If you want to fling people into walls like its the Matrix then empty a plasma tank you can get from engineering and fill it to max pressure with super cold N2O and load it in a flamethrower, also doubles as knock out gas if they don't have internals.


Which server is this?


Most TG downstreams.


The gravity gun does the same thing except with unlimited charge


Grav gun doesn't do damage when someone hits a wall only when an object gets flung at someone.


Yea thats the point,that and slamming them into glass tables and electrical grills from a distance


N2O mix does the same but can also put them to sleep and do damage.


ill try this at yog, can it be done with oxygen? pollution makes heard sad (engineers are wiser than i thought...)


It can really be done with any gas but I just use either CO2 or N2O due to the ability to knock people out or do suffocation damage. ​ Edit: Though I've tried it with plux and it didn't work at all.


thats badass, thanks (i dont know whats plux ngl)


Pluoxium is basically a better subsitute for oxygen at least internals wise.


Did you ever hear the tragedy of Bob Resonator the Powerful? I thought not. It’s not a story the Miners would tell you. It’s a free golem legend. Bob Resonator was a Dark Lord of the free golems, so powerful and so wise he could use the resonator to massacre entire stations... He had such a knowledge of the resonator that he could even kill his enemies in pressure. The mining side of the weapons is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he popped a bubble on himself while fighting a goliath. Ironic. He could kill anything, even himself... (Bee code, dunno about tg)


Bottle-fu, aka smashing things on people's heads is a pretty reliable method of knocking people to the ground who don't have helmets on. One use only though, so make it count.


That's why you combo it with a lighter. Also add spraycans to the eyes into the mix of methods like this too.


Molotovs cause pretty sufficient panic, they’re my go to rev weapon


Thrown floor tiles do enough damage that someone submitted a PR nerfing them this week after they got killed by them. It was rejected, obviously, but it happened.


Pneumatic cannon and floor tiles combine?


Ingest 50u pyroxadone and light yourself on fire by any method, then fight like normal. Nobody seems to do it, even though pyroxadone heals you 5x faster than a cryo tube if you’re on fire.


Briefcases, Especially Heirloom ones or Traitor ones


Portal gun can send people to spess or you can use another ranged weapon through a portal


Emagged Geiger counter


Tk vending machines it got nerfed on tg but its still good for taking out the hos legs