Good read especially the back story of the song. I'm interested in what was everyone first impression of IGAB?


It’s what got me into Kpop 10 years ago and my life has never been the same.. not even an exaggeration. Specifically I think sooyoung’s “Ayo GG” is what really got me hooked lol.


Me too! 10 years this year since I started listening to kpop and I've got IGAB to thank for that! Not even being dramatic, I'm convinced that I'd be a completely different person if it wasn't for them


hold up...igab was 10 years ago? am i that old? it only feels like 5 years ago! i remember them debuting 😭


Totally get what you mean


Omg same!


it got me into kpop back in 2015! i was so intrigued by how it was so new to my ears. i didn’t know music could sound so different and unique.


I really really hated the song until fairly recently. I loved the energy of the performances but I would never seek them out. But more recently I think the song has hit that sentimental sweet spot where even though it’s never going to be a song I adore, I love listening to it because of the happy memories it evokes.


It sounded like noise the first time, after all those rapid shifts in beats, when it got to the main part where they're hammering on the piano my brain actually couldn't lock onto the rhythm. It didn't sound like a song even. I had to come back a few days later and it eventually clicked. Had a very similar experience with You Better Run. Except this time i just hit back a few times til that also clicked. Both great songs btw.


It wasn't what I expected. I thought they're coming back with a Hyuna/2NE1 type of song, like any other hip hop song. I was taken aback for sure haha. But I came around it after 4 listens.


Though I risk a further bombardment of down votes by admitting this... I find this song an absolute mess. I just can't deal with it. It's the musical equivalent to baking a cake, but adding sausages, caviar, peppermint candy and chili peppers to the batter cause you like all those things so they should be good together right? Yeah, no... I think there are like 3 or 4 alright songs in there, just too bad they decided to megamix it up. All the more power to anyone who can find joy from this song, but I ain't one of those people. They've made like 160+ songs in total, not counting solos, there's no need for me to spend time on this, they've got plenty of better songs. For me it's a bottom 10 for SNSD, although not their worst.


my first impression was "im stanning."


It was called the rhapsody of kpop for a reason HAHAHAHA




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At first I was feeling it, then I was like, “Oh, this gives me a headache,” “Well, it’s not so terrible,” “It’s too disjointed,” “Oh, it’s grown on me,” “Still gives me a headache sometimes.” Overall, it’s nice to listen to once in a while but I can only handle it in small doses.




Ive always hated the opening rap. Even all these years later i still hate it. I remember when the mv came out i was hoping that part was just the album intro and they added it to the MV lol


It was my very first Soshi/Kpop comeback and I remember the first thing I thought was “I don’t know what I just watched but I loved it”. Simply iconic and it just grows even more iconic as time passes


It’s one of their best songs honestly. I loved it the first time I heard it, it felt so different and refreshing, and it had this hip vibe to it- not hip in the way a follower of trends is hip, but rather in the way that it knows it’s doing it’s own cool thing. Like there’s the “cool” people who try to stay on top of what’s popular, and the *actual* cool people who try to do their own thing. This was the musical version of the latter.


I remember not liking it when it first came out then growing to love it after reading the lyrics. Funny cos I mentioned the other day that "every song is IGAB" now, as the new Stamp On It song also does the multiple transitions and key change thing, what an influence it's had!


> Though the track was seen as a blip in the simulation in 2013, it was actually more like a glimpse into the future. Its audaciousness set a new industry standard and encouraged other artists to color outside the lines of genre and rid themselves of self-consciousness. We see this today with groups like NMixx and Aespa who utilize eclectic production styles and drastic tempo changes in their own songs. A decade later, “I Got a Boy” has been celebrated as one of the greatest K-pop songs ever made, and is one of the meta points of the group’s discography. Iktr!!!!


Remember this being my first kpop mv that I saw. Alongside bigbangs fantastic baby.


IGAB, Fantastic Baby and I am the Best were the holy trinity of Kpop those days


They really were lol


It was my second comeback from them and I waited so long for it especially after seeing the teaser (I especially loved the snippet in the teaser). And when the MV dropped I didn't know what I was listening to 😆 everything was changing so quickly, at the end of the song I asked myself "Ok now ... What do I remember from this song?". The answer was nothing haha. But I started to listen to it again and again and it caught up with me eventually, especially because I loved the beginning and I wanted to listen to that part again and again (the oh part after the here comes trouble part). And now it's one of my fave songs from them, it has so many elements that I still can't get bored when I listen to it. I learned the choreo as well and even a few days ago I was so happy that I still remember it haha. I remember reading people's opinion on Onehallyu and Allkpop and everyone was so disappointed, most of the people predicted that they will flop so hard with this one. But it still was a strong cb ❤️


IGAB walked so Sicko Mode could run


KPop’s Bohemian Rhapsody


Awesome article. It gave the background of the song, which I've never heard, and acknowledged what trendsetters our girls are. As others have stated, this is the song that brought me in. I wasn't 100% into it on the first listen, but I kept going back again and again and got hooked. I was rather thrilled to read "Lead Vocalist Sunny" even if it feels a bit misleading because they don't give the rest of the vocal line any such distinction. They used the picture of those god-awful pink outfits, though. Thanks so much for sharing this!


I actually wasn’t too much of a fan of the song at first! But looking back it still remains iconic and their risk taking with something so experimental is definitely something to admire


Can’t believe it’s already 10 years ago. I still remember it vividly. I loved the song on first listen and was so confused by why the reactions were so divisive initially 😂


This was great.


One of my favorites! I love how chaotic it is in a fun way.




Man, this is the song that should’ve been performed on Live With Kelly and The Late Show and not The Boys. That album is my least favorite overall and that is my least favorite song of theirs, and I’ve been a fan since “Hoot”


I've been replaying it a lot these past few days


I feel personally attacked by the fact the article used a picture of the pink outfits lmao


I was already into kpop and knew the girls, but this song really got my love for them. It was also the first song I was able to learn and sing all the words to. I listened to it on repeat and watched the MV at least a thousand times lol. IGAB is absolutely iconic SNSD and I will always love it.


It’s iconic and the album was great but that song was if good if you watch them perform it imo


I loved IGAB. I expected the tempo change bc of the teaser so I wasn't too surprised. And I think the lyrics are interesting bc you could interpret each part as being told from a different perspective. I know it's not for everybody but I loved it, the song, dance, everything.