There's a Beestation wiki with most of the chemicals and their overdose treshold as well as how much they heal per tik in the description and how much gets used per tik. It's on the "guide to chemistry" page. If it uses 0.2 units per tick and it heals 1 brute per tick and want to heal 10 brute damage then you gotta have 2 units of that chem. Eating a pill and using a patch is mostly the same, but sometimes ingesting can have bad side effects opposed to a patch. A pill is instant use, but a patch can work through armor and masks while a pill cannot. I don't think synthflesh works as a pill though, but I think that's the only chem that doesn't.


Synthflesh doesn't work in pills, can confirm


Patches actually do cause you to ingest the chemical, they just *also* do touch application. The main downside is, as you mentioned, patches take longer to use. They're also limited to 40u instead of 50u, though there's very few cases where this really matters.


max dose its die or die from healing. Leave it up to god.


remember if you use a patch you get 1/2 the listed dosage, so 20u becomes 10 when you use a patch. otherwise, mutadone and strange reagent only need 1u each, everything else is generaly good in 10-20 range, except hydrocodone and mito bottles i usually make 40u (and synthflesh)


This has the Beestation tag. No idea what hydrocodone is :p.


slam them in and let the coroner sort it out disclaimer i am not a doctor


^(Depends on the chem, really few chems have 15 as adiction/overdose, so i use 15/10 for pills) ^(for patches which people dont take repeatedly i add higher doses.) **Its also important to try to calculate the end healing per unit a pill or patch will make, so you can use as little as possible to heal a fair quantity, 50 damage or so its good enough** you can know how much a chem will heal per unit based on healing per tick, you can also find out how much time itd take, but thats secondary, now.. lets say a chemical consumes 0.4 units per tick (the average on most chems) and heals 1 damage per tick, do the following; 2 units / 0.4 = 5 ticks in total, in this case, 1 tick = 1 healing, so it would be 5 healing every 2 units, ergo, 25 each 10, and 50 each 20


**TL;DR** Just short of an overdose, but tell the doctors that ​ Most of the time when doctors actually need to use your chemicals, it'll be when there's a patient that needs to be healed really quickly (either from a crowded medbay or from a very badly injured patient). Given this knowledge, it's best to make dosages that'll heal as fast and as much as possible. In other words, it's best to make dosages just short of an overdose and ***tell the doctors to only use one at a time***. Applying a 40u synthflesh patch is a hell of a lot faster than applying 4 different 10u synthflesh patches, and that time difference can help a lot.


A safe bet for most common drugs is ten units per patch, and don't use them in quick succession. This varies quite a lot by drug, but generally you'll never od sometime this way.


Look up the chems. Look at the OD dosage. Make pills/patches that are less than that amount.


15 units is usually a safe bet