Before everyone who doesn’t live in Arden, talks shit about Arden…lol Arden can be dicey but there definitely are pockets that are quiet. Are you looking for an apartment in the Arden area?


Lol I’m trying to leave Arden area. The nice pocket areas are super expensive. We live in a really cute house that is well taken care of and remodeled but we are the only nice house on the street. I love our house but I absolutely hate this area. We actually moved from midtown to Arden and I have always been a little sad about that.


Where will you be going to?


I agree. Lived in Arden for about 7 years. The scenery can change in just one block. From multi-million dollar homes to someone shooting up openly on a bus stop bench. Generally I've seen people on this sub say to avoid anything north of Arden, but I think that's BS. I live between El Camino and Marconi and Fulton and Watt. I like where I live. Pros: Good food, easy access to 80, (generally) cheaper rent than midtown Cons: Some areas are definitely more sketch than others (but that's everywhere in Sacramento), not very walkable, bad public transportation. Honestly, I think what you'll be sacrificing the most is walkability and easy access to desirable attractions. If you don't have a car, Arden Arcade could be problematic.


Walkability is the #1 downside for sure.


It looks like they are working on that in some of the neighborhood and feeder streets. The arterial streets are still bad, but that's the case for arterial streets in general.


Which neighborhoods? I like what has been done to improve walkability in Carmichael so far.


Well they're adding sidewalks and I believe bike lanes along Morse from hurley to arden. I hope they plan to do some pedestrian improvements with the new park going in near Bell and Northrop. Here is a link to the pedestrian plan. https://sacdot.saccounty.gov/Documents/A%20to%20Z%20Folder/Pedestrian%20Master%20Plan/SAC_PED_PLAN_FINAL__042807_Small.pdf Based off this plan it looks like they will be improving Fulton much in the same way they are along Morse. This is also from 2007...they probably need to update this.


Hi neighbor! Also, I agree.


Yes, some of the apartment complexes I notice are nice out there, and better priced than in downtown area


I lived at the 1100’s for two years. First year was great, no problems. Second year I was at the very back and had noisy neighbors and two drive-bys 😂😂😂 I assume there was some drug/gang activity in the court behind the apartments. I lived in the Woodside apartments for two years and never had issues. The only bad part was the HOA was so anal about everything. Now, I live in Arden Manor area and the neighborhoods are quiet without much going on near us at least. You will hear sirens and the chopped a few times a week lol


I live near the 1100s and I feel like a good majority of the police activity in the area originates from that complex. 😂


Probably. I lived there about 8+ years ago


Ok that's really good info lol, figured I'd drive around to get a feel for the area too


Seconding the person above. Woodside is great lived there for 4 years. Parking is a hassle, having friends over is an ordeal, but the complex is quiet, and clean, the pools are nice, the steam room is a great touch. The HOA is toxic as fuck. Don’t own a pickup truck or they won’t let you park it on property, same with a motorcycle. Not allowed to back into parking spaces. Forget getting an umbrella for your patio that isn’t the right shade of blue or green. If your unit doesn’t have in-unit washer they do have laundry facilities on site which was okay for me I would just go do 4-6 loads at a time and be good for 3 weeks which was a hassle and also nice to be able to walk to rather than drive.


Omg avoid 1100s at all costs. Lived there for a year. Building I was in was infested with cockroaches. Management tried to get me to pay a "moving fee" when I moved in. Which didn't make sense because they didn't do anything. I moved myself and it's not like they cleaned out anything because I took over someone else's portion of the lease in a 3 bed. Later googled it and found out that "moving fees" are essentially illegal here, which is probably why they never asked for it in writing, only when I talked to them in the office. Never had an issue with other tenants there, though. And my roommates were super cool so I don't regret living there. I can recommend Cadillac drive townhomes. Might not be exactly the area you're looking for but I really enjoyed living there. Management was reasonable. Covered assigned parking. Very old but nice units. And it's right there on the river so you have easy access to the bike trail.


The 1100's has bed bugs.


Lol you probably won't like it if you like the lifestyle in midtown.


When I moved from Midtown to Arden, it was a bit of an adjustment. You drive more out here versus walking or riding a bicycle (in other words, you're more car dependent). Plus, it doesn't have that charm that Midtown has. It's mostly chain restaurants and stores. On the plus side, I'm only ten minutes away from Midtown, given if traffic is decent.


It ranges from very nice to very seedy, sometimes varying from street to street. Definitely check out places in the day and at night to get a feel for what it’s like


100% do this. Straight out of college(aka young and dumb), I checked out an apartment during the day. It was off Fulton & Hurley. It didn't seem too bad , so I signed a lease. Really wish I had checked it out at night. Very sketchy neighbors, lots of crime, and, of course, my place was eventually burglarized. There are definitely worse parts of Arden though...


There are nice areas of Arden, but none of them are really the area you have in this photo, besides maybe woodside. The other side of fair oaks, more student housing closer to American river, is a little better, or if you live closer to watt or eastern is nicer over there too.


Yeah there’s like a long strip of apartment complexes galore going down Watt and Marconi, we have a decent lil complex and it’s overflowing with kids using our commons area to play so it’s a little loud but safe and welcoming and fairly spacious (but def old lol). There’s nice lil pretty pockets of Arden if you look around, a lot of low income families and students just looking to live somewhere decent around here. I’d def tour any apartment complex you’re interested in though because some of them are muchhh better then others and price isn’t always an indicator of where is best for you. We love being so close to everything we could ever possibly need, having a good sized apartment and being somewhere relatively safe. It’s nice being able to walk around during the day and evenings without being too worried about being shot or kidnapped since there’s so many others around doing it too 😅 lots of dogs/owners and moms/kids walking around and they’re usually pretty pleasant neighbors!


There are $5 million mansions in the Sierra Oaks area pictured here


I was going off of the tagged listings for the most part, but I agree Sierra oaks is lovely!


Sierra blvd area is not bad at all. Id avoid the apartment by leatherby’s.


I live here… can confirm.


Not cheaper in here


The complexes off of Sierra and Hurley are pretty quiet. There are some nice options off of Cadillac as well.




Well I know for a fact they have some openings at the moment. It's on a quiet street with backyard access to the river and a grocery store down the street. I'd give it 7 pine cones out of 10 wet towels


Arden cam be hit or miss like others have said. Further out near carmichael/fairoaks is somewhat better imo


I’ll weight in to add data for your decision. I lived in the Arden area for about 8 years from 2009 to 2017. Three years in a complex right near the corner of Howe and Fair Oaks and 5 years in a duplex off Bell and Northrop via Howe Ave. It was a mixed bag. Neighbors are the biggest variable anywhere you go. The apartment was decent. Quite complex for the most part but couldn’t tell you what it’s like present day. The duplex was also a mixed bag. In a cul-de-sac, neighbors were mostly quiet. Ultimately moved when there was a brief shootout that resulted in my car getting totaled. Rental prices can possibly be a indication of how good/bad a neighborhood can be. Law enforcement report maps can also show you hotspots if you want to avoid them. In general, I feel the further East you get from Howe Ave. the “better” it gets. There are exceptions, but there are apartment complexes tucked into nicer neighborhoods. Lastly, I’d recommend driving around neighborhoods to get a feel for them then check the crime maps to see if the spots you looked at are suitable for you or not. Edit: also keep in mind that the closer you are to Sac State, the more student residents you’ll have. More students usually means more parties and people constantly moving in and out. One year you could have nice quiet neighbors. The next you could have a designated frat house. Additionally, a lot of students can also mean parking lots that are higher targets for car break-ins or theft.


I love it here. Everything is SUPER close as far as stores and food goes. I live on Fulton and el Camino in the houses there and I’ve never had any problems with illegal activity.


Thanks for all the info everyone, I have less than a month left at my current lease and originally was set on finding a new apt in midtown since I really enjoyed the area, but found I'd be paying an extra $300-400 to get all the "amenities" I was looking for. Which I *could* afford, but noticed the Arden area had what I was looking for at the price point I'd like to pay for rent. But after reading all your responses, I'm doubting my choices out there. Or at least, really making sure I drive around to look at the areas. Thanks again!!


Make sure you drive around any prospective areas during the day and at night. Sometimes the change can be drastic.


What sort of amenities are ordered in Arden that you can't find in Midtown?


Not to shoot you down but anyone in Sac can tell you that if you move from Midtown to Arden it'd be an upgrade. Same issues, homelessness and crime in some parts, which you can avoid in Arden cause they're scattered but not so much in midtown cause it's everywhere now and it's more affordable


I lived in Arden back in 2010ish for a few years as an 18 year old in my first apartment. I believe they are called 1100 apartments now or something. Can’t speak for now but back then it was really bad. Shooting, gangs, homeless, needles on the ground, and worst part was the cockroaches were because of all the restaurants and fast food joint literally everywhere around you. But on the plus side, as an 18 year old with little money and my first place and no car, everything was within walking distance. And also on the plus side, that rent actually looks almost affordable! My rent back then was only $750 for a 1 bedroom.


Lived there from 2018-19 and it was better, but there were still murders and robberies once and a while. The only issue I had was the mailboxes getting broken into all the fucking time.


That’s awesome to hear. Ya even the apartments I was mentioning look a lot better when I drive by. And the mailboxes getting broken into is super annoying and appears to be happening everywhere. I live in south natomas now and that just happened to us a few weeks ago.


You're getting good info here, I've lived in Arden for a few years now, near Fulton and Arden Ave. I'll just add that it really sucks to be a bicyclist around here. Bike lanes are not consistent, drivers are...Sacramento drivers, and you're usually pedaling down some busy, noisy street. It's awful. Otherwise, just be sure to move somewhere that had gate security.


Arden Manor is where I grew up and my parents still live there. IMO you should stay away from residences between Howe and Fulton above Hurley way, the complexes aren’t that nice and it’s not the greatest vibe. Arden Manor is primarily single family homes and it’s a quiet burb. If you can afford to rent a house there I would recommend it. The closer you get to Sierra Blvd, the nicer the area is.


What do you think about the homes/area near Howe park? Is this generally a safe/family friendly area?


That’s close to Wyda Way which IMO is not safe. The streets in close proximity to Arden Fair Mall are not nice. I would not **buy** there if I had the option for somewhere else. Renting might be alright so you’d have the option to leave at will. You’d have to drive around the area to see. Sacramento is wild — you can get three streets of sketchy places right next to a nice neighborhood. So in short: it depends.


Thank you! We are looking to buy and then begin renting it out in about 2 years. We drove around the neighborhood and it looked safe and quiet but wanted to get some thoughts from folks who are familiar. The home is very close to Madera Rd if you’re familiar with that pocket of homes?


Oh that’s a little closer to Cottage Way. Yes I think that area is decent! If you drove around it and the surrounding homes are in good shape, I think you’re fine!


Awesome! Yes the neighborhood I’m looking at is to the west of Fulton Ave but up near Cottage Park. So I guess near the Arden Terrace neighborhood!


I honestly prefer the pocket/greenhaven area to what you’re going to pay in Arden.


I lived close to where Watt crosses 80 and I'm still traumatized by it. It's a crime-riddled shithole. I left around 10 years ago and I still get upset thinking back on it. My advice is to drive around and get a vibe of the area. Visit it morning, noon, and night to see how the traffic, parking, and noise levels change. And most of all, rent, don't buy.


Having lived in both North Highlands and Arden Arcade I think the Watt/I-80 area is much more North Highlands-esque even if wherever you lived was closer to the Arden border.


The area you're looking at is rough. If you can snag something south of el Camino, east of watt you're probably ok. The trick is these areas will be a lot more expensive than what you're looking at.


Arden is weird. You'll see mansions close to the river and decent apartment complexes close to campus Commons. But do not look for apartments north of Howe park.


Why is that?


I lived in a couple different apartments behind the Arden Mall. Bradford Pointe on Wyda was a crap hole. There was a small set of townhomes next to the Circle 6 on Ethan and they were decent, but it wasn’t a quiet neighborhood.


Depends on the area. Like others have said, one street can be nice, then you walk one block and it isn’t nice anymore. If you ask about specific streets, I can give you an analysis on them.


Hi! What do you think of the area between the east of Howe Park and west of Fulton Ave?


Element has great housing for crazy cheap if you need it. They advertise being student housing but they aren’t student exclusive.


Woodside is a nice area, pretty quiet compared to other parts of Arden. Also the apartments on Larkspur Ln are nice and secluded!


I lived at Willow Grove for 3 years and loved my apartment, and my neighbors were really cool. Maintenance was great. The new management company was sketchy with their billing towards the end of my time there though, I had to send them an intent to file in court over them trying to take my security deposit after I left my place spotless. They gave it back after that. I liked living close to East Sac and Midtown too, it was a super quick drive. So in general I do recommend Arden if you can find a good quiet complex.


I grew up here moved away and back again to raise kids. It’s old over here. Looking for the new generation to come here and give it life. RC is growing with breweries and fun new restaurants and things todo. We need that here. Arden is nicer closer to Carmichael you get. I have lived in midtown and it’s lovely for walking for sure. I feel way safer over here


I lived around Northrop and Howe for a few years in college and it was my least favorite place I’d ever lived around Sacramento. Constant helicopters looking for people, my car got stolen from my gated complex, never really felt safe at night, windows busted, etc. I can’t speak for other parts of Arden but I’d be careful and as others have said, make sure you check out the place at night.


It’s been a while but I lived in some really sketchy apartments near Howe and Hurley, near where you have some tags. I actually never had a problem but there was a shooting outside my door and multiple in the area in the time I lived there. However I had friends further down Hurley away from Howe and their place was fine.


I used to chat with a bus driver who lived in the Arden arcade area and he would tell me daily about how bad the area was..


It's ghetto. Source: I live here.


Lol what area of Arden do you live in?


The ghetto part


There are some nicer areas east of Watt Avenue, heading out towards Carmichael and into Fair Oaks. Also, there is a nice apartment complex along American River Drive near Watt. I forgot the name of the place, but it seems nice.


Selby Ranch ... [https://www.selbyranch.com](https://www.selbyranch.com)


That's the place.


Arden is cheap because it's a shit area. Used to be nicer. But now crime has just swept up everything. The small collections of nice areas are right next door to shit areas.


Larkspur lane has nice apartments hidden down a non-through street.


Craigslist bro.. gem prices


Craigs List is full of scams these days if you’re looking for anything other than a corporate apartment :( I tried, and then every single place i found the REAL listing elsewhere…


My suggestion is to not look at Zillow but to do a search for property management companies in Sac and go through websites that way. It does take a bit of time but I have found places that are a bit lower. Also, River Blu apartments are pretty well priced.


I lived there for six months in an apartment. There's everything you could want nearby, but your neighbors may be terrible people. If you want quality neighbors, you'll have to spend more for a nicer place.


I really like it here! And I live in an apartment like in the core of Arden (between Arden and El Camino, between Howe and Fulton). The neighbors in my complex are nice, there’s a ton of shops and food around, several close grocery stores, and close to the freeway/downtown. Sure there’s some homeless and sketch corners but honestly most of Sacramento/every major city I have ever been to has the same things, and there’s definitely worse areas if that’s something that super bothers you. Recently we thought about moving, but renewing our lease is still about $400 less than vaguely comparable things, and we have central a/c AND plenty of space.


I lived in Arden for a year and do not recommend it. I’m enjoying South Natomas a lot more, cheaper than Midtown but very accessible where I’m at and I have all the amenities I want. But ymmv of course! Definitely recommend walking and driving around the neighborhood and a few blocks over before deciding.


It's unincorporated Sacramento County, having failed a bid to become a city about 5 years ago. I think that's had a big effect on how it was developed. Still, there are a lot of good places to live, depending on your situation. It's pretty easy to get around, but traffic can get bad. Some parts are far from the highway, which can be a pain in the ass. There is almost no transit, just a couple of corridor bus routes and 3 miles to light rail. Probably the most dangerous places to ride a bike in Sacramento can be found there. Overall, it's really diverse, so you can make it work for most lifestyles. You can buy anything you need there, but realistically you'll have to leave often cause there's not much culture, IMO of course


I put an offer on a house off eastern kinda in the garden of the gods area but a little bit further away from the whole foods towards Camino. Any thoughts on this area? It seems nice to me and i know Arden Park is a really nice area and that’s not too far away..


I think you'll find that area nice. Not far from Arden and Eastern or the 5 points, so you've got a few good neighborhood hang out spots. Not far from William B Pond and the American River Bike Trail. Plenty of grocery stores. If you've got kids, plenty of schools over there. If you're okay with suburban environments I think you chose a comfortable one.


That's not a bad area at all. You'll enjoy it.


Well I didn’t get the house. It went to the offer for 130k over listing price. Fun times to try and buy a house!


$729k for the Figwood Way house seems much higher than the recent, surrounding comps from within 30 and 90 days. You can use street view to see what the property looked like in 2009, 2011, 2015 and later. The flippers stripped the shutters off, added some landscaping, and ripped off the wood boards that were covering the small windows up high on the front and on the side. I guess the faux mid-century modern make-over got the bay area bidders excited.


yeah and the kitchen was extremely nice and done in such a way that it was the latest style with the white on good granite with waterfall island. When I went to open house people were there to get remodel ideas for their kitchen. There were also other upgrades like new interior doors, new HVAC, newer roof, newer floors, new appliances, i mean the place was gorgeous but was very surprised it went that high. Also the seller was an agent and i guess the buyer was also an agent. They waited a week to take any offers after the open house , had 13 in queue , no counter offers, and they obviously listed it well under its value at $599k. Not entirely sure the whole strategy behind it


The bay area blind bidding douchebaggery with below market asking prices and a bidding process where nobody knows how far over asking to go is now the norm. Canada is considering banning the blind bidding nonsense. I guess it's a bay area market now since 5%+ rates, 20% investors, low-inventory and $700k+ ranchers will mostly eliminate local middle-class buyers.


Was the house on Figwood Way? Or Laurelwood Way?




figwood and i submitted offer for 76k over asking


What about the area around Montclair and Robertson? the immediate area seems nice but how about the surrounding area?


I put an offer on a house last summer near Montclair and Whitney I liked the area. Only thing is that part of Watt can be hit or miss but that doesn’t really spill over. I shop at the Raley’s near there all the time never have an issue.


that’s what i was wondering was that part of Watt and surrounding area. Sounds like any problems don’t spill into the neighborhood.


Eh don't? Are you a troll? The crime is horrific over there.


You should probably move to Texas


The nice / quiet pockets of Arden that are nice are the big mansion-sized properties. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice place to get robbed, shanked, or shot. Enjoy!




I lived at Selby Ranch for 2 years and had no problems. Beautiful complex and right across the street from the river.


Does it have to be in Arden or could it be closer to Sac State? The apartments across the river from Sac aren’t too pricey and they’re honestly decent living. There are a few set backs though like thin walls and some noisy neighbors. The gates at the back near the trail are left open sometimes so pretty much anyone can come in whenever they please.


I recommend not going near the a&w in Arden, there are usually suspicious people around there after 9 pm. I say this because my father was jumped and robbed then was left for dead on Christmas Eve years ago when we lived there.


I live off American River Drive near Wilhaggin. If you can get into this area in a rental you will be very pleased.


I lived in that area about 3 years ago and was paying about $950 for a 1 bedroom. That was the low end of the market at that time, I can’t imagine how much it must have gone up since then.


If the sound of gunshots and police sirens lulls you to sleep, it’s a great place to move.


I worked there for a couple years. Its not too bad most of the time. I'd compare it to a higher density West Sac


It’s fine


Come to south sac. Way cheaper and honestly better quality of life


A lot of these complexes are always advertising. If Sac is allegedly such a hot rental market, why does this area have so many vacancies? Because it's ugly and unsafe.