Assuming the leaks are true and Yae is really the electro dps ceiling *so far* and a catalyst too. I guess they could always make him a support but that feels a little off. I really do like the childe second story quest boss approach that was suggested here earlier though, and I hope that ends up being correct instead so we get to roll on him sooner!


I know everyone else thinks he will be out before the end of Inazuma, but honestly, my guess is Sumeru. They are building him up to be a huge threat, and having him be the main enemy of Sumeru would make sense. Not to mention Yae Miko flat out said the traveler didn't stand a chance against him right now, I feel like it would be too quick for the traveler to be able to beat him. After the events of the chasm and Sumeru it would make more sense for them to be able to stand toe to toe.


I'd say 2.6 *but* he'll appear in 2.5 to play a major role in the story


I'll bet a ten pull on the weapons banner he'll be in 2.7 (I think there's gonna be more than 6 patches in 2.\[Blank\] because unless they make some of them 4\*s there's a lot of Inazuma characters still to be released alongside a lot of banners to be rerun)


June 1 maybe (2.7's second banner) but idk really


No he will be the first banner, always the character most important to the plot/update will be in the first banner, only exception so far being Klee with Kazuha (archon quest is more important than event quest imo) and Raiden with Kokomi (I would say both of them are of equal importance to the plot). I can't see an update where he's the second most important character.


2.6 I hate that he’s three patches away(probably) from Albedo. Started the game the day Ganyu released, so I’m stuck Albedoless


Same I want albedo but Im not sure I'll have enough if I pull for him


Yeah I’m just at 1.7k primos (rip) I wanted Kokomi so much so I wasted all my savings for Raiden and Koko (at least I got them) Good luck on your future pulls!! I hope you’ll have enough to pull them both!!


2.6 along with Ayato


Before Sumeru


Release in 3.2, after we meet him again in Sumeru in 3.1


Guessing 3.1 he seems to like being next to .1


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my guess is 2.5 second banner or 2.6 first banner


Definitely early next year, since he is re appearing


A ten pull on limited banner that he releases in 2.7


So the best we’ve got is this lineup after some research, it’s Albedo-Itto-Shenhe/Yunjin-Ganyu/Xiao-Yae Miko. There’s also Ayato and Heizhou. People can switch around Shenhe Ganyu Xiao since it gets a bit weird at that time but it seems like there’s time for Scaramouche to come out


If not 2.5/2.6, maybe day 06/06? You know, Childe release was 11/11


At least 3.0, I’ll be glad to be wrong though


2.6-2.7. Would give him time to be in the story and maybe have a boss fight before becoming playable


Either 2.6 or 3.2


like feb- march, next year for sure tho


He has to "kill: childe and we gotts fite him till he release....


just next year


he’s gonna have a boss fight on 2.5, and will be released 2.6 is my guess


guessing 2.7 bc theres gonna be more character reruns and other inzm characters :Sob:


Anytime from 2.6




3.2 mayhaps His plot should be resolved before he becomes playable, so I really don't think he'll be anywhere in 2.0


Will he be playable? 🥺 I was worried


I kinda see 2.6 as a bit far fetched,Tho this is only under the assumption that 2.7 will be 3.0 if 2.7 is not 3.0 and there will be more patches before 3.0,then I would say 2.6 is reasonable coz I kinda believe 2.6 will have the character that will allude to/guide us about sumeru (I think baizhu) + A rerun If scara comes directly before sumeru,it would be weird,as in why exactly is scara the one who will show us about sumeru


2.6, like kazuha. probably like a rerun and then boom scaramouche. doesnt make sense for him to be after 3.0


I think 2.7 since 2.6 is probably going to be Ayato together with a rerun (maybe Eula). Unless Ayato runs together with Yae in 2.5, but I kinda doubt it


His banner date is also as mysterious as him so anything could happen dhshshshbssb


I would love it if he was in 2.5 tho. In the second half shbssnzbzbsb


This could be a reach but... I genuinely think he'll release in 3.1. In 1.1, he appeared and vanished til 2.1, so I'm expecting his banner to be in 3.1 now along with a significant arc in Sumeru. I'd wager that Dottore is most likely the Harbinger stationed there, and since he was implied to be the one who unsealed Scara's powers, Scara would probably hide out there with the gnosis. We might then have to go through Dottore before we see Scara as well, so we'll get him as a world boss with his drops being Scara's talent level-up materials. Poetic justice since we're technically equipping ourselves with the tools Dottore used to enhance Scara to amplify his abilities ourselves.


I think he will come with either the Chasm or Sumeru.


3.1 as Sumeru's weekly boss