Thought this was a complete dominant performance from Ralph and the boys. Defense played well, the only goal we conceded was because Nathan Tella at RWB didn’t track his man who then hit an un-savable shot. What a fucking player JWP is. Put him anywhere, on the pitch and he will put in a shift. Romeu, diallo (responsible for two of the goals), Salisu, and Perraud all having great games (so did a lot of others.) Ralph got the tactics and subs correct this game. An immense improvement in game management compared to last season. But above all, I see a difference in attitude among the players these past couple of weeks. There’s fight in them. Our club seems to be in a great spot right now.


The 3 in midfield really brings out our strengths - leaves Broja up top, allows our wingbacks to attack and the trio of Romeu, JWP and Diallo just looks so solid. Some might look at it and say its defensive but you just have to look at todays performance to realise it's not about the number of attacking bodies you have out there but what system our players are most comfortable in and JWP, Diallo, Perraud, Broja all looked extremely comfortable out there. Romeu had the discipline and the other two could roam as much as they want. Just imagine Tino in there too lets be honest, losing 4-1 to us is like guaranteeing relegation


Totally agree, I’ve been banging this drum for a while. Think that midfield three complement each other so well and we control the game a lot better


really highlighted during the LFC match where Romeu and JWP got ran at with three strikers up top for some odd reason


The great thing is, playing in this formation doesn’t sacrifice the press either


Total football at times and one of our best finishing performances in years. This is why we stuck with Ralph. Glad to see the new owners enjoying the game as well, as impartial as I was to Gao, you could never say that! Onwards and upwards, we march on!


I love James Ward-Prowse


I don't even care how well he plays, I love Lyanco. He plays how every fan would if they were on the pitch; 100% at it in every single challenge. He will get a red card soon and I don't want him to change!


These last few matches + new ownership have given us the hope we've needed for so long. Seriously buzzing atm. What a performance.


Long list of unsolicited thoughts: - Never seen us play such an interesting formation. Diallo and JWP were technically in the 'midfield three' but they were basically playing as a second LWB and RWB respectively. It's clearly designed to prevent us from getting overloaded in the wide areas and it's a pretty clever approach from Ralph - Redmond has been pretty unbelievable the past couple months. He's so important to our defensive set-up and any attacking contributions are just bonuses. Overall I feel he's been a lot more reliable and less erratic - Perraud slowly improving since we've bought him, let's hope he keeps it up - Che Adams is a baller. Bet Diallo didn't expect an assist when he booted that ball forward - Slightly unimpressed with Lyanco. No shame being bullied by someone like Ivan Toney but also looked shaky bringing down balls out of the air. Gotta love his fighting spirit though - Gonna start calling Salisu "The Custodian" because he's always there to clean up when we need it - Said it before and I'll say it again, Broja can be completely isolated and still be a huge threat. Just having him on the field means there's always a chance of something happening - Another Ralph masterstroke seen with our 3rd goal. Definitely told the boys "Brentford will be pressing forward in the first ten minutes, so look for Broja in behind as soon as we get it" - Bednarek Curse being broken wasn't just a fluke - Love watching Diallo play. He has all the tools to be a fantastic player and you know all he needs is a consistent run of games to really unlock that potential. Hope this 'goal' spurs him on and fills him with confidence - Tella is, at best, our 5th choice RB but he played the role well enough. Another player who just needs a run of consecutive starts! - Last but not least, Captain Prowsey. He's an absolute lunatic chasing down the GK and CB in the 91st minute. We're so lucky to have him **TL;DR Come on you Saints**


Agree with everything 100%


Thanks bae


Get a room you two


Great breakdown. Read a few other comments and with people not happy with Lyanco. Think it’s a bit harsh. He wasn’t bad, absolutely no nonsense and hoofs the ball out of danger, doesn’t try and play silly tricks. You’re right, a bit shaky, but the whole team played brilliantly so maybe those mistakes were more obvious. Perraud impressed me, he’s fighting to be in the starting line up. I’m pleased with our squad depth. You didn’t mention the Big Man no.44, he made some important saves. He’s finding a bit of form and it’s nice to see him back.


Another negative regarding Lyanco is that he's so emotional that he tends to chase attackers all around the pitch and sometimes commit fouls just by being over-eager. But the energy is infectious and I'm inclined to take the bad with the good. Sometimes we just need that intensity to get us through minutes 45 through 90! Totally agree that Big Frase has been a rock at the back. Definitely the #1 until proven otherwise


Fraser was good tonight and looks much improved. I still get so frustrated with him on corners though. For such a big man he isn’t half shy about coming to claim the ball


Lyanco was pretty good in the second half, he was awful in the first half. Just needs to calm down a bit, but you can kind of get away with his brain farts in a back three I guess.


Only thing I disagree with is that Redmond was utter wank tbh


I think he was utter wank only if you're watching him when he has the ball. But he did an incredible job shutting down the outside CBs of Brentford from contributing to the build-up and that's why he keeps starting games. We can't truly play Ralph's style without Redders on the pitch. Also, his offensive movement was really good today too. Checking in towards the ball to allow Broja or Tella to run into space behind. Perfect way to play against a back three


We might aswell have a golden retriever on then lmao Also we can play his style without him, we took him off today


Tbf he puts in fantastic defensive shifts but he's a total black hole offensively lol


Yeh can’t fault him for his effort and I don’t hate the guy but he was dire today


This is why I support Southampton. The lows are tough but the highs are incredible. Was going to be hard to pick a MOTM until Prowsey stole the show at the end. So happy our captain is back in form. I wouldn't mind if we tried this formation out some more. The midfield was in fine form today. Really allowed them to play to their strengths.


I missed the last 20 minutes as I had to go to physical therapy. What did Prowsey do to steal the show at the end?


Did an inch perfect goal-saving slide tackle in like the 90th minute


Also chased down the GK and CB at the end


Welp, safe to say we impressed the new owners! I hope they don’t think this is the norm for us lol


Ralphs really set expectations high now


Smash City at home, fortress St Mary's


Still can't win without Stu!!!!


Wow that was fun. Great defending, great attacking, great goalie play, great fans. I haven't had that much fun watching a Southampton game in a long time, and I've been on zoom in class for almost all of it!


Shout out to Diallo, heavily involved in two goals and was everywhere on the pitch today. Also something I mentioned before the game but our ability to be tactically flexible and adapt is quickly becoming one of our strong points this season


Forget the goals, I need a gif of Lyanco charging down 3 of Brentford's boys and forcing them back into their own half


Missed this due to work. Who are you and what have you done with Southampton? How did we manage a result like this?


Tbh a couple of quite flukey goals and Brentford not really being at it. But I’ll take it! Good team performance tbf.


Here’s hoping KWP is back for Wolves. I think that 3-5-2 works really well for us and will only improve with a natural right back


So when Bednarek scores, there'll be 5 goals?


I can’t remember a single time in the last 5 years at least where st Mary’s has been rocking as much as it was tonight. Top class performance, top class atmosphere and great to hear the tributes to Sam McQueen


Just got home. Honestly it was like a Adkins era game for me - just good vibes in the crowd, great improv songs, quality fun football, bags of goals and no worries at all. St Mary’s crowd has really turned a corner since the pandemic shut out. Fans immediately singing and getting behind the lads when Brentford scored, everyone believing again.


Pre Rona I remember us getting outsung by Chelsea at St Mary's, but now I love hearing us on TV, was well proud that it only took two rounds of come in Brentford till I heard FUCK OFF BRENTFORD


First competitive game I've got to since covid and it felt different, properly loud and good fun


So glad I missed it! :( First game I've missed this year


First game this year though init


Fans were fantastic team was fantastic pompey lost What a fucking day


Not only did we not crumble in the second half, we actually scored two more goals holy shit


The players saw a healthy Stuart Armstrong on the bench, that's all the motivation they needed


Today is a big day for me so a while back I looked into the history of fixtures on this date and it turns out we have historically good results on January 11th fixtures. Since 2015 (as far back as i could be arsed to scroll at the time) we had played 3 times on January 11th, and all 3 times we had won! 2015 away at Man Utd 0-1 win 2017 home v Liverpool 1-0 win 2020 away at Leicester 1-2 win Now we can add 2022 home v Brentford 4-1 win to the list!


What a blast. Glad to see actual tactics that gave the team some time to recover and knock back Brentford’s energy. It was great to get Broja on the board so soon in the second half—after that goal, Brentford laid the fuck down. COYR 🔴⚪️


We are so good. We are closer to UCL than the relegation zone. I love Ralph, Semmens, Solak, Broja, Adam's, Forster and everyone else SIUUUU


Fantastic performance aside, JWP won me about a hundred quid with that tackle! Put a bit on exactly 5 goals to be scored as soon as Jan scored thinking the 3-2 was on, but I’ll take a 4-1!


Well run club, new owners, brilliant manager and a squad that has youth a bit of depth to it. Much better position starting 2022 - bring it on!


I really hope this game shows the owners they should cough up a little bit of money and buy Broja or at least extend it for a lot longer. And a new GK *cough*Henderson*cough*


First game I've been to since lockdown. Seems I timed that well! Great atmosphere tonight.


Same, couldn’t have picked a better one!


Thanks to my friend who couldn't make the rescheduled date and gave me his ticket. Bet he's gutted to miss it!


Can’t remember such a professional, clinical performance from Saints - happy days! Fans sounded great tonight, even watching from home I sensed a real feel-good factor no doubt spurred on by the new ownership and supported by a brilliant performance from the team.


Jwp was fantastic, his energy and fitness level is incredibly even after 120 minutes last Saturday.




Did anyone watch this on the USA channel? The commentators are accusing us of feigning injuries around the 60-70 mark (redmond coming off and tella going down) for our squad to get energy gel and water lol wtf


Almost definitely true and every team in English football does it. In fact, every team in the world does it, think Italy Euros semi final


We haven't had a goal difference like this in a match since... May?


I started supporting saints in 2011. I’d never supported any team apart from forest (who I still do, thanks grandad) but I looked at the Prem and chose saints because of our youth angle. It made sense to me. It’s been 10 years of pain but tonight our players just seemed to have something else. A reason to play. A future where we can see incoming signings not an absent Chinese owner. I might be getting ahead of myself but things seem good right now and I’ll take it


Fuck I’m feeling old. You said 2011 and my mind goes “oh that’s only a few years…oh wait.. 10 years ago”. My first match was Arsenal 2001, I’ve just realised that’s 20 years ago. Thanks…..


>Fuck I’m feeling old. I saw Keegan play at the Dell....


What's a Dell?


**Dell is an American company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services, and is owned by its parent company of Dell Technologies. Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technology corporations in the world, employing more than 165,000 people in the United States (US) and around the world.Dell sells personal computers (PCs), servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, cameras, printers, and electronics built by other manufacturers.** More details here: *This comment was left automatically (by a bot). If I don't get this right, don't get mad at me, I'm still learning!* [^(opt out)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/ozztfy/post_for_opting_out/) ^(|) [^(delete)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/q79g2t/delete_feature_added/) ^(|) [^(report/suggest)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot) ^(|) [^(GitHub)](https://github.com/TheBugYouCantFix/wiki-reddit-bot)


Oh I thought it was a singer. She must be a Saints fan.


My first match was in the 80s, imagine how old I feel! 😂


11 and 21 years ago!


Bednarek still only scores in games with 5 goals. Huge result. Great performance. Shit just went well. More please lads.


And this performance was after Ralph lamenting how the Swansea game went to extra time! 'Brentford rubbing their hands' indeed




Took me 3 fucking hours to get home. But worth every minute, still buzzing now. Good night lads


Really happy that our prime striker Jan Bednarek is back in goal scoring form! Up the Saints!!


Above villa, love to see it.


Thoughts from St Mary’s. What a game, what a night. Very rare feel comfortable at the closing stages of a match even when we were under pressure. Hard to pick a MOTM, everyone did their part and played very well. The 3-man midfield dominated tonight, vital to controlling the game. If I had to pick, I’d say JWP just for the amazing tackle when we are already 4-1 up at the end. Hope we see this Saints performance a lot more frequently.


Im so excited for a shit 1-0 loss at the weekend. Everyone is far too happy.