That’s a very young sand boa, I’m inclined to say the tail looks female but it’s hard to be sure at that age. They are slow growers, it may be a few years before it gets big enough for you to definitively say it’s female, but females are so much bigger that if it is one that will be obvious over time.


How old would you say it is? And based off my research im inclined to say female aswell. But thats based of reading papers and looking at pictures not based off experience.


Hard to say. I’m sort of shocked the breeder didn’t tell you, they usually know ages. She could be anywhere from three months to a year if female, mine was that size for almost a year and a half and I got her at 3 months.


As a fellow newbie to ksb it's safe to say some are incredibly hard to sex when they are young. you might not get a straight answer until he/she gets bigger.


Looks like a female to me, but it's hard to be sure without another one to compare with


Im inclined to say female, once it gets older you will know for sure based on the size and how thick it gets


It tapers off pretty quick. Looks like a girl. Definitely don’t take my words as scientific/medical advice. Just my guess :)


Congrats it’s a girl! They are pretty hard to sex as this age but I’m 90% sure :)