[Casual] Do you wipe sitting, standing or crouching? (All ages)

[Casual] Do you wipe sitting, standing or crouching? (All ages)


thank you for not making questions mandatory, because as someone who eats cereal without milk i was making an exit strategy lol


>, because as someone who eats cereal without milk i was making an exit strategy lol I'm so glad I'm not the only one who eats my cereal dry!


Dry cereal eaters unite!


Dry cereal gang checking in


dry cereal for the win!


Dry cereal gang yo


It's bad for your teeth to brush right after eating.


Can you provide more detail on why that is? (I brush before eating but I'm still curious!)


This is probably an inaccurate oversimplification, but when you eat you temporarily weaken your teeth's natural defense system, which you then brush away. Or something. I'm sure others can explain it better. Brushing your teeth will protect them for a while, so it's perfectly okay to eat immediatly after, if you don't mind the taste.


Fascinating, thank you!


When you eat your teeth are prone, like orange juice’s citric acid. Since you slept for eight hours hopefully, your mouth is dry and dirty. Brushing your teeth not more than thirty minutes after eating nudges the germs and stuff, your teeth are prone then.


I don't know if I'm alone in this but I've always found toilet roll holders to be kind of inconvenient, no matter which way round you put it. We just plonk our toilet roll on its side on the shelf behind the toilet instead.


My wife would just put it back in the roll if I ever tried that...


Haha. We actually don't have a holder at all in our house. So that's not an option. We could always get one of course but we've never really seen the need.


Ha! Same here! 13 years in this house and no holder in either bathroom. We kinda never got to it. At this point, nobody even wants it I think.


Likewise with the need for a toilet brush. I don't want some plastic shit with literal flecks of shit in it kicking about my bathroom, I'm not a savage.


where I live, shelf toilets are the norm. without a brush, you'd have a... bad time.


Same. Our holders are very old and designed for narrower rolls than the ones we buy, so since they wouldn't fit we started just placing them on a shelf and it's honestly the best way to use a toilet roll for me.


Me too. The roll can’t really roll when it’s full so when you pull it just tears off little pieces. I just keep it on the shelf and put it in the little hammock my underwear makes when I’m using it.


I'm a stander. Don't know why really, it never occured to me to remain seated. Tried it once for a week or so, wasn't in love with touching the seat with my hand or the awkward leaning and it took longer too


Me who doesn’t brush my teeth in the morning……….


So technically after breakfast


But in a way also before breakfast


the question in that case is after you eat dinner (and therefore before breakfast) or before dinner (and therefore after breakfast)


Hmmm 🤔 I actually don’t eat breakfast because acid reflux, so I guess technically I brush my teeth before breakfast in general? But I usually brush my teeth after “dinner” because it’s usually the only meal I eat in the day. So if I did eat breakfast, I would technically be brushing my teeth before breakfast I guess? Unless we are counting breakfast as what it really is (breaking a fast), as opposed to a meal in the morning, in which case my “dinner” would be my “breakfast”, and I would be brushing my teeth after break-fast.


Me who doesn't breakfast


Same, it’s why I don’t brush my teeth then lol!


What do you mean by "roll faces you" and "roll faces the wall"? Which option means that the paper coming from the roll faces me?


I think the side the roll is "facing" is whichever side has the hanging flap of paper - "faces you" means the hanging part is closer to you, "faces the wall" means the hanging part is closer to the wall.


That's the opposite of how I interpreted that question....


yes, same for me. Now this entire survey is useless!


> "faces the wall" means the hanging part is closer to the wall. Like the simple people do.


I didn't understand this question either. Nor do I even notice.


> I didn't understand this question either. Haha, right? >Nor do I even notice. Monster!


Just had a trip with some old friends last week and even though I've known them for years, we all just found out the one guy wipes standing up... we were dumbfounded, who tf wipes standing up?


I wipe standing up. Had a girlfriend of two years break up with me after finding out.


Was it due to the standing-wipe, or were you just referring to the chronological order?


Have always wiped standing up, was surprised to learn it was done by everyone a few years back.


As a stander-upper, what on earth is beneficial about trying to poke your hands between your nuts every time? Get right in there and sort it out.


I'm learning a lot in this thread, but hopefully I'm not the weird one here to say I stick my hand behind me and wipe front to back sitting down...


But you can't be really sitting down, surely, there's not enough space? Aren't you actually leaning forward and up slightly?


Sitters tend to lean over on one cheek to fit their hand in on the other side


Which sounds way too much like extra effort and balance when compared to..... *standing*....


pooping is a sitting activity. wiping is for standing. ​ why tf you folks getting your hand so close to the toilet water? people piss and shit inside of that thing all the time bowl is dirty as hell at least my ass is dirty, i know it's my own ass im getting my hand close to


Yes! Why would I want to reach my hand into the toilet bowl space?? That seems disgusting. I think when people hear “standing up” they are thinking you’re standing straight up at attention, which would clench your butt cheeks too much to get in there properly. I don’t know about the other standers, but I moreso stand up into a kind of crouch, like I’m only standing 75% of the way, so I can get access to the whole area but not reach into the toilet bowl space. The way many women (me included) crouch over a public toilet seat rather than sitting to pee.


My husband and I just realized that I'm a sitter, he's a stander. I think the presence of a penis influences the standing.


It does not. I'm front to back sitting down and last time I checked... hold on... Oh good, yeah, I've got a dong.


Before I got a bidet I always wiped sitting. Now I don't use toilet paper at home since the bidet does everything for me and is cleaner.


I still pat dry most of the time. But, yeah, bidet master race.




Nope I don't need to wipe. let it air dry. It's not a big deal.


What the fuck. I understand it gets "clean" but your underwear just soaks in the water then? You wash your anus with only water running down when showering too?


Can't have milk, have ice cold water but still with no ice. So I didn't do the cereal one or last one.




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I have water with ice at restaurants, but not at home.


With ice if sipping or with a meal, no ice if I'm just thirsty.


Toilet paper facing towards the wall is what you do when you have kids.


Who doesnt wipe crouching in the corner like a gremlin


Thank you for not making the questions mandatory I left the milk/cereal question blank because I hate milk and eat my cereal dry lolololol 🤣🤣🤣






Is there any followup on the results here? I need to settle this argument with some friends


I sit but if I need to reach extra for some reason, I crouch a bit. And who brushes their teeth *before* breakfast?!! What’s the point of that?????