An office other than the OHO (Office of Hearing Operations) has to conduct a final, non-medical review to ensure you meet other requirements like sufficient work credits, or in the case of SSI, a review of your assets. Would you want SSA to tell you the judge decided on a favorable decision, only to soon after be told never mind because you don’t meet all non-medical requirements? Look on the bright side - you have almost completed the application process, or at the least another step of the process. Almost there!


I just wish they would tell you approved or denied? The last 2 denials said the same thing tho so I'd rather just rip the bandaid off and know now!


When was your hearing?


Lol ya, 16 days ago after over 2 and a half years! So ya, I've been a bit on the edge lol


Oh sorry. Never mind. I see! Good luck!


You are lucky the decision was so fast. I’m still waiting on the decision from beginning of November


Ya true? Been over 2.5 years but ya....just so fuckin stressed about it already


Same I’m almost at 3 years. Lawyer already said it’s a great federal appeal case If it’s a denial because it’s a really strong case. But we had to submit some things after the hearing and because One of my conditions is unique my lawyer said it can take a little longer. But I’m literally dying I just want to know already so I can know how my lawyer and I need to move forward if need be


From what I was told if you hired an attorney they usually have the decision already


Ya, just gotta wait til Monday I guess and call em! I've been checkin the site like 4 times a day since the hearing and it just changed at like 6pm and everything is closed? Can't call the lawyer or the local office til Monday lol they do that shit on purpose! 😐




Not only do you have no clue what "disability" means, you have no way to know if the OP was approved or denied. Just stop, you are making a butt of yourself... AGAIN!


My lawyer called me after my hearing (hearing was over phone due to covid) and told me I had won based on what was said during the hearing back in October 2020. I didn't get paperwork from SSA saying I was approved until December 2020 if I remember correctly and payments started Jaunary of 2021. I'm not sure if this is standard practice but I would think your lawyer should have some insight on approval.


Ya, he said she is hard to read and had a good " poker face " so we had to wait? He said I answered perfect and he thought it went great but you never know? But this status was there the last 2 denials which is what makes me nervous! But under the status, it has an Additional Info and it has blue bullet points that say "Assistance Managing your Benefits" and "Learn about Electronic Payments and Direct Deposit". The last ones had bullets about appeals process and shit and Reconsideration info so who knows.


I see that stuff on mine too. Mine just went to the local office for review and I happen to know that it’s pegged for approval so maybe that is a clue for you and I both. I don’t think It had those last 2 items previously. Good luck It’s beyond stressful.


I'm in.the same boat as yourself. I got the approval letter in the mail from the judge 👍 now lm waiting go hear from someone


What ended up happening?