My guess is that the dress website is a scam. The first thing I would do is file a dispute with my credit card company regarding the purchase at a phone store that you did not make. They will issue you a new card with a different number.


A site being encrypted means nothing safety-wise, other than the fact that it would be hard for a third party to intercept any information you submit to the site. In other words, if a scam website is encrypted it means the scammer will get your info and nobody else.


Why can't you dispute the charge with PayPal? I purchased a phone from TracFone (paid with a credit card using PayPal) and it didn't arrive, I disputed my charge with PayPal and got my money back after a few weeks.




That is normal - it just means that PayPal was the payment processor, like Square or Stripe. Checking out with an online store who uses PayPal for their merchant card services has nothing to do with your PayPal account. You should file a dispute with your credit card company. Let them know you never received the goods you paid for.