[SUNDAY 4/18/21 - 3pm EST - AMA]

[SUNDAY 4/18/21 - 3pm EST - AMA]

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Question Will safemoon ever work with NEXO Or is there plans for safemoon to create a platform like NEXO where we could borrow against our SAFEMOON so if we need cash or would like to leverage we won’t have to sell


Can we get an update on “cold storage” and how far away we are from that being available. I have seen a lot about people’s safemoon getting stolen via various ways and trust wallets getting hacked. Also how would the burn distribution work with cold storage? Thanks


QUESTION: Do you have any specifics on how bitmart plans on handling their "monthly redistribution"? Specifically, do they plan to burn the part of the redistribution that would have gone into the burn wallet if the transactions had happened on pancakeswap (~ 2% of the volume over the month)? ​ Thanks and keep on being awesome !


Question: I bought some safemoon last night through the trust wallet app. I used pancakeswap to swap BNB to Safemoon. 24hours later (now) I keep getting an "not available" when trying to get more BNB to secure more safemoon. Anyone else else having this problem? I also tried to go another route with pancake swap but ran into another issue. I'm in the US if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance.


I’m trying to buy BNB through trust wallet as well and also getting the same “not available”. Then I try purchasing BNB through paybis.com and their site is under maintenance until April 19th 7am???? What the fuck dude. They make this shit impossible to buy.


How can I buy SafeMoon in the UK? I have a Binance account verified and ready to go. I have set up TrustWallet, now what do I do?! I really want to invest in this, and so do lots of people I know, but we’re struggling to understand the process. Some simple and clear advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks


Step 1: Buy BNB (through an exchange). Use this link to get 10% OFF when buying BNB on Binance (to swap for Safemoon): https://www.binance.com/en/register?r...​ Step 2: Setup Trust Wallet (Safely save Seed Phrase) iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/trust-c...​ Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...​ Step 3: On the Trust Wallet, click on BNB, click receive & copy the address Step 4: Go to the exchange and withdraw BNB to the address Step 5: Once you receive the BNB on your Trust Wallet, click on “More” and click on “Swap to Smartchain” & chose your amount and swap Step 6: Go to the browser tab (if you don’t have it enable through this link: trust://browser_enable (click allow on the prompt & restart the app) Step 7: On browser, look for Pancake Swap. Connect it to your wallet. Step 8: Go to coin market and copy the SafeMoon address. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/...​ address: 0x8076c74c5e3f5852037f31ff0093eeb8c8add8d3 Step 9: paste the address and choose SafeMoon. Click on the amount you want to swap & Swap. Step 10: Your SafeMoon will be available on your wallet 🚀——


Bit mart g did it yesterday


It will be a similar experience to binance


If Trust Wallet is unreliable to buy BNB regularly then on the website please add a solution. Many people are new to crypto and wanting to join the community and will likely be frustrated when they can’t buy BNB on TW cause it’s “not available” I’m telling people to go to the website and follow the instructions and this is the current snag. Experienced crypto buyers now way around this buy new people are getting frustrated. #safemoon and I’m holding for the long haul


I strongly reiterate this


What kind of utility does your company hold other than the idea of making credit cards or starting an exchange?


The tokenomics are the utility


Question: How will reflection work for the hardware wallets?


I don't see why it should affect it. The tokens always stay on the blockchain and accumulate the free tokens. Hardware wallet is more or less just a key that's kept off-line to access your wallet on the blockchain. No actual tokens get stored on the hardware wallet itself


Fair point, still a noob and learning. I just don't wanna miss out on my 5% 😂. Thanks for answering this question


yep. the 12 words key is the only thing to secure and hide.


Can the main website redirect people to see our forums? It's beautiful place but it's highly underused.


It does, if you scroll to the bottom of the page, it links /r/safemoon.


They mean this forum [https://forums.safemoon.net/](https://forums.safemoon.net/)


QUESTION FOR THOMAS: SAFEMOON main net? Copy of BNB? Sponsor spaceX launch to have logo on SN test rocket?


Lol how much money do you think they have. Anything they could afford to sponsor them would be peanuts to spacex.


It honesty was traumatic to buy this coin


Q. Is it possible to buy the coin without trading?


This is what is keeping me from doing it. Using various apps, and getting errors for unknown reasons.


Hello guys, just bought some safemoon but I'm new in the crypto world.i basically use binance wallet so I was wondering if I can move them there from my trust wallet or I have to wait till binance lists it?


Hi. I have safemoon on BitMart however I have seen that a friend of mine has safemoon on trustwallet and number of coins is growing daily but not for me. Is it worth to transfer from BitMart to trustwallet? Fee is 3000000 safemoon. Thanks!


When will BNB be available to buy again on Trust Wallet?


Question: How do we make the exchange attractive to investors in coins other than Safemoon? I get the cryptonomics, but won't that be offset by low volume if a lot of traders are put off by the extra cost of buying/selling on the Safemoon exchange? (for anyone commenting: don't get me wrong, I'm very excited by the exchange, but would like some detail on how they're going to make it work)


It could simply come down to the User interface of their app. People new to crypto flooded to Voyager because their UI makes it easy to buy and sell. The safemoon dex app looks slick AF and user friendly. If it drops with the price this low I know a ton of people will buy.


Why Price is soo low By soo many Followers on coinmarketcap and reddit Safemoon is not Right..


what was that?


He's asking why the price is so low per coin. Its because theres so many coins available.


Whens the Satoshi Street Bets AMA? That should bring some nice exposure to us


Monday I believe.


Can you please hire new marketing people please ?


Can we get clarification on capping the burn at 250T? Does that mean no manual burns after that or are you going to completely stop the transaction burns as well?


This is what papa said, verbatim: >**Q:** (Ragnar) Is 1000:1 denomination possible for SafeMoon? > >**A:** (Papa) It is possible, but what I think a lot of people are missing is that we have some static limits in our contract. So from time-to-time it sends internal transactions from the SafeMoon protocol address to the PancakeSwap LP address. And it tops it up with a static amount of -- 250 billion, I think? It's either 200 or 250. I think a lot of people like fudders and stuff have sent us these transactions and go "Oh my god! What's going on here?!" It's just the normal thing that it's doing, but if we go any lower than that, we're going to have a serious, serious problem -- so we have to take a look at that before we hit that threshold. My initial thought was, maybe we take a look at, you know, slowing down or halting the burn at 100 trillion -- when that's our market cap. 100 trillion. Because that's 100x. Well no, sorry, 250 trillion; that would be 100x over the billion. [https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticAffluentElkResidentSleeper-qZV28\_BjMOdvTsm3](https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticAffluentElkResidentSleeper-qZV28_BjMOdvTsm3) My take: There is a problem with static contract limits that will need to be addressed once we get to around 250 trillion coins in circulation. Thomas was spit-balling some potential solutions to the problem, but this is by no means definite. The solution is TBD.


Ah, thanks for that! I’ve seen a couple of threads about this but I couldn’t find the exact moment in the stream. This makes a lot more sense and they still have plenty of time to try to find a solution.


QUESTION: I know Bitmart will distribute the earned tokens on a monthly basis. Will the burned tokens also be reported monthly or is that happening instantly?


Explain the 250t cap more please. Is it momentary?


Can we see more AI projects further or in coming months,🚀🚀


QUESTION: How you considered having a way to deflect your redistributed tokens to an alternate wallet address? For example for Have you considered having a ‘coin purse’ (sub-wallet) for your wallet or exchange so we can accumulate our redistributed tokens separately from our main wallet? Or perhaps allowing us to deflect redistributed tokens to a charity wallet, etc?


How frequently is the 5% burned?


Question: We have amazing people here, If from now we going 50x It top 5 The price will be 0.0001 Its look like we never can achieve 1 cent per coin What I missed here? The team need burn massively tokens


Question: Will any % of transaction fees from other coins on the new exchange go into Safemoon’s LP? Please ignore if this has been asked and answered before.


Do tokens get burned on bitmart/whitebit transactions?


Are we going to be able to use a more reliable way to buy the crypto? Buying BNB, then going through 8+ steps just to buy is annoying. Also, Trust wallet is saying BNB is not available so that hurts...


Am I too late to join ?


Sup my fellow mooners


Ok noob question, what will happen to any crypto that all coins will burn, like safemoon.. I guess after that it's just dead?


couldnt figure out twitch. thought it would be right on the page. is there a transcript here?


Since the current and planned tokenomics changes all the time, and are different on every cex/dex, is it fair to say that there are no tokenomics at all?


The 5% return to all holders. Is this proportional to how much people are holding, ie if someone holds more than another person do they get a larger cut, or does everybody get an equivalent share?


It's proportional to the amount you have. The burn wallet i.e. has 40% of the total supply, so it gets 40% of the reflection.




hodl mate


Has anyone tried transferring from bitmart to trust wallet sucessfully?


I'm a noob , what does AMA stand for?


Ask me anything


Question: Can we have a true Safemoon wallet as merchandising?


These AMAs are maybe happening too often? Aren’t devs tired of being under the constant watchful eye of tens of thousands of people every other day?


>twitch.tv/safemoonprotocol I see it as transparency and being in touch with the community


I agree. I also think it might be making them a bit more tired than they already are


Good point


I am in, to the moon baby 90 M I will hold 10 years


Why such a price discrepancy between Safemoon.net vs CoinMarketCap/whitebit etc? Currently the website lists the price at .000000792 but coinmarket cap hasn’t had the price even close to that all day. It’s been 0.00000101 on CMC, through trust wallet, and whitebit.


How can I buy this


I used bitmart. I created an account, transferred some coins into it, sold those coins, and purchased Safemoon. Not saying that's the easiest or smartest way, but it got the job done.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St6ebeuzus0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St6ebeuzus0) I just bought using this tutorial. He goes a little fast at times, but it worked just fine. I already had [binance.us](https://binance.us) so this wasn't difficult. Let me know if you have any questions.


30k€ in Safemoon or na?


You wil make money if you now invest in safemoon


Call this the safest investment you can make in your life but I am not a financial advisor. Don't sue me.




What’s a good exchange / app to see the actual current price / value? Trust Wallet seems to be significantly behind BitMart. TIA


Do you think it will be hard to make the prices similar across the exchanges with arbitrage because of the tax to buy and sell?


If you look at how many whales there are in the top 1000 holders on BscScan, do the devs think this poses a problem for the future of Safemoon? For instance, holders with trillions of tokens can unload those tokens onto the market and keep the price from rising to benefit everyone. At current or even higher future token prices, it would take a very long time for new investors to "eat the whales", which could stagnate token prices for long periods of time. Other than the 5% disbursements, is there some sort of mechanism to deal with this type of issue? I know Elon musk took issue with dogecoin for the same reason, a small percentage of the holders owned so much of the coin that they could tank the value in a matter of minutes if they decided to flood the market.


Just checked this morning going up


What are other options to transfer money to [binance.us](https://binance.us) so I can buy BNB to buy Safemoon? Credit card - I tried with credit cards but the credit card company rejected the transaction. Debit card - I was going to try with a debit card but binance would hold your money for 5 days until it clears with the bank. They also charge 4.5% fee. wire transfer - my bank only does wire transfers Mon-Fri. I want to buy more Safemoon today but my bank doesn't do wire transfers on the weekends.


What is the relationship with Jon, his father, Tom and the department of defense and the CIA? I do not mean this in a conspiratorial way, I think it adds credibility.


Where can I buy safemoon in the US


So I live here I Texas and my buddies are always talking this token up, is there any way for me here to be able to get into safe moon?


Yeah, I'm in Texas too, so I feel you, but yeah, we can, there there are likely more fees involved, and I'm not expert so this isn't necessarily the best way by a long shot, it's just how I was able to successfully do it: WHAT YOU DON'T DO is use Binance! Not, Binance.com, not Binance.us, and NOT with a VPN no matter how many idiots say you can... Using Binance from somewhere they are restricted from operating is against their TOS, and they WILL freeze you account, AND they MIGHT not let you transfer what's in your account out... They do actively monitor for VPN usage and that can get your account flagged, even if it takes a little while for them to figure out if the server you are using is a VPN or not. Don't risk it, it's never necessary... You can purchase Smartchain directly in TrustWallet whenever Simplex is up. (Down RN till Monday again because we keep breaking on the weekend, I assume.) Otherwise, buy BTC/ETH on whatever available exchange will give you the best rate and swap it for BNB on something like coinswitch. Then convert to Smartchain and finally you can pancakeswap to SFM and still get reflections as they happen. Just be aware of all the fees, maybe calculate everything out first so you know what you're going to pay and aren't surprised... Then to sell you can do the reverse, and sell the BTC/ETH, or preferably, move to Bitmart/Whitebit/etc. and sell the SafeMoon directly, I assume. I've only sold through the above method, I haven't tried selling what I bought through pancakeswap on another exchange, but I don't see why you couldn't. Hopefully this helps and maybe someone can elaborate on the best way for better rates etc...


Question/Concern: Regarding the CRYPTONOMICS of the Safemoon exchange, the plan is to allow redistribution for all assets you're holding, correct? If that's true, wouldn't the exchange become a stagnant pool of Hodlers and reduce movement of transactions? If a tax is applied making redistribution worth it, that same tax would discourage buyers and sellers. So the only incentive for the exchange would be virtually non-existent.


I see a gathering of long term holders. They still buy and sell but typically in bigger amounts just less often.


#Just got 15,000,000 safemoon on BitMart, see you boys on the moon


Since Trust Wallet ran out of Smart Chain (I think SafeMoon had a lot to do with that). Can Trust Wallet sell SafeMoon Directly or is that a tall order?


I have been interested in starting a portfolio for my children. cannot do so (start another wallet) because I already own one.has the dev team thought about making it possible to start accounts for children under parents accounts? Different social for each add on account under the age of 16 .would you consider implementing this feature into your safemoon exchange? This would provoke a new wave of investors and members to safemoon.sets up future investors and bring awareness of crypto for youth. Children are the future,let’s get them started now.


The Trust wallet allows you to create multiple wallets. On an exchange you could log in with different credentials.


Is it even possible to accurately state the current tokenomics since the tokenomics are different on every cex/dex where safemoon is listed?


How will you raise funds for future projects or to complete the exchange? More fund raisers?


What future plans/projects will be implemented to help guide safemoon to a larger audience? The current holders are only informed through reddit/safemoon site, but there should be more put towards marketing the coin to gain a larger audience which would lead to more people buying to the coin.


you mean safemoon what is safecoin??? just wondering thanks :)


Lets all be nice and charismatic around here bro. Lets grow together.


Can you explain how the reflection for holding other coins on ur exchange is gonna work? And how it’s beneficial for safemoon holders?




yes, the fact that safemoon.com redirects to [binance.com](https://binance.com) at the moment can confuse a lot of people and/or open that domain to binance account phishing attempts.


Question : today i just bought some coin, but right now i realize something, my trustwallet safemoon have different pricepoint from other place like right now, from coingecko it priced around .00000193 but on my trustwallet it priced around .00000231, and what make me really worry now is the safemoon site they put, safemoon .xyz. Anythings should i worry about? (I follow the how to buy guide from the safemoon official site to buy the coin)


Question: what does AMA stand for?


Ask me anything


we buy them dips


Question- can i buy safemoon without access to bnb? Im in a state where i cant trade it


What are the odds of letting us move our coins to the safemoon exchange without the fees?


Can anyone help me out with buying Safemoon in Ct


How will the new exchange attract and incentivise new buyers and sellers? How would it benefit us early Safemoon coin holders?


What is the estimated date for the cold wallet space launch?


Check out this clip! safemoonprotocol streaming Crypto! https://clips.twitch.tv/CharmingWisePrariedogWutFace-X15SUShf0ET7IHRK I find this worrying.


do lead share holders hold any additional privilege's on the upcoming idle game or Minecraft server? upx is booming with upland. making safemoon minecraft nfts will be gold.


"ECOSYSTEM" QUESTION/CONCERN As a TrustWallet/PancakeSwap holder, why should I get excited about new exchange listings if it has zero affect on my tokenomics. Is the exchange just a solution to this crucial problem of hot wallets not distributing to ALL holders?


I had the same question. It's planned that you are getting your 5% of the exchanges, just not immediately. Bitmart will make their liquidity pool deposit to pancake swap on May 1st (source: the last ama) Whitebit is in a 2 week no fee trading period that will end April 20th. They are not doing tokenomics during this 2 week no fee trading period. Whitebit will adopt the same liquidity pool deposit procedure to pancake swap as bitmart (source: the last AMA)


Can someone please clarify... do we (pancake holders) receive the tokenomics distribution from other exchange's (vice versa) trades at all? Whether it be monthly, bi-monthly, or at all.


That is what I'm aware of. If I'm not mistaken, monthly


You should get excited for new exchange listing's because it provides .ore liquidity and volume of trades and reaches to a wider audience that are now able to buy/trade safemoon. Which hopefully turns into.bigger gains


I get that. But if those trades are not happening on MY exchange, it how does that turn into gains? Not to mention missing out on all the trades happening everywhere else and vice versa.


Because it provides stiffer competition. It gives people more choices where to buy or sell their tokens. This should lead to the price gap between different places tightening


I don't agree because I would rather safemoon only be listed with PancakeSwap (where I am holding) and reap the benefits of ALL tokenomics as opposed to missing out on everything happening on the bigger exchanges.


Can you please explain the utility of safemoon. I’ve been holding for 2 weeks and still cannot seem to find any information about the intended use for this token or the applicable use. I see this as a momentum play with adoption onto multiple exchanges rather than a long term play. Maybe i’m ill-informed, but can’t seem to see the true catalyst for the big picture play.


You are not informed, devs said they are looking to develop an exchange and it's already at 70% funding.


The utility is from the people. If you have a business or service I recommend offering Safemoon as a form of payment. We don’t have to wait for the large companies out there to tell us Safemoon is a thing. On this forum I read about a Safemooner paying for a bottle of liquor at a store with it because the cashier was willing to take Safemoon as a payment. We can make it happen. We’re already invested so why not take the extra step in using it in transactions. Disclaimer: I don’t plan on making any purchases with Safemoon because I see the value going up. I’d rather part with FIAT


I'd suggest watching the AMAs on Twitch.


Do you know BNB? Do you understand what it is? Now imagine SFM is the BNB of shitcoins :)


I am wondering the exact same thing


This is what the exchange is for. Gives safemoon a use case to be paired with everything on its exchange Like bnb




Your comment has been removed for violation of **Rule 4b:** > **No bigotry.** Disparaging people over things that they have little or no control over is not tolerated. Goodbye. Please enjoy the rest of what Reddit has to offer.


According to Papa we can do multiple audits at once. Can we do one with Solidity if Certik takes that long?


**When will we make our first real purchase?** **Will you make real collaborations with companies for safemoon currency?** ​ Safemoon is a currency. I would like to get service by spending safemoon. This money will not work for me if I cannot use Safemoon. The more fields it is used, the more money is valued. ​ There is no end to the areas where we can shop. Gaming, gambling, stock market, clothing, technology products, internet services ... You can knock off the companies in this field.


Everyone buy safemoon at this time, we're gonna make this coin blow up!! If you believe in Safemoon comment this same thing around Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, everywhere! Prepare to be rich!!! (5PM PST/8 PM EST) *Saturday 4/17*


QUESTIONS: \- The dev team mentioned that the exchange is going to have a "hybrid centralized/decentralized" architecture. Can you expand on that? Will it be similar to Pancakeswap? \- Are you re-using any of the existing open-source code for the exchange? (I believe Pancakeswap is open source) \- Will the exchange have to follow the very strict US rules? (e.g. KYC) Thanks!


When will the Certik Audit be completed?


Status can be monitored here: [https://www.certik.org/projects/safemoon](https://www.certik.org/projects/safemoon)


Can someone help me with a question re trust wallet. The balance that shows when I go to transfer safemoon to BnB on pancake swap is about a third less than on the home screen in trust wallet. I understand there's a 10% fee to sell, however as I said the discrepancy is about 33%. Thanks in advance


Pancake swap will not pay you what its worth, they charge more than other exchanges, I plan on moving all of mine to bitmart its much cheaper to sell.


Is there anyway to direct buy the coin without trading?


Where can I buy this??




Why should anyone buy or sell safemoon on pancakeswap, since the cex's are so advantageous to the buyer or seller?


Question, with the 10% sell fee, how would this work if businesses started accepting SafeMoon for purchases? Does it not apply for purchases? Would the buyer eat the cost or the seller if it did apply? How would the crptonomics work on SafeMoon Exchange? Like where would Safemoon get the tokens to redistribute of crypto? If it is from other users, what would be the incentive to lose 10% went entering into it?


Technical Question: A Bitcoin is divisible to 8 digits, 1 100Millionth of a Bitcoin is referred to as a Satoshi after the creator Satoshi Nakamoto. What is the smallest unit of SafeMoon called? (Thank you parrire for the correction)


It shall be named a crater 😃


1btc=100m satoshis*


Is it possible for SpaceX to plant a SafeMoon flag on the moon? Or is this to much to ask? ;) This is the way...


The way, this is


Why does it say not available most of the time when I try to buy smart chain?


Will yoy record answers to questions somewhere??


Will the deal with other Exchange like Binance the same or difference than what you have right now with pancakeswap?


Is there going to a mechanism to slow down the burn rate and/or redistribution? I believe some holders have expressed concerns of the “safemoon rich” benefiting the most from this


Will the Exchange incorporate tokenomics for cryptos based on transactions on all exchanges or just the Safemoon exchange? So like if BTC (just for clarity purposes) gets listed on the exchange, will the tokenomics apply to transactions only within the Safemoon Exchange or across all exchanges then distributed to only those of us holding our coins within the exhange?




Questions for the community: Do exchanges compete with each other or encourage growth of one another? I imagine that the more exchanges, the more people utilizing crypto resulting in an increase in crypto price which is beneficial, but beyond that why would SafeMoon's future exchange be supported by others? So we all know that if you look at different exchanges one will see, sometimes drastically, different prices for SafeMoon. This concept applies to all crypto and traders can capitalize on those disparities by transferring from one exchange to the other and then selling at a higher price. I am not a software/network engineer so I don't fully understand, on a technical basis, what causes these differences, but they exist (maybe someone with the technical understanding could explain that). Ok, so would it be possible to have an "arbitrage" section within an exchange where the live prices are compared against one another so individuals could immediately sell for the highest price or buy at the lowest? (This may required centralization?) To take that one step further this could potentially perpetuate a synergistic and collaborative effort across a collective of exchanges. For Example: Exchange 1 and 2 decide to collaborate with each other and setup an "Arbitrage" address for token B on each of their networks. Exchange 1: Safemoon is listed at 100 Exchange 2: Safemoon is listed at 120 Exchange 1 and 2 both see the disparity. People want to buy on exchange 1 and people want to sell on exchange 2. The bread and butter of exchanges are the transaction fees - they don't care the price you buy or sell at. Increase the transaction fees (profits would be split amongst the collaborating exchanges), introduce reflection, and help the users have an exceedingly quick, user friendly, and safe way to gain. Thanks for reading, please let me know if that makes sense or if I am completely off - I am always willing to learn! I made this Reddit account just to post this and often try to think of collaborative and novel use cases for SafeMoon even though this technology is not my wheelhouse. My hope is that this concept has potential and someone with a more technical background in this field will spark an idea, elaborate, and refine it! Thanks again! I enjoy reading through the Safemoon posts at night. Side question. Is the price of BNB and influenced by SafeMoon tokenomics?


Has it been suggested to start promoting via pod casting? Like putting out full ads on a pod cast in the beginning? Your Moms House pod cast has a host of obsessive fans that would EAT this up and spread it like wild fire. Want proof? Look at Garth Brookes IG page, pick ANY photo and read the comments. They’ve actually made it a mission to destroy his page. If we can tap into that and send it in a positive direction with safemoon..... could be intense moon shooting.


Are y’all prepared for the legal potential of a class action lawsuit if you stop the tokenomics at 250t safemoon? As you had initially told the community it was an ever depreciating coin and then change the rules 2 months in.


Could you elaborate?


I have 33% gains from yesterday .. SAFEMOON HODL 🚀🚀


QUESTION: Instead of asking for donations for the exchange, have you considered letting the community become investors in the exchange?


Is it possible for Safemoon to ever hit 1c?


Hope so! It’ll get close, maybe around .00X end of the year if it hits the main exchanges.


SafeMoon will hit .50 by November 2023. Trust...


So I guess people that bought and are HODLing on Trust are screwed? From what im understanding about rates and demand being way higher on other exchanges, how does this benefit anyone in the long term?


I am a new Safemooner, can you explain me why Trust is the worst option to buy?


From what im gathering out of the FEW people that ever bothered to talk about the issue, theres more demand on low rated exchanges (BitMart) which causes a price imbalance (cheaper on trust than it is on BitMart). Trust WASNT the worst place to buy because it was one of the ONLY places to buy, but it seems as if the community is screwing over Trust users. I would like a definitive answer to this but so far no one has done so.


They have said they are looking at a way for people to transfer from trust to the safemoon exchange when that time comes (even without transfer fee) - no definitive answer at this stage though


Thank you! That's the most helpful non-definitive definitive answer I've gotten with this


Haha. It's a fair question when you are seeing the price discrepancies. But yeah nothing definitive at this stage. I do think in theory it would make sense - more people using the exchange the better, and the fees would put most people off initially. But time will tell I guess.... BTW I saw this on one of the previous AMAs so an update will be provided at one stage I'm sure


Why is crypto.com charging me a $46 fee to move $100 in BNB to my trust wallet?


the fee they charge for BNB withdraws is .1BNB


How much time it will take to burn550T safe moon and how will the Dev team helping in achieving this target.


**Question:** What are the benefits to the arbitrage resistance that is built into the coin with the 10% fee? I understand that it encourages holding, but it also results in a large price disparity between exchanges (like Pancakeswap and Bitmart). I have seen people dismayed that they have to pay a premium on Bitmart, which could hurt wider adoption since most mainstream investors buy on centralized exchanges. What are the upsides to this philosophy?


Hello sfe community - I know its a long shot but is there any way that this community can help me re-acquire the tokens i've lost by trying to send them to myself on trust wallet. I typed in the right address for smart-BnB but have yet to receive my tokens. Its been on limbo ever since 😅🥲


I am not understanding why you are developing your own wallet for holders of safemoon. Why not use a wallet with a strong history of security and overall place in the market?


Where can i buy safemoon pls?


Where can we buy safemoon?


Pancakeswap...u need a wallet. Exmp. Trust wallet and u have to connect it with pancake. Swap ur BNB to Binance smart chain and after that u can swap ur Binance smart chain to safemoon...its easy


**Question:** Would you consider creating casino style games that allow you to wager/win SafeMoon?


Can they talk about what is going to happen specifically when the supply in circ hits 250t, as there’s a few threads with concerns about the tokenomics. Thanks


Are there any plans to allow transfers from pancakeswap to new exchange without the 10% fee?


I'm today's AMA they said they are still looking into that. It's quite challenging on the technical backend but still not of the table.


QUESTION/CONCERN: To the future investors that you plan on having join your exchange, do you think they watch your stream and if you do how do you feel that they look at you professionally? If you do need help, I would like to join or help, not asking for financial gain, I just want this to boom just like everyone else. I appreciate you homies 👩‍🚀🚀


They won't answer that on a AMA as they are strapped for time. If you're really concerned, I suggest you rech out to them through the website and express your concerns. This would be your best avenue to get in touch with them. Also Papa did mention in a previous AMA that he will never be a suit. He will always wear his hoodie, because he is a programmer and he is comfortable wearing it


To be honest, he is the one that is most professional. He is alway thorough about the answers that he gives. It’s not the suit and tie aspect that I feel needs to be changed but at least don’t be laughing and joking during the structured part of the AMA because that is where most of the future investors are going to listen. If you want to joke with the community after then so be it but at some point there has to be a point of professionalism, especially if they are trying to do big things. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think I am though.


You have valid points. Contact them directly, they would love the feedback


I’m sure they take the AMA very seriously. They make jokes to make it more fun and entertaining for some viewers. I do agree there’s a lot of jokes but a lot less since Ben Phillips is no longer on the AMA’s


I agree a 100% with you, one of them had a Minecraft background and the other dude with the long ass bear hard fucking neon lights flashing the whole time. They don't answer questions as efficient as they could.


They're tech guys, 1.5 months into a business that has rapidly grown. Their demeanor is fine. Imagine speaking to a pool of up to 400k people. It'll all come together.


>o how do you feel that they look at you professionally? If you do need help, I would like to join or help, not asking for financial gain, I just want this to boom just like everyone else. I appreciate you homies 👩‍🚀🚀 Not sure if you meant it that way but that was kind of a passive aggressive comment about their appearance man. Appearance does not matter in the world of tech as much as you might think. Results matter, getting the work done and profits matter. Remember, Steve Jobs wore the same black tee-shirt for 30 years lol.


We are focusing on elements that have little impact in the whole scheme of things. Things like appearance, website, billboards, and marketing are literally the last thing that a start up crypto should worry about. As someone who works with angels and VCs, most don’t care about these factors. Give me the P&L, strategic plan, ROI, usability, use cases, and proof of concept...and do it all in less than 15-min, if that. You want investors who will let the company and culture determine itself, and who’s values align. Goldman Sachs or Kleiner Perkins is not going to be an investor, so focus on the important elements, not your image.