Perfectly normal. Other offices sometimes take over cases to lighten the load for other offices.


They’re so overwhelmed right now with lots of stuff , payments have been delayed and they’re just shuffling. I actually think it could be a good sign but don’t want to get your hopes up! Stay positive


The probable reason for the transfer is that the original office is overloaded. (Ain't computers great. Almost anything can be done from anywhere.)


Don’t worry. They are just picking up the slack. People in Kansas are helping cases here in Missouri. According to my lawyer a crazy amount of people have been applying since Covid began so the process is taking a long time. It’s unfortunate because there are a lot of people muddying up the system who shouldn’t qualify at all and there are people who really need this program. Approvals are difficult to get initially anyways usually unless you have MS or cancer etc but I don’t know your medical conditions. Don’t worry about the approval rating. It’s better to get though the process faster then have stayed at step 3 in the north east For 2 years. I used to live in the northeast as well and I was sitting at step 3 for over a year and they had no update for me, then we moved to the Midwest so they had to transfer my application and it got moving quickly here. I had to appeal but it Was quick. Anyways sorry to throw a lot at you best of luck.


I have schizophrenia. I actually called my claims examiner(from step 3) and they said i was approved medically but the SS office has the final say. Because a random person in Alabama is non-medically reviewing it, I feel like all my medical evidence(all the hospitals I've been to) will not even be considered anymore. Alabama may have a different perception of psychiatric illness than where I live. I feel like the person just may be looking for a reason to deny me. Perhaps i shouldn't have called them so much and should have just waited longer and not have been impatient.


Don't worry. Usually a non medical review means that you've been approved medically and that they are doing the financial aspect of your case to determine how much your back pay if any, and how much you'll be receiving monthly. I'm sure you didn't piss anyone off by calling the caseworker to much. In fact, that helps your case by building up a good rapport with the caseworker.


Exactly! You just need to breath in and breath out! You are doing fine.


So what happened?


It might the the payment center in that location copy and paste the address and search it.


when i called my local office, they said they had a payment center i think. I just feel that this lowers my chances now since alabama has a lower approval rate than my state for initial applications.


None Medical likely means they checking to see if you been working or not.


Like others have posted... I am tuned in and waiting for the conclusion....did you win?


sorry I didn't post earlier. Yes I got disability a few months ago. Unfortunately I didn't get my back pay. They said they have to find out if I was on SSI and then they will send it to me but I have been calling agents in my local field office and they are all dumbfounded by the situation even though my benefits awards letter is on file. Now the next insurmonutable feat is to find affordable housing.


Well glad you won and I am very sorry your backpay hasn't been resolved yet. Hoping the best for you and finding affordable housing!


yeah im worried i will never get a screening letter. It seems like I will have to move to a random part of my state. Its pretty scary because I could never afford any sort of rent even a room!!!