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Bro these 4 images have existed since the dawn of the internet. Who knows if they're even real.


For real. These are the modern day sirens. Always heard but never truly seen. Such a sorrowful loss :(




This are part of a prophecy a prophecy as long as time can recall, some even say they come from the time before the 2000s, the legend says this are the four porn adds of the apocalypse, they will always be there appearing in every porn site for as long as time itself and some say they will be there even after the internet is long gone, they will draw the curiosity of every coomer that comes upon them and bring them on an endless search for the almighty source, every coomer in this search is presented with a decision, either accept the fact that they will not find a source or keep looking for that priced gift, some on the dark circles say that the old gods placed them there to begin the process of extract and open the world to a new level of consciousness, where everything will be revealed and the horniness of the world will be deleted and every coomer will be satisfied forever, but for this to happen the messiah has to appear first, the son of the cum the original beta male, the coomer for all coomers the savior of humanity, he will go in the endless search and he will find the mighty source and bring satisfaction to all the generations before and after him, he will bring the process of extract and save the world from its most carnal desires, but in this act he will bust a nut a nut so powerful it will take his own life, sacrificing himself for the cause and taking all of us into a new era. But he himself will be deceived for a fifth porn add with no source was created and this porn add will bring a new search repeating the cycle and keeping humanity enslaved by the original creator




Hope this helps, and remember im just a humble servant of the old gods keeping the legend alive


I’m not reading your comment but I agree with you


That was wild. Wow


I'm just a humble prophet of the old texts


De infang ist das ende, und das ende ist de ingfang. Sic mundo creatus est.


Man these pics are insanely old. I remember searching for the sauce of the top right pic; turned out she was just some random girl, her name was Nichole Alleaume or something like that. She never did porn and I think the porn ad company was using her pic without her consent.


I want the first pic where's the link


First image Natalie Lust https://daftsex .com/watch/-86818244_456249324


Thats not the same scene. It might be Natalie Lust but its not that scene.


Top-left and bottom-right have always been ones that I'd love to see sources on.


The 3rd one please


First is Molly Bennet in pornpros, photoshoped image, the other are just pics.


I did some digging, bottom left doesn't have a source. It is simply an image, if you want crop out the panel and put it into Tineye.com to see the high-res pics of it.


remindme! 5 days


First image Natalie Lust https://daftsex .com/watch/-86818244_456249324


It might be Natalie Lust but its not that scene


Not real. Photoshopped


These were the pics that introduced me to porn good memories


These have existed since the dawn of the internet