Probably the Red Sox. Similar regular season and post season franchise win-loss records. Always in the shadow of NY, like SF in relation to LA. Historic franchises with all-time greats as alumni.


I hate that you're right because a lot of their fans are.... oof.


To be fair, so are a lot of ours


But I don't want to be "...oof"


Try being from Boston, growing loving the Sox, seeing the 89 World Series, falling in love with both Bay Area teams, then moving here as adult, seeing the Giants take 3 World Series titles in 6 years! Oof! What a ride.


I went to a game at Fenway this summer and all the fans I met were great. Don’t let the (very loud) vocal minority ruin your impression of the average Sox fan.


For sure. I actually have a lot of family that are Sox fans, and they're normal. But Massholes also definitely exist.


The fact that we both had really disappointing seasons this year after we caught everyone off guard last year and got into the playoffs (albeit in different ways) further leads me to believe that we are joined at the hip.


And both are being stingy moneyballers recently when they are big market teams that could spend more.


Their team salary for 2022 is $222,692,330, sixth in baseball. You call that moneyballing?


> stingy moneyballers The Giants payroll this year is $160 million, that isn't remotely like being stingy. Until the aging vets are gone and more prospects are coming up from the farm, throwing money around makes little sense. The time to spend more is coming, but turning the team into the Angels 2.0 with a couple of stars on a weak team would be foolish.


Fair enough


The Fleming bro connection is also great for the comparison


Grew up in Massachusetts my whole life been a giants fan all my life and I hate this comparison


I agree.


that was my first thought. Also had a decades long world series drought but lots of success over the last 20 years or so


My thought too. So much history, looong spell of no titles snapped pretty recently. And, if we’re being honest, the second fiddle in their division to a juggernaut nobody likes.


Honestly I’d equate the Dodgers and Red Sox a lot more than the Red Sox and Giants. The Sox and Dodgers are historic for not living to their full potential, lots of WS losses, and fan bases with a lot of unearned arrogance when looking at their lack of WS success.


THIS. I grew up a huge Red Sox fan, moved to the west coast in my 20s and adopted the Giants and my co-favorite team bc east coast games are almost impossible to watch when you work. The two franchises are very similar, cool to see I’m not the only one who sees it too!


Boston Red Sox


Except for the Red Sox's spend.


The Red Sox traded Mookie Betts. The Giants would not have traded Mookie Betts (see: Barry Bonds, Buster Posey, even the Brandons).


Giants have spent traditionally, just not lately. It honestly feels 50/50 on whether that money spent was worth it.


Five years ago they have the second highest payroll in baseball, and had a losing record. There is a smart time to spend, and a not so smart time.


Red Sox easily. Both teams are frequently overshadowed by their bigger rival. (Dodgers and Yankees) Both teams had curses that prevented World Series wins (Curse of the Bambino and Curse of Coogan's Bluff) Both teams broke their curse in the 21st century and won multiple championships in the 2010's


Sucks when your more historically relevant and successful in almost every way and your still overshadowed.


Except in our case we still have more rings than the team we’re overshadowed by


Red Sox cuz F the New York Yankees of baseball (aka the Dodgers)


we also are bonded by Fleming blood


Good point! For those that didn’t know, Will Flemming (Dave’s brother) is one of the radio guys for the Red Sox. And his partner, Joe Castiglione, is like the Boston Jon Miller. Probably should be in the HOF with Jon, don’t know why he isn’t. They also had Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy on TV for many years, and those guys were as popular in New England as K&K are in NorCal, if not more so. Sawx fans are still pissed that Orsillo got canned by NESN.


Yaz blood, too. And the 1940s Red Sox were the first great West Coast baseball team.


wait, what?


The Oakland A's WS Wins: A's- 9, SF- 8 Pennants: A's- 15, SF- 23 Division Titles: A's- 17, SF- 9 Wild Card berths: A's- 4, SF- 3 Giants moved to the West in 58, A's in 68.


Logically the Red Sox, spiritually the Mariners.


BoSox is closest comparison.


As others are saying, it's gotta be the Red Sox. An additional reason no one has mentioned is that, as I recall, the two least likely World Series losers all time by championship win expectancy are the 1986 Red Sox and the 2002 Giants. The 1986 Red Sox had a 99.5% chance to win, and the 2002 Giants a 98.5% chance to win. And both teams were facing long droughts at the time. *And* both teams held a Game 7 lead that's completely overshadowed by the Game 6 collapse. But more basically, the Yankees are too successful and the other AL franchises not successful enough. If the A's had a better all time record, it could be them. As it is, I feel the Red Sox are really the only option. At least if you base it off of all time success. I do like the Orioles connections pointed out here.


Might say the Orioles. Orange and black, relocated in the 50's, one run of WS success in the new city.


I think the Mariners are a solid choice for this


Boston Red Sox. Cities in the shadow of bigger cities and bigger markets.


The Yankees. Kings of New York who went West. That is all


The Giants are to the Red Sox as the Dodgers are to the Yankees


Red Sox.all the way.




I’ve always figured the Yankees were the Giants equivalent in the AL. Similar WS numbers historically, really embrace the traditions and players of the past, and both teams are usually ranked amongst the franchises worth the most every year.


Tampa Bay Rays


I still shudder at the thought of the Giants moving to Tampa in 1992. Needed 10 owner votes to approve the move and received nine.


Tampa Bay when they were good.




> AL


I misread